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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Deburring Tumbler Machine Manufacturer in China

Inovatec deburring tumbler machines include the barrel tumbler deburring machine and the vibratory bowl finishing machine. Inovatec deburring tumbler machines are easy to operate industrial parts tumbler machines. They help to execute the deburring process efficiently with less labor support.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

VBS (B) vibratory deburring machine from Inovatec is best suited for deburring parts with the help of vibratory force. It helps in the vibratory tumbler media and part separation through the clearing gate.

2. Rotary metal parts tumbler

Rotary parts tumbler is best suited for gentle deburring of parts.

5. Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

Inovatec’s desktop vibratory tumbler is useful when the part quantity to deburr is small, and because it is a compact mass finishing machine, it only occupies very little space.

6. Economic small vibratory tumbler

Economic vibratory finisher machine from Inovatec is a mass finishing machine that is ideal for small scale industries looking for an economical solution for deburring parts.

Optional Design & Setting

The Prominent Dosing pump is a compound dosing machine capable of feeding the vibratory bowl with the right amount of vibratory finishing compounds.

The amplitude of vibration during the tumbling process can be controlled using the Bosch Rexroth Variable speed converter.

The soundproof cover helps to make the working environment less noisy by minimizing the vibration noise by at least 20 dB.

The operator can easily separate the parts from the media with the help of the manual separation handle. The parts size must be bigger than the media size for this handle to work effectively.

The pneumatic separation gate automatically separates the media from the parts once the finishing process is completed.

The reverse separation feature is useful for part/media separation when the media size is bigger than the part size.

Vibratory Tumbling Media

When it comes to deburring, always ensure to invest in the right type of vibratory tumbling media. Inovatec offers multiple varieties of tumbling media that are capable of deburring most of the parts in a manufacturing business. Ceramic, plastic, and silicon carbide media are available in many shapes and sizes for deburring.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Deburring Tumbler Manufacturer & Supplier
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  • Customized engineering with affordable cost
  • One-stop machine, tumbling media, and compound
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the lead time for your deburring tumbler?

The manufacturing time depends on the size and optional device of the machine. Usually, the production time is 15-25 days. We will calculate the shipment time to your address according to your requirements.

How long do we need to deburr?

The deburring time depends on your parts’ material and surface requirements. For stainless steel material, deburring time is about 1-2 hours in a vibratory finishing machine or a rotary barrel tumbler. For tumbling brass or aluminum parts, deburring time is about 30-60 minutes because they are softer metals.

How long will your deburring tumbler machine last?

Our deburring tumbler machines are very durable. Therefore, they can last for over 5 years based on 8 hours per day if you don’t put very sharp metal parts or very aggressive media.

What is your payment term?

Our standard payment term is 30% in advance and the balance should be paid before shipment. Other payment methods and the term can be discussed case by case upon order.

Where is your nearest port?

Our nearest ports are Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu. We can also ship the machine to another location that you want.

FAQ Guide – Deburring Tumbler

Do your business deal with the manufacturing of metal and metal alloy parts?

If yes, then your business will also be involved in the deburring of these metal parts.

What is your current deburring process? Is it the manual process?

If yes, then it is high time that you should consider switching to a machine-based deburring machine.

Inovatec offers world-class parts deburring tumblers for tumble deburring metal parts.

In this guide, we will go through the whole process of deburring using Inovatec industrial deburring tumbler machines and their advantages.

vibratory deburring machine with separator

1.What Is Deburring?

Any part after manufacturing will have unwanted material deposits in it.

These are called burrs, which are visible in the form of rough and sharp edges.

The process of removing these burrs in part is called deburring.

vibratory finishing metal sheet deburring from machining


2. What Is a Deburring Tumbler?

A deburring tumbler is a machine designed for removing burrs from the parts with less human intervention.

The two popular versions of parts tumbler deburring machines are the vibratory tumbler and the barrel tumbler.


