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  • Robust construction with shot blasting and thermal treatment
  • Deburring, burnishing, radiusing, deflashing, edge breaking
  • Stand-alone or integrated as parts of automatic system
  • Stamping, die casting, molding, machining parts finishing
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Manufacturer in China

Inovatec industrial vibratory tumblers are used to tumble finish metal and plastic parts deburring, descaling, polishing, smoothing, and cleaning. There are commonly bowl-type vibratory tumblers and tub-type vibratory tumblers.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

VBS (B) industrial vibratory tumbler machine is the standard surface finishing machine for metal parts finishing.

2. VBSA series vibratory deburring machine 2

VBS (A) industrial vibratory tumbler machine with separation is suitable for thin and lightweight components finishing.

4. VBA vibratory deburring machine 2

VB (A) industrial vibratory deburring equipment is ideal for medium and small parts ball burnishing.

3. VBB vibratory debruring machine 2

VB (B) industrial vibratory tumbler machine is ideal for significant casting parts and forging parts deburring and tumble polishing.

5. Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

TV series vibratory tumbler is a desktop design for brass bullet parts polishing and rock tumbling.

6. Economic small vibratory tumbler

Economic vibratory tumbler for small scale parts tumbling, for example, bolts, nuts, machined parts, and rust parts finishing.

Optional Design & Setting

Prominent metering pump comes with an anticorrosive plastic casting PTFE diaphragm.

Bosch Rexroth variable frequency converter is ideal for flexible processing parameter change.

Acoustic noise lid is perfect for reducing the machine sound and provides a better working environment for workers.

Manual separation controls are an economical solution to collect parts from the vibratory bowl.

Pneumatic separation control allows the automatic discharge of parts after the tumble deburring process gets finished.

Reverse separation guarantees 100% parts separation from the vibratory tumbler media.

Vibratory Finishing Media

Inovatec supplies tumble deburring media in small and big quantities. Whether you want tumbling stones, ceramic tumbling media, synthetic tumbling media, deburring media, or polishing media, we have the right product for your industrial application.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Not only provide the machine, but we also solve the problem
  • Durable hot poured casting PU ling with HD90 hardness
  • After-sales service for spare parts and consumables
  • The complete solution includes media, compound, and machine
Frequently Asked Questions
Does your machine have a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 1 set machine.

What kind of material is your machine packaged?

We are using a wooden fumigation box to wrap the machine.

What about your terms of payment?

First 30% advance payment, the other 70% paid before delivery.

If it is a big order, we are doing a sight letter of credit.

We trade through PayPal if we cooperate for the first time.

Of course, you are welcome to come to the factory for inspection.

How long is your delivery time?

Normally, 15-25 days to complete.

If your motor power is not 380V 50HZ, then it will be a few days later.

If the goods are in a hurry, we will complete them within 2 weeks.

Which port can you ship the goods to?

We can deliver the goods to Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port, and Yiwu Port.

Industrial Vibratory Tumbler

If you’re in need of a general-purpose mass finishing machine, an industrial vibratory tumbler is what you need.

Inovatec is offering the best quality vibratory tumbling machines that range from 100L to 780L in capacity. It’s perfect for your industrial needs.

The vibratory tumbler machines feature a German design that results in a heavy-duty and durable piece of equipment.

R620 German Rosler Design vibratory industrial vibratory tumbling machine

As it’s a general-purpose machine, you can use it for all types of deburring and polishing applications.

The vibratory tumbling machine from Inovatec has a rigid structure that comes with an inclined processing channel.

It’s ideal for small to medium parts polishing and deburring. The package comes with a media separation table which is manually insertable in the machine.

The bowl found in the machine has large separation screens to give you maximum control.

You can do the separation manually with a separation gate or use the automatic pneumatic control. The casting PU of the machine is hot poured and very resistant to wear.


• Integrated chemical injection pump
• Variable frequency of the vibration
• Cover for acoustic noise reduction
• Multiple separation methods including a manual gate, automated pneumatic control, and so on


• Suitable for general purpose and special media usage
• Can deburr, polish, burnish a wide range of materials
• Suitable for high-volume manufacturing

German Rosler Design Vibratory Tumbler machine

The vibratory deburring tumbler machine from Inovatec has a rigid structure that comes with an incline processing channel.

