High-Performance Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Machine Manufacturer from China
  • Robust construction with shot blasting and thermal treatment
  • Deburring, Burnishing, Radiusing, Deflashing, Edge breaking
  • Stand-alone or integrated as parts of automatic system
  • Stamping, die casting, molding, machining parts finishing
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Manufacturer in China

Inovatec industrial vibratory tumblers used for metal and plastic parts deburring, descaling, polishing, smoothing, and cleaning. There are commonly bowl types vibratory tumbler and tub type vibratory tumblers.


VBS(B) industrial vibratory tumbler machine is the standard surface finishing machine for metal parts finishing.

2. VBS(A) series vibratory deburring machine

VBS(A) industrial vibratory tumbler machine with separation suitable for thin c and lightweight components finishing.

4. VB(A) vibratory deburring machine

VB(A) industrial vibratory tumbler machine components ideal for medium and small parts ball burnishing.

3. VB(B) vibratory debruring machine

VB(B) industrial vibratory tumbler machine ideal for significant casting parts and forging parts deburring and polishing.

Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

TV series vibratory tumbler is desktop design for brass bullets parts polishing and rock tumbling.

Economic small vibratory tumbler

Economic vibratory tumbler for small scale parts tumbling, for example, bolts, nuts, machined parts, and rust parts finishing.

Optional Design & Setting

Prominent Metering Pump with anticorrosive plastic casting PTFE diaphragm

Bosch Rexroth Variable Frequency converter for flexible processing parameter change

Acoustic noise lid for sound dampening and provide a better working environment for workers

Manual separation controls are an economical solution to collect parts from the vibratory bowl

Pneumatic separation control allows automatic discharge parts after the process finished

Reverse separation guaranteed 100% parts separation from the media

Vibratory Finishing Media

Inovatec supplied media in small and big quantities. Whether you want tumbling stones, ceramic chips, deburring media, or polishing media, we have the right product for your industrial application.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Not only provide the machine, but we also solve the problem
  • Durable hot poured casting PU ling with HD90 hardness
  • After-sales service for spare parts and consumables
  • The complete solution includes media, compound, and machine

Frequently Asked Question
Does your machine have a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is a machine.

What kind of material is your machine packaged?

We are using a wooden fumigation box to wrap the machine.

What about your terms of payment?

First 30% advance payment, the other 70% paid before delivery.

If it is a big order, we are doing a sight letter of credit.

We trade through PAYPAL if we cooperate for the first time.

Of course, you are welcome to come to the factory for inspection.

When is the fastest delivery time?

Normally, 15-25 days to complete.

If your motor power is not 380V 50HZ, then it will be a few days later.

If the goods are in a hurry, we will complete it within the volume week.

Which port can you ship the goods to?

We can deliver the goods to Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port, and Yiwu Port.

Industrial Vibratory Tumbler

With a compact design and small footprint, industrial vibratory tumblers are simple to operate and easy to maintenance.

It dramatically reduces the finishing cost per component compared with labor work.

Inovatec industrial parts tumblers are versatile mass finishing machines.

They have optional acoustic noise cover to reduce vibration noise, the metering pump for constant compound dosing, variable speed converter to control the speed, and also pneumatic shutter for separation.

vibratory finishing and polishing metal parts industrial vibratory tumbler

Inovatec bowl type industrial large vibratory tumbler has model VB(A), VB(B), VBS(A), and VBS(B) model. VB(A) and VB(B) model without separation panel while VBS(A) and VBS(B) has the separation panel to sieve out parts from media.

  • VB(A) featured with a curved inner and outer processing channel. This creates an ideal rotational movement during deburring/polishing.
  • VB(B) has a wide opening which suitable for significant casting parts, machining parts deburring and polishing.
  • VBS(A) curved wall design with separation door, superior in ball burnishing performance.
  • VBS(B) the standard vibratory tumbling equipment with an optimized separation gate.

vibratory finishing machine installation

Throughout the years, Inovatec machinery delivers thousands of quality industrial tumblers to the customer all over the world.

Our high-performance motor and durable polyurethane lining guarantee the long service life of the machine.

You can either use the industrial tumbler machine alone or connect it with other stuff to make an automatic finishing line.

Inovatec machinery is the expert in developing customized finishing program for your parts surface treatment.

From simple deburring project to high-quality titanium finishing, our expertise fills the gap in your overall parts manufacturing process.

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