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Auxiliary equipment

Spin Dryers
These machines use centrifugal force to provides quick, clean and spot free drying. Especially effective for small parts and parts with blind holes. While the centrifugal action spins water off parts, it also dry out parts with heated air force

Cob Dryers
These machines utilize corn cob as the drying mechanism within a vibratory bowl. The cob is heated in order to continually evaporate water and extend the cob's life. These machines work well with automatic unloading vibratory machines and don't require much floor space. Capacities range including 150L and 600L machine

Vibratory Sieve
The vibratory sieve for industry use especially for parts and media separation. Size including common ZS35, ZS50, ZS100 as well as customized design according to requirement. Zero tensile strength of the machine as well as Sturdy metal frame structure make it possible to process heavy duty cascade. The low noise and easy operation together with low budget cost make it popular amony customers. 


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