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Inovatec MachineryThe leading manufacturer of equipment for valve cover polishing.

When it comes to mass finishing equipment, there’s no better alternative than Inovatec Machinery. With over 20 years of experience, we have the best lineup of machines for your valve cover polishing needs.

3. VBB vibratory debruring machine 2

Inovatec offers a number of vibratory finishing machines for mass finishing tasks. The curved wall bowl vibratory finisher is one of them. It has coil spring suspensions at the bottom for smooth operations. It’s a great choice for polishing valve covers.

5. TVBA tub vibratory finishing machine 1

Trough vibratory finishers are a blessing when it comes to long parts. Valve covers are not always long, but if you encounter long ones, you can easily polish them with the trough vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec.

Materials of Different Propellers

Stamped steel valve covers are a popular choice for automotive manufacturers. These covers require heavy polishing before use.

If the parts are small enough, you can use a vibratory bowl for polishing valve covers. If the covers are large, you should go with trough vibratory finisher.

Motorcycle valve covers are smaller in size than car or truck valve covers. They can be made from a variety of metals like titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

As motorcycle valve covers are small parts, you can easily use a vibratory bowl finisher from Inovatec.

Polishing valve covers that are made by fabricating aluminum are a prime choice among performance enthusiasts. Fabricated aluminum is lightweight and strong at the same time.

If the parts are long i.e. for a truck, it’s better to use the trough vibratory finishing machine. If not, you can get away with a bowl vibratory finisher from Inovatec.

Cast aluminum is right beside fabricated aluminum in terms of performance. It’s cost-effective and durable.

For polishing valve covers made from cast aluminum, invest in a trough vibratory finishing machine and appropriate media from Inovatec.

Automotive valve covers include all kinds of valve covers from all types of vehicles. It can be a performance model or an economic model.

To polish automotive valve covers, go with any of the vibratory solutions from Inovatec. All of the machines are suitable to do the job for you.

Billet parts are machined down from a solid piece of metal. These parts don’t go through any forging or casting process, so they are very strong and durable.

For polishing valve covers, go with the vibratory solutions. You can even use a centrifugal solution if you have the budget.

Valve Covers Polishing Media

Metal polishing is always rewarding. When it’s valve covers, the results are worth it because it directly influences performance. Porcelain and plastic media are the best polishing media for polishing valve covers.

Inovatec Machinery – The Only Valve Cover Polishing Machine Manufacturer You Ever Need
  • Cost-effective solution for polishing valve covers
  • Automated machines to reduce labor cost
  • Suitable for both dry and wet processes
  • Perfect for workshops that polish automotive valve covers
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know Inovatec products are good?

Inovatec has been operating for over 20 years and all our equipment is shipped all over the world. We can provide testimonials upon request as well.

How do I order a machine for polishing valve covers?

If you’re in need of a valve cover polishing machine, you can request a quote right now by clicking the blue button below each equipment.

How many machines for polishing valve covers can I buy?

For the machines, the minimum order is 1. You can buy as many as you require.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Generally, manufacturing a machine for polishing valve covers requires 15-20 days. But we can narrow it down upon request.

What is the minimum power recommendation?

It’s best that you stick to a 3-phase connection for maximum safety.

Polishing Valve Covers – The Definitive Guide

Today, shiny valve covers are trendy in vehicles and motorcycles (automotive).

Have you ever asked yourself how such perfection is achieved to make your engine beautiful?

Polishing valve covers is not easy, especially if you lack the necessary machines.


Today, in this article, you are going to learn:

  • How valve covers are polished
  • What is the best machine to polish your valve covers?
  • What are the advantages of polishing these valve covers?

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. Which Is the Best Polishing Machine for Polishing Valve Covers?

Valve covers are used in automobiles to cover vital components of an engine.

A popular style to make these valve covers beautiful is by vigorously polishing them.

The best machine to polish any valve cover is the industrial vibratory tumbler.

There are two types of vibratory tumblers (as you will see later).

There are the typical vibratory tumbler and the trough vibratory finishing machines which are excellent in polishing valve covers.

They both work similarly, but they are used for different parts as you will see later in this article.

metal deburring equipment vibratory finishing for sales


2. What Polishing Media Should I Use When Polishing Valve Covers?

The appropriate polishing media that you can use when polishing valve covers is the porcelain polishing media.

Synthetic media can also be used when polishing your valve covers.

Porcelain media is a special kind of ceramic media that is used to polish your valve covers thoroughly.

ceramic media vibratory polishing


It is robust. Therefore, it is very aggressive.

Porcelain polishing media comes in different shapes and sizes to clean even the most intricate parts.

Similar to porcelain media, synthetic media is also used to polish your valve covers exceptionally well.

It also comes in different sizes and shapes.

The primary benefit of using plastic polishing media is its popularity and lightweight characteristic.

Synthetic media is very light and neither cracks nor chips. Selecting the right size prevents lodging in parts’ cavities.

However, plastic media does not produce a mirror finish look.

However, porcelain media finishes exceptionally well and further provides the mirror finish.


3. How Does the Vibratory Tumbler Polish Valve Covers Effectively and Efficiently?

The vibratory tumbler works by vigorously shaking its bowl or tub to generate friction which enhances the polishing process.

