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Inovatec Machinery““We offer complete solutions to all your problems, not just the machine alone.””

The wet blasting machine is a complete game changer when it comes to the modernization of the age-old blasting methods. This machine from Inovatec machinery is a great success and is welcomed by most of the customers in the market. Many customers replaced their existing machines with the Inovatec ones.

You can use this machine in the following areas.

  • Sectors like the weapon manufacturing industry, opticals, electronics, instrumentation, aerospace, and many other industries.
  • Parts of automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, molds, hardware accessories, machine tools, train locomotives, and power machinery.
  • Industries like jewelry, optics, glasses, dentistry that require high precision will need these machines.
  • Medical devices, chemical manufacturing equipment, textile machines, metal springs, and intraocular lenses.

It consists of a spray gun through which the grinding fluid enters into the machine.

The gun has compressed air inside that helps in the acceleration of the fluid.

Thus, the fluid gets ejected out of the nozzle at high pressure.

So, in a wet blasting machine, the grinding fluid pump acts as the feeder for the machine.

Wet vapor blasting machine s

The grinding fluid pump in the wet vapor blasting machine is responsible for feeding the grinding fluid in the machine. This pump also ensures that the blast media and the water is mixed thoroughly. It sends this mixture to the spray gun for spraying.

The high pressure spraying is achieved with the help of the compressed air that comes through the air pump and enters into the spray gun.


Wet Blasting machine with Turntable Trolleys

For large parts, a turntable set up is recommended for ease of operation. The turntable can handle loads in the range of 60-200kg. Customization options are also available with user requirements.

The cart option is made available to the customers for loading and unloading of heavy parts into the chamber. Both electric and manual variants are available for the carts.

Optional Design & Setting

This additional set up allows to position the spray gun while the blasting process is going on. It makes life easy for the operator.

This fitting is useful for separating the water from the abrasive media after finishing the blasting process. It is suitable for abrasive changes and for emptying the chamber of the machine.

It consists of a big filter unit that can filter the dirty water in the chamber after blasting. It helps to reduce total water consumption. The recycled water is suitable for window wash and the rinse gun. Thus, the process can be made more environmentally friendly.

Sand Blasting Media

Wet blasting is not effective without the use of abrasive media. The media helps to clean, smoothen, and finish the part surface.

Glass beads are a popular choice when it comes to water blasting. They are manufactured using highly graded glass particles. These glass particles are subjected to high compression.

The manufacturing process starts with the melting of the glass particles into ball shapes. It is followed by cooling to increase the overall strength and internal pressure. The final media will be in the shape of transparent beads without any impurities.

It is capable of producing all types of finish on the part surface. The type of finish depends on the bead size and other parameters. It also helps to develop decorative designs on the surface with proper use.

The glass beads ensure that the part surface does not get damaged at all. The precision and accuracy of the part will be maintained in the final blasted part also.

These glass beads come with a long lifespan. Thus, the same beads can be reused multiple times for many years. So, only a one time investment is need on the glass beads. Thus, the solution appears to be cost effective.

The glass beads also help to improve the strength of the part. It is achieved with the help of the constant pressure applied by the glass bead layer on the part surface. Thus, it avoids unnecessary material removal and surface fatigue.

It is also an eco-friendly solution since it does not leave any harmful residue as the byproduct. So, no harm or pollution is caused to the surroundings and environment with the use of glass beads as the blast media.

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  • Zero impact on the environment and dust free solution
  • Ability to Control the Roughness through Right Media Selection
  • Blast media with Longer Lifespan
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain
Frequently Asked Question
1. What is the minimum order quantity for your machine?

The minimum order quantity for our machine is one piece.

2. How do you make the packaging for your blasting machine?

We make a pallet for our blasting machines to protect them during shipment through the sea. The equipment is fixed tightly to the piles to prevent it from falling down during transportation.

3. What is your payment term?

For general order, 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment are required.

If this is your first time working with us, you can use PayPal to confirm your order. We welcome you to visit our factory to check the quality before shipment.

4. How is your production lead time?

Production lead time is 20-25 days for most equipment. Please contact us for detailed discussion regarding any particular machine.

