Top-Quality Zirconia Beads for Grinding and Milling from China
  • High Wear Resistant Zirconia Grinding Media
  • Suitable for Milling and Ultra Fine Polishing
  • Size available from 0.3mm to 60mm
  • Suitable in Stirr Mill, Horizontal Mill, Vibratory Mills
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Zirconia Grinding Media Supplier in China

With over 20 years’ development, Inovatec aims to help improve our clients grinding and milling productivity and reduce operational cost. We are not only supply the zirconia grinding media, but also a complete solution.

ytria stablized zirconia beads for grinding and milling

It is called pure zirconia beads. 95% of Zirconia and 5% Yttria. Yttria works as a stabilizer. Best wear-resistant and top quality.

Zirconia Silicate Grinding media beads

Zirconia Silicate Beads contains 60-65% Zirconia content. It is widely used in titanium oxide power milling and grinding.

ZTA Zirconia toughen alumina grinding media

Aluminum Toughened Zirconia Beads also called ZTA Zirconia beads. It is economic grinding media for milling and dispersion.

Ceria stablized zirconia ball

Ceria stabilized zirconia ball is cost-effective than yttria-stabilized zirconia ball. Higher hardness and a little faster wearing.

Grinding and Milling Machines

Horizontal Sand Mill usually grinding paint and ink with zirconia ball. Usually use yttria-stabilized zirconia ball and zirconia silicate beads.

Vertical Sand Mill is ideal for dispersion pesticide and paint. Usually use yttria-stabilized zirconia ball and zirconia silicate beads.

Stirr Mill is ideal for milling and grinding core and mine, for example, gold, silver, copper and kaolins. ZTA zirconia toughened alumina beads is suitable for this equipment.

Mass Finishing Equipment for Ball Burnishing

Zirconia ball also performed well in burnishing and polishing. For example, it is the perfect media for aluminium wheel polishing. Also it works as top quality media in drag finishing machine polishing.

Inovatec Machinery – China Top Quality Grinding and Milling Media
  •  A Wide Range of Sizes and Densities
  • Highly Durable and Size Stability
  • For Fine and Ultra Fine Grinding in Stirred Mills or Attritors
  • Also used in Vertical and Horizontal Bead Mills

Frequently Asked Question
Do you offer free-cost sample processing service?

Yes. You can request a free sample. We will send it to your lab for testing. Please inform us the sample size, tolerance and also the product materials.

What is the minimum order quantity for your product?

Our MOQ is 100kg for zirconia ball.

How are your products packaged?

We use PP plastic bags to carry the zirconia beads. So that zirconia beads will not leak during the shipment. After that, we put the zirconia beads in a plastic barrel. For bulk order, we will put the zirconia ball in a tonne bag (1000kg).

How do we make the payment?

Generally, we start production after receiving 30% deposit. Before shipping, we need to get the final payment. When the products are ready, we will notify you to inspect the goods. You can appoint a third party to receive products or come to check in person.

Where is your nearest port?

Our nearest port is Shanghai port, Ningbo port, and Yiwu Port. For small order, we can also ship directly to your workshop.