KL-1864 Small Electric Powder Coating Oven for Wheels

KL-1864 Powder Coating Oven is a simple design oven for powder-coated wheel backing and curing. It rises the temperature fast and saves energy consumption & keeps your workshop clean. This oven is suitable for car wheels, truck wheels, and accessories.
Working dimensionsWidth1600 x Height1800 x Depth1400 mm
Overall dimensionsWidth1900 x Height2200 x Depth1700 mm
Power supply electric18kw
Voltage380V/220V (Custom Voltage Available)
Warm-up time15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature stability< ± 3-5°C
Temperature max250° C
Ventilation performance805-1677m3/h
Motor power0.75kw
Circulation/ Air flow verticalVariable through holes on the walls
Warranty12 months

KL-1864 Electric Powder Coating Oven Features

1. KL-1864 integrates a PLC control panel, so you can set oven temperature accurately. In addition, you can set heat time, fan start, alarm, and also emergency.

2. The bottom of the oven is equipped with an electric heating tube, which generates hot air and distributes it evenly in the oven.

3. The oven is designed with a sandwich structure. The thickness of the asbestos layer is 100mm, which is located between the galvanized sheet and the outer color steel sheet. The asbestos layer can effectively reduce energy loss and temperature drop

4. The oven is equipped with a trolley, which can easily load the wheel in and out

Automatic wheel powder coating oven big size
automatic wheel powder coating oven big size
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