2.1 Vibratory Deburring Tumbler

Vibratory deburring tumbler consists of a large bowl type container that is open on the top are.

This big bowl is balanced by a set of springs at the bottom.

The bowl is also connected to an unbalanced motor that makes the bowl vibrate.

metal deburring equipment vibratory finishing for sales


2.2 Rotary Barrel Deburring Tumbler

It consists of a barrel tumbler connected to a motor for rotatory motion along the central axis.

It can be a single barrel or an array of multiple barrels.

economic hexagonal rotary barrel polishing machine


3. How a Deburring Tumbler Works?

We will explain how a deburring tumbler works based on vibratory and rotary barrel methods.


3.1 Vibratory Deburring Tumbler Working

The parts for deburring are loaded into the vibratory deburring machine along with the appropriate deburring media.

The container will start to vibrate once the machine starts running.

Thus, the abrasive parts tumbler media starts rubbing on the parts to remove the burrs.

The operator can vary the frequency and amplitude of vibration.


3.2 Rotary Barrel Tumbler Working

Here, the parts, along with the tumble deburring media, are loaded into the barrel.

The barrel starts rotating along its central axis once the machine is switched on.

The rotary motion of the barrel makes the parts and media slide against each other.

Thus, the frictional force between the tumbling deburring media and the parts helps in the deburring process.

The operator can vary the rotational speed of the tumbler.

The media used in the rotary finishing machine is also referred to as rotary tumbler media.


4. What Are the Advantages of Using a Deburring Tumbler?

Let us look at the various benefits of using a deburring tumbler over the traditional manual method for deburring.

It will help you to understand the impact of a deburring tumbler on your business.


4.1 For Proper Deburring

It is vital to ensure that the finished parts don’t have any burrs on the surface.

The manual deburring method is prone to human errors.

So, the deburring may not be consistent across all parts in the case of the manual deburring method.

The industrial deburring tumbler machines from Inovatec will ensure perfect deburring.

You need to make sure to use the correct deburring media for each type of parts.

Aluminum machining parts before and after deburring


4.2 Cost-Effective Method

In any manufacturing business, you will always be looking to bring down the operational cost.

The traditional deburring process is a labor-intensive process.

So, you need to invest in lots of laborers, along with deburring tools and compounds.

The laborers also require proper training for removing burrs.

vibratory finishing machine installation


The machine-based solution needs a one-time investment in the machine.

The deburring media can be chosen in such a way that you can use it repeatedly for many years.

The maintenance work on all Inovatec metal deburring tumbler machines can be done using simple hand tools.

So, no additional investment is required for maintenance.

Thus, the metal deburring tumbler machines from Inovatec are cost-effective in the long run.


4.3 Saves Time

It will take lots of time to deburr if you use the manual method that employs lots of laborers.

You can bring down this time drastically by using any of the Inovatec deburring tumbler machines.

These machines can deburr multiple parts at a time.

So, it will help you to save your valuable time.


4.4 To Increase Part Lifespan and Durability

Burrs are the weak spots in parts, especially if the parts are going to be movable ones in the final product.

It will affect the life and durability of the parts if the burrs are not removed properly.

The perfect removal of burrs using deburring tumblers from Inovatec helps to improve the life and durability of the part.

ceramic media deburring


4.5 Avoid Part-to-Part Collision

Inovatec machines ensure that the parts are always in contact with the deburring media while the machine is in operation.

Thus, it avoids part-to-part collision that can damage the components.

aluminum parts deburring and smoothing


4.6 Better Tumbling Performance

The tumbling barrels ensure that the parts are in contact with the media all the time.

Thus, the vibratory/frictional force becomes more effective.

So, tumbling performance is better.


4.7 Batch Processing

Inovatec machines come with the batch processing feature.

So, you can deburr multiple parts in different batches at the same time.

Thus, it helps to increase overall productivity.

iron socket vibratory deburring


5. What Are the Different Deburring Tumbler Options from Inovatec?

Inovatec offers the following tumbling machines for metal parts.