5. What is your nearest Port?

Shanghai, Yiwu, and Ningbo are our nearest ports. We will organize our shipment to your warehouse at one of these ports.

Wet Blasting Machine Technical Specifications

MaterialStainless Steel SUS304/carbon steel/fiberglass
Operating dimensions L*W*H900*650*750mm1000*1000*750mm1200*1200*800mm
Machine Size L*W*H900*950*1700mm1000*1300*1830mm1200*1500*2000mm
Entrance Door SizeW440*H550mmW840mm*H650mmW900mm*H800mm
Power Supply220V/380V±10%; 50Hz/60Hz; 1.5kw
Working Pressure58-101psi
Air Consumption (Approx)50cfm
Quantity of Gun1pc
Nozzle Diameter9.5mm
Load Capacity60Kg
Machine Lighting18W*2pcs
Air Intake HoseΦ16mm
Total Weight (Approx)350kg500kg600kg
Abrasive AvailableGlass bead, sand, aluminum oxide etc

Wet Blasting Machine Front View

vapor blasting machine side view

Wet Blasting Machine Side View

Vapor sand blasting machine side view

Wet Blasting Machine Back View

vapor blasting machine back view

Wet Blasting Machine FAQ Guide

1. How Inovatec Machinery Controls The Quality Of The Wet Water Blasting Machine?

Inovatec machinery follows strict standards in the manufacturing process.

So, we guarantee the best quality wet blasting machines.

We will explain the three factors which are responsible for maintaining high quality in wet blasting machines.


1.1  Best Raw Materials

Stainless steel metal is used to build wet water blasting machines.

We source the SUS304 grade SS plates from one of the top suppliers in China, BAOSTEEL.

So, the high quality raw material is guaranteed in the manufacturing process.

All the raw materials are aligned with industry standards.

sand blasting machine workshop


1.2 Skilled Laborers

Our laborers are well trained, and they come with a minimum experience of 10 plus years.

Inovatec ensures a strict workflow process in machine manufacturing.

All manufactured machines are tested, and trial runs are done to ensure proper working before shipping.

L Heat Drying Chamber


1.3. The Quality Management System

Inovatec machinery maintains an ISO quality management system.

Inovatec engineers use industry standard CAD software to draw and design all the mechanical parts of the machines.

Metal Laser cutters are employed to ensure precise cutting of the raw materials for the manufacturing of the machine.

We maintain a part tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm.

Thus, we always ensure high precision in our machine designs.

We also make use of the sandblasting process after completing the welding process.

It will ensure that the machine gets an excellent finish.


2. What Are The Different Verities OF Wet Blasting Machines Manufactured By Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec manufactures two different variants of wet blasting machines.

They are automatic and manual variants.

So, users can choose any depending on their requirements.

There are three models for the manual wet blasting machines.

They are 9065, 1010, and 1212 models.

These models are based on the size of the container.

You can refer to the detailed technical specification to know more about these models.

The automatic variant of the wet blasting equipment allows the user to modify the machine according to his/her needs.

These customization options are not available in the manual machines.

There are three models for the automatic wet blasting machine.

This classification of the machine is based on the material type.

They are 304 stainless steel machines, a glass steel machine, and a carbon steel variant.

Glass Fiber Sand Blasting Machine


3. What Are The Different Additional Settings And Fittings That Can Be Added To The Wet Blasting Machines?


3.1 Closed Loop System

If you want to reduce the water consumption of the machine, we recommend you to invest in the closed loop system.

It will ensure that the water blasting machines does not need an adjacent drain for the removal of water.

The closed loop system has a large filter unit.

This filter unit is capable of recycling the water, which is fit for window wash and in the rinse gun.

It doesn’t mean that you can use the same water for an extended period of time.

You will have to change the water after multiple uses.

So, you can top up the water from time to time.

So, a continuous draining supply is not required if the closed loop system is installed along with the wet blasting machine.

Thus, the recycled water can be used for the water requirements of the rinse fun and the window wash.

The recycled water is transferred to the rinse gun with the help of the heavy duty pump that is operated using compressed air.


