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Inovatec MachineryGet your camshaft polishing with equipment and media from Inovatec.

Inovatec Machinery is the leading manufacturer of mass finishing equipment. We have been in business for over 20 years and we are stronger than ever. We ship equipment all over the world.

Camshafts are a fundamental part of any engine. Camshafts control the movement of the valves and it’s very important that the surface is clean and smooth. How do you do it? It is done with camshaft polishing.

5. TVBA tub vibratory finishing machine

Camshafts are quite long metal parts. There are some exceptions but almost all types of camshafts are long. If you tumble camshafts in a bowl vibratory tumbler, you run a huge risk of damaging them.

That’s where the tub vibratory finisher from Inovatec comes into play. Tub finishers are long rectangular machines where you can easily put larger camshafts and polish them properly. There are suspensions below the tub to prevent the risk of damage them.

1. centrifugal barrel machine with automatic unloading

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines are another prime choice when it comes to camshaft polishing. Centrifugal finishers are high-energy machines with very fast processing times. There is a misconception that centrifugal machines are not suitable for large parts. But it’s not true.

Rather, a centrifugal barrel finishing machine can process all kinds of parts. A disc finisher cannot take larger parts instead. So, don’t get confused. A centrifugal barrel finisher is a great choice for camshaft polishing.

Material of Different Camshaft Polishing

Motorcycle camshafts pack a lot of power on a small surface. So, these camshafts have to be polished very carefully before they can be installed in an engine. If it’s a performance cam like an advanced one, the need for polishing goes even higher.

To properly and quickly polish a batch of motorcycle camshafts, you can invest in a centrifugal barrel finishing machine from Inovatec. If your budget doesn’t allow, you can go for the tub vibratory finishing machine instead.

Hydraulic flat camshafts are very widely used in both the commuter and performance industry. The lobe of the cam is machined down just a little to ensure even wearing on both sides. It’s a reliable option that is also less expensive than a roller cam.

If you’re going to polish hydraulic camshafts in mass, it’s best that you go with a tub vibratory finishing machine. Tub machines are less likely to damage your parts in the process.

Diesel engines are much larger than conventional petrol engines. So, it’s only understandable that the camshafts are larger as well. Diesel engine camshafts are usually made from forged steel for maximum strength. So, it needs polishing before it can perform efficiently.

For diesel engine camshaft polishing, always go with the tub vibratory finisher from Inovatec. You might feel tempted to use the centrifugal disc finishing machine in this case, but the risk isn’t worth it. Stick to the tub vibrator.

Cast iron is a cheap alternative to forged or cast aluminum. Cast iron camshafts are strong and have a great value for the money. So, most automotive manufacturers use cast iron camshafts to keep the cost down and make a larger profit.

But no cast-iron camshaft can enter an engine without being polished. Invest in a tub vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec for camshaft polishing on a large scale.

The world of automotive camshafts covers a lot of areas. There are performance camshafts like forged steel ones, forged aluminum ones, etc. Then there are cheap and cost-effective options like cast iron camshafts. No matter which one it is, it requires camshaft polishing.

For polishing automotive camshafts, you can either go for the centrifugal barrel finishing machine or the tub vibratory finisher. If you operate in a very high volume, it’s best that you invest in both for maximum efficiency.

Roller camshafts are the pinnacle of the performance industry. There are lifters in the roller cams that let the valves to be open for longer and at a lifted position. It’s achieved with help from needle bearings. As they are highly performance-oriented camshafts, the polishing must be precise as well.

To polish roller camshafts, it’s best to go for a vibratory tub finisher. Tub vibrators can provide a more consistent and lasting finish on roller cams.

Camshaft Polishing Media

When it’s about polishing, you can’t ignore the importance of the right media. As for camshaft polishing, you can use either plastic polishing media or porcelain polishing media. It might vary depending on the type of your camshaft.