All these parts deburring tumblers from Inovatec support both wet and dry deburring.


5.1 VBS (B) Vibratory Deburring Machine

If your part size is small or medium, then the VBS (B) vibratory deburring machine will be the best choice.

The bowl comes with a straight wall design.

You can get different types of this machine in various capacities.

Thus, it is capable of processing large part quantities at a time.

vibratory deburring machine ready for export


5.2 Rotary Barrel Tumbler Machine

Inovatec offers multiple types of industrial rotary tumbler machines with varying capacities.

It is capable of deburring all types of parts manufactured using any tumbling machine process.

Inovatec offers different versions of rotary barrel tumbler deburring machines.

The number of barrels can go up to eight in the higher versions of the industrial barrel tumbler machines.

Rotary metal parts tumbler


5.3 Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

If you are looking for a small and compact tumbler for deburring metal parts, then the desktop vibratory tumbler is for you.

It is suitable for deburring small parts in small quantities.

Inovatec offers a desktop tumbler in three capacities.

Desktop Vibratory Tumbler


5.4 Economic Vibratory Tumbler

Economic vibratory tumbler is a low-cost tumbler solution from Inovatec.

It is mainly targeted towards small scale workshops and for rock tumbling.

So, you can use it as a rock tumbler.

This cost-effective model makes it a good vibratory tumbler for rocks.

They are available in different powers and capacities.

Figure 1 - Industrial Vibratory Tumbler


6.What Is Wet Deburring and Dry Deburring?

When you deburr the parts with deburring media alone in the parts tumbler deburring machine, then the process is a dry deburring one.

If you use any liquid compound and deburring media for deburring parts inside the machine, then it is a wet deburring process.

You can use plain water or any other polishing compound as the liquid in the wet deburring case.

When you are using water, you must ensure that the water’s pH level is acceptable.

You need to dry the parts properly after the wet deburring process.

Otherwise, the part surface may develop a layer of oxide, if the material is susceptible to oxidation.


7. What Types of Deburring Media Are Recommended for Deburring Tumbler?

Deburring media are materials that are mixed with the parts in a deburring tumbler for deburring metals.

Inovatec recommends the following tumbling media to use with a deburring tumbler for tumbling metal parts.


7.1 Ceramic Media

Inovatec recommends ceramic tumbling media for parts made of stainless steel, titanium, and other strong metals and metal alloys.

You can use aggressive ceramic tumbling media if you are looking for heavy deburring.

It is a fused mixture of aluminum oxide with varying abrasive content.

So, sometimes it is also called the aluminum oxide media.

They are more aggressive than plastic tumbling media when it comes to material removal.

Its ability to act as a carrier of liquid compounds makes it a popular choice for the wet deburring process.

They are available in different shapes like triangles, pyramids, balls, and many more.

ceramic deburring media


7.2 Plastic Media

Plastic deburring media is lighter than ceramic ones.

It is also known as synthetic tumbling media.

They are made of polyester resins with abrasives.

It is a good tumbling media for aluminum parts.

You can also use it as the tumbler media for brass parts.

We recommend tumbling brass parts using plastic media in the wet tumbling process.

plastic deburring media


7.3 Silicon Carbide Tumbling Media

Silicon carbide deburring media is best suited for magnetic parts and other hard metals.

It is one of the hardest tumbling media.

So, it has a powerful cutting action with the part in contact.

You can use it to shorten the overall deburring time.

It also has a very good life that allows you to reuse it many times.


8. How to Select the Right Deburring Media for Tumbling?

Inovatec offers deburring media of different shapes, sizes, and cutting rates.

You can also get deburring media with custom sizes and shapes on request.


8.1 Media Shapes

The popular media shapes from Invoatec include a pyramid, tristar, ball, tetrahedron, cylinder, lens, etc.

Inovatec also provides an angle cut and straight cut version of these shapes that can help to deburr hard to reach part areas.