3.2 Optional Cart

If you are part size is bulky, then it will difficult to load and unload the part in the machines.

So, you can invest in the optional cart for loading and unloading of parts.

Inovatec offers two varieties of such optional carts.

They are the electric and manual versions.

Vapor blasting machine Trolley


3.3 Turntable Option

If you are dealing with the big part size, then the turntable option is highly recommended.

It will make things easy for you.

The turntable is capable of handling weights up to 200kg.

The minimum weight capacity is 60kg.

Inovatec machinery also offers various customization options for the turntable.

So, the customer can modify it according to their part requirement.

vapour blast machine Inside cabinet


3.4 Hydro Cyclone

The process of separation of the abrasives from the water can be tedious.

You can make this process easy with the help of hydro cyclone fitting.

It will help you to make the process of changing blast media or emptying the machine easy.


4. How To Select The Right Wet Blasting Machine Size?

You should select the wet blasting machine size so that it matches your part size.

The YS-9065 wet blasting machine is an ideal choice for a part size of 400mm.

The YS-1212 model is suited for large parts with a size bigger than 650mm.

For parts that are in between these two sizes, you can invest in the YS-1010 variant.

So, these three models can meet most of the customer requirements.

If you are still confused to make the right selection, you can always get in touch with our team of qualified engineers.


5. What Are The Different Spare Parts Which You Need To Invest For A Wet Water Blasting Machine?

In order to know which all spare parts you must stock, you should know which all parts in the machine are prone to more tear and wear.

The four parts which are more prone to wear out are the window wiper, Impeller, blast hose, and gloves.

All these parts come with a predefined lifespan.

So, you need to replace it with a new one, once it crosses its lifespan.

Generally, you will have to change it every 3 to 6 months.

It also depends on the number of cycles of use of the machine.

5.1 Window Wiper of the Wet Blasting Machine

wet blasting machine window wiper

5.2 Impeller of the Wet Blasting Machine

wet blasting machine Impeller

5.3 Hose and Gloves for the Wet Blasting Machine

wet blasting machine hose & gloves

5.4 Blast Gun of the Wet Blasting Machine

wet blasting machine gun


6. How Can One Place An Order For Wet Blasting Machine With Inovatec Machinery?

You can follow the following steps to place an order for the wet blasting machine with Inovatec.

  1. You need to choose the right machine first that matches your part requirement.
  2. The other thing to do is to look at the available optional fittings and settings to see if you need any of these.
  3. Next comes the significant part, the power supply requirements for the machine. The power supply requirement specification varies for different countries. So, you need to specify your power specifications so that we can assemble the appropriate power unit with the machine. We will also support single-phase supply solutions.
  4. We can also customize a machine with your logo.


7. What Are The Different Types Of Blast Media That Can Be Used With A Wet Blasting Machine?

You can use the following abrasive media with water blasting machine.

1.Aluminum oxide Media

2.Ceramic Beads

3.Glass Beads


8. What Amount Of Blast Media and Water Should Be Used Inside A Wet Blasting Machine?

You can use a standard abrasive to water ratio of 1:3.

You can also decrease the ratio up to 1:5.

The recommended maximum amount of abrasive media is 5kg, and the minimum recommended amount is 3kg.

The ratio and quantity requirements vary for different parts and different finish requirements.


9. What Is The Power Supply Requirement Specification For Inovatec Wet Blasting Machines?

The standard version of the wet water blasting machine comes with a 3 phase 380V, 50Hz power supply.

So, if your country follows the same power grid specification, then you can order this.

This specification is the standard in most of the European countries.

If your country uses 220V, 60Hz grid, we can fit the appropriate power supply module into the machine.


10. What Are The Different After Sales Services Offered By Inovatec?

All wet blasting machines from Inovatec comes with a one year warranty.

During this one year tenure, we will support you with free replacement parts and its delivery.

Once the warranty period expires, you will get lifetime support.

The spare parts will come at a basic price from this time onwards.

We will also support you with any technical issues by sharing videos on how to solve it.


11.How To Ensure Long Lifespan For The Wet Blasting Machine?

You must avoid using blast media which has impurities.

So, discard abrasive media that has impurities.

