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  • Offers Powder Coating Booth, Powder Coating Machine, & Powder Curing Oven for Wheels
  • Multiple Nozzle option for Powder Spray Gun
  • Wheel Powder Coating Solution with Batch Processing Feature
  • High quality Raw materials used in the Manufacturing process
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Inovatec Machinery“We provide the whole solution for cleaning, repairing, polishing, and coating wheels.”

Inovatec machinery provides a complete solution for powder coating wheels. It includes the powder coating machine, powder spray gun, powder coating booth, and powder curing oven. All these machines are available in different models. We manufacture machines that cater to the needs of both small and large businesses. We guarantee high quality alloy wheel powder coating machines with the help of our strict quality process.

Powder coating machine 1

The YH-606 Powder Coating Machine is an Electrostatic powder spray machine. It comes with a powder spray gun. Different nozzles are provided for the spray gun. Thu, you can vary the patterns of the powder spray. The maximum powder injection rate is 600 gm/min.

Powder coating booth 4

The YK-121319P Small Powder Coating Booth helps to provide a safe environment for the powder coating of alloy wheels. It supports both manual and automatic powder spraying processes. It helps to avoid the interference of dirt and dust during the powder spraying process on the wheels.

2 Units Wheel Oven Powder Coating Oven 6

The KX-201 2 Wheels Powder Coating Machine is a small and compact powder curing oven. It can cure two wheels at the same time. You can use it for wheels up to 24 inch sizes. The integrated temperature controller and the timer feature help to provide a high-quality powder coating on the wheels.

KX 202 Powder coating oven for 4 wheels 1

The KX-202 4 Wheels Powder Coating Machine is a powder curing oven. You can use it to cure 4 wheels at the same time. You can set the timing and the temperature for curing in the monitoring panel on the coating machine. This curing oven comes with 4 racks to place 4 wheels.

Wheel Powder Coating Oven KL 1688 3

The KL-1688 Powder Coating Oven is a powder curing oven that comes with the batch processing feature. You can use it for curing car and truck wheels. It comes with a fan to ensure uniform distribution of air inside the chamber. Thus, it ensures high quality powder coated finish on the alloy wheels. It comes with a provision to hang wheels in hangers. There is also a rack in the centre to place wheels for curing.

Electric Powder Coating Batch Oven KL 1864 3

The KL-1864 Powder Coating Oven allows you to cure multiple alloy wheels at the same time. The temperature can go up to 250 degrees Celsius in this oven. It comes with a trolley for easy transportation of wheels. The quick temperature rise feature of this oven will help to reduce energy consumption.

Optional Design & Setting

You need to maintain good precision and accuracy in the amount of heat generated inside the coating oven. Only then, you will get high quality powder coating on the wheels. The automatic PLC control system from Inovatec machinery will help to set accurate temperature values. It also helps to control the fan inside the oven. It comes with an easy to use user interface.

It is essential to regulate the flow of heat uniformly throughout the chamber. It will help to cure the parts uniformly at a faster rate. It is a 0.75 KW fan. It is possible to install this fan on the top of small powder coating ovens. The top mounting of the fan will help to save some space.

There are 2 trolley options for the powder coating ovens. It helps to make the process of loading and unloading wheels in the oven easy. It comes with inside and outside sets. The inner trolley will be always in a cleaned condition. It is to ensure that the curing of the wheels takes place properly.

Inovatec machinery offers 100mm rock wool insulation boards for the powder coating ovens. It helps to maintain the temperature inside the curing oven. This insulation board comes with a 1mm galvanized steel inner wall. The outer wall is a colored steel sheet

Inovatec machinery provides 100 percent polyester filters for the powder coating spray booth. It is easy to separate the powder with the help of these polyester filters. You can wash the filter easily with water. The size of the filter is 325 x 900mm. The filter comes with a long lifespan.

The powder coating spray booth needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. You can consider investing in the automatic filter cleaning system from Inovatec machinery to automate this cleaning process. It allows you to clean the filters manually as well as automatically. The system allows the operator to program the interval for automatic cleaning. It is possible to clean each filter individually with this cleaning system.

Wheel CNC Lathe Machine

Any kind of bends or deformations in alloy wheels can be easily fixed with the help of the Wheel CNC Lathe Machine from Inovatec Machinery. All our wheel repair solutions are economical. Our machine also ensures that the wheel is restored to its original condition without any change in the mechanical properties. The high quality raw materials used for the manufacturing of the wheel lathe machine ensure a long lifespan for the equipment.

Inovatec Machinery – High Quality Professional Wheel Powder Coating Oven Manufacturer from China
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  • High Quality raw materials used for manufacturing
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum order quantity for the machine?

You can order minimum 1 unit of powder coating machine.

How do you package the machine?

We package the powder coating machine in a wooden box. It can use for export.

What about the terms of payment?

We accept 30% of T/T payments. Balance payment shall be done before shipment

We are also open to another way of payment method according to your order.


When is the delivery date?

If we have the goods in stock we can ship immediately after packaging. Please ask when you make the order.

Which port do you usually ship?

We can ship to Ningbo/Shanghai port. We also ship to Tianjin/Qingdao Port. If you combine shipment with other goods you order in China, we can ship to your supplier factory per your requirement.

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