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Inovatec MachineryThe leading engine block polishing solution provider in China.

Engine blocks are the parts where the pistons go in. The combustion takes place inside the block. Engine blocks are mostly made from aluminum, cast iron, forged steel, stainless steel, etc. It’s mandatory for the engine blocks to be polished properly before assembly.

Inovatec is the perfect solution for all your mass finishing needs, including engine block polishing. We have been doing business and producing equipment for over two decades. Our experience and production capability is unmatched.

1. VBSB Tub vibratory finishing machine

When it comes to engine block polishing, there’s no alternative to tub vibratory finishers. Tub vibratory finishing machines are designed for tumbling large parts that don’t fit into other mass finishing solutions.

Engine blocks are sensitive parts and you must take necessary precautions to keep them safe. The TVB(B) type of tub vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec is the safest and most efficient machine you can get for engine block polishing. It has straight and high walls all around for maximum protection.

The best thing about these vibratory tub finishers is that the tub is separated into smaller sections. Each of these sections is supposed to hold individual parts. It’s a great investment for parts that have a higher chance of damaging each other in the polishing process.

2. TVBA tub ball burnishing machine

TVB(A) is another type of vibratory solution that can do wonders in engine block polishing. It looks very similar to the TVB(B) series. It has a curved wall with an open tub. The open tub is good for large parts polishing like engine block polishing and others.

The TVB(A) has a suspension under the tub as well to accommodate for the excess vibration. The vibration that creates friction between the parts and the media is very balanced and optimum.

Different Types of Engine Blocks

V engines are one of the most popular engine types all over the world. The V6, V8, V10, etc. engines represent raw power and have become a cult. The V8s are held very close to the heart by most automotive enthusiasts.

No matter what the engine type is, all engine blocks require polishing. The cylinders and all other surrounding surfaces must be squeaky clean to perform better. V engines are usually large, so go with the TVB(A) series vibratory finishing machine.

Stainless steel engine blocks are not very commonly found, but they have their fair share in the automotive industry. Stainless steel engine blocks are strong, reliable, and very affordable. At the same time, these engine blocks should be polished properly.

For stainless steel engine block polishing, you need a tub vibratory finisher. A TVB(A) is precise because these tubs have an open space inside to house an engine block properly.

Inline engine blocks are mostly used in daily commuters and small displacement engines. It’s called an inline engine because the cylinders sit in a line. It might be four cylinders, six cylinders, or even eight cylinders.

For engine block polishing, a tub vibratory finishing machine is the way to go. You can choose either of the two tub finishers from Inovatec.

Cast iron engines are equally found in both daily commuters and performance cars. Cast iron is a moderately reliable choice. They are cheap, provide great performance, and last a fairly long time.

To polish cast iron engine blocks, you should opt for a TVB(B) vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec.

There’s a lot of debate on whether a boxer engine is good or bad. Boxer engines have cylinders that face the opposite direction from each other to balance the vibration from each stroke. It’s a great way to stabilize performance. But there’s no debate that a boxer engine block needs polishing.

For boxer engine block polishing, a TVB(A) vibratory finisher is a more robust choice. Considering that boxer engines have a lot of complex parts, it’s wise to polish them individually.

Cast aluminum is another material very commonly used for engine blocks. These engine blocks are lightweight and strong at the same time which is very important to get maximum power output. Aluminum cast engine blocks also require polishing before they can be assembled.

For engine block polishing, Inovatec has two top of the line tub vibratory finishers ready to roll out.

Engine Block Polishing Media

Engine blocks have a lot of tight spaces where you can’t reach by manual polishing. They require mass finishing and when it comes to mass finishing, media is needed. As for engine block polishing, you need non-abrasive polishing media like plastic and porcelain.

Inovatec Machinery – The Pioneer in Engine Block Polishing Equipment Manufacturing
  • Great mass finishing equipment for engine block polishing
  • Racing engine blocks, commuter engine blocks, and performance engine blocks
  • Suspensions under the vibratory tub for maximum protection
  • Top of the line polishing media for your engine parts
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the MOQ for your surface finishing machine?