You must do a regular inspection of the window wiper.

If it is loose, then you need to fix it.

You need to ensure that the mixture of the blast media and the water is a clean one.

The pH of the water needs to be checked before use to avoid any adverse effect on the parts.


12. What Is The Installation Procedure Of The Machine After Receiving?

The fully assembled unit will be shipped to the customers.

So, there are no complicated procedures for assembling.

All wet blasting machines will be tested and debugged before delivery.

You will have to place the machine on a flat surface and plug it in the power socket and air source for operation.


13. What Raw Material Is Used For Manufacturing The Blast Machine Nozzle?

Inovatec machinery uses Boron Carbide for manufacturing nozzles.

The nozzle comes in two diameters 12.5mm and 9.5mm.


14. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wet Blasting Machine Over A Dry Blasting Machine?

The wet blasting has a gentle effect on the part, whereas the dry blast tends to have a destructive effect.

There will not be any extra particles getting embedded on the part using a wet blasting machine.

Extra particles may get embedded on the part with the dry blasting machine.

You can get more glossy and lustrous finish using the wet blasting machine.

It is not possible to achieve a high end finish using a dry blast machine.

The dry blasting process causes many safety concerns for the workers because of the production of dust while in operation.

The wet blasting machine does not create any kind of dust pollution.

wet blasting machine gun


15. What’s the advantage of a wet blast machine compared to a dry blast machine?

Dry blasting is much more destructive to the surface of the part and will remove the material of the substrate. Particles will also be embedded in the surface.

Vapour blasting is much gentler to the part’s surface and no material will be embedded. A shiny, lustrous finish like this one cannot be achieved with dry blasting.

Besides, the latter does not produce dust while working, reduces environmental pollution and reduces health hazards for workers

vapor blasting machine side view

16. How Do You Run A Wet Blasting Machine?

You can make use of the following set of instructions to run a wet blasting machine.

1.You must switch on the power and open the chamber of the machine.

2.You should feed the machine with water next.

3.The abrasive pump in the machine operates automatically once you switch on the machine. So, you need to feed the machine with your parts next to the chamber. After loading the parts, you can close the chamber door.

4. Now, you need to use your left hand to stabilize the part. The right hand should be used to handle the spray gun.

5. You need to use your legs to operate the footswitch. This process initiates the movement of the wiper automatically. It will make the water and blast media to pass.

6. The blasting effect on the part is created with the help of the air sources. It accelerates the spray from the spray gun on to the part surface.

7. The blast media selected should match the thickness of the part.

Once you complete the blasting process, you can remove the leg from the footswitch to end the spray from the gun.

Now, you can remove the part from the chamber and take it out.


17. Which All Sectors Can Make Use Of The Wet Blasting Machine?

This machine can be used in sectors like instrumentation, optics, electronics industry, and aerospace.

It can be used on automobile parts, locomotive parts, medical equipment parts, tractors, chemical machinery parts.

You can use it with parts used in jewelry watches, dentistry, and glasses that come with high precision requirements.


18. What Are The Different Safety Measures Employed By Inovatec Machinery for the Protection Of The Operator?

Inovatec has employed the following safety measures on the wet blasting machines.

  • The whole process of blasting is controlled through the footswitch. So, the operator can remove his foot from the switch to stop the sprayer.
  • Inovatec has implemented an interlocking device on the wet blasting machine. So, if the operator or anyone else tries to open the chamber while the process is going on, the interlocking device will stop the machine completely.
  • We have also implemented the emergency stop button on the machine. So, the user can easily hit the emergency stop button to shut down the machine completely.


19. How Can We Feed Water and Sand in a Wet Blasting Machine?

You can open the machine chamber door.

Once opened, you can feed the chamber with sand and water in the required proportion.

If you are making use of an external water source, you can enable it to make the water flow inside the chamber.


20. Does The Machine Require Manual Mixing Of Sand And Water?

You don’t have to mix water and sand inside the machine manually.

The grinding liquid pump is set up to do the mixing job, and it will be done automatically.


21. What Is The Process To Replace The Dirty Sand And Water Mixture From The Wet Blasting Machine?

The machine comes with three ball valves.

