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LDG6X3 Multibarrel polsiher


The vertical mobile polisher LDG6*3 is composed of basement, vessels and electric cabinet (as the outlook drawing)

a. The basement: The basement is welded of steel pipe and plate. On the front part of top, there are three screens, the screen is fixed with wheels, it is very easy to push the screen move to and fro, and there is a container to hold the media under screen. On the back part of top, there are three water troughs to hold the dirty water, dirty water may discharged into big water trough under basement through water valve. There are also four stand equipped with bearing to support the barrel.

b. Barrel: The three barrels are utterly separate with each other; each has its own motor, inverter and other parts. They work separately. The barrel is composed of base, bottom plate and vessel, vessel is fixed on the base, and bottom plate is under the vessel and fixed on the shaft of base. At connect place between vessel and bottom there is steel circle, so the gap between the vessel and bottom could be as small as about 0.3mm. The motor is fixed on the same steel plate with barrel, motor drive the shaft and bottom plate running through V-belt under steel plate. There is a handle on the steel plate, workparts and media will be unloaded into screen by pulling barrel turning 110 degree. The barrel is lined with high wear-resisting Polyurethane.

  1. Electric cabinet: It is on the right side over basement, the buttons on control panel control the work of all barrels separately.



1.This LDG6*3 vertical mobile polisher is composed of three barrels, one for dry polish, the precision processing, the other two for wet polish, the precision and rough processing to meet different demands. It has the features such as reasonable construction, easy operation, and wide range of speed adjustment, high efficiency, and low noise. It will bring you satisfying polished workparts in short time; the precision can raise 1 to 2 grades.

2. This machine is widely used in different lines and workparts such as diamond, gold, silver, mental, plastic, agate, ceramics; it is the best choice for many kinds but small quantity workparts.

3.The bottom plate running at high speed makes centrifugal force to drive the workpieces and media rubbing each other strongly and moving forward in spiral way. The workpieces can be polished in short time.



Multi-barrel polisher has a dry grinding barrel and two wet grinding barrels, which able to process different lots of parts at the same time. With compact mechanical design, one can easily realize functions with high efficiency and steady operation. With multi-barrel polisher, one can get desirable result in short time, especially for small lots multi variety parts’ grinding and polishing

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