If your parts for deburring don’t have any holes or crevices, then you can go for shapes like a ball or cylinder.

It will do an excellent job of deburring the outer surface of the parts.

If the parts are intricate with holes, then go for shapes like a tetrahedron, pyramid, or lens type.

Ceramic Polishing Media


8.2 Media Size

All these media are available in different sizes.

When you select the media size, you should ensure that the media doesn’t get stuck in the holes of the parts.

So, choose a size that is less than the one-third size of the smallest hole in the parts.

Only then the deburring will be effective in the hard to reach areas.

It will also make the separation of parts from the media easy.

ceramic deburring media


8.3 Media Cutting Rates

Inovatec offers media of different cutting rates.

More material will be removed from the parts if the cutting rate of the media is high.

So, parts that have lots of heavy burrs will demand media with a fast cutting rate.

You can use media with less cutting rates for parts with minor burrs.


9. What Type of Parts Are Supported for Deburring Using Tumbler?

We will list some of the popular material types of parts based on their manufacturing process that can be used in the metal deburring tumbler.


9.1 Steel Laser Cut Parts Deburring

Steel laser cut parts are used in the automotive, medical, mechanical, and electronics sectors.

Steel laser cut parts deburring


9.2 Aluminum Machined Parts Deburring

High-tech industries use aluminum machined parts, mainly due to their corrosion resistance feature.

aluminum CNC Machined parts deburring


9.3 3d Printed Parts Finishing

The quantity of burrs will be more for 3d printed parts since the parts are very rough after the manufacturing process, and they demand more material removal.

3d printed piston polishing


9.4 Plastic Injection Molding Parts Deflashing

Plastic injection molding parts are used in almost all sectors, like interior design, automotive, mechanical, medical, etc.

injection molding parts deburring and descaling


9.5 Zamak Die Casting Parts

Zamak die casting parts are becoming more popular these days because of their high precision and cost-effectiveness.

zamak belt buckle polishing


10. What Is the Difference Between Barrel and Vibratory Deburring?

Let us look at the differences in using the two popular variants of industrial deburring tumbler machines.


10.1 The Noise Factor

The vibratory tumbler bowls are noisier when compared to the rotary ones.

But, you have the soundproof lid option with vibratory deburring tumblers.

You can use it to reduce the noise due to the vibration.


10.2 Load Capacity

You will get machines with higher load capacities in the case of vibratory deburring machines.

The rotary ones will have a lesser capacity.


10.3 Finishing Time

The processing time for industrial vibratory tumblers will be less when compared to the rotary ones with the same type of parts and media.


10.4 Aggressiveness

Barrel tumblers are more aggressive than the vibratory ones when it comes to removing the material.

So, barrel tumblers are best suited for tough metals.


10.5 Cost Factor

Vibratory finishing machines are costlier than their rotatory barrel counterparts.


10.6 Cutting Action

The cutting action is more with the vibratory polishing machine since the vibrations happen at high speed.

In the case of barrel tumblers, the cutting action is limited to the slide areas.

It is the main reason why barrel tumbler takes more time for deburring.

The vibratory polisher machine will remove more material from the flat sides of a part compared to the barrel tumblers.

Barrel tumblers are useful to achieve better rounded off corners.


11. How to Increase the Lifespan of Deburring Tumbler Machines?

We will share some tips which will help you to increase the lifespan of the industrial deburring tumbler machine.


11.1 Proper Maintenance At Regular Intervals

You must always ensure that the maintenance work for the industrial tumbler machines is done at regular intervals.

It will help to ensure that the tumbler is always in the best condition.


11.2 Operate Within Specified Voltage, Frequency, and Amplitude Range

You have the option for varying the frequency and amplitude in most of the industrial vibratory deburring tumblers.

Don’t exceed the maximum frequency and maximum amplitude limit.

Always operate the machine in the specified voltage range.

In the case of barrel tumblers, don’t exceed the specified speed range.


11.3 Don’t Exceed the Machine Load Capacity

All Inovatec machines are designed for specific maximum load capacity.

