AZ56 Double Wheel Media Rotary Polisher

AZ56 Double Wheel Media Rotary Polisher is Designed for Mass Wheel Production Manufacturing Factory. We have 2 wheels model and 4 wheels model. For exporting, 2 wheels model can fit 2 units in the 40 ft container.
Spindle speed:5-20 rpm/min (variable frequency adjustable)
Robotic arm speed:20-60 rpm/min (variable frequency adjustable)
Grinding Barrel:diameter 2000mm
Workpiece feeding:Automatically turn in and run after manual loading, and automatically turn out after grinding.
Workpiece weight:About 50Kg
Workpiece size:Φ14/26 inch
Grinding time:5~10min (set according to customer material status)
Equipment size:length 3700mm width 2500 height 2200mm
Drive mode:variable frequency motor drive
Motor model:spindle barrel 7.5kw, mechanical arm 2.2kw, rotating motor 0.4kw
Clamping method:pedal pneumatic clamping
Control system:PLC control
Drainage method:water pump pressurized and drained

2-station AZ56 Double Wheel Media Rotary Polisher

This equipment is used for forging. Casting aluminum alloy mirror wheel hub grinding
This machine adopts a frequency conversion motor to drive the main barrel and the station head to rotate to extrude and grind the aluminum alloy wheel hub to achieve a bright effect. Start, automatically enter and exit the product during grinding, the main machine, and the work slot are all wrapped in protection, safe and reliable without overflow.
The material requires manual pre-processing to 600-800 mesh, special positions such as the R angle in the installation surface need special treatment


Workshop Requirement

Power supply: The customer power supply is installed in place, and the power of the whole machine is 13kw
Water source: tap water, the pipes are installed in place and can be used
Air source: compressed air, air pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa (requires dry air after treatment)
Positioning: The installation position requires that the floor of the workshop is flat, (no infrastructure and platform are required), and it can be used when placed.


Before and After Polishing

wheel polishing before and after 2
wheel polishing before and after 2
Wheel polishing before and after 1
wheel polishing before and after 1
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