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  • A coil spring suspension to increase efficiency
  • Detachable screen for vibratory finishing media and parts separation made form polyurethane
  • Optional features to complement the machine
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Inovatec MachineryThe Highest Quality Parts Deburring Machine

Deburring metal parts before further processing is very important. You can’t get away with visible burrs and micro-scratches on the surface. The paint won’t stick and the integrity of the parts will be compromised.

Inovatec is a very experienced parts deburring machine equipment manufacturer in China. We’ve shipped numerous units all over the world where the owners hold us in high regard. Our mass finishing equipment decreases labor costs and other operational costs to make more profit.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

The VBS (B) series vibratory finisher from Inovatec features a straight wall. This design allows the machine to finish larger parts and in a bigger quantity. It’s a great part deburring machine for industrial usage.

2. Rotary metal parts tumbler

Rotary deburring machines are amazing at deburring parts. Rotary parts tumbler takes longer than vibratory finishers but results in a finer finish and added luster.

5. Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

Desktop vibratory tumblers are suitable for small scale operations. If you have small parts or lack space in your workshop, you can invest in a desktop vibratory tumbler and deburr your parts in it.

2. VBSA series vibratory deburring machine 2

It’s similar to the VBS (B) series but features a curved wall design. The curved wall is amazing because it opens the possibilities of deburring parts of different shapes. It’s an almost all-purpose part deburring machine.

3. VBB vibratory debruring machine 2

The VB (B) is one of the simpler designs with a wide opening. This machine stripped-down versions of modern vibratory solutions. This is economical and can do a wide array of mass finishing like deburring, polishing, cleaning, etc.

4. VBA vibratory deburring machine 2

VB (A) is the curved wall counterpart of the VB (B) machines. These are perfect for deburring parts that are abstract shapes. The curved walls make sure that no area of the parts is left unfinished.

5. TVBA tub vibratory finishing machine 2

TVB (A) tub vibratory finishing machine is a suitable choice for longer parts. The tub is rectangular and has a strong PU lining on the inside. The motor sits below the tub to deburr parts.

6. TVBB tub vibratory finishing machine 2

TVB (B) tub vibratory finishing machine shares a lot of parts with TVB (A) tub finishers. But its tub is sectioned into smaller parts to keep long and fragile parts from damage. It’s one of the safest machines for parts deburring.

Optional Design & Setting

A dosing pump is an electronic pump attached to the parts deburring machines. It’s used to pump chemical compounds into the deburring chamber.

Bosch Rexroth VFD is a speed converter by Bosch to let you control the vibration frequency. The vibration is very important when it comes to precision deburring.

Soundproof cover can give you an optional sound reduction to reduce the noise in your workshop. It also works as a splash resistor in case the vibration is too strong for the water.

It’s a separation deck controlled manually by an operator. It helps to separate the media from the parts faster.

It’s an assisted separation technique that uses gas power. It’s an even faster way to remove media from the parts.

A reverse separation comes into play when your media is larger than the parts.

Parts Deburring Machine Media

Deburring is done using abrasive media. Inovatec has the best inventory of deburring media from where you can choose your own.

Ceramic is the most used deburring media as it has the highest abrasiveness and lowest wearing rate. Plastic is also used in parts deburring machines.

Inovatec Machinery – The Largest Manufacturer of Parts Deburring Machine in China
  • Parts will be finished consistently across all batches
  • Short cycles for high-volume deburring
  • Little to no labor costs thanks to the automation
  • Research and development for accelerated solutions
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know which parts deburring machine I need?

Your machine choice will depend on the parts that you finish. It’s totally your choice and understanding. If you have difficulties with deciding, you can always contact our technical team and they will point you in the right direction.

How do I know if your parts deburring machines are good?

We offer free sample finishing for our beloved customers. You can send us a batch of your parts and we’ll finish it for you and send it back. You can judge for yourself.

What do I do with the wastewater?

The water that comes out once the deburring is done contains a lot of metal particles. It’s not safe to dispose of it openly. You can use a sedimentation tank and send the water to a water facility near you.

How long do you take to manufacture a parts deburring machine?

Usually, the manufacturing and treatment take 15-20 days. But if you need one urgently, we can finish it in a volume week. And then ship it to your destination.

Where can you ship?

We ship our parts deburring machines all over the world. We will discuss with you in detail about the shipping once you place an order.

Parts Deburring Machine – The Definitive Guide

Deburring has become a necessary process that has to be followed after modification of the surfaces of parts.

However, the tumbling machine process can become tricky, especially when handling modern deburring machines.

Today, you will learn all you need to know about:

  • What parts deburring machine is.
  • How parts deburring machine works
  • The benefits of using parts deburring machine over traditional deburring methods.

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. What is a parts deburring machine?

A parts deburring machine is a modern machine that is used for deburring your flat parts.

It is also referred to as deburr tumbler, tumbler deburring machine, deburring tumbler, parts tumbling machine for metal parts, large media tumbler, parts tumbling equipment, industrial parts tumbler machine, etc,

It is a tumbler for deburring metal parts.

