Cast Aluminum Polishing Machines and Media for Cleaning, Smoothing, and Polishing
  • Process cast aluminum parts
  • Even surface finishing for machined aluminum parts
  • Removing visible burrs from cast aluminum parts
  • Polishing aluminum parts for maximum smoothness of the upper layer
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Cast Aluminum Parts Polishing Solution Provider in China

Inovatec is the industry leader in mass finishing equipment manufacturing in China. We have over 20 years of experience and we are confident that we make the best mass finishing machines.

Cast aluminum polishing is a very common mass finishing task worldwide. We have the largest inventory of surface finishing machines of your choice to do the task.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

VBS(B) Vibratory Finishing Machine is ideal for small and medium-sized parts smoothing, deburring, and separation. After finishing, you can easily do the anodizing and electroplating on aluminum die casts parts’ surface.

6. TVBB tub vibratory finishing machine

Tub vibratory finishing equipment is suitable for big-sized aluminum die casting parts. This equipment has dividers that prevent parts from hitting and damaging each other. The tub vibratory finishing machine works to smooth and burnish parts’ surfaces.

1. VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine

VA series centrifugal disc finisher is suitable for small and tiny aluminum parts’ surface refinement and smoothing. You can process batches of parts at the same time.

Single barrel polishing finisher machine

Industrial Barrel Tumbler is a cost-effective way to process big batches of aluminum die casting parts. You can run the process 24 hours without stop. It is ideal for aggressive material removal and surface smoothing.

Cast Aluminum Parts Polishing of Different Applications and Processes

Polishing die-cast aluminum parts is very straightforward. We’re talking about motorcycle parts which are are usually pretty long and big.

So, a tub vibratory finishing machine should be the ultimate choice. The chambers are separated so you don’t have the risk of ruining the parts.

Investment casting is one of the most complex tasks in the casting industry. Mass finishing investment cast parts are complex as well. You need adequate knowledge and proper equipment to deal with them.

A centrifugal disc finishing machine is a proper choice for polishing cast aluminum. The media should be chosen carefully as well because it’s very likely that the parts will lodge.

Lost foam die casting is a very similar process to investment casting. In investment casting, the wax is used to form the pattern. But in lost foam die casting, foam is used to create the pattern.

The cast aluminum polishing method for these parts is very similar to investment casting parts as well. Invest in a good centrifugal disc finisher and let it do the magic.

Sand casting is a pretty popular way to form aluminum parts. It’s mostly used for casting artworks. As sand has a texture of its own, it’s very important to process the artwork to smoothen the surface.

If the sand-casting aluminum artworks are large, a tub vibratory finisher would be a good choice. If the parts are small, you can use a regular vibratory tumbler or a high-energy centrifugal disc finisher.

As you already know about sand casting parts, let’s not go into details. The small sand-cast aluminum polishing should be done in a suitable machine. Anything from barrel tumbler to a modern centrifugal disc finisher will work. It all depends on what media you choose.

Automotive cast aluminum polishing requires a high level of shine on the surface. It’s essential that you polish and grind the surface of the parts to prepare it for further processing.

To get a high level of polish, you should use a vibratory solution. It can be a vibratory finishing machine or a tub vibratory finisher. It will take a little longer but will come out great as well.

Vibratory Media for Cast Aluminum Polishing

While selecting the media, you have to strictly keep in mind that different constructions of aluminum require different media. For heavy polishing, you can use ceramic media with a variable abrasiveness. If the parts are already pretty smooth, use porcelain or plastic media.

Inovatec Machinery – Leading Cast Aluminum Polishing Machine Provider in China
  • All media for polishing are chosen according to the needs
  • Automated machines for minimal labor cost and maximum efficiency
  • Mass finishing media provider for all sorts of finishing needs
  • Factory setup machines and customized machines
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum order quantity for your machine?

You have to order a minimum of 1 piece.

How do I pay for the machine?

As per our standard policy, we take 30% of the payment as advance. Once the manufacturing is done, you have to pay the rest before we ship it to your address.

How is the quality maintained?

We are very strict about the quality of our products. We start tracking from the raw material and log everything till shipping.

Why don’t my media last?

