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Inovatec MachineryGet the proper solution to your silver polishing needs for Inovatec Machinery.

Inovatec is one of the pioneers in mass finishing equipment manufacturing. We’ve been in business for over 20 years. Our experience has allowed us to better understand customer needs.

Silver polishing machines are some of the most common mass finishing equipment. Just contact our support team and we’ll recommend which one you need for your desired results.

4. Centrifugal disc finishing machine 1

Centrifugal disc finishers are one of the most advanced machines in our inventory. These machines feature a high-energy motor that can spin the disc incredibly fast. There are chambers to put the parts and the media. These chambers are spun to finish the surface.

The high-speed spinning makes the media rub against the parts. As a result, the parts get cleaned and polished. Our centrifugal disc finishers are suitable for wet polishing and dry polishing, so you don’t have to worry about investing in a different machine.

5. Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

Vibratory finishing machines are one of the most commonly used silver polishing machines. Vibratory tumblers process slower than centrifugal finishers, but the results are identical. Vibratory solutions are more affordable than centrifugal ones.

The desktop vibratory finisher form Inovatec is a smaller variant of the industrial vibratory tumblers. They come in various bowl sizes. We make it from 10L to 17L. But you are welcome to state your need and we’ll make you one.

Otec Eco Maxi Centrifugal Disc Finisher 3 in 1 Magnetic Dry Wet Polishing Machine

Eco Maxi 3-in-1 is one of the best silver polishing machines from Inovatec. It comes equipped with 3 different barrels for different purposes. These barrels allow you to polish your silver parts wet, dry, or to use magnetic media.

It’s a wonder of modern technology as well. Almost all aspects of this machine are customizable, even the power input. It supports 110/220V as voltage input and can work with either 50Hz or 60Hz current.

KT360 Magnetic Polishing Machine Tumbler

Magnetic tumblers are specifically designed for intricate parts. The barrel of this machine is very small. So, you can’t put many parts at once even if you wanted to. This results in a safer operation.

The machine itself is very compact and fits anywhere in the workshop. The processing time of this silver polishing machine is very short. It only takes 30 minutes at most to finish a cycle. So, even if you can’t stuff the barrel with many parts at once, you’ll actually get a lot done in a day.

Different Types of Silver Polishing

Silver is a great material for jewelry. It’s affordable, it’s shiny, and it looks great with any attire. Silver rings are common jewelry that has high demand all over the world.

Silver rings are very thin parts. It’s best if you opt for a centrifugal solution to polish silver rings. The Zero Gap CF machines will do wonders with silver rings.

Pendants are amazing as a symbol of love. When the pendants are made of silver, the charm goes through the roof. But silver pendants need polishing before they can look their best.

Pendants have intricate designs on them. So, you have to polish them in a way that the designs don’t get damaged. A magnetic tumbler is your best bet to finish the process quickly and efficiently.

Earrings are very small in general. There might be exceptions but in most cases, earrings are very thin and prone to breaking. So, while polishing silver earnings, it’s mandatory that you choose the right equipment. A centrifugal solution should be your choice.

A chain with a locket is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones. While choosing the silver polishing machine to polish the chains, it’s best if you go with vibratory tumblers. Don’t forget to use the right media as well.

For bracelets, silver is probably the most popular material. Silver bracelets look really cool and add to your personality.

To polish silver bracelets with designs on the surface, it’s best if you go with a magnetic tumbler. If not possible, make sure you go for a centrifugal solution from Inovatec.

Silver bangles are generally very thin. Thin silver parts require a high level of precision while polishing. So, as the expert, we’d recommend you to go with the Zero Gap CF series centrifugal finishers.

Silver Polishing Machine Media

The realm of polishing media is very diverse, no matter what the part material is. For silver polishing machines, you can start from ceramic media. If it seems too harsh, you can then opt for plastic or porcelain media.

Inovatec Machinery – Pioneer in Silver Polishing Machine Manufacturing
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I know your silver polishing machines are good?

Answer: Inovatec is a widely known name when it comes to mass finishing machines. We are in business for over 20 years and we guarantee your satisfaction.

2. How long does it take to manufacture a silver polishing machine?

Answer: For manufacturing, we need about 15-20 days. If you’re lucky and the machine is already in stock, we’ll ship it to you within 5 days. If your order is urgent, we can also adjust the manufacturing time.

3. How do I pay?

Answer: You can pay us with a variety of methods including PayPal, T/T transfers, Western Union, etc. We accept LC for large orders as well.

4. How do I connect the machine?

Answer: The silver polishing machines from Inovatec require a 3-phase connection. Whether it’s a 460V line or a 230V line, a 3-phase is always recommended.

5. How fast can I expect my order?

Answer: It totally depends on the shipping. If we ship it by air, you’ll receive it in no time. If we ship it by sea, it’s going to take a little longer.

Silver Polishing Machines – The Definitive Guide

Silver is one of the many valuable gifts you can get from a loved one.

They are gorgeous and have a sleek and shiny surface. However, over time, your silver jewelry will have scratches.

It will further lose its sleek looks because of sweat and dirt. Polishing your jewelry is not an easy thing to do.

However, in this article, you are going to learn how you can polish your silver jewelry using mass finishing machines.

You will learn:

  • Which machines to use when polishing silver jewelry
  • Which polishing media to use when polishing silver jewelry
  • The advantages you get when you use these mass finishing machines.

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. What machine is the ideal machine for silver polishing?

There are four primary silver polishing machines that you can use to polish different silver jewelry.

The first mass finishing machine that you can use is the desktop vibratory tumbler.

vibratory tumbler machine packaging

It is a relatively small machine that has a robust motor. This motor vibrates its bowl vigorously.

This vibration then generates friction, which enhances the polishing process of your silver jewelry.

