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Inovatec is the leading mass finishing equipment manufacturer in China. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we know how to perfect each of the products. Get all your needs met from Inovatec.

TDG 4 Drag Finishing Machine polishing machine

If you’re in the business of polishing expensive golf clubs, this might be a great investment for you. It reduces the risk of damage caused by impact and can finish large batches in a very short time.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

The vibratory series from Inovatec consists of two main types of machines. One has a straight wall while the other has a curved wall. Both of them are great for polishing golf club heads. The vibratory walls are lined with hard PU for maximum protection.

5. TVBA tub vibratory finishing machine 1

Tub vibratory finishers are the only way to go when it comes to golf club shafts. Golf club shafts are long parts. You can’t polish such long parts in round vibratory finishers. So, get the tub finisher, with or without dividers to get the job done.

4. Centrifugal disc finishing machine 2

Centrifugal Disc Finishers are a great choice as a golf club polishing machine. They are perfect for golf club heads and grips. You can finish large batches in a very short time with these machines.

Golf Clubs Different Materials and Applications

Titanium golf clubs are the most expensive of the bunch. These clubs are strong, lightweight, and carry a sense of class. But they don’t look like that from the factory. They need to be polished for them to get that appealing look.

To polish titanium golf clubs, there isn’t a better option than a drag finishing machine. These machines are designed to polish high-value parts like titanium golf clubs.

Iron is one of the hardest metals out there and it’s one of the most cost-effective as well. Iron golf clubs are great for beginners as they don’t cost as much, and they last a long time.

To polish iron golf club parts, you go with the tub vibratory finisher for the shafts. You can use a regular vibratory tumbler as your golf club polishing solution for the head and the grips.

You might think what is the point of polishing a milled wedge golf club as having more friction is the goal. But when golf clubs come out of the manufacturing machine, they have visible burrs and imperfections that hamper the purpose.

So, you have to use a vibratory tumbler and a tub vibratory tumbler paired with abrasive media in order to get the milled wedge finish.

Stainless steel golf clubs look fantastic. The shine that you see adds to the charm of the bearer. But how do you get the shine? You can achieve it with the help of a golf club finishing machine.

To polish stainless steel golf club parts, you need to combine a tub vibratory finisher and another solution of your choice. It can be a vibratory one or a centrifugal one.

Fairway woods golf clubs are an important part of the sport. Although they aren’t too different from the regular golf clubs, the head is specifically designed for fairway shots.

You can use a vibratory finishing machine or a centrifugal disc finishing machine for golf club polishing.

Putter golf clubs are the ones that do the final section of the game. The heads are relatively longer to have better control over the golf ball. The heads can be made of a variety of materials.

Whatever the material is, you can go with any vibratory or centrifugal solutions you like. You can even use the drag finishing machine if your putters are of high quality.

Golf Club Polishing Media

When it comes to golf club polishing, the use of media is huge. You can use a wide variety of media for different purposes. For stainless steel, you need a non-abrasive media to achieve the shiny finish.

For the milled wedge golf clubs, you would need a slightly abrasive media.

You can contact Inovatec for all your media needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get my golf club polishing machine?

Depending on what kind of golf clubs you intend to finish, you can choose between vibratory tumblers, tub vibratory finishers, centrifugal finishers, and drag finishers.

How are the machines packed?

The machines are padded with protective substances all around before they are put on a wooden pallet and then in a wooden box.

How soon can I expect my golf club polishing machine?

In general, a production cycle is around 20 days long. But depending on your needs, we can tweak the timeline.

How much do I have to pay in advance?

To confirm your order, we request you to pay 30% of the sum.

Why am I not getting the golf club polishing I want?

Please make sure that you are using the right media. If your media is right, make sure that you are using it in an accurate proportion. For any kind of help, reach out to our support and get professional help.

Golf Club Polishing – Definitive Guide

Are you a golf club manufacturer? Or does your business involve golf clubs?

If yes, then your business will also involve golf club polishing.

Are you still using the age-old traditional methods to polish golf clubs?