It’s ideal for small to medium parts polishing and deburring. The package comes with a media separation table which is manually insertable in the machine.

The bowl found in the machine has large separation screens to give you maximum control.

You can do the separation manually with a separation gate or use the automatic pneumatic control. The casting PU of the machine is hot poured and very resistant to wear.

With a compact design and small footprint, industrial vibratory tumbler bowls are simple to operate and easy to maintain.

It dramatically reduces the finishing cost per component compared with labor work.

Inovatec industrial parts tumblers are versatile mass finishing machines.

They have an optional acoustic noise cover to reduce vibration noise, a metering pump for constant compound dosing, variable speed converter to control the speed, and also a pneumatic shutter for separation.

industrial vibratory tumbler

Inovatec bowl-type industrial large vibratory tumbler has model VB (A), VB (B), VBS (A), and VBS (B) models. VB (A) and VB (B) models are without a separation panel while VBS (A) and VBS (B) have a separation panel to sieve out parts from the deburring tumbler media.

  • VB (A) is featured with a curved inner and outer processing channel. This creates an ideal rotational movement during deburring/polishing.
  • VB (B) has a wide opening which is suitable for significant casting parts, machining parts deburring, and polishing.
  • VBS (A) has a curved wall design with a separation door, superior in ball burnishing performance.
  • VBS (B) is the standard vibratory finisher equipment with an optimized separation gate.

vibratory finishing machine installation

Throughout the years, Inovatec machinery delivers thousands of quality industrial tumbler machines to customers all over the world.

Our high-performance motor and durable polyurethane lining guarantee the long service life of the machines.

You can either use the industrial part tumbler machine alone or connect it with other stuff to make an automatic finishing line.

Inovatec machinery is the expert in developing customized tumble finishing program for your parts surface treatment.

From simple deburring project to high-quality titanium finishing, our expertise fills the gap in your overall parts manufacturing process.

Contact us today and take our free technical advice!

Industrial Vibratory Tumbler FAQ Guide

1. What is an industrial vibratory tumbler?

An industrial vibrator tumbler is a typical vibratory tumbling machine for metal parts and plastic parts, that operates by vigorously shaking the content on its tub. The industrial vibratory tumbler is used by industries, as the name suggests.

industrial vibratory tumbler Vibratory Finishing Machine with inverse separation

The industrial vibratory tumbler has a heavy-duty motor. The motor aids the machine in carrying out mass finishing of parts in a stable, effective, and efficient way. The tumbler is highly effective as it can clean the hard-to-reach pockets and cavities and irregular-shaped parts.

Industrial vibratory tumbler

It is a large media tumbler that is very heavy duty and can tumble metal parts and rocks in larger volumes. It consumes a higher rate of electric power compared to the bench-top vibratory polishing machine, which can be extremely uneconomical to run in your basement.

The best part about this large vibratory tumbler is it has an extremely robust lining on its tumbling bowl. The lining is wear-resistant. It is made of polyurethane lining, which actually reduces the impact and friction of parts and abrasive media on the bowl.

tumbler media for rust removal

Now, the polyurethane lining helps a lot by extending the lifespan of the vibratory tumbler’s bowl. The lining also prevents the damage of parts tumbler media and reduces noise a great deal.

The bowl is curve in shape. The design of the bowl makes the tumbler efficient. Since friction is a primary factor to consider for vibratory tumbling, then the curve adds more pressure to workpieces, which in turn tumble in a lesser amount of time.

coin refurbishing with vibratory tumbler

Also, the curved design of the bowl prevents the workpieces from sticking to each other on the polyurethane lining.

Also, the machine has a separation sieve that separates the abrasive media used and the parts being tumbled for surface improvement. The separation holes of the sieve are adjustable and to cater to different shapes and sizes of media and parts.

2. What are the differences between industrial vibratory tumblers and bench-top tumblers?

To understand the differences between the two types of vibratory bowl finishing machines, we first have to understand their similarities.

These two machines are similar in that – they both tumble parts by vigorously vibrating their bowls where the media, components, and perhaps even compounding agents (wet tumbling) have been placed.

