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Metal parts tend to go through a lot of stress which can cause damage to these parts leaving burrs behind such as scratches, roughened edges, sharp points, rust, and many other imperfections. And that is where barrelling machines come in handy. The barrelling machine is very popular in the finishing industry.

The machines are suitable for mass production, meaning that the barrelling machine can work on big batches of parts at once with no manual supervision.

Three important fundamentals make up the functioning of a barrelling machine, namely the equipment, media, and compound used.

Various barrels exist for multiple functions. Understanding which machine to use will depend on what you want to use it. Below are some barrelling machine equipment to read through to help you make a decision.

2. Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine 1

High Energy Barrelling Machine includes 4 barrels. Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is suitable for small and medium-size parts deburring and polishing.

You can finish high valued components in a short time.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

The industrial vibratory tumbler machine is a cost-effective Barrelling Machine. A vibratory finishing machine is suitable for deburring and polishing big batches of parts.

You can get a low cost per component by using a vibratory finishing machine for metal parts.

2. Rotary metal parts tumbler

Single barrel rotary tumblers are ideal for surface polishing and cleaning. They also very popular as they’re cost-efficient and economical to use. They come in two shapes, namely hexagon and olive-shaped.

These barrelling machines operate with a built-in motor. Metal parts, along with the media, are placed into the barrelling machine. It’s as simple as starting the motor. However, finished products take longer as parts are mass-produced in large batches. An added feature to the barrelling machine is that it can be used without media and still produce the same results; it’s, however, dependent on what type of parts you are tumbling.

These parts tumblers come in a wide variety of models, including sizes ranging from 25 to 500 liters, motors, weight, speed, and thickness, which are all individually designed for various purposes.

The features include a built-in timer, speed adjustment settings, protection for workers, stable and robust design, and cost-efficiency. It’s suitable for parts with a variety of sizes, widths, lengths, and sensitivity. It can produce small batches at a time, has a high-quality finish, and is perfect for rust removal. It is suitable for tumble finishing wood parts and plastic parts.

economic rotary barrel polishing machine

The economic barrelling machine is suitable for polishing parts and is a more simple type of mass production tumbler polishing machine. Its easy operation makes production maintenance and repairing hassle-free.

The economic barrelling machine consists of 6 different models designed with varying sizes of motor, weight, rotating speed, and capacity sizes ranging from 50 to 100 liters. However, machine sizes can be customized up to 1000 liters according to the size of the parts and purpose of the machine.

The features include horizontal rotation, rubber lining for high-temperature barrels, PU lining for protection against corrosion and damage, can withstand more wear-and-tear, no-lining steel barrels used for media made of stainless steel balls or parts, easy-to-use mass tumbler polisher machine, forward and backward movement, easy unloading of parts and polishing media, low maintenance, and very economical.

This barrelling machine is best used for die casting parts, laser cutting parts, forging parts, deburring of parts, grinding, polishing, removal of rust, and removal of oxidation layer.

You can also use these machines as rock tumblers.

2. Double barrel rotary tumbling machine

The double barrelling machine has been in use for years. It remains popular because it’s affordable.

What takes place in this barrelling machine is the tumbling of parts and media which rotate together to cause friction. The friction caused by tumbling creates a perfect surface finishing of metal parts.

Instead of having one barrel, it has two, which means two batches are done at once compared to one batch at a time. The two barrels play an essential role in the mass production process as they produce more products at once. These machines come in two shapes, including the olive and hexagon-shaped barrels.

There are three models available in this barrelling machine, including the 140×2, 300×2, and 500×2 liter capacities, which all come with different motor, speed, and the same thickness size.

The features of this barrelling machine include a robust design for a longer life-span, a digital timer, a variety of speed settings, protection for workers, high-quality finished products, and is economical.

This barrelling machine is ideal for different types of parts, production of parts in two batches at once, heavy-duty polished finish, and rust removal.

Rotary Tilt Barrel tumbling Machine

This polishing machine comes in four different model types and has capacity sizes from 60 to 300 liters. Its motor and rotation speed differ as well as its PU rubber lining and weight. The PU lining is vital for the resistance against abrasion, acid, and alkaline, and provides overall protection against damages.

There are some important features and uses to take into consideration when choosing this type of barrelling machine. This barrelling machine can do small and medium-sized batch polishing, has reduced noise levels, easy operation, frequency converter speed regulation, a time control setting, arbitrary rotation, electrical and manual control options, and has a hexagonal or octagonal design.