If yes, then we will introduce you to some of the best solutions for polishing golf clubs from Inovatec.

In this guide, we will share the different types of machines offered by Inovatec for polishing golf club parts.

We will also share the benefits of using Inovatec machines for the polishing process.

1. What Are Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are sports equipment that is used to strike the golf ball.

It consists of three parts – the head, shaft, and grip.


2. What Are the Benefits of Polishing Golf Clubs?

Now, we will have a look at the various advantages of polishing golf clubs.


2.1 To Remove Manufacturing Imperfections

All manufactured golf clubs will have some kind of imperfections.

So, you cannot start using it directly.

You need to remove these manufacturing defects to make it into a finished product.

So, you need to clean and polish the golf clubs.


2.2 To Get the Desired Finish

Different golf clubs demand different types of finishes.

It depends on the manufacturer and the type of golf club.

Some clubs need a mirror-like finish while others will need a matte finish.

You can get the desired level of finish only through the polishing process.


2.3 For Consistent Finish

You also need to have a consistent finish across all the parts.

Manufactured parts will not have this consistency.

So, you need to polish golf club parts to get consistency in the finish.


2.4 Improves Golf Club Durability

When you strike the ball using the golf club, then the club should have a perfect balance.

Otherwise, the ball will not travel in the intended direction and speed.

Polishing golf clubs ensures the durability of the part over a long period by removing the weak spots.


2.5 For Powder/Paint Adhesion While Coating

Some golf clubs will have to undergo powder/paint coating.

So, you need to prepare the golf club surface ready for painting.

You can do it only through the cleaning and polishing process.

If you don’t do it, then the paint will not stick properly.

Sometimes, there will be an oxide layer on top of the metal surface.

So, you need to eradicate it for proper coating.


2.6 For Safety

The final golf club part must be safe for the user.

It should not have any unintended sharp or rough edges that may hurt the end-user.

A proper polishing ensures the removal of such dangerous areas from the golf club surface.


3. What Is the Traditional Way of Golf Club Polishing?

The traditional method of polishing involves a lot of manual work.

It makes use of the wheel grinder for polishing.

You can use two types of wheel grinder set up.

In the first method, the wheel grinder is fixed on to the bench.

So, you need to bring the surface of each golf club part and move it along the rotating wheel grinder head.

You need to use multiple heads depending on the final finish requirement.

Each head will have a different level of abrasiveness.

Sometimes, polishing compounds are added to the polishing part to get the shine.

It will be used in the last stage of polishing.

In the second method, a movable wheel grinder is used.

So, you need to move it around the golf club surface for grinding, cleaning, and polishing.

You will have to use very small abrasive brush heads to clean and polish the crevices of golf club heads.

Now, you know how to polish golf clubs using the manual method.


4. What Is a Golf Club Polishing Machine?

A Golf Club Polishing Machine is a machine that can clean, finish, and polish golf club parts automatically.

You need to feed the machine with golf club parts and appropriate polishing media for polishing.

The time duration of polishing is dependent on the machine and the type of finish.

You will get finished and polished golf club parts at the end of the process.

So, minimal human intervention is required.


5. Why Use a Machine for Polishing Golf Club Parts?

Now, the question is, why you should go for a machine for polishing golf parts.

So, let us have a look at the various advantages of using a golf club polishing machine over the traditional polishing method.


5.1 Saves Time

Time to market is a significant factor in any business.

So, the lesser the time you take to get the final product, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Inovatec golf club polishing machines are capable of polishing large quantities of golf clubs at a time.

So, this parallel polishing by using a machine will help you save a reasonable amount of time.


5.2 Saves Cost

In any business, you will be looking to reduce the production cost without affecting the product’s quality.

If you use the manual polishing method, then you will have to incur the recurring cost of multiple laborers, equipment, and tools.

In the case of a golf club polishing machine from Inovatec, you need to make only a one-time investment in the machine.

Inovatec offers cleaning and polishing tumbling media with a good life span.

So, you can use it for many years.

Thus, you can reduce the overall polishing cost in the long run.


