ZDHG600 vibratory dryer

The vibratory dryer generate gentle movement of parts through corn cob or maize
During vibratory moisture  on surface of parts absorbed by media and heating
The relative movement of parts and corn cob give parts surface also shinning effect

– Helically shaped work channel without built-in ramp allows gentle component movement.
– Optional PU lining or Polyurethan lining design for both structure
– Temperature adjustable accoding to practical requirement
– Separation seive integrated in machine for continuous processing

–  Optional Pneumatic level shetter
– Optional cust cover and sound proof cover
– For drying exremely delicate or high value added component, machine can be incoporated with poluurethane material which protect parts, the machine available with hot blasting air
– Optional with hot air only and without any media

Ⅰ. Name of product: ZDHG150—Vibratory Dryer

Ⅱ. Applications

The main application of vibratory dryer is for drying all sorts of metal and nonmetal parts after finishing and cleaning process. In general, vibratory drying process uses special corn cob and walnut shell as media, together with the effect of hot air to dry and clean parts.

Ⅲ. Main specifications and parameters

ModelZDHG600Volume of the vessel600L
Height of Load960mmWeight of machine1200Kg
Height of Exit800mmHeating elements1.5KW×6piece
Overall height1050mmPower of fan65W
Vibratory motorPower5.5KWSpace1900×1000 mm²
Revolution1440r/minWidth of the channel in bowl400㎜
Voltage380V50hz3phsLiner of PU thickness30㎜

It has a separating unit inside the bowl for separating parts from media.

Ⅳ. Main structure and working principle

Vibratory dryer is made up of main vibratory bowl unit(PU lining bowl、vibratory motor、spring、base)、 Hot air unit (element of heating, fan) and electric control cabinet unit.

Processing principle: the vibratory motor drives the bowl to make relatively movement between the parts and media. Since the media is dry type corn cob or walnut shell, it will make the surface of parts dry and clean together by the effect of hot air.

Ⅴ. Handling, installing and adjusting

1.Main bowl、equipment of heating and electric control cabinet should be packaged separately, and for safe carrying the vessel and the basement are secured with screw bolts which should be removed before operation.

2.Detect and correct possible defects caused by improper transportation and keeping of the machine such as the deformation of the basement and the electric control cabinet and poor contact of the electric apparatus in the cabinet.

3.The polisher may be set up on the level concrete ground (with the thickness of the concrete greater than 10cm) without using foundation bolts.

4.The buffers are first secured to the basement which then is set on the selected work site.

5.The electric control cabinet is placed beside the dryer, with its inlet wire connected to the electric mains and its outlet wire connected to the vibratory motor and the distance between the motor and the control cabinet should be earthed.

6. The equipment of heating should be right placed, and then the exit of hot air can be connected to the entrance of the main bowl easily. The equipment of heating should be earthed.

7.To determine the rotation direction of the vibratory motor, switch on the motor for 1 to 2 seconds and then switch it off, look at dryer from above (i.e. the lid) and see to it that the dryer rotates clockwise, if not, change the order of the wire connects.

8.The vibratory motor has already been adjusted before leaving the factory, but the exciting force can be adjusted according to the needs of grinding different parts. The procedures of adjusting the exciting force are as follows:

1). Change the exciting force by adjusting the included angle between the upper and the lower eccentric weights. The eccentric blocks are secured on both ends of the motor shaft with the lower eccentric weight fixed, so the upper eccentric weight is used to adjust the included angle. The projections of the two weights on a plane include an angle which is usually 90º. Once the angle is bigger than the 90°, the vibratory force will be lower.

2).Change the exciting force by adjusting the weights of the upper and the lower eccentric blocks:

Increasing the weight of the lower eccentric weight can increase the spiral turning speed of the mixture of the abrasive pieces for polishing and the parts. Where as increasing the weight of the upper eccentric weight can increase the revolving speed of the mixture of the abrasive pieces for polishing and the parts.

Ⅵ. Operation and use

1.Firstly you should set the temperature, secondly start the fan, and then put on the heating elements.

2.Start the main vibratory bowl: The machine is equipped with inventor to control the motor speed. So you can set a requested speed by adjust the inventor.

3.Load parts into the bowl once the panel shows the temperature number you request.

4.Process over, The right step to turn off all equipment: Firstly power off the heating elements, stop the vibratory bowl, then stop fan, overall of on-off in turn at last.

Ⅶ. Maintenance, repair and removal of troubles

1、Check regularly whether the electric control system is sensitive and dependable.

2、Open the top lid of the vessel and turn the eccentric body with hand, the body should rotate freely without any hindrance.

3、Switch on the machine and let it run idle, the machine should run smoothly without any strange noises. In the event of any strange sounds and hindrance, stop the machine and take relative measures according to different situations such as lubricating the machine or replacing the bearings.

4、.During operation special attention should be paid to the loose screw bolts and, particularly, regular examination should be made of the screw bolts securing the vibratory motor. If there are any screw bolts found loose, screw them in time. When screwing the bolts, see to it that the flange of the motor is parallel to the flange of the screw vessel, if not, the two flanges cannot be screwed evenly and the bolts would run loose easily, producing loud noises, and even worse, cutting the bolts and resulting in the serious accident of damaging the screw vessel and the motor. So never be careless about this.

5、Check whether the cable from the connection box of the motor is secured. When the vibration motor temperature is too high or the abnormal sound haven’t disappeared more than 30 minutes, they should promptly or replace the bearing grease lubrication, such as bearing damage to the timely replacement of bearings.

6、Specified lubricant must be used, its quality should be: lithium base grease , (SY1413-80)ZL-3H the lubricant should be put in at the interval of no more than 600 hours.

7、For the places to be checked see table 2.

Table for the places to be checked

Ⅷ. Guarantee
On the condition that the instructions given in the operation manual on adjustment, installation, operation, repair and maintenance are strictly observed and the machine is operated properly, the machine is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of delivery.

Ⅸ. The electric apparatus

(1)   Schematic diagram of the electric apparatus

(2) Electric circuit diagram of heating and electric control cabinet.

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