The modern machine helps you finish parts in mass and at cheaper costs, as opposed to traditional methods.

These parts deburring machines use abrasive tumble deburring media and the necessary compounds to complete the deburring process quickly.

Rotary barrel tumbler machine olive shape

You have to understand these processes before attempting to run using these machines.

Understanding what you are doing will help you a great deal to reduce running costs, and also you will not harm yourself.

The reason why these machines have to be used is because of burrs.

steel laser cutting parts deburring


2. How many types of parts deburring machines are there in the market today?

Now, there are four major categories that these deburring machines are placed in.

The first type is a barrel tumbler. It is the oldest form of the deburring system today. It involves a rotating horizontal barrel.


Check this out:

The parts are placed in the barrel of the industrial barrel tumbler machine, together with abrasive media and necessary compounds.

You can decide to use either a deburring compound or a paste or powder for the same purpose.

The barrel is then sealed, and the deburring process begins as it rotates at predetermined speeds.

Now, the barrel is not circular. It is either six-sided or eight-sided to enhance the tumbling effect.

That design is aimed to ensure that tumbling is done because the round barrel will just have parts sliding at the bottom.

A circular barrel has a minimal tumbling effect compared to the six-sided or eight-sided one.

pebble stone polishing machine barrel

With the barrel tumbler, there is a lot of part-to-part contacts.

You can have a desktop barrel tumbler or the industrial version which is way bigger and cannot be used in your basement.

The second category is the vibratory deburring machine. These kinds of tools are highly advanced compared to barrel tumblers.

The vibratory tumbler deburrs by vigorously shaking its bowl to create the tumbling effect.

Target parts, abrasive vibratory tumbler media, and deburring compounds are then placed on the bowl.

The machine is then set to vibrate at optimum deburring speeds. When it starts vibrating, friction aids in the deburring process.

Some large vibratory tumblers are so advanced that they have a separation filter that aids you to separate parts and tumbling media.

40 liter small vibratory deburring polishing tumbler equipment

This separation filter can be adjusted to fit different kinds of media sizes and shapes.

There are also vibratory finishing machines with acoustic lids. These lids are very helpful because they reduce noise a great deal.

They further prevent spillage of deburring compounds from the tumbler during the process.

You can find a desktop vibratory deburring machine and also the industrial one, which, yet again, cannot be used in your basement.

Vibratory tumbler

The third category is blasting deburring machines. These types of devices do not use any tumbling technology.

They, however, still use deburring tumbler media to complete the deburring process.

They work by spraying the target parts with abrasive media that ends up deburring the parts’ surface.

Their deburring design has proven to be very useful. It is also fast compared to vibratory and barrel tumbling processes.

The fourth and last category is the spinning centrifugal disc deburring machine.

These machines majorly use centrifugal force to complete the deburring processes.

They spin at immensely high speeds, which causes the target parts and deburring to be stressed, therefore enhancing the deburring process.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38


3. How do parts deburring machine work?

Parts deburring machine works depending on its category.

As you have read earlier on, each industrial deburring machine is classified based on its working principle.

For the barrel tumbler, it deburrs by rotating its horizontal barrel at a predetermined speed.

The speed matters because an extremely high speed will reduce the tumbling effect.

Parts and media will cling to the walls of the barrel.

Similarly, low speed will not help because the process will take a lot of time, and also, the parts will not be deburred effectively.

The optimum speed matters a lot when deburring using a horizontal barrel tumbler.

rotary barrel finishing machine Barrel finishing machine

The major disadvantage of using the barrel tumbler is that it takes a lot of time to complete the process.

Also, you cannot check the progress of the process.

Part-to-part contact is also high, which increases the probability of denting the surfaces of your parts.

The second one is the industrial vibratory tumbler bowl which works by vigorously shaking its tub to create the tumbling effect.

The vibratory bowl finishing machine vibrates at optimum predetermined speeds. The vibration generates friction among the target parts and the tumbler media.

Metal vibratory tumblers complete the deburring process faster than the barrel tumbler deburring machines.

However, they are noisier than the barrel tumblers. You can make them less noisy by acquiring an acoustic lid.

Part-to-part contact is not high with the vibratory polishing machine. The vibratory finishing equipment maintains the original shape of your parts.

When using the blasting deburring machine, the tumbling process will be completed quickly.

It sprays deburring media such as sand or glass beads or even plastic media on the target parts and gets rid of the burrs.

It is one of the most modern ways of deburring your parts.

You need to understand it well so that the process can become efficient, thus economical.

Then, there are spinning deburring machines.

These machines, as stated earlier, use centrifugal forces to their advantage to deburr parts.

They are also very modern and complete the deburring process faster than tumbling systems.


Bottom line:

You need to understand the working principle of your deburring machine.

It is essential to do so as it helps you avoid unnecessary inconveniences when deburring.


4. What deburring media does parts deburring machine use?

The parts deburring machine uses deburring media that is most appropriate depending on the material of the piece being deburred.

For example, you can have parts made from softer metals like brass and aluminum.

Using an extremely robust deburring media like ceramic media can end up denting the surfaces of your parts.