5.3 For Damage-Free Polishing

As a business owner, you will not like to see a lot of damaged parts due to polishing errors.

The traditional polishing method is prone to human errors.

So, there is a chance that some of the parts may get damaged during the cleaning and polishing.

Inovatec ensures damage-free polishing of golf club parts.

You need to ensure that the tumbling media matches the material type of golf clubs.


5.4 For Batch Processing of Golf Clubs

Inovatec machines offer batch processing features.

So, you can polish multiple batches of golf clubs together.

Thus, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of polishing.


5.5 To Reduce the Labor Intensiveness

The manual labor polishing process demands more laborers.

It is a labor-intensive process.

You will be able to get a good yield only with more number of laborers.

If you use the Inovatec golf club polishing machines, then you can polish more parts in one machine controlled by single labor.


5.6 To Avoid Skilled Labor Dependency

Different golf clubs will have different polishing requirements.

So, you need to train your laborers accordingly.

Only skilled labor can polish golf club parts efficiently.

There is no dependency on labor skills for a golf club polishing machine from Inovatec Machinery.


5.7 To Bring Down the Maintenance Cost

Some polishing machines need specialized tools for maintenance.

You may also need a trained person to do the maintenance activities.

A golf club polishing machine from Inovatec can be easily maintained using the basic tool kit.

No specialized training is required to do maintenance works.

Thus, you can bring down the overall maintenance cost.


5.8 For Ease of Operation

You can efficiently operate any of the Inovatec polishing machines using the instructions given in the user manual.

So, anyone can operate the machine.


5.9 To Bring Down Part Rejection

In any manufacturing business, you need to keep the part rejection rate to the minimum.

Inovatec machines can help you to bring down the part rejection rate drastically.

The machine polishes the golf club in such a way that no parts turn defective due to polishing.


5.10 For Reliable Polishing in Bulk Quantity

When you employ a manual polishing process for large quantities, then there will be the issue of product durability and reliability.

Different laborers will polish parts in different styles.

So, there may be some variation in the finish of the end products.

You can avoid this issue entirely by using a machine.

You can expect a superior quality finish if you use a machine to polish golf clubs.


5.11 For Safe Working Environment

If your business involves handling golf club parts like assembly or packaging, then you need to ensure that the parts are safe to handle.

Manual cleaning and polishing of golf clubs may not remove the sharp edges completely.

So, it can hurt the laborers using it.

But, a machine-based golf club polishing process ensures a safe working environment for laborers through proper polishing across all the parts.


6. What Are the Different Types of Machines for Polishing Golf Clubs?

Inovatec offers four types of machines for polishing golf clubs.

When you are using these machines exclusively for golf club polishing, then the machine can be referred to as electric golf club cleaner machines.

You can use any of these machines for cleaning and polishing golf clubs based on your requirements.

They are capable of polishing all the three parts of a typical golf club.

You can use these machines for cleaning golf clubs and also for golf club refinishing.

It is the best way to clean golf clubs after the manufacturing process.

These machines cannot be used as portable golf club cleaners since they are designed to handle a large number of parts at a time.


6.1 Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory finishing machine is one of the popular Inovatec machines for polishing golf clubs.

You can use two types of vibratory finishing machines from Inovatec for golf club polishing.

The first type comes with a straight wall, whereas the second one comes with a curved one.

The hard PU lining on the vibratory walls ensures excellent protection.

vibratory deburring machine ready for export


6.2 Drag Finishing Machine

Golf is an expensive hobby and sport.

So, most of the high-end golf clubs are very expensive.

If you are looking to polish such expensive golf clubs, then invest in the Drag finishing machine from Inovatec.

Drag finishing machines guarantee a very high-quality polishing in large batches.

It also reduces the risk of impingement.


6.3 Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

You can use a Tub vibratory finishing machine to clean and polish golf club shafts.

This machine is perfect for lengthy parts.

You cannot use other machines for polishing golf club shafts due to length constraints.

You can also go for the model with dividers if you don’t want to feed multiple shafts in a single chamber.