Our propeller polishing machine MOQ is 1 pcs.

How do you make the packaging?

We use a wooden box to protect the machine. The box is able to lift and transport with a forklift. Tumbling media is packed with double plastic bags. 1000kg per wooden pallet.

How is your payment term?

We start production upon receiving your 30% advance payment. Once the product is ready, we will take photos and a video for your confirmation. You can pay the remaining 70% after that. Later, we will do shipment to the port or to your location.

How long do you need to prepare the goods?

Usually, 20-25 days production. The shipping time also need to be considered in your lead time. We will do our best to cooperate if you have a tight shipping schedule.

What is the nearest port?

The nearest ports are Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu. We can ship also to your warehouse in some other place.

Engine Block Polishing – Definitive Guide

Do you deal with engine block parts?

If you do, then polishing operations would be a part of your work routine.

Engine block parts accommodate the piston and facilitate combustion operations in machinery.

They are mostly obtained from stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, forged steel, etc.

After the manufacturing phase, adequate and efficient engine block polishing procedures become a necessity.

This guide will provide you with just what you need to carry out smooth and efficient engine block polishing operations.

1. What Types of Vibratory Media Are Suitable for Engine Block Polishing?

Engine blocks are very sensitive parts of machinery, hence the need for great caution and precision in their handling.

These blocks also have many tight spaces that manual polishing will be unable to access.

Thus, Inovatec recommends the use of non-abrasive media such as porcelain and plastic.

1.1 Porcelain Media

Porcelain media is largely composed of clay, with the addition of components like alumina and kaolin that are ceramic-based.

The difference it has from ceramic media is that ceramic media contains some abrasive particles that are not suitable for sensitive parts.

vibratory finishing cleaning and polishing

Figure 1. Porcelain Polishing Media

For wet polishing, porcelain media provides excellent results, and it inhibits the collection of dust particles on part surfaces.

1.2 Plastic Media

One advantage of using plastic media is its ability to prevent part-on-part contact during polishing.

It is usually composed of abrasives (such as Silica, Corundum, Alumina, and Zirconia) and polyester resin (usually in equal proportions).

plastic parts deburring in vibratory tub vibratory trough finishing machine

Figure 2. Plastic Media

It comes in different shapes like paraboloid, cone, lens, pyramid, etc., with sizes ranging from 6-100mm.

Plastic media will thus give effective cleaning and not wear out easily while ensuring your parts remain without damage.

What Types of Engine Block Polishing Machines Are There?

There are 2 types of engine block polishing machines offered by Inovatec. They are:


2.1 TVB(B) Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

This finishing machine is designed to work on big parts that other mass finishing machine types cannot accommodate.

TVB(B) finishers are the most efficient finishing solution that guarantees the safety of your engine blocks.

rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine

Figure 3. TVB(B) Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

The high and straight walls of this equipment provide maximum protection to the parts being polished.

TVB(B) tub vibratory machine has several compartments that hold distinct parts.

The segmentation of its tub reduces the possibility of part-on-part impingement during a polishing operation.

It is also an ideal piece of equipment for polishing fragile and intricate engine block parts.

The TVB(B) tub vibratory finishing machine by Inovatec is suitable for the following operations:

  • Cast Iron Engine Block Polishing
  • Inline Engine Polishing
  • Aluminium Cast Engine Block Polishing


2.2 TVB(A) Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

This is similar to the TVB(B) type, but instead, it has curved chamber walls with an open tub (unlike the TVB(B) model).

TVB(A) tub vibrators are also well suited to handling particularly bulky and long engine block parts.

Vibratory tub with sound cover

Figure 4. TVB(A) Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

This model is designed with a suspension just below the tub to mitigate the excess vibrations from the polishing process.

