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  • Comes with both Vertical & Horizontal designs
  • Can repair wheels up to 28 inches in size
  • High machine stability through the cast iron base
  • Models supporting Diamond Cutter
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Inovatec Machinery“Provides a complete solution for the problem, not just the machine alone.”

The Wheel lathe machine is also called the wheel turning machine, wheel CNC machine or Diamond Cut CNC Wheel Machine.

The alloy wheel lathe machine from Inovatec machinery is some of the best in the market. It is possible to clean and repair the wheel within 30 minutes using these machines. The faster repairing rate of the machine helps to bring down the overall processing time. You can clean and burnish more wheels at the same time with the help of the wheel CNC lathe machines from Inovatec machinery.

WRC28 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine 9

The fast and speedy action of the Wheel CNC lathe machine from Inovatec machinery makes it a popular choice of machine among many customers. It is capable of cleaning alloy wheels up to 28 inches in size. The 7.5 KW power of the motor in this machine makes it a really powerful one.

WRC28VM Vertical Diamond Cut Wheel Repair CNC Lathe 2

The WRC28VM wheel lathe machine is a vertical diamond cut model. If accuracy and stability are your priority, then this machine is for you. All the main parts of this wheel repair machine are manufactured using cast iron.

Economic YN 26 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine 1

If you are looking for an economic solution for cleaning and polishing wheels, the YN-26 CNC lathe machine is for you. It is specifically designed to clean and burnish 26 inch wheels. The computerized system in this wheel repair lathe machine makes it an easy to use machine.

WRC30 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine 6

WRC30 automotive wheel lathe machine from Inovatec machinery is one of the best in the market. This machine helps to bring down the overall cleaning cost of wheels. The fast repair feature of the WRC30 machine ensures that more wheels can be cleaned and repaired at the same time.

Optional Design & Setting

Consider investing in the Manual Tailstock if you want the wheel turning lathe machine to control the sensor point.

We recommend using the manual 3 jaws chuck for better stability of the wheel during the cleaning process. It will help to improve the accuracy of the wheel cleaning process. This clamping feature will ensure that there is no shake on the wheel. This manual 3 jaws chuck supports most of the wheels.

The GSK system for user interface comes with a multi touch panel. It is possible to simplify the wheel cleaning operation with the help of this user interface. The Windows 7 operating system ensures that all the operations are easy for the operator.

The heat generated during the cleaning and burnishing of wheels can damage the wheel at times. Lowering this heat will help to avoid the damage. Consider investing in this cooling system to reduce the heat.

Lubrication of the ball bearing is essential for a smooth operation. It also helps to enhance the life of the machine. The automatic lubrication system will ensure that the lubrication is applied to the bearings automatically. You need to fill it with appropriate lubricant once a month.

The 6 station turret is another useful accessory for the wheel lathe machine.

Wheel straightening machine

The wheel straightening machine from Inovatec machinery helps to fix dents and twists in the wheel in no time. The variable speed control feature in this machine ensures that the wheels can be rotated at the desired speed level. It can straighten wheels up to 26 inches in size.

Inovatec Machinery – China Top Professional Wheel Repair Solution Provider & Manufacturer
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum order quantity for the machine?

You can order minimum 1 unit of wheel cnc machine.

How do you package the machine?

We package the wheel cnc machine in a wooden box. It can use for export.

What about the terms of payment?

We accept 30% of T/T payments. Balance payment shall be done before shipment

We are also open to another way of payment method according to your order.


When is the delivery date?

If we have the goods in stock we can ship immediately after packaging. Please ask when you make the order.

Which port do you usually ship?

We can ship to Ningbo/Shanghai port. We also ship to Tianjin/Qingdao Port. If you combine shipment with other goods you order in China, we can ship to your supplier factory per your requirement.

The Brand-New Alloy Wheel Lathe Machine from Inovatec for All Your Wheel Cleaning and Repairing Needs

Alloy wheels are always pretty to look at. The wheel that you choose for your car, tells something about you. And it’s up to you to keep those wheels looking clean and dazzling.

That means that you need to take care of cleaning it when it gets dirty and repairing it for wear and tear. What are you going to do about that? Run to your mechanic? Why go through all that hassle when you can order the brand-new alloy wheel lathe machine from Inovatec.

The alloy wheel lathe machine is a 2-in-1. You can clean your allow wheels and repair them should the need arise. Let’s see what else it offers.

1. Why Do I Need an Alloy Wheel Lathe Machine for Cleaning Alloy Wheels?

As we mentioned previously, you need a wheel lathe machine to keep your wheels looking clean. You could definitely get it done by taking your car to the mechanic. That will cost you money and require you to take some time out of your busy day.