Fast wearing of the media can mean a few things. Maybe you are using the wrong media. Or you might be using the wrong the size or shape. It can be a wide array of possibilities

How much media should I use?

If you are using a vibratory machine with a separation deck, the part-to-media ratio should be 1:4. But if you’re batch processing, the media ratio should be 1:3.

Polishing Cast Aluminum – Definitive Guide

Does your business involve cast aluminum parts?

If yes, then you would also be involved in the process of polishing cast aluminum parts.

Cast aluminum parts are used in many areas like Automotive, Aerospace, Healthcare, Agriculture, Electronics, etc. So, the number of sectors using these parts is vast.

In this guide, we will explain the whole process of polishing cast aluminum and the different machine options in detail.

1. What Is a Cast Aluminum Part?

A cast aluminum part is produced when molten aluminum is poured into the respective mold.

The three different casting processes used are sand casting, die casting, and permanent mold casting.


2. Why Polish Cast Aluminum Parts?

There are many advantages of polishing cast aluminum parts in a business. I will list out the major ones here.

2.1 Better Finish Quality

In any business, the finish quality of the manufactured part is essential.

So, you need to ensure that all cast aluminum parts have the best finish quality.

It can be achieved only through polishing.

Different cast aluminum parts are used in various sectors. So, the finish requirement varies for each industry.

There are different grades of finish like utility grade, commercial grade, consumer-grade, functional grade, and superior grade.

So, the polishing needs to be done as per the grade standards of each sector to get the desired finish.


2.2 Strengthens the Part

The process of molding may result in flash, pits, and scratches on the aluminum surface.

These areas are considered as the weak spots of an aluminum cast part.

So, you need to remove it by polishing. It helps you to strengthen the part.


2.3 Avoid Oxidation

Irregularities on the metal surface may result in holding moisture and water droplets.

It can lead to oxidation and rusting of the surface.

You can improve the resistance of the cast aluminum part to oxidation and corrosion by polishing it properly.


3. What Is the Traditional Way of Polishing Aluminum Cast Parts?

The traditional way of polishing aluminum cast parts is the wheel grinding method, which involves human labor. There are two ways of doing it.

In the first method, the grinding wheel is fixed on a workbench. So, the person needs to move the cast aluminum part with the moving wheel for polishing. You can change the wheel disc to vary the abrasiveness of polishing.

They also make use of the auto expandable rubber wheel for polishing. Such grinding wheels are commonly used for polishing cast aluminum intake manifold.

In the second method, the grinding wheel is a mobile one. So, the person will move it over the surface of the cast aluminum part for polishing. Both of these processes are tedious ones.


4. What Is a Cast Aluminum Polishing Machine?

A machine that can automatically clean, remove the burr, and polish aluminum part is called a Cast Aluminum Polishing Machine.

The cast aluminum part for polishing needs to be fed to the machine along with the polishing media for processing.

The polished cast aluminum part will be the output.

The time duration of polishing is dependent on the level of polishing and the type of machine.

5. Why Use a Machine for Polishing Cast Aluminum Parts?

We will have a look at the various advantages of using a Cast Aluminum Parts Polishing Machine over the traditional polishing process.

5.1 Time Saver

Yield is an essential factor in any business. Manual polishing is a time-consuming process. So, the polishing yield is low.

Machine polishing allows you to polish multiple cast aluminum parts simultaneously.

So, the yield is more. Thus, you can save your valuable time with the help of a machine.


5.2 Cost-Effective

There are two types of costs involved in the cast aluminum polishing process. They are the equipment cost and labor cost.

In the traditional polishing process, you will have to employ more laborers and more sets of tools for polishing.

But, you need only a one-time investment in the machine for machine polishing.

A single person is enough to operate the machine. Thus, machine polishing is cost-effective in the long run.


5.3 Batch Polishing Ability

A cast aluminum polishing machine allows you to polish multiple parts at a time.

It supports batch polishing. It is dependent on the part size. If the pieces are small, then more components can be polished together.


5.4 Professional Finish Quality

The customer always looks for the finish quality of the cast aluminum parts.

It is tough to get professional finish quality for all the parts with the traditional polishing method.