You must always ensure that the weight of the part and the media together doesn’t exceed this maximum load limit.

If you load the machine above the specified limit, then the machine’s life will decrease.


12. What to Look for While Buying a Deburring Tumbler?

We will take a look at the checklist for buying industrial deburring tumblers.

These factors can help you to choose the right deburring machine.


12.1 Deburring Tumbler Capacity

You must have a clear-cut idea about your deburring requirements in terms of part quantity.

It will help you to finalize the required tumbler capacity.


12.2 Principle of Operation

You will have two choices when it comes to tumbler for deburring metals.

You can either go for the vibratory one or the rotary tumbler.

Both of these machines operate on different principles.


12.3 Cost of the Machine

The cost of the machine is one of the main deciding factors.

You need to ensure that the cost is within your budget.

Inovatec offers deburring tumblers in a wide price range that makes it easy for you to choose one.


12.4 Cost of the Deburring Media

You should also take the cost of the deburring media into account.

The deburring media cost depends on the type, shape, size, and cutting rate of the media.

So, you should make the right choice of media considering the above factors.


12.5 Life of the Deburring Media

Some media will have a longer life when compared to others.

So, try to invest in such deburring media with a longer lifespan so that you can use it many more times.

You must also ensure that the vibratory finishing media is capable of doing an efficient deburring of the parts.


12.6 Processing Time of the Deburring machine

You should try to invest in media and machines that deliver perfectly deburred parts in the shortest time possible.

It will help you to deburr more parts in less time.


12.7 Maintenance of the Machine

Always double-check whether the machine needs any special maintenance or care.

Machines with special maintenance requirements will make you invest more in the tumble deburring process.

So, try to avoid such machines.


12.8 Part Size Specification

You may be having small parts or large parts for deburring.

So, select a machine that matches your parts size requirement.


12.9 Ease of Operation

The deburring tumbler you select must be easy to use.

Try to avoid machines that have complex operating procedures.

It will help you to simplify the whole process.


12.10 Input Power Requirements

You should always check with the vendor for the input power requirements.

Some machines will need 3 phase power supply, whereas others can work with single-phase supplies.

If you are from Asia or Europe, then you will be having a 220V, 50Hz grid.

If you are from America, then it will be 110, 60Hz grid.


13. How to Increase the Efficiency of Deburring Process Using a Deburring Tumbler?

As a business owner, you want to have maximum productivity.

The best way to achieve more productivity is by efficiently running the industrial tumbler machine.

We will share some tips that you can use to increase the efficiency of the whole deburring process.


13.1 Load Factor

You should always operate the machine in 80-90 percent of the recommend operating load capacity for an efficient process.


13.2 Amount of Liquid Compound During Wet Deburring

If you use too much liquid compound during the wet deburring process, then the effectiveness of deburring will get reduced.

So, always use less amount of liquid that matches with the part and media quantity.


13.3 Amplitude and Speed Factor

You should use higher amplitudes to remove heavy burrs.

You can go for higher speeds to reduce the processing time for deburring.

If the parts are small and intricate, then you can use high speed with small amplitudes.


13.4 Media-to-Parts Ratio

Ideally, you should maintain a media-to-parts ratio of 3:1 for an efficient process.

This ratio also helps to protect the parts from hitting against each other.



14. What Is the Processing Time for Deburring Tumbler Machines

The processing time for deburring using part tumbler machines depends on factors like the strength of the part, deburring tumbler media, and the machine type.

On average, the finishing time for soft metal parts made of aluminum and brass will be under one hour with either of these tumblers.

If the part is made of steel, then it may take up to two hours.

For parts stronger than steel, like titanium parts, it may take more than two hours.



Now, you know all the different types of tumblers for deburring metal from Inovatec and their use.

Investing in the right type of parts deburring tumbler can take your manufacturing business to the next level.

So, consider investing in the right deburring tumbler machine along with the appropriate deburring media.

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