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Vibratory finishing machine


Vibratory Finishing Machines is one of the most commonly used processing machinery in mass finishing field, used for deburring, polishing, descaling, and surface improvement on metal and plastic parts

The vibratory finishing process application usually combines creative process technology and innovative equipment engineering.

Humo vibratory finishing machine have high equipment quality and reliable standards with a functional design. Besides, they offer a characteristics of easy operation and high degree of productivity.

The machinery and system is extremely flexible and versatile mass finishing systems

It can be used for all metals, many plastics, ceramics, rubber, wood, stone and glass and can help to achieve a wide range of objectives. Excellent results can be obtained for highly delicate and small components as well as for large and robust parts.


Working Principle


Vibratory surface finishing takes place in a work bowl placed on coil springs.  The vibratory energy is induced by a special vibratory motor that is mounted in the centre of the work bowl. The vibration creates the typical relative movement of media against parts.


The continuous feeding of water and compound-also known as soap-support the finishing process.


Frequently, vibratory finishing machine are equipped with an integrated separation flap and screen. This allows separating the finished parts from the media in the machine.


Via the separation screen the parts are transferred to the machine exit or to a post-treatment system, for example, a dryer, while the media remains in the machine. Of course, automatic solutions indlucinding different types of material handling systems, along with per- and post-treatment unit are possible.


Standard Features:

  • Effective motor position for Excellent Vibration.
  • High tensile bolts and nuts for long service life of motor and machinery.
  • Efficient removal of process fluid for best surface finish.
  • High efficient motor.
  • Bowls shot blasted before and after Polyurethane lining for painting.
  • All internal welds ground smooth.
  • Anti rotation motor locking plate provided.
  • Bowls Surface finishing is Stress relived and strengthened with shot blasting process

Additional Features:

  • Separation area is designed to fit media and parts easy selection
  • Complete Polyurethane dam flap to avoid metal contact instead of metal flap.
  • Polyurethane and paint are corrosion resistant for longer life in harsh chemical environments.
  • Accident proof media outlet design for total safety.


  • Versatile components adaptability, from very precise fine component until huge casting parts, each product can be customized process design
  • Inspection during the process
  • Separation integrated in machine
  • Better media/parts mixing since it has cascade and circular action.
  • Cost saving compared with manual process
  • Automatic processing
  • Process based on batch or continuously

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