The overflow valve in the machine is designed to remove the foam flow from the machine.

The water change valve plays the role of removing the dirty water from the machine.

Thus, the dirty water is removed from the chamber.

The dirty sand present after the blasting process is removed through the sand change valve.

The sand change valve is opened only after the blasting process is complete.

Now, you know the whole process of replacing the dirty water and dirty sand from the machine.


22. Is It Possible To Use The Wet Blasting Machine On Steel And Iron Parts?

The issue with wet blasting on steel and iron products is oxidation.

So, the part may get rusted.

So, you need to add any anti-rusting compound to the water to ensure that the oxidation will not happen.


23. What Has Inovatec Done To Maintain A Clear Line Of Sight During the Blasting Process?

We have provided a large window in the machine to get a more comprehensive view of the whole blasting process.

The machine comes with a water gun positioned at the top of the window, capable of cleaning the glass for better visibility during the process.

There is a wiper in the window of the machine that can wipe out the sand, dirt, and water falling on the glass.

The blasting process creates a mist inside the chamber that reduces the whole visibility. So, an exhaust fan is provided in the chamber to remove the mist formation.


24. Can You Explain The Working Of The Wet Blasting Machine?

The machine makes use of a grinding fluid pump to pump the fluid into the chamber.

The grinding fluid is a mixture of the blast media with water.

This pump is responsible for sending the thoroughly mixed sand and water mixture to the sprayer gun.

The compressed air is also let into the spray gun through the air pipe.

Thus, the grinding fluid is applied at high pressure on the surface of the part with the help of the compressed air.

The fluid exits from the sprayer gun through the nozzle at the end.

Here, the compressed air act as the accelerating power, and the grinding fluid pump act as the feeding power.

vapor sand blasting machine working principal


25. What Is The Process Of Cleaning The Parts After Completing The Wet Blasting Process?

There will be some residue sand sticking on to the part surface after the completion of the wet blasting process.

So, you need to clean the part in the engine room by using the water gun.


26. What Are The Various Advantages Of Using Water Blasting?

The benefits of using water blasting are listed below.

1. The Process is a gentle and non-corrosive one.

2.Best Quality Finish.

3. Impregnation of Media on to Part Surface is Avoided.

4.Eco-Friendly Option

5. No Damage Cleaning Process

6. No Distortion of Part dimensions.

7.No excessive heating or wrapping of parts.

8. Perfect for deoxidizing Aluminum parts

9. Capable of minor curb rash repair and also supports mags and rims.

10. Water flow cleaning.


27. What Are The Typical Applications For The Wet Blasting Process?

The list of applications for the wet blasting process is given below.


27.1 Proper Cleaning of Rough Surface Castings

The wet blasting process is beneficial in cleaning the scales and residues on precision castings.

You can use this process for castings that come with complex shapes with strict tolerance.

It not only helps to clean the surface but also polishes the part.

So, you can expect a better finish on the part surface with this type of process.

It also helps die casting parts to regain their beautiful metallic color and finish.

The peening effect is better with the wet blasting.

Here, it will also help to increase the life of the part by improving the corrosion resistance of the part and the surface hardness.

Wet blasting supports most of the metal and metal alloys.

You need to ensure that an anti-rusting compound is used along with the corrosion-prone parts to prevent the oxidation effect.

So, you can get a high level finish on the part through this process.

engine parts vapor blasting before and after


27.2 Dirt, Dust and Rust Removal From The Molds

The multiple use of molds will result in the accumulation of dirt, dust, grease, and rust on the surface of the molds.

So, if you use the same mold again and again without cleaning, then you will not be able to achieve the same level of precision to all the parts.

So, you need to clean the mold.

The best and the efficient way to do it is through the wet blasting process.

The wet blasting ensures that all the surface area of the part gets appropriately cleaned.

You can use all types of molds in this machine.

It includes stamping molds, plastic compression molds, forging molds, tire molds, etc.

You can use this machine to clean and refurbish old parts and make them look like a new one.

When it comes to the medical industry, sterilization is an essential requirement.

This machine can help you to sterilize the part as well.