But, the machine polishing can deliver a consistent finish all the time.


5.5 Not Labor Intensive

You will have to employ more people for the polishing work if done manually. So, it is a labor-intensive process.

But, you need only a single person to operate and control the machine polishing process. So, less labor is required.


5.6 No Skilled Labor Requirement

You can achieve a quality finish on the cast aluminum parts only through skilled labor.

So, you will have to train the laborers.

No training is required for the machine polishing process.

The user can efficiently operate the machine with the help of the easy instructions.


5.7 Damage-Free Polishing

Human polishing is more prone to material damage.

Machine polishing of cast aluminum parts is an error-free one.

But, you need to ensure that you use the right cleaning media for polishing.

Thus, damage-free polishing is guaranteed.


5.8 Lower Maintenance Cost

Most people will think that using a machine will involve lots of maintenance.

But, Inovatec machines are designed in such a way that they require very little maintenance.

Your regular labor can easily do maintenance work.


6. What Are the Different Types of Machines for Polishing Cast Aluminum Parts?

Inovatec machinery recommends four types of machines for polishing cast aluminum parts. We support the polishing of cast aluminum parts of all shapes and sizes.


6.1 Vibratory Finishing Machine

If the parts are small or medium-sized, then you can use the VBS(B) Vibratory Finishing machine from Inovatec.

It is capable of deburring, cleaning, and finishing cast aluminum parts.

You can use it with an appropriate tumbling media.

vibratory deburring machine with separator


6.2 Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

If you are planning to polish big-sized cast aluminum parts, then go for the Tub vibratory finish machine.

It comes with multiple separators. You can load individual parts along with the tumbling media to each chamber.

The separators ensure that there is no part-to-part contact. So, damages due to the part-to-part collision are avoided. Thus, it supports polishing multiple big-sized parts at the same time.

trough tub vibratory finishing machine for steel pipe deburring polishing


6.3 VA Centrifugal Disc Finisher

The VA Centrifugal Disc Finisher is perfect for polishing small and tiny cast aluminum parts.

It supports a batch processing feature. So, you can polish multiple parts in different batches simultaneously. It ensures fine polishing and smoothing.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38


6.4 Industrial Barrel Tumble

The Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine is a big-sized polishing machine from Inovatec machinery.

You can use it for aggressive material removal from cast aluminum parts.

It is an excellent choice if the number of parts to be polished is big.

Thus, making it a cost-effective solution for large scale polishing.

rotary tumbling barrel polisher machine


7. What Types of Vibratory Tumbling Media Is Used for Polishing Cast Aluminum?

The media that is fed to the polishing machine along with the cast aluminum parts is called the vibratory tumbling media.

They come in different abrasive strengths.

So, you can select the tumbling media according to your polishing requirements.

Smaller size tumbling media is suitable for small and tiny parts. You can also get the tumbling media in customized shape and size.

Multiple materials are used to manufacture different types of tumbling media.

Inovatec offers three types of tumbling media for deburring, cleaning, smoothing, and polishing cast aluminum parts.

8. What Are the Different Types of Vibratory Tumbling Media for Polishing Cast Aluminum Parts?

8.1 Porcelain Tumbling Media

Porcelain tumbling media is a non-abrasive media. It does the job of burnishing and polishing. It consists of white clay along with components like alumina and kaolin. You can use porcelain tumbling media in the final stage of the polishing process.

Inovatec recommends wet tumbling with the porcelain media for better shine. You can use it with water or any other shining polishing solution. The life of the porcelain tumbling media is more than the traditional deburring media.

ceramic media polishing porcelain tumbling media


8.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

Plastic tumbling media consists of abrasives and polyester resins.

It is best suited for removing machining marks made by the CNC cutting on cast aluminum parts.

Inovatec offers different shapes like a cone, pyramid, tetrahedron, lens paraboloid, tristar, and triangle shape.

All these shapes are available in various sizes.

plastic medai vibratory finishing

There are five types of cutting grades in plastic tumbling media.

It includes medium cutting, ultra-fine cutting, light cutting, fast cutting, and zirconium.

If you want to remove more material from the cast aluminum surface, then go for the highest cutting grade media.