Dented surfaces make a piece look old.

Various types of tumbling media

Similarly, heavy and more hardened metals like steel and titanium require robust deburring media.

Tumble deburring machines like the barrel tumbler and vibratory tumbler can deburr using ceramic tumbling media, porcelain media, plastic tumbling media, and stainless steel media as the popularly used media.

For blasting deburring machines, the most popular media are sand, glass beads, and synthetic deburring media.

For the spinning machines, ceramic and porcelain media are widely used because they are aggressive media.


Bottom line:

The kind of machine you are using matters, just as the nature of the materials you want to deburr.

The media to be used varies depending on the element being deburred.


5. Is it costly to run parts deburring machine?

Running parts deburring machine is not expensive, provided you understand what you are doing.

Knowing your machine matters a great deal.

Most of these modern machines, like the vibratory, blasting, and centrifugal deburring machines, are immensely robust.

If you let your machines process your parts for too long, they might end up damaging your pieces.

ceramic deburring steel metal parts

The process may further become expensive for nothing because the machine consumed energy when destroying your parts.

Also, using the appropriate deburring media, the deburring process becomes active and inexpensive.

Always ensure that you set the correct working parameters for these deburring machines.

They are accurate, and they will stop when you command them to quit the process.

You can also reuse robust media like stainless steel and ceramic deburring media.

All you need to do is to thoroughly wash these deburring media pieces. You can reuse them till they wear out their abrasive quality.


6. Can I wet deburr using my parts deburring machine?

Yes, you can wet deburr your pieces effectively using a deburring machine.

Barrel tumblers tumble exceptionally well when deburring compounds are used.

Also, vibratory polishers tumble excellently when deburring using deburring compounds, that is poured on its bowl.

Blasting machines can also wet deburr your parts thoroughly. When you wet deburr using a blasting machine, you are more advantaged.

The reason is that you will not require a lot of deburring media pieces.

vibratory finishing metal sheet deburring from machining

Also, when using spinning machines, you can deburr well using the appropriate deburring media.

There are advantages of using wet deburring methods over dry deburring methods.

Firstly, you do not need to use a lot of deburring media because the deburring compound makes the process easier.

Also, the process is dust-free.

When using deburring compounds, you also get to clean the surfaces of your parts as they get rid of the impurities such as grease and oils.

The process is also non-static to the media or parts.

However, you need to be cautious when handling these deburring compounds.

Adding a quantity that is not enough will not help the deburring process.

Similarly, adding the compound in excess is not also helpful because it does not improve the deburring process in any way.

It is uneconomical because the compound will spill out once the process is in play.

Just add the optimum amount of compound depending on the machine that you are going to use.

However, when handling compounds, you’ll have to ensure that you get rid of the already-used compound appropriately.

It helps to avoid environmental degradation.


7. How can I safely deburr fragile parts using a deburring machine?

Now, delicate parts must be handled with a lot of care to avoid loss. Frequently, these fragile parts are usually quite costly.

The best machines to deburr fragile parts are the vibratory deburring equipment, the blasting machine, and the spinning machines.

The main aim of deburring fragile parts using this fashion is to avoid part-to-part contact.

If these parts get into contact with each other, they might end up getting damaged.

plastic parts vibratory deburring

A long rectangular vibratory tumbler can be used to deburr fragile parts.

This deburring machine has its tub divided into subsections that prevent part-to-part contact.

Also, a blasting deburring machine does not have mechanical movement for the parts, unlike the vibratory tumbler.

This means that it can deburr fragile pieces using appropriate media like glass beads or even deburring sand.

Centrifugal machines have their speeds regulated to ensure fragile parts, like amber pieces, are not damaged.

rectangular linear tub vibratory tumbling finishing machine

You must never use an industrial rotary tumbler for fragile deburring pieces. Here’s the reason why:

Firstly, there is a lot of part-to-part contacts that may end up damaging your fragile pieces.

Secondly, the machine takes a lot of time to complete a single cycle – it might take up to several days to complete fragile deburring pieces.

You also cannot open the barrel to check out how the process is fairing on because the barrel is horizontal.

The best machines to handle fragile parts are the unique vibratory tumbler, the blasting machine, and the centrifugal disc finishing machine.


8. What are the benefits of using a deburring machine to deburr your pieces?

There are several benefits of using deburring machines to deburr your parts.

The first benefit is that you can finish multiple parts at the same time – that is, mass finishing.

It saves a lot of time and energy.

The second benefit is that the deburring process takes a shorter duration to complete when you use these machines.

If you use deburring tools with manual labor then it will take more time to finish.

The main aim of these machines is to complete as many parts as possible effectively within the shortest duration.

These parts deburring machines do precisely that.

The third advantage of using these machines is that they are highly accurate in removing burrs. They also make the process safe.

Burrs are naturally sharp. Some can cut you deeply. Therefore the best way to avoid self-injury is to use these machines.

They are neither costly to acquire nor expensive to run. They come in different sizes, depending on what you want.

You can find desktop-sized ones or industrial ones.

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