The same thing is also applicable to food molds.

vapor blasting remove rust


27.3 Surface Smoothening

Some parts demand surface smoothening but don’t require a mirror-like shine.

You can use the wet blasting machine for this purpose.

The application includes instrument panel, mirror surface, surgical and medical instruments, frosted glassware, plastic paper drawing, crystal silicon surface, frosted pattern design, and many more.

vapor blasting machine remove micro burr


27.4 Performance Improvement of the Mechanical Parts

The wet blasting can help to improve the performance of the parts.

It is achieved through the formation of uniform microscopic pits on the part surface.

These pits are capable of holding the lubricating oil, reducing the friction between the parts in contact.

Thus, it increases the life of the parts.

So, this process is ideal for parts used in automotive sectors like gears and crankshafts.

It is also a useful machinery used in the textile sector.

The process improves the fatigue strength and the part rust resistance.

It is also helpful in bringing up the cracks and other defects in the part.

The process of visual inspection for cracks or breaks in the part is made easy after the blasting process.

before Vapor blasting

vapor blasting dirt and corrosion cleaning


27.5 Oxide Layer Removal

The wet blasting process is the best and efficient method to remove the oxide layer and residual salts from the parts.

These additional deposits are formed as a result of the heat treatment process.

It not only removes these deposits but also improves the surface finish quality of the part.

Thus, it protects the part from rusting.


27.6 Micro Burr removal from the Machined Parts

Micro Burrs are very small and can have an adverse effect on the part and its life.

The wet blasting helps to remove such micro burrs and thereby enhances the life of the part.

Some parts will demand higher precision and accuracy.

So, the removal of micro burrs is compulsory.

Such parts can make use of these wet blasting machines.

Medical and surgical instruments, dental equipment, aerospace parts make use of this process.

It also helps to round the corners to improve the safety of the part while handling.

You can also improve the surface brightness of the part by controlling various parameters.


27.7 Surface Preparation Before Part Treatment

Any part that needs to undergo a plating process needs to undergo the pretreatment process also.

The effectiveness of the plating is fully dependent on the part surface.

The wet blasting helps to prepare the part surface for plating.

It is beneficial if you are planning to paint or coat or electroplate the part.

This process can help to improve the bonding between the surface and the plating material.


27.8 Decorative Processing

This process is beneficial for finishing parts that come with complex and intricate shapes and designs.

Wet blasting can finish such parts without any deformation or additional material removal.

It is an economical solution for polishing and finishing gold, diamond, silver, ceramic, and platinum parts.

You can use it for finishing coins, coin molds, currency molds, engine blades, and any other complex shape parts.

mechanical parts before blasting

mechanical parts after blasting


28. What Is A Wet Blasting Machine?

The machine that is capable of doing the wet blasting process is known as the wet blasting machine.

Here, the operator needs to input the machine with the necessary items like the abrasive media, water, and the parts to execute the blasting process.

You can use this machine for processes like part finishing, surface preparation, and cleaning.


29. What Needs To Be Done To Prepare Parts For Wet Blasting Process?

If you have a product as a whole, then you need to disassemble the product to take out the individual parts.

You must double check and ensure that there are no fittings or screws attached to the part that is going to be blasted.

So, remove all such items from the part before keeping it inside the blasting chamber.

Some of the parts may have electrical contact points or parts that cannot be removed.

So, you need to cover and protect these sections to ensure that the electrical sides don’t get damaged.

These are the things that you need to take care of while preparing the parts for wet blasting.

It is also recommended to do basic cleaning of dirt and grease from the part to improve the blasting efficiency.


30. What Type Of Finish Can We Expect After The Blasting?

The finish quality of the part after the wet blasting process will be different for different parts.

It is because different parts will have different finish requirements.

So, you need to select the abrasive media accordingly and blast the parts.

The time duration of the process is another essential factor that decides the finish of the part.

Thus, you can achieve a finish level that meets your design specification.


31. Is It Recommended To Do Wet Blasting For Parts That Will Undergo Repainting?

Yes, we strongly recommend doing wet blasting on parts that go for repainting.

The surface preparation of such parts is essential for the paint to adhere to the part correctly.