If you are looking for fast cutting with lower cycle time, then go for the zirconium plastic tumbling media.


8.3 Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

If you are looking for an aggressive polishing process to bring down the polishing time, then Inovatec recommends stainless steel tumbling media.

The main attractive feature of stainless steel media is its longer lifespan.

You can use it for more than ten years. It is best suited for die-cast aluminum parts.

vibratory burnishing stainless steel machining parts

It helps to provide a light deburring to achieve the best possible luster to the metal surface.

Inovatec offers different grades of stainless steel media. It includes AISI 201, AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 420, AISI 440C, and the carbon steel media.

AISI 304 is the preferred choice for most of the customers. Inovatec offers four shapes that include ball, ball cone, diagonal, and magnetic pins.


9. What Different Types of Cast Aluminum Parts Are Supported for Polishing?

Inovatec machines are capable of polishing wide varieties of cast aluminum parts.

9.1 Die Cast Aluminum Motor Cycle Parts

These parts are long and big. So, you can use the vibratory machine with separate chambers for polishing multiple motorcycle parts together.

Polishing die cast aluminum motorcycle part


9.2 Aluminum Investment Casting Parts

These are complex parts that require an excellent surface finish.

You need to ensure that a high abrasive media is not used to keep the wear and tear to the minimum while polishing.

Polishing aluminum investment casting part


9.3 Aluminum Lost Foam Die Casting Parts

Lost foam aluminum cast parts will have complex shapes. They are mostly used in the automotive sector.

Polishing lost foam aluminum casting


9.4 Aluminum Sand Casting Artwork

Many artworks and sculptures are made of aluminum cast.

Polishing aluminum sand casting small parts


9.5 Aluminum Sand Casting Small Parts

Many small parts used in automotive, electronics, healthcare, and many other sectors are made of aluminum sand cast.

Polishing aluminum sand casting small parts


9.6 Automotive Aluminum Die Cast Parts

More than half of the aluminum parts used in the automotive segment are made of die-cast aluminum. It includes wheels, housing, and pistons.

Polishing automotove aluminum die cast parts


9.7 Aerospace Aluminum Die Cast Parts

The aerospace sector makes use of many aircraft-grade aluminum castings.

Polishing aerospace aluminum cast part


9.8 Aluminum Cast Cookware

Many of the kitchen utensils that we use today are made of cast aluminum.

Polishing aluminum cast cookware


9.9 Aluminum Cast Electronic Parts

The high electrical conductivity of aluminum makes it the right choice of material for many electronic parts.

So, cast aluminum parts are widely used in the electronic industry.

Polishing aluminum cast electronic part


9.10 Aluminum Cast Parts in Healthcare

Many of the medical equipment like the patient table, surgery table, etc. are made of cast aluminum.

Polishing aluminum cast part in healthcare


9.11 Aluminum Casts in Telecommunication

Enclosures used in the Telecom sector are made of cast aluminum.

Polishing aluminum cast part in telecommunication


9. 12 Aluminum Cast Parts in Home Segment

Cast aluminum is used for making tables, racks, and structures used for interior design. So, it is a commonly used metal in the home segment.

Polishing aluminum cast part in home segment


9. 13 Aluminum Cast Mechanical Components

They are also used in many mechanical components.

Polishing aluminum cast part in mechanical components


9. 14 Aluminum Cast Agricultural Machine Parts

Agricultural and farming equipment like a blower, mover, and many other tools use cast aluminum parts.

Cast aluminum polishing in agriculture


9. 15 Ship Hardware

Most of the marine and boat hardware consists of aluminum cast parts.

Polishing cast aluminum part in ship hardware


9. 16 Architectural Landscaping

Many of the architectural structures, which include both functional as well as cosmetic structures, are made of cast aluminum.

Polishing cast aluminum part in architectural Landscaping



Now, it is quite clear that almost all business sectors use aluminum cast parts in some form or the other.

So, if you are into any of these sectors, then consider investing in an automatic cast aluminum parts polishing machine from Inovatec machinery.

The vibratory tumbling media offered by Inovatec are some of the best in the market in terms of quality.

So, these cast aluminum polishing solutions from Inovatec will help you to improve your business by saving time and cost.


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