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Zhejiang Humo Polishing Manufacture Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Humo Polishing Grinder Manufacture Co,.Ltd located in Shuanglin Industry Zone, Huzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China. It about 180KM from Shanghai international airport and 60KM from city of Hangzhou, with easy and fast highway and waterway transportation to main transportation hub. 

Establised in 1970s, Humo is one of the forerunners in China Surface finishing industry and also formulators of surface finishing industry China’s National Standards. 

The predecessor of Humo is known as Huzhou Magnetic Material Co.,Ltd. In 1978, grinding media production technique is firstly introduced. At the very beginning, only several type of media products to be made and productivity only 30MT/month. 

In 1990, with expending of market and customer requirement, Humo also developed polishing compound as well as machinery to meet increasing demand. In fact, media, compound and machinery work as a complete system to achieve surface finishing requirement. From that time, Humo compound production factory and machinery production factory also started. 

In 2004, with local river channel reconstruction and factory relocation project, Humo company also make expansion in production range.  The production capacity tripled compared with time before.   

In 2008, Humo acquired raw material mine for grinding media which located in Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China. This will easier to control the product quality and reduce cost along the industrial chain, which in term benefit customer with consistent quality product with better saving.

In 2014, Humo started new production plant specially designed high requirement machinery for jewelry industry and car wheel polishing industry

In 2015, Humo invested high precision media factory which make media with precision as 0.01mm. Specifically design for high requirement industry

Over 30 years of experience in surface finishing industry, Humo now have 5 production sites including 4 divisions: finishing media, finishing machinery, compound as well as grinding ball. 

Currently Humo production plant cover an area of 15600 square meter and output over 40000 tons of grinding media, over 3000 sets of finishing machines, over 6000 tons of polishing compound as well as 4000 tons of ceramic beads annually. The production scale among surface finishing industry is one of the largest in the world. Products sell well at home and abroad, such as USA, UK, Japan, Korea, German, Switzerland etc, over 50 countries totally. 

Humo company dedicates to providing high quality products and advanced technology on surface polishing for customers and manufacturers from all types of industries. Over 30 years’ professional experience in the area, Humo systematically research new applications for technologies and develop innovative process solutions, which combine consistent surface quality with high cost effective. 

Humo Proud of its surface process solution for comprehensive range of components, and design the customized solution from small watch components to large airplane industry casting parts.



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