The machine has a control console which is relatively easy to use. You should use it to command the device.

Using the control console, you can set the working parameters of the polishing process.

You can set the duration of which the process is going to run and also the vibrating speed.

The vibratory tumbler’s tub is designed in a way that enhances the polishing process.

trough rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine


The tub is curved downwards to increase pressure on your valve covers when polishing them.

The pressure exerted and the friction generated when your polishing media rubs your valve covers make the process effective.

The vibratory tumbler also has a separating funnel which makes offloading and separating parts and media less laborious.

The separating funnel can be adjusted to cater to different media sizes for proper separation.

The trough vibratory tumbler also makes the processing of longer valve covers easier because its trough is long enough.

It polishes just as well as the typical vibratory tumbler.

A vibratory tumbler is an unparalleled machine when it comes to polishing because it does not alter the shape of your parts.


4. How Can I Polish My Aluminum Valve Cover Without Damaging It?

Aluminum is a soft metal, and it can easily get damaged more so if you are new to mass polishing.

Soft metals like aluminum can be polished using porcelain media together with a polishing compound.

These compounds will ensure that the porcelain media does not scratch the surface of your aluminum valve cover.

Scratches make your parts look ugly and old.

You can also use synthetic media, which is not as rigid as porcelain media during the polishing process.

The polishing compound must be used according to the recommended amounts per cycle.

If you use too little, there is a high possibility of your aluminum valve covers getting scratches on their surfaces.

If you use an excessive amount, there is a high possibility of the excess compound to overflow, which is highly uneconomical.


Bottom line:

The best way to polish aluminum to achieve a mirror finish is to use porcelain media and the right amount of a polishing compound.

You have to use the recommended amounts of your polishing compound for the process to be economical.

You can also polish using plastic media, although you will not have the mirror finish that you desire.


5. How Can I Polish My Steel Valve Cover to Achieve a Mirror Finish?

Steel is a rigid and heavy metal that requires a lot of energy to improve its surfaces.

You can polish your steel valve cover using porcelain polishing media to achieve the mirror effect.

When polishing, the best way is to use a polishing compound, even though dry polishing may work.

All you need to do is to place your valve covers on the tub of the vibratory tumbler, together with media and polishing compound.

After setting the correct working parameters, the vibratory tumbler will begin the polishing process.

The degree of sleekness that you desire will determine the duration which the process will take.

After polishing with porcelain media, you can decide to clean further using plastic media.

However, it is not necessary to re-polish using plastic media.

It can only be done to enhance the polishing process. However, the process can become quite uneconomical.

After polishing, you can wash your steel parts thoroughly to remove the polishing compound.

You can further dry the parts using a dryer tumbler, which is a vibratory tumbler used to dry polished parts.


6. What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a Vibratory Polishing Machine for Polishing My Valve Covers?

There are certain factors that you should consider when selecting a polishing machine for your valve covers.

The first factor is the size of your valve cover. There are some exceptionally long valve covers.

Such valve covers cannot fit in a typical vibratory tumbler, and they will require a special kind of vibratory tumbler.

For longer parts such as these, you can use a trough vibratory tumbler that is ideal for such components.

The trough of this vibratory tumbler is long and wide. Almost any massive valve cover can fit in this tub.

The size of the tumbler also matters.

You cannot use a desktop tumbler to polish your valve covers.

The strength of your vibratory tumbler also matters.

Its strength is directly related to the weight it can polish in a single cycle.

If you overload the vibratory tumbler, it will be unable to polish your valve covers effectively.


Bottom line:

When polishing your valve covers, there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the right machine.

Always consider the size of your valve cover, which will guide you to select the right vibratory finishing machine.

You also need to consider the strength of the machine, which directly relates to its efficiency in the polishing process.


7. What Are the Advantages of Using a Vibratory Tumbling Machine to Polish Valve Covers?

There are several benefits of using a vibratory tumbling machine to polish your valve covers.

The first benefit is that the vibratory tumbler has a lesser mechanical movement compared to other mass finishing machines.

This makes it suitable to handle your valve covers without damaging or even denting them.

The second benefit is that the vibratory tumbling machine completes the polishing process in a short duration.

This happens when the machines vigorously vibrate to generate friction necessary for the polishing process.

The machine can polish for minutes up to several hours. It is sturdy and aggressive.

The third benefit is that the vibratory tumbler machine can also polish parts that extraordinarily are long.

The polishing process of such parts is made possible by using a trough vibratory tumbling machine.

It works just the same as the typical vibratory tumbler, only that it has a different shape.

The fourth benefit is that the vibratory tumbler does not alter the shape of your valve covers.

Due to the minimal mechanical movement, the vibratory tumbler manages to polish parts with minimal part-to-part contact.

This lesser mechanical movement decreases the possibility of denting the surfaces of your valve covers during the polishing process.

The vibratory tumbler comes with some additional features which may be of great assistance to you when polishing valve covers.

The machine can come with an acoustic lid which helps in reducing noise during polishing.

It also helps to avoid spillage of polishing compounds during the polishing process of your valve covers.

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