Also, the tumbling machine process of finishing parts does not take long when using a vibratory tumbler. It takes only hours to complete cycles for tumbling metal parts. For rocks, it takes days, unlike the industrial rotary tumbler, which took weeks to complete a cycle.

Also, the two machines can perform surface improvement of parts exceptionally well through parts tumbler deburring, descaling, polishing, etc. All this can be accomplished through wet and dry tumbling. Also, the appropriate vibratory tumbling media will determine your success.

Now, the differences between an industrial vibratory tumbler and a bench-top vibratory tumbler also exist.

vibratory tumbler machine packaging

The first difference is the size of the machine. An industrial vibratory tumbler is way bigger than the bench-top vibratory tumbler. Size matters a big deal when it comes to tumbling parts. There are some small parts like bolts and nails that can be tumbled by a bench-top vibratory tumbler.

For big parts like engine blocks, industrial vibratory tumblers are the most appropriate. Such components are massive and, at the same time, bulky. A bench-top vibratory tumbler cannot finish such heavy and bulky parts.

Also, power consumption is another primary difference between these two tumblers. The power consumption of the bench-top vibratory tumbler is lower compared to that of the industrial tumbler.

As the load progresses to be heavier in weight, so does the energy consumption used to finish that cycle—also, the more massive the load, the more the time used for cycle completion.

Industrial vibratory tumblers are ideal for heavier parts, while bench-top tumblers are ideal for smaller parts.

The industrial vibratory tumbler has a separation sieve. The sieve is used to separate metal parts and tumbling media, and it is adjustable too to cater to the differences in size and shape of the tumbling media.

This is one of the features that the bench-top vibratory tumbling machine does not have. You will have to separate parts manually.

Further, the industrial vibratory tumbler’s bowl is more durable than the bench-top vibratory tumbler’s bowl. The industrial vibratory tumbler’s bowl has a polyurethane lining (PU lining) that prevents damage to the bowl, thereby increasing its lifespan.

The PU lining is also useful as it prevents damage to the tumbling media. The lining further reduces noise during the tumbling process.

It also goes without saying that the industrial vibratory tumbler is more expensive than the bench-top vibratory tumbler. With all the cool features the industrial vibratory tumbler has, it ought to be more costly than the bench-top vibratory tumbler.

So, in summary:

 Industrial Vibratory TumblerBenchtop Vibratory Tumbler
Size:Bigger than the bench-top tumblerSmaller than the industrial tumbler
Power:Consumes more power than the bench-top tumblerConsumes lesser power than the industrial tumbler
Features:It has better features than the bench-top tumblerIt has fewer features than the industrial tumbler
Cost:It is more expensive than the bench-top tumblerIt is cheaper than the industrial tumbler
Capacity:Handles a heavier load of parts compared to the bench-top tumblerIt handles a lighter weight of components compared to the industrial tumbler.

3. What features does the industrial vibratory tumbler have?

The industrial vibratory tumbler has exceptional features that make the tumbling process easier and super-efficient.

Firstly, the industrial tumbler is equipped with a PU lining on its bowl, which is highly effective in mass finishing parts. The PU lining aids the tumbler in mass finishing as it reduces noise and prevents the damage of both the tumbler’s bowl and the tumbling media.

The lining increases the lifespan of the industrial vibratory tumbler’s bowl.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

Also, the tumbling bowl has a curved design, which helps tumble better and faster. The curved shape increases pressure on parts that are at the bottom of the bowl. The pressure increases friction, which then tumbles more quickly.

The tumbler comes with a digital process timer, which actually times the process intended to be completed and gives accurate results concerning time. The digital timer is also precise in displaying its results.

A separation sieve is another feature that comes with the industrial vibratory tumbler—the sieve aids in separating the parts from the tumbling media. The sieve is adjustable to cater to the different shapes and sizes of tumbling media.

Other cool features of the industrial vibratory tumbler include a low-profile design and also stress relieved and enhanced blasting to aid in the mass finishing of parts in a single cycle.

An industrial vibratory tumbler is an excellent machine for heavy and bulky metal parts. With its cool features, tumbling has been made so much easier, and the cycles in mass finishing are done in a short span of time compared to other methods of finishing.