The second mass finishing machine is the magnetic tumbling machine.

KT 100 Magnetic Polishing Machine Tumbler


It is another robust machine that operates by using electromagnetic principles to polish your silver jewelry.

It completes the polishing process rapidly, and does an exceptional job by reaching even the most intricate corners.

The third mass polishing machine that you can use is the centrifugal disc finishing machine.



It is yet another robust machine that works by spinning a disk at the bottom of its polishing container.

The walls of the container are stationary – a design instituted to enhance the polishing process.

The fourth mass finishing machine that you can use to polish silver is the Eco Maxi 3-in-1 barrel.

The Eco Maxi is a unique machine that has 3 barrels, each with a different purpose.

Eco Maxi Centrifugal disc finishing machine full set


The first one is a dry finishing barrel. The second one is a wet finishing barrel, and the third one is a magnetic finishing barrel.

All these barrels can be used to polish silver jewelry.


2. How long does it take to polish silver jewelry?

Generally, these mass finishing machines complete the polishing process rapidly.

You can complete polishing your silver jewelry in a matter of minutes or several hours.

There are some primary factors that you’ll need to consider first.

The first factor is the polishing duration, which depends on the mass finishing machine that you decide to use.

The second factor that matters is the polishing media used to polish your silver jewelry. The polishing technique also matters.

You can choose to dry polish, wet polish, or even finish magnetically.

The last primary factor is the sleekness that you desire to have on your silver jewelry surface.

Also, how you’ll handle your machine will determine the polishing duration.


Bottom line:

The polishing duration solely depends on you. Your choices and decisions affect the length significantly.

3. How can I remove deep scratches from my silver chain?

Deep scratches on your silver chain can be removed by a simple polish.

For silver chains, the best machine to use is the desktop vibratory tumbler.

All that you’ll be required to do is to place your silver chain on the bowl of the tumbler.

Then, you can add ceramic polishing media because the scratches on the surface of your silver chain are deep.

If these scratches are not too deep, you can opt for a less harsh polishing media.

You can choose to use porcelain or plastic polishing media. Porcelain is more robust than plastic polishing media.



It is recommended to wet polish your silver jewelry to enhance the polishing process.

4. How does the centrifugal disc finishing machine polish silver jewelry?

The centrifugal disc finishing machine works in a remarkably unique way. It works like a fruit blender.

It has a disc at the bottom of the polishing container that spins to generate the force necessary for the tumbling process.

The walls of this container are stationary. It helps to reduce the excess centrifugal force generated by the spinning bottom.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38


When the centrifugal force is reduced, the polishing process is then carried out uniformly.

It has an inlet jet that allows you to add polishing compounds when polishing.

The machine has a good control console that is used to issue work instructions to the device.

You can set the spinning speed and the optimum duration of working.

This is an excellent machine that you can use to polish silver earrings and bangles.

5. What polishing media is used when polishing silver rings?

You can decide to polish your silver jewelry using either ceramic, porcelain or plastic polishing media.

plastic tumbling media


It will all depend on the depth of the polish that you require on the surface of your jewelry.

If your silver jewelry is in the worst condition, you can revive it by using ceramic polishing media.

If your jewelry is not in bad condition, you can use a less robust polishing mediaporcelain polishing media.

You can also use plastic polishing media for the same purpose.

6. What is the process of polishing silver using a magnetic tumbler?

Polishing silver using a magnetic tumbler is a pretty straightforward process. Here, you’ll use a different kind of polishing media.

You’ll need to use polishing media that works well with electromagnetic principles.

The best polishing media when using a magnetic tumbler is stainless steel pins.

silver jewelry ring polishing

Now, you have to understand that not all stainless steel polishing media have magnetic properties.

When buying them, you need to be cautious so that you get those that are magnetic.

Now, you’ll first place your stainless steel polishing pins in the polishing container.

You’ll also need to place your silver jewelry in the magnetic tumbler’s container.

You can add water to enhance the polishing process.

Stainless steel pins

Then, you need to plug in your magnetic tumbler into a stable power supply socket.

Once you switch it on, you can set the working parameters – the duration of the process and the polishing speed.

Most magnetic tumblers have secondary switches, which are crucial for the prevention of accidents.

Remember to switch it on too.

Once the polishing process is complete, you can then remove your silver jewelry to see the results.

Your stainless steel polishing media can be reused. All you’ll need to do is clean them thoroughly.

You can reuse them until they lose their abrasive quality.

Remember that a magnetic tumbler is a robust machine. Your stainless steel polishing media is also sturdy.

Do not over-polish your silver jewelry.

7. What are the benefits of using mass finishing machines to polish silver jewelry?

There are numerous benefits of polishing silver using mass finishing machines.

The first benefit is that you get to polish silver in a faster and less complicated way.

Silver mass finishing machines are robust, and therefore they complete the polishing process quickly.

The second benefit is that you’ll get a smooth polish on the surface of your silver jewelry.

Mass finishing machines, with the help of polishing media, reach even the most intricate corners.

The third benefit is that you get to polish many silver pieces at the same time.

Mass polishing saves the cost and time used to complete the process.

The fourth benefit is that these machines retain the shape of your silver jewelry.

You certainly do not want to damage the original shape of your silver pieces.


Bottom line:

Mass finishing machines have benefits that surpass their downsides, which make these machines economical and efficient.

8. What are the benefits of polishing silver jewelry?

The primary benefit of polishing silver jewelry is reviving its original shiny and sleek look.

3D Metal Part Finishing jewelry 3d printed

Also, polishing silver jewelry makes it more durable.

Polishing gets rid of all the dirt and sweat, which may weaken your silver pieces.

When you polish your silver jewelry uniformly, it also makes you look great.

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