You can get a proper surface finish required for repainting with the help of the wet blasting machine.

It will help remove the rust or oxide layer from the surface of the part and remove minor burrs.


32. What Can Be Done To Avoid The Holding Of Abrasive Media In Between The Parts?

The proper selection of the abrasive media will ensure that they don’t get stuck in the parts.

The trapping of media can be an issue with parts having slots, crevices, and holes.

Here, you need to take the media size into account.

The size of the media should be selected in such a way that it is less than one third the size of the smallest hole in the part.

It is the best way to avoid the trapping of media on the parts during the blasting process.

Ceramic and galls bead media are the most popular media used for wet blasting.


33. Does the Wet Blasting Machine Guarantees The Removal Of Oxide Layer from The Part?

You can remove the oxide layer entirely from the surface of the part if you use the blast machine in the right way.

There are two things that you need to consider for effective oxide layer removal.

They are the type of abrasive media and the processing time.

If you use the right media with the prefect finishing time, you can remove the oxide layer altogether.


34. Will Wet Blasting Machine Remove Paint From The Part?

You must not use wet blasting parts on painted parts.

If the part has a painted section, then you need to cover it adequately to ensure protection while blasting.

Wet blasting machine needs to be used for parts before painting.

If you feed the machine with a painted part, it will remove the paint from the part.

So, don’t use it with painted parts.

aluminum wheel with paint before sand blasting

aluminum wheel after sand blasting


35. Is It Possible To Use Wet Blasting Machine for An Engine?

You should not use the wet blasting machine for cleaning and finishing the engine as a whole directly.

You need to disassemble the engine and separate the parts.

These parts need to be fed to the chamber for cleaning and finishing.

If you place the engine as a whole, you will only be able to finish the engine’s outer surface.


36. Which Are The Materials That Are Supported By A Wet Blasting Machine?

Inovatec machines are capable of supporting most of the material types in the market.

The supporting parts based on the material are listed below.


36.1Stainless Steel Parts

It is recommended to use the anti-rust liquid for wet blasting stainless steel parts.


36.2 Carbon Fibre Parts

Carbon fiber parts can be wet blasted to get the desired level of surface smoothness and shine.


36.3 Aluminum Parts

The wet blasting process is best suited for aluminum parts.


36.4 Rubber Parts

Rubber gaskets and other parts made of rubber are used in sectors like automobile, medical, telecom, electronics, and many others.


36.5 Brass Parts

Brass parts are used in ornamental jewelry parts and sculptures and cutleries.


36.6 Chrome Parts

Different industrial sectors like medical, automobile, interior designing, motorcycle, and electronic segment use chrome parts.


36.7 Steel Parts

Parts made of steel are widely used in almost all industrial sectors.


37. Is It Required To Remove The Dust Completely From The Parts Before Blasting?

You don’t have to eradicate the dust from the parts before the process.

The wet blasting will remove the dirt from the parts thoroughly.

If there is too much dust on the part, then you can use any brush to remove it roughly.


38. Is It Possible To Reuse The Blast Media?

The blast media from Inovatec are reusable ones.

Ceramic and glass beads are commonly used ones.

You can use it multiple times for many years.

The life of the media varies for each type of media.

The ceramic blast media will have less life when compared to the glass beads.

Also, high quality media will last more time than a cheap one.

So, always invest in high quality media.

When you start to notice impurities on the abrasive media, then you should stop using it.


39.What Is The Finishing Time For The Wet Blasting machine?

The finishing time for a wet blasting process varies with different factors.


39.1 Abrasive Media Type

One of the main factor that decides the finishing time is the type of abrasive media.

You can get media with different cutting grades.

The media with higher getting grades will remove more material, and this makes the cleaning faster.

Thus, the finishing time will be less for higher cutting media.

But, you cannot use such media with all the materials.

Some parts require less material removal.

So, lower cutting grade media needs to be used with such parts.

Another thing is that cheap quality media will consume more processing time when compared to the high quality ones.


39.2 Preparation Of Surface

If you are planning to paint the surface, you will only be interested in the surface preparation of the part.

So, the processing time needed will be less.