4. Is the industrial vibratory tumbler expensive to run and maintain?

An industrial vibratory tumbler is an excellent machine used in mass finishing of parts by tumbling them with abrasives and perhaps a compounding agent to either burnish, polish, descale, deburr, etc. softer metals like brass.

The industrial vibratory tumbler is a piece of expensive equipment to acquire. The machine can cost up to $20,000. When choosing such a machine to buy, you need to be extremely careful as you’d not want to incur losses on such a piece of expensive equipment.

Its maintenance is another primary issue that deserves to be given a lot of consideration. The machine will consume electric power depending on how long it runs and the weight of the parts it is tumbling.

burnishing machine vibratory polishing

Apart from that, efficiency is another primary factor that should never be ignored. Efficiency comes in where the right tumbling media is used in improving surfaces of parts.

The right size, shape, and angle of the tumbling media also matter so that the deepest pockets, cavities, and hard-to-reach corners are cleaned.

Running the industrial vibratory tumbler can become cheap or expensive, depending on how you handle your machine. Always use the right type of tumbling media and also the proper shape, size, and angle.

5. Is the industrial vibratory tumbler costly to acquire?

The industrial vibratory tumbler is a sophisticated vibratory tumbling machine that requires extreme care when handling.

The industrial vibratory tumbler can go up to $20,000. The price is worth the machine as it has some astounding and exciting features.

The first feature is its tumbling bowl design. The bowl is curved. It helps to make the tumbling process a success by increasing pressure on parts. Then the pressure increases the productivity of the process and helps to tumble in a shorter period of time.

rectangular linear tub vibratory tumbling finishing machine

Apart from the curved design of the bowl, it also has a very robust lining made up of polyurethane. The lining plays an essential role in the tumbling process. Polyurethane lining acts as a cushion that prevents damage of tumbling media.

The lining also protects the bowl from wearing out. The use of corrosive compounding agents used to improve the surfaces of metal parts does not damage the bowl because of this lining. Also, the PU lining reduces noise a great deal when tumbling.

Secondly, the machine can tumble huge parts and also small pieces but in plenty, compared to other forms of surface improvement. The machine can tumble up to volumes of 820 liters.

vibratory finishing machine ready for shipment

Thirdly, the machine has a digital process timer, which is very crucial in timing cycles to ensure efficiency and time effectiveness. Other great features include a low-profile design, a stress-relieved and enhanced blasting capability, and manual parts-media separation.

Some industrial vibratory tumblers also come with a separating sieve, which helps in the separation of media and parts. The sieve is adjustable to cater to different shapes and sizes of media.

Acquiring such a robust machine requires extreme caution.

6. What are the benefits of using an industrial vibratory tumbler?

Using an industrial vibratory tumbler has numerous advantages over using any other form of surface improvement. The machine also has its downsides, but the benefits surpass the disadvantages by far.

Firstly, the industrial vibratory tumbler does mass finishing of parts and can finish massive amounts of load in one cycle. The largest tumbler has a capacity of up to 820 liters worth of tumbling space.

The industrial vibratory tumbler also completes cycles faster compared to other forms of mass finishing machines. The curved design of the bowl enables the tumbler to complete the cycle faster. The pressure is exerted on parts, and as the vibratory process begins, friction is created, thus tumbling more quickly.

industrial vibratory tumbler

The industrial vibratory tumbler is advantageous as it has a digital process timer, which aids you in timing your processes. The timer makes the process efficient as you only have to use it to know whether your parts are ready or not.

The lining on the tumbler’s bowl is also another advantage as it reduces tumbling noise, prevents the damage of tumbling media, and also prevents the deterioration of the bowl itself. The lining protects the bowl so you will not have to replace it time and again.

vibratory deburring machine with separator

Check this out:

You also must know a few downsides of the industrial vibratory tumbler. The primary downset is explained here below.

The acquisition cost: Acquiring an industrial vibratory tumbler will cost you a fortune. The machine can go up to $20,000. Also, failure to maintain the machine will also result in further costs of repair and maintenance.

7. What factors should be considered when buying an industrial vibratory tumbler?

An industrial vibratory tumbler is an expensive machine. You’ll need to consider some factors before acquiring the machine.

