CB80 Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

These machines feature an automatic unloading feature that dramatically reduces the involvement of an operator. They come in various sizes, so you can use them for anything starting from tumbling jewelry to gigantic gear components.

CB Centrifugal barrel finishing machine technical information drawing

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Centrifugal Barrel Machine with Automatic Unloading

The CB series from Inovatec stands for Centrifugal Barrel machines.

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines use centrifugal force to remove material and polish any surface. These are high-energy machines which means that they spin at a great force. They can do a lot of processing in a minimal time. They’re faster and more effective than most conventional vibratory finishers.

The centrifugal barrel finishers come in different sizes starting from 30L to 320L. The end result of this machine is an evenly smooth surface which is practically impossible to get with hand polishing.


  • Digital timer to control processing time
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Bidirectional movement of the machine
  • Fixed barrels for more rigidity
  • Media and parts are discharged automatically after finishing


  • Small-sized delicate parts tumbling and polishing
  • 3D printed parts polishing
  • Medical equipment shining and deburring
  • Intricate machine parts polishing
  • Organic and chemical compound polishing
  • Large casting components deburring and polishing


Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine – Definitive Guide

A centrifugal barrel finishing equipment is one of the best performing tumbling machines you can get for a smooth surface.

Typically, a centrifugal barrel finishing machine functions on the principle of the Ferris wheel.

Four barrels are placed on the periphery of the epicenter steeple when the machine starts a turret wheel leads to a full rotation of each barrel.


What is a Centrifugal Barrel Tumbler?

A centrifugal barrel tumbler works on the principle just like a Ferris wheel, and small baskets are placed on the edge of a larger motor.

The resulting system consists of four barrels with each representing a Ferris wheel and a big flywheel.

One revolution of the flywheel gives a full rotation of each barrel.

centrifugal barrel finishing equipment


The fast-moving flywheel generates a high centrifugal force, 15 times that of gravity force.

As a result, the contents of the barrel slide against each other under high pressure.

The compression allows a faster processing time of metal parts, giving a consistent finishing and smoother surfaces.


How does a Barrel Tumbler different from a Vibratory Tumbler?

A barrel tumbler has similar actions to the rock tumbling sliding down a sloppy hill.

Corners of the tumbler lift the load, while the barrel rotates until it gets to a point where the weight pushes against the wall of the barrel.

vibratory finishing machine with sound cover


Continuous movement causes the abraded and burred parts to scarp the media leading to a smooth finishing.

On the other hand, a vibratory tumbler has to file its media for a smoother surface.

The cutting media edges on the parts, while the electric rotating weight shakes the tub in a circular motion, and drops it at an angle.

When the load falls, the container resumes to an upward position applying an angular force upwards and causes a shearing effect where the parts and media rub.


What is the cutting action of the Centrifugal Barrel Tumbler?

While the tumbler works on a grinding force, the vibratory tumbler moves faster than a free fall, hence the shearing effect.

However, the barrel tumbler applies a force 5 to 10 times more than the vibratory tumbler free fall.

The cutting action of the barrel tumbler is restricted to 30% of the maximum load.

centrifugal barrel finishing machine working principal


Nonetheless, vibratory tumbler causes 1800 rotations a minute, explaining its short cycles.

The barrel finishing machine moves across the whole diameter of the barrel, causing radii to form in the tumbler.

Generally, the vibratory finishing machine is known to produce smother finishing as parts rub more rigorously per minute.

For instance, the vibratory tumbler will cut inside a tube-shaped piece smoothening any part the stone can get.

However, since parts move as a unit, fragile parts are safe in the vibrator as there is no tearing into each other.

Besides, the larger the media, the faster the cutting action.

Barrel finishing machines tend to give uneven surface but cause smooth corners before deburring more material from a surface.

Sometimes, this is desirable, especially when handling brute stock removal.

The barrel tumbler will shine. Foundry media and other parts with large radii are placed in the barrel tumbler.

What is isotropic/iso finishing of Centrifugal Barrel Finisher?

In minutes, the deburring machine can clean up metal or rubber parts, giving them a clear finish that would usually take days if worked on by hand.

The finishing result of these machines is isotropic, meaning an even and uniform surface is achieved, something that is hard to achieve by hand.

Besides, the variable speed controlled by the operator helps to deliver whatever finishing that is desired.

gear parts before and after polishing


What’s Centrifugal Barrel Finisher speed and amplitude?

The rate and heft of throb are adjustable in the majority of machines available.

It has a high speed of 1800 rotations per minute for coarse finishing and smaller vibrations for delicate parts that need fine finishing.

Larger intensity vibrations are appropriate for heavy cutting, and the speed controlled according to the desired finishing.

Thus, as a potential buyer, you get to choose a machine based on the rate and amplitude of vibration depending on your desired finishing and the size of your media.

Centrifugal barrel machine upper

How much does a Centrifugal Barrel Machine cost?

Cost is a key factor to watch, as you want to remain in business.

The price of the equipment is a fundamental factor as vibration systems are more expensive, while the barrel tumbling is cheaper but run longer to get a job done.


What types of media do we use in a Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine?

When choosing your machine, always consider the media.

For instance, plastic parts will need a vibratory finishing machine, while ceramic media requires an abrasive finishing method.

Plastic is blended with abrasive media and cast to shape, while ceramic media needs an aluminum oxide filler for a clean finish.

Randomly shaped pieces are rarely used for precision work as they tend to jam holes and do not get into corners.

Polishing gears reduces wear and increases power trough tub vibratory finishing

However, when using ceramic, precautions should be taken to avoid overloading.

Besides, the use of coarse grain is needed occasionally to clean the surfaces and pores.


How much water shall we put in the Centrifugal Barrel Machine?

Water is added in the two systems to absorb soil and facilitate a smooth finishing by lubricating the media.

Besides, a chemical compound is added to help in keeping the parts clean.

An abrasive media is added to enhance further the deburring and cutting ability of the tumbling media.

It is important to note that the abrasive does not perform much of the cutting and deburring, but used to keep the stone rough.

Most importantly, it is important to keep a record of each run you perform using your preferred machine.

Besides, always use the appropriate equipment on your media to ensure a consistent result.


When you finally settle on what centrifugal barrel finishing equipment that best suits your needs, always work with the correct media.

Wrong media will always lead to undesired results even when the machine is accurate.

For instance, the corrupt media geometry leads to double the cycle time for the parts.

Besides, the use of cones for tumbling media when inappropriate will slow down the process and give undesired results.

As such, you will need to constantly consult your preferred experts for an excellent formula of application whenever you are in doubt.

Most companies will offer after-sales services to their clients, and you should make the best of such offers.

Processing and detergent ratios keep changing, giving the need for constant consulting on the best way of running your equipment.



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