39.3 Part Material Type

Inovatec machines are capable of handling different metal and metal alloy parts.

Some are soft parts, whereas others are hard.

The soft part will need less processing time when compared to the hard parts.

The soft parts include aluminum and brass parts.

The hard parts include the iron and steel parts.


39.4 Finish Requirement

The finish requirement for parts varies for different parts.

Some parts will need a matte finish, whereas others may require a high gloss finish.

So, the processing time will be more for a high gloss part when compared to a matte finish one.


39.5 Type of the Blast Machine

The two types of machine variants offered by Inovatec are manual and automatic.

These two variants are available in different capacities.

So, the finishing time will vary for each machine.

The effective finishing time will be less for an automatic machine when compared to the manual one.

You can also invest in the additional options and fittings to bring down the processing time.


40. What is The Biggest Component Size Which Can Be Handled By The Inovatec Machine?

The biggest Inovatec wet blasting machine comes with a chamber size of 1200x1200x800 mm.

So, any part which is slightly lesser than this size can be accommodated inside the chamber for blasting.

The different size options offered by Inovatec allows customers to choose an appropriate one that meets their finishing requirements.


41. Is There A Risk Of Damaging My Product Using The Wet Blasting Machine?

Inovatec machines will never damage your product.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you use the right type of machine along with the right kind of blast media that matches your part for finishing.

The finishing time is another parameter that needs to be taken into account.

You should ensure that the machine is not run for a long duration than the recommended maximum time of operation.


42. What Is The Price Of A Inovatec Wet Blasting Machine?

The price of the basic model is $3000.

There are models with higher capacity and other features, and the price goes up to $6000.

There are high end automatic versions which will cost above $60000.

So, you can choose any that comes within your budget and requirements.


43. How Costly Is It To Maintain A Wet Blasting Machine?

All the maintenance activities of the blasting machines can be quickly done with the help of a regular maintenance kit.

You don’t need to make any additional investment in the maintenance tools.

So, the maintenance cost is very less.

The maintenance instructional manual, which is given along with the machine, will have all the maintenance guidelines.


44. Is It Required To Clean The Blast Media After Processing?

Inovatec recommends using a clean media for effective blasting.

Otherwise, it will impact the quality of the processed part.

The blast media will become dirty after the process.

So, it is good to clean the media properly before you store it for the next use.


45. Is It Easy or Complex To Operate The Machine?

The engineers from Inovatec have designed the machine in such a way that the procedures are simple and easy to follow.

There are no complicated instructions or guidelines.

You can always refer to the instruction manual, which comes along with the machine for more details.

The team of Inovatec engineers is always there for any kind of technical assistance.

So, you can always get in touch with us.


46. Do You Need To Specially Train Operator For Running The Machine?

You don’t have to give any special training to your operator for running the machine.

The clear cut and simple instructions in the instruction manual is good enough to operate the machine effectively.

You can also contact our technical support team for any sort of guidance.


47. Is Corrosion Protection Guaranteed With Inovatec Machine?

Inovatec machine can’t guarantee you rust protection of the part.

It is your responsibility to use appropriate anti-rusting solutions with water when you are finishing parts that are prone to oxidation inside the machine.

Steel and Iron parts are more prone to the oxidation effect.


48. Automatic Or Manual Wet Blasting Machine- Which Is The Best One?

There is nothing like good or bad when it comes to the wet blasting machines from Inovatec machinery.

Inovatec offers the best quality machine to the customers.

The choice of machine is fully dependent on things like your budget, capacity requirement, finish requirement.

So, Both Automatic and Manual machines are equally good.

You can get three different models in each of the manual and automatic machines.

The automatic machines will help you to save your valuable time.

But, these machines will be costly when compared to the manual ones.

So, if you have the budget, then go for the automatic variants.



The wet blasting machine can make the whole process very efficient.

You will be able to achieve the best quality finish, even with an intricate part without spending too much from the pocket.

It also helps to reduce the oxidation effect and the fatigue of the operator.

There is no environmental pollution as it does not produce any dust.

If you cannot find any machine that matches your requirement, we can also create a custom one for you.

So, invest in the right wet blasting machine to take your business to new heights.

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