The first consideration should be the size. The average capacity of parts that you tumble will determine the size of your industrial vibratory tumbler. Industrial vibratory tumblers come in different sizes.

vibratory finishing machine with sound cover

You can find industrial vibratory tumblers with the capacity of tumbling 100 liters to 820 liters. The higher the capacity, the heavier the machine. The 820-liter industrial vibratory tumbler weighs 2470 kilograms while the 100-liter industrial tumbler weighs 280 kilograms.

Next, you will have to consider space. Industrial vibratory tumblers require space to run. They are massive in nature. Ample working space also provides you comfort and confidence when working around the machine.

Consider also the cost. The price of an industrial vibratory tumbler can go up to $20,000. The cost will determine if your choice to acquire an industrial vibratory tumbler is economical or perhaps, you need to seek other means of improving your parts’ surfaces.

Industrial vibratory tumblers are tuned to be economical when handled correctly. Once you consider the size, space required, and the cost of a single unit, then you are good to go. Acquiring one shouldn’t be hard for you.

If you are a business offering vibratory deburring services, then you can invest in one of these machines to improve your work efficiency.

8. How does the industrial vibratory tumbler work?

The industrial vibratory tumbler works almost similar to the bench-top tumbler but extremely different from the rotary parts tumbler. The industrial vibratory tumbler is quite more sophisticated than other mass finishing machines.

vibratory deburring machine ready for export

Here’s how the industrial vibratory tumbler works:

The parts to be tumbled are placed in the tumbler’s bowl. Now, the industrial vibratory tumbler has an impressive bowl design – it is curve.

The parts go in first, then followed by the tumbling media. The reason why parts go in first is so that the media can exert pressure on the parts. You can choose to use the right amount of compounding agent to complete the cycle well.

The pressure exerted ensures the cycle is completed quickly.

The bowl has a spiral bottom, and its curve gradually inclines to help in the maintenance of even mass depth when completing cycles. The machine is then switched on, and time is recorded using its digital process timer for accuracy and efficiency.

The PU lining on the bowl also prevents the quick wearing out of the bowl. In essence, the PU lining increases the lifespan of the bowl. Then, the lining helps prevent the damage of tumbling media and reduces noise a great deal during the tumbling process.

loading parts into vibratory finishing machine

Once the process is complete, parts and media will be mixed. You can choose to dispose of the compounding agent safely, then separate the tumbling media with the parts using a separation sieve, a feature present in the industrial vibratory tumbler.

The separation sieve is adjustable so that it can cater to the different shapes and sizes of tumbling media.

The process does not take long, depending on what it is that you are tumbling. If you are tumbling metal parts, it will depend on the degree of sleekness that you want your metal parts’ surfaces to reach and the choice of your tumbling media.

The process will only take several hours when using the correct shape, size, and angle of media.

Make sure that you select the right media for your metal parts, depending on what you want to achieve. Also, apart from choosing the right media, also consider selecting the proper shape, size, and angle of the tumbling media to effectively and efficiently clean your components’ surfaces.

9. How long does it take to finish parts when using an industrial vibratory tumbler?

Finishing parts using an industrial vibratory tumbler does not take a lot of time to complete. However, it all depends on the degree of sleekness you desire on the surfaces of your components.

It only takes several hours to complete a cycle, provided you use the correct tumbling media. Further, the media should be the proper shape, size, and angle. The use of an industrial vibratory tumbler makes work easier because parts are finished in mass.

punching parts vibratory deburring

Also, the process is economical and efficient. You do not have to stick around until the tumbling is complete. The process can be automated. The machine also requires little to no supervision when tumbling. You can leave it to tumble and do other tasks until the cycle is complete.

You can also decide to use compounding agents to help hasten the process and provide a cleaner and more impressive look.

10. Can the industrial vibratory tumbler tumble rocks?

The industrial vibratory tumbler can tumble rocks.

It is one of the best vibratory rock tumblers in the market.

You can tumble rocks using the correct media and compounding agent.

Also, when tumbling rocks, the shape, size, and angle of the media also matter. You can finish tumbling rocks in half the time you’d use to tumble when using the rotary tumbler deburring machine. The rocks manage to maintain their original shape when using an industrial vibratory tumbler.

Their surfaces are what matter most. The surfaces are polished to produce an output that is appealing to the eye.

rock tumbled stone in vibratory tumbler

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