But isn’t it more convenient to own a wheel lathe machine yourself? And why wouldn’t you? When you can also repair the wheels whenever you want.

cnc lathe 1
cnc lathe 1

2. What Kinds of Alloy Wheels Can Be Cleaned by a Wheel Lathe Machine?

Using Inovatec’s Alloy Wheel Lathe Machine, you can clean alloy wheels up to 28 inches in width. This means not only can you use the Alloy Wheel Machine for car wheels, but you can also use it for a truck wheel.

cnc lathe 2
cnc lathe 2

3. Is the Alloy Wheel Lathe Machine Stable?

Since the machine has a high-powered lathe that will be spinning relay fast, it’s important that the machine is stable. If not, you might end up getting injured from any moving parts.

But don’t you worry. Inovatec has you covered on that front. With a cast iron base in all of the alloy wheel lathe machines, it will be very stable and grounded. So you don’t have to worry about the machine rattling or parts flying.

cnc lathe 3
cnc lathe 3

4. How Are the Wheels Cleaned and Repaired Using the Wheel Lathe Machine?

The way a lathe works is by mounting the wheel on the machine and rotating it at high speeds. It’s the same if you’re cleaning and repairing. But how does it work practically? Let’s check that out.

Preparing the Wheel

To begin using the machine, the wheel needs to be separated from the tire and mounted. The mounting is done on a piece called the Chuck. The Chuck grips onto the wheel as it rotates. It’s imperative that you secure the wheel tightly on the Chuck, otherwise there’s a risk of the wheel flying off during the cleaning process.

Starting the Machine

After the wheel is set on the Chuck, the machine starts to spin the wheel. If you’re cleaning the wheel, you will be attaching something to clean the wheel in the lathe machine. And if you’re using the alloy wheel lathe machine to repair your alloy wheels, you will need a cutter that should come as default.

During this time, a lot of heat will be generated on the wheel’s surface. It’s important to cool the wheel down in order to maintain its structural integrity. The alloy wheel lathe machine comes with a cooling system that supplies a steady stream of water that can be used to cool the wheels down.

cnc lathe 4
cnc lathe 4

Finishing the Cleaning Process

Once you’re satisfied with the finish, dislodge the clamp of the Chuck and release the wheel. Give it one good wipe to wipe off any dirt, and you’re done. Your wheel should now be looking as if it was brand-new.

5. How Long Does It Take to Clean and Repair the Wheels Using the Machine?

The best part about owning an alloy wheel lathe machine from Inovatec is its efficiency. Using their lathe machines, wheels can be burnished and repaired in no time. If you want an exact figure for long it takes, that time is around 30 minutes.

wheel cnc lathe 5 1
wheel cnc lathe 5 1

6. What Are the Different Models of Wheel Lathe Machine Available at Inovatec?

Currently, you can get 4 models of the wheel lathe machine at Inovatec. Let’s see what those are.

  • Wheel CNC Lathe Machine

Features a 7.5 KW motor which lets you clean and repair wheels with ease. This machine can clean wheels up to 28 inches in size.

  • WRC28VM Vertical Diamond Cut Wheel Repair CNC Lathe

The main feature of this wheel lathe machine is its vertical diamond cut design. If you want a powerful and stable wheel lathe machine then this one’s for you.

  • YN-26 Economic CNC Lathe Machine for 26 inches Wheel

This machine is highly economic and can clean wheels up to 26 inches in size. The cleaning and repairing methods are even easier with the automated computerized system to help you out.

  • WRC30 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine

This is Inovatec’s best wheel lathe machine in stock. It helps to reduce the overall cost of cleaning and repairing wheels. The machine also comes with a fast repair feature which helps to reduce the time to fix and clean the wheels at the same time.

wheel cnc lathe 6 1
wheel cnc lathe 6 1

7. Does the Orientation of the Lathe Have Anything to Do with Its Performance?

There are two orientations that the wheel lathe machines come in. One is the standard horizontal variation. The other is the vertical one. No matter which orientation you get, there is absolutely no effect of that on the performance.

wheel cnc lathe 7 1
wheel cnc lathe 7 1

8. What Are Some of the Customizable Options for Wheel Lathe Machines from Inovatec?

You can get a number of accessories for the alloy wheel lathe machine. These are:

  1. Manual Tailstock – For controlling the sensor point
  2. Manual 3 Jaws Chuck – For better grip on the wheel during cleaning
  3. GSK System for One Touch Operation – To simplify the cleaning operation
  4. Cooling System – To reduce the heat generated during cleaning
  5. Automatic Lubrication – Applies lubrication to the ball bearing automatically
  6. 6 Station Turret – To improve the performance of the machine
wheel cnc lathe 9 1
wheel cnc lathe 9 1


9. Is it Important that I get All the Customizable Options?

It’s not mandatory to get all of the customizable options, but getting them doesn’t hurt. In fact, getting these customizations will improve the performance of the machine. If you can’t get all of them, consider getting some of them at least.

wheel cnc lathe 10 1
wheel cnc lathe 10 1

10. How can I place an order and how will it be delivered to me?

You can place an order from our website at any time. You will be required to place an order for at least 1 unit of the alloy wheel lathe machine from Inovatec. You also need to pay 30% of the payment at the time of placing the order. The rest of the payment can be made after delivery which takes no time at all if the product is in stock.

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