It’s useful for deburring and polishing of small to medium parts, tumbling of small workpieces, and for machinery polishing and removal of imperfections on products.

big rotary wood polishing machine PLC control machine

This barrel machine is a dry polishing machine. Since it’s made of wood and bamboo barrels, it is friendly to the environment. The purpose of the machine is to ensure products and parts are ground and polished with high-quality results.

This industrial barrel tumbler deburring machine can hold up to eight hangers at a time. Multiple products can be attached to each hanger. The products are fixed on the hanger giving protection to products when tumbling takes place. The loading capacity is up to 480 pieces.

There are two uses for this type of barrelling machine: coarse grinding and fine grinding. Coarse grinding is for the smoothening of products, which follows four steps: hang the hangers in the barrel with products attached to each hanger, add the coarse media and oil, set time and processing speed, and press the start button.

In comparison to coarse grinding, fine grinding is for polishing and burnishing of products.  Also, it includes four steps: removing the hangers and coarse ground products from the barrel, and put them in the fine grinding barrel, add the media and lubricants, set the time and processing speed, and hit the start button.

dry polishing wood barrel rotary polisher

The wood barrelling machine is environmentally friendly and causes no pollution. There are two types of wood barrelling machines, namely the JFH-300 and JFH-600, which have different capacities, weights, motor powers, rotating speeds, and barrel sizes.

Wood barrelling machines require beech grains and bamboo granules for dry tumbling.

Beech grains are for dry tumbling in wooden barrelling machines. These beech grains help polish silver, gold, stainless steel, copper, brass, and other types of materials.

There’s a wide range of features and uses for this type of barrelling machine. Features include the clockwise and reverse rotation for smooth operations, consistency of parts, a discharge door, and a sorting screen for improved work efficiency.

It also comes with a built-in grinder barrel, ventilation in the grinding barrel, easy-to-use, continuous running of up to 24 hours, and an added frequency controller. It’s ideal for glasses, watch parts, plastic parts, jewelry, wood, and many more.

1. Olive shape rotary barrel tumbling machine

Also known as the Triple Action Barrels. The rotary tumbler media is horizontally and axially folded in the triple-action barrel machine. The combination of folding and sliding that takes place inside this barrel produces faster results compared to standard barrelling machines.

This barrelling machine is designed with four barrels, two layers, and is ideal for dry polishing of plastic and metal parts. It also consists of two large octagonal wooden tumbling barrels with large capacities. The rotation speeds of these machines are 28 RPMs.

The operation flows from the highest point to the lowest and operates in this cycle, forming a sliding layer that produces strong crushing effects.

Optional Design & Setting

The dosing pump consistently feeds chemicals into the metal vibratory tumbler bowl. You can use it in the recirculation compound system and flow-through compound dosing system of the vibratory deburring machine.

Bosch Rexroth variable speed converter is a cost-effective speed control device. With this device, you have more flexibility in the vibration intensity.

The soundproof cover also called noise cover. It reduces vibration noise and creates a better working environment for your workers.

The manual separation handle is a default setting for vibratory deburring tumbler machines. You can manually discharge the parts from the bowl when a finishing cycle is ready.

Pneumatic separation gate is the automatic separation device. Once you set the time, the machine will automatically discharge the parts when a finishing cycle ends.

The Reverse Separation is designed to collect the small size parts from the big size vibratory finishing media.

Barrelling Machine Media

Friction is the last thing you for parts, as it causes further damage to the parts. It’s advisable to use suitable vibratory deburring tumbler media when tumbling parts in a barrelling machine. Media are small parts that act as lubricants to avoid friction among parts as they tumble. There are different types of media for different parts. The smaller the size of the media, the more refined the finish. The larger the media, the faster results are presented.

Some examples of media consist of:

  • Porcelain tumbling media: This is also known as aluminum. This type of polishing media is typically used for deburring. Compared to other types of media, porcelain tumbling media is considered to be more economical and has a longer life-span.
  • Steel tumbling media: This is ideal for the tumbling of steel. The purpose of this type of media is to burnish or create a brighter finish on parts. They don’t interfere with the wear-and-tear of parts as they have a milder action compared to other tumbling media used in a barrelling machine.
  • Plastic tumbling media: When tumbling delicate parts, this media is perfect for that use. This media doesn’t cause much friction, meaning that parts endure less wear-and-tear during the process.
  • Ceramic tumbling media: Making use of this type of media will depend on the shape and size of the parts requiring tumbling. Usually, ceramic polishing media is ideal for larger parts.