Inovatec Machinery – The Camshaft Polishing Machine Manufacturer You Have Been Looking For
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  • Motorcycle camshaft polishing
  • Media separator is an optional choice
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How are the camshaft polishing media and machine packaged?

Answer: All media that we ship out are packed in double-layer plastic bags. The machines are packed on wooden pallets and then put into a wooden box. It can be carried with forklifts.

2. What media should I use for camshaft polishing?

Answer: Plastic and porcelain are the go-to media for all kinds of polishing. It’s true for camshaft polishing as well. If your parts require anything different, we can provide it as well.

3. How much power do I need?

Answer: We recommend connecting the camshaft polishing machine into a 3-phase electrical line. The minimum required voltage is 230V.

4. What are the common payment methods?

Answer: We accept transactions from a few different services. Secured services like Western Union, PayPal, L/C, etc. are easy to use.

5. What is your payment term?

Answer: You should pay 30% advance payment for us to manufacture your order product and pay the 70% before delivery.

6. What are some of the nearest destinations?

Answer: Yiwu, Shanghai, and Ningbo are the closest ports to our factory. We ship all over the globe.

Camshaft Polishing – The Definitive Guide

A camshaft is an integral part of any combustion engine. It controls the input of fuel and also expels exhaust fumes produced.

It is, therefore, necessary that camshafts be polished to the highest degree. They should have zero room for errors.

These errors could cost you a great deal in terms of engine performance.

Now, polishing camshafts can be intimidating. It can intimidate you, especially if you are new to the process.

However, in this article, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of polishing camshafts
  • The benefits of polishing camshafts
  • The advantages of polishing camshafts with mass finishing machines.

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. How can I best polish my camshaft?

Now, the best way to polish your camshafts is by using a mass finishing machine, cleaning media, and polishing compounds.

Two primary mass finishing machines are ideal for polishing your camshafts.

The first one is the tub vibratory tumbler.


trough rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine

Figure 1 – Tub Vibratory Tumbler

This machine has a cuboid-like trough where you put your polishing media, camshafts, and polishing compound.

It polishes rapidly because of its strength. It has a robust motor that shakes the tub vigorously.

Now, shaking the tub vigorously generates friction when the target parts and polishing media rub each others’ surfaces.

The second mass finishing machine ideal for polishing camshafts is the centrifugal barrel finishing machine.


Figure 2 - Centrifugal Barrel Finisher

Figure 2 – Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

This machine has four barrels that are fixed on a single flywheel.

This machine, as its name suggests, uses centrifugal forces to its advantage.

The four barrels and the flywheel all spin when polishing.

However, the flywheel spins in the opposite direction as that of the four barrels. This design enhances the polishing process.

It also uses polishing media and polishing compounds. It is a robust machine that completes the polishing process rapidly.

The best part about using the centrifugal barrel finisher is that you are not limited to polishing small-sized camshafts.

You can also polish big camshafts.


Bottom line:

Mass finishing machines are ideal for polishing camshafts rapidly and effectively.


2. What polishing media can I use to polish my camshaft?

Now, when polishing your camshafts using mass finishing machines, there are two ideal types of cleaning media that you can use.

The first type is the porcelain polishing media.


Figure 5 - Porcelain Polishing Media

Figure 3 – Porcelain Polishing Media

Check this out:

Porcelain polishing media contains some elements of ceramic media that make it sturdy.

They, however, do not make it too aggressive, which makes porcelain polishing media ideal for cleaning your camshafts’ surfaces.

The second type that you can use is plastic (synthetic) polishing media.


Figure 3 - Plastic Polishing Media

Figure 4 – Plastic Polishing Media

Now, synthetic polishing media is not as aggressive as porcelain polishing media.

It is, however, lighter and this attribute is an added advantage.

Your machine will not use a lot of energy when polishing your camshafts.

Plastic polishing media also does not crack nor chip under pressure.

However, it will not give you the shiny surface you look forward to having.


