Economic YN-26 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine

Economic YN-26 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine is the economic model for wheel lathe and polishing. All system is computerized and easy to use.
Large machining hub diameterInch2525
X-axis maximum travelmm350350
main motor powerkw66
Rail widthmm260260
Wheel measurement directionX·YX·Y
Measuring toolslaserlaser
Measurement methodslaser scanningLaser automatic scanning
Program optimizationFully automatic and manualFully automatic and manual
Number of wheel machining programs storedUnlimitedUnlimited
CNC systemIndependent research and developmentIndependent research and development
Wheel processingsurfacesurface
Machine tool machining accuracyIT6~IT7IT6~IT7
surface finishumRa0.8~1.6Ra0.8~1.6
Main drive formStepless speed regulationStepless speed regulation
Spindle speed rangerpmFactory setting 50-1000Factory setting 50-1000
fast movement speedmm/minX:5000 Z:8000X:5000 Z:8000
RepeatabilitymmX:0.01 Z:0.015X:0.01 Z:0.015
Tool holder formKnife row, manual knife holder,Arrangement of knives, automatic knife holder,
Turning tool holder sizemm25*25*225*25*3
Machine tool dimensions (LxWxH)mm1700x1450x17001800x1300x1750
Machine net weightkg10001200

1: 15-inch large LCD display (touchable), separate operation interface, user-friendly design.
2: The automatic wheel hub drawing machine can realize the laser scanning data collection of the wheel surface curve, which can be completed in more than ten seconds.
3: The wire drawing machine is fully automatically optimized according to the actual curve of the wheel hub surface, and the automatic production process is performing precise repair and precision machining.
4: Safe speed and high brightness: The default speed is 350 rpm (the speed can be adjusted), and high brightness is achieved at low speed.
5: It only takes 30 minutes for zero-based personnel to fully master it, and the training time is short, and they can start work in one day.

Economic YN-26 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine

The programming-free wheel lathe machine adopts an automatic detection probe, which automatically enters the data of the wheel hub into the computer, executes the program, and completes the refurbishment and repair of the broken wheel! The floor area is small, the operation is simple, and the complete lathe processes can be completed in ten minutes.

The price of the wheel lathe machine is not high. It greatly saves the cost of the metal frame and improves the accuracy under the premise of ensuring the running capacity. The device comes with instructional videos, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to open a store without technology.

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