The suspensions also ensure that the vibrations produced are balanced and optimum polishing friction is generated.

The TVB(A) tub vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec offers excellent results for the following operations:

  • Stainless Steel Engine Block Polishing
  • V Engine Block Polishing
  • Inline Engine Polishing
  • Boxer Engines Polishing
  • Aluminium Cast Engine Block Polishing

3. For Engine Block Polishing Operations, Why Choose a Tub Vibratory Finisher Over Other Mass Finishing Machines?

A significant advantage is that engine blocks are massive, and tub vibratory finishers typically have more space to contain them.

Also, the segmentation of the tub (as in TVB(B)) into different chambers provides protection against part-on-part impingement during polishing.

In addition, most engine blocks have tight spaces in their design that only tub vibratory finishing machine media can reach effectively.

Finally, this tub vibratory finishers by Inovatec ensures that the shape of the parts is retained exactly as before the polishing process.

Unlike other machines that could inflict damage on parts and alter their shapes while polishing, tub finishers offer amazing results.


4. How Does the Engine Block Polishing Machine Work?

Vibratory finishing machines have highly vigorous motors that shake the trough energetically.

This rigorous agitation generates friction that produces the polishing effect between the parts of the engine block and the polishing media.

This action results in efficient and effective polishing that removes every stain and debris that can affect the engine performance.


5. How Long Will It Take to Complete an Engine Block Polishing Cycle.

The vibratory finisher rapidly completes the engine block polishing process, depending on several factors.

One of them is the degree of polishing you require for the parts.

The longer the period spent by the part in the machine, the more intense the degree of polishing.

Also, the type of media used determines how long it takes to get the desired degree of polishing.

The more abrasive the media is, the faster the polishing process is completed.

Besides, the material used to make the engine block also has a role to play in the duration of the finishing process.

For instance, engine blocks made of aluminum are well polished in a quicker time than those made from other materials.


6. What Are the Benefits of Polishing Your Engine Block with Inovatec Polishing Machines?

Here are the benefits of polishing your engine block parts:


6.1 Uniform and Superior Part Finishing

For engine block parts, the final finishing is an important element of the polishing process.

Subjecting your parts to polishing operations ensures that a consistent, superior, and uniform part finishing is achieved.

Whether you desire a mirror-like finish or a less shiny one, both are achievable with engine block polishing solutions from Inovatec.


6.2 Facial Appeal

In any industry, the facial appeal of products is held in high regard; the mass finishing industry is not left out.

As a manufacturer or part assembler, your parts must turn up with a superb appearance.

Top-notch polishing can be achieved by engaging in the engine block polishing machines from Inovatec.


6.3 Removal of Rough and Sharp Edges

During and after the manufacture of engine blocks, sharp and rough edges are inevitable.

These surface dents are capable of inflicting injuries while handling or assembling the engine block parts.

Hence, the necessity of polishing operations.

With Inovatec engine block polishing machines, rough and sharp edges can be efficiently removed.

Safety is paramount at any workplace, therefore, polishing your engine block parts ensures that they are smooth and devoid of injury-causing edges.


6.4 No Manual Labor – No Downtime – No Damage

Engaging manual/traditional methods when polishing engine block parts can be time consuming and cost-ineffective.

Also, with traditional polishing methods, it is often impossible to reach the most complicated parts of the engine block.

Using vibratory polishing machines from Inovatec eliminates stress, cost-inefficiency, and process downtime.

Likewise, the possibility of damaging the engine block parts or altering its geometry is largely inhibited.

However, you must also ensure that the right polishing media is used at all times – depending on the engine block material.


6.5 Zero Requirements on Skilled Labor

Unlike manual polishing methods that require multiple skilled laborers, a single operator is all you need when using a machine.

Interestingly, no special skills are required on the part of the operator to adequately engage an engine block polishing machine.

At Inovatec Machinery, we ensure that the instructional guide attached to each piece of equipment is easy to comprehend.

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