Check this out:

Both polishing media can come in different shapes and sizes. These dynamics aid you in polishing even the most intricate corners.

When choosing your polishing media, you need to select the right size.

It is necessary to do so so that they can polish the pockets and cavities of your camshafts.

Large polishing media will lodge in the cavities because they will be unable to go through these cavities.

Again, small polishing media will pass through your camshaft’s cavities without even cleaning.

It, therefore, renders the polishing process ineffective.

Correctly-sized polishing media ensures that every inch of your camshaft undergoes polishing.


3. How long does the camshaft polishing process take?

The duration that polishing camshafts takes depends on three primary factors.

Check this out:

The first factor is the level of damage on the surface of your camshaft. The greater the damage, the longer the time you’ll use to polish.

Figure 5 - Dirty Camshaft

Figure 5 – Dirty Camshaft

The second factor is the mass finishing machine that you decide to use.

Centrifugal machines polish faster than tumbling machines.

However, running a centrifugal barrel finishing machine is more costly than using a vibratory tumbler.

The third factor is the polishing media that you choose to use.

Porcelain media polishes faster as it is more rigid and aggressive than plastic polishing media.

However, it is heavier than plastic media, making the machine use more polishing energy to complete the process.


Here’s the deal:

Polishing camshafts effectively is necessary. You can polish in any recommended way, using the recommended mass finishing machines.

However, the polishing process duration solely relies on your decisions, which significantly affect the length of the polishing process.


4. How can I effectively remove rust from my camshaft?

Now, rust will undoubtedly make your camshafts weaker, and it will affect your engine’s performance.

Figure 6 - Rusty Camshaft

Figure 6 – Rusty Camshaft


Removing rust from the surface of your camshaft can be easy or challenging.

A vibratory finish is most appropriate for rust removal.

If the rust corrosion is too extensive, you can use a robust polishing media – porcelain media.

Polishing compounds also help a great deal. They enhance the polishing process.


Bottom line:

Vibratory tumblers are the ideal machines to get rid of rust.

Using compounds on a rusting camshaft will make the process easier and the final output impressive.


5. What are the benefits of polishing camshafts?

As you saw earlier on, camshafts are integral parts of combustion engines. It is therefore necessary to polish them.

There are several benefits of polishing camshafts.


Check them out:

The first benefit is that polishing your camshaft improves your engine’s performance.

Camshafts are responsible for fuel input and exhaust fumes output.

If there is an error with the camshaft, then, it will make your engine inefficient.

The second benefit is that polishing camshafts improves their surface looks.

The polish makes camshafts look sleek and new, thus appealing to the eye and fun to install.

The third benefit is that polishing get rids of corrosive elements that make your camshaft weaker.

It, therefore, makes your camshaft stronger.

Also, polishing gets rid of small burrs and blemishes, which would otherwise make the engine wear out quickly.


Bottom line:

Polishing camshafts is essential. It is beneficial for the performance of your engine.

It will also save you a great deal of money.


6. What are the advantages of polishing camshafts using mass finishing machines?

Now, there are numerous benefits of polishing your camshafts using mass finishing machines.

The first advantage is that you get to polish many camshafts at the same time.

Mass finishing saves a lot of time and energy.


The second benefit is that you get to polish your camshafts effectively and uniformly.

With the help of polishing media, you can clean even the most intricate cavities and pockets of your camshafts.

The third benefit of polishing your camshafts using mass finishing machines is that they clean rapidly.

Polishing camshafts rapidly is beneficial because you’ll not waste a lot of time as compared to polishing manually.

The fourth benefit is that these mass finishing machines retain the original shapes and dimensions of your camshafts.

Single damage on your camshaft will render it useless.


These mass finishing machines work by preventing part-to-part contacts, therefore reducing the risk of damaging your camshafts.

There are many benefits of polishing your parts using mass finishing machines. These are the primary ones.

You can be sure that the benefits of using a mass finishing machine surpass their downsides.

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