It will help to avoid the part-to-part collision.

trough tub vibratory finishing machine for steel pipe deburring polishing


6.4 Centrifugal Disc Finisher

Centrifugal disc finishing machines are best suited for golf club heads and grips.

It helps you to finish and polish large batches in a very short time.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38

You can invest in any of these machines and media if your company deals with golf club polishing services.

7. What Types of Vibratory Tumbling Media Is Used for Golf Club Polishing?

The substances or materials that are added along with the golf club parts into the polishing machine are called the vibratory tumbling media.

Inovatec manufactures a wide variety of tumbling media.

Inovatec offers three types of tumbling media for polishing golf club parts.

You can also get customized shapes and sizes for any of these media on request.

You can also invest in the best metal polishing compound to get a good shine on the final polished golf club parts.


7.1 Ceramic Tumbling Media

Ceramic tumbling media consists of aluminum oxide abrasive grit and ceramic binder.

It is an excellent choice for polishing hard metal surfaces.

It has the capability to handle micro-level finishing, which will be required in the case of golf clubs.

They are available in various shapes like a ball, pyramid, tristar, ellipse, cylinder, etc.

ceramic deburring media

Inovatec offers different cutting grades of ceramic media.

It includes fast, very fast, general, medium, light, and polishing grade.

So, you can select any of these based on the final finish requirements.


7.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

Plastic tumbling media structure will have resin and abrasive in a 1:1 ratio.

High-quality plastic tumbling media from Inovatec is an excellent choice for cleaning and polishing golf club parts.

It is best suited for smoothing of soft metals.

plastic tumbling media

It also helps to avoid part-to-part contact by giving a cushioning effect to the parts.

They are available in various shapes like a cone, pyramid, paraboloid, tristar, tetrahedron, triangle, etc.

You will come to know the replacement time of this media when the size and efficacy get reduced.


7.3 Zirconia Ball for Polishing

Inovatec offers four varieties of zirconia balls for ultra-fine polishing of golf clubs.

Zirconia ball has low wearing and high glossy surface finishing. It is superior for mirror polishing golf club in the final step.

High strength, outstanding load-bearing capacity, and low wear rates make zirconia media popular among many customers.

ZTA Zirconia toughen alumina grinding media


8. What Are the Different Types of Golf Club Parts Supported for Polishing?

You can use Inovatec golf club polishing machines to polish all the three parts of a golf club – head, shaft, and grip.

Different types of materials are used to manufacture various types of golf clubs.

This list is based on different types of materials and the various types of golf clubs in the market.


8.1 Titanium Golf Clubs

High strength and lightweight make titanium the best choice of material for golf clubs.

Polishing titanium golf club


8.2 Putter Golf Clubs

Putter golf clubs are used in golf to make short distance and low speed strikes.

Polishing putter golf club


8.3 Iron Golf Clubs

Iron golf clubs will have a small head and short shafts.

Polishing iron golf club


8.4 Stainless Steel Golf Clubs

Inexpensive, durable, and easy to cast make stainless steel a suitable material for golf clubs.

Polishing stainless steel golf club


8.5 Milled Wedge Golf Clubs

Milled wedge golf clubs are precision-engineered parts.

Polishing milled wedge golf club


8.6 Fairway Woods Golf Clubs

Here, the clubhead is designed explicitly for fairway shots.

Polishing fairway woods golf club


8.7 Driver Golf Club

It is the longest club in golf and shafts are made out of graphite.

Polishing driver golf club


8.8 Hybrids Golf Club

They are designed to have better control of swing and the direction of stroke.

Polishing hybrid golf club



Now, you know the best way to polish golf clubs.

So, if you are looking to improve your business productivity, then you can consider investing in any of the machines from Inovatec.

It will be a cost-effective solution for your business in the long run.

Inovatec manufactures tumbling media of world-class quality.

Strict quality measures adopted by Inovatec help to maintain the manufacturing standards.

So, you can consider investing in a tumbling media which is best suited for polishing your golf club parts.

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