Choosing the right tumbling media for a barrelling machine will be determined by the job required for tumbling.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What machine is best for me?

If you’re looking for a mass tumbler polishing machine, then the barrelling machine is your best option. It’s suitable for delicate parts. However, the process is lengthy.

2. What type of media do I use?

The media is entirely dependent on the job at hand. There’s a wide variety of media types. If you’re looking to deburr your parts, ceramic media is the best option. It’s also suitable for almost any metal part, but mainly for steel and iron. However, if you’re looking for something gentler for your plastic parts, then the plastic media will do.

3. How much media do I need to use?

The ratio of media to use for tumbling is a 3:1 media-to-parts ratio.

4. How long does the PU lining last?

The PU lining has a life-span of about 3 to 5 years, depending on how the machine is used and maintained. If you find that your PU lining is damaged caused by small parts, applying some Epoxy can fix it and remove any scratches or holes.

5. Which compound do I use?

This is entirely up to the type of media you’re using and also whether it’s for wet or dry tumbling. Refer to our compound selector guide for more guidance.

Barrelling Machine FAQ Guide

1. How do I choose a barrelling machine?

Choosing a barrelling machine depends on what type of job you want to do.

The type of job will further determine the type and size of media and compound needed.


2. What tumbling media do I use in a barrelling machine?

There are different types of media used for different types of parts.

There are small and large media.

The small media size can be used if you’re looking for more refined results.

Large vibratory tumbler media is used for quicker finishing results.

Some examples of media consist of:


2.1 Porcelain tumbling media:

This type of media is used for the tumble deburring of metal parts.

This media is also more economical and lasts longer.

zirconia ball burnishing machine and polishing steel parts


2.2 Steel media:

If you’re looking to tumble steel, then this is the ideal type of media.

Steel media is designed for burnishing metal parts and for the brightening of metal parts.

brass parts vibratory ball burnishing with steel tumbling media


2.3 Plastic media:

Plastic media is ideal for delicate parts.

Minimal friction takes place, meaning that parts are protected from damage during tumbling.

aluminum parts deburring with plastic media


2.4 Ceramic tumbling media:

This type of media is ideal for large metal parts.

When you choose the media you want to use, it’s important to choose the right type of media to ensure that your parts get tumbled correctly.

They are available in different shapes like ceramic media balls, ceramic tumbling media triangles, ceramic pyramid tumbling media. and many more.

Ceramic Polishing Media


3. What amount of media do I use in a barrelling machine?

The amount of media you use in a tumbler deburring machine is dependent on the number of parts you’ll be using in one batch

3:1 media-to-parts ratio for volume. This is suitable for tumbling done in batches.



4. What compound do I use in a barrelling machine?

Compounds are components used with media to enable the tumbling in barrelling machines.

They consist of wet and dry components.


4.1 Wet compound:

Water is used in wet tumbling and acts as the lubricant.

The amount of water required is dependent on the type of job in mind.

As the water rises, it results in the refined finishing of products with a slower rate of cutting.

It’s important to note that wet tumbling causes the parts to attach themselves, mainly flat and small parts.

Therefore, this type of tumbling is ideal for excess stock removal.


4.2 Dry compound:

Beech grains are for dry tumbling in wooden barrelling machines.

These beech grains help polish silver, gold, stainless steel, copper, brass, and other types of materials.


In comparison, the bamboo granules consist of wood grain, bamboo grain, walnut media, and corn cob media.

These grains are used in the process of grinding and polishing dry components.

You can use bamboo grains for tumbling plastic parts.

Furthermore, wooden pallets are used to make parts’ surfaces smooth, resulting in the brightening of parts.


5. What is a barrelling machine?

There are three important components used in a barrelling machine – media, equipment, and vibratory finishing compound.

When parts are tumbled in a barrelling machine, they become prone to damage.

The effects of the damages leave parts full of surface scratches, rough edges, and sharp points.

For these reasons, barrelling machines are popular in the finishing field.

Barrelling machines are designed for mass production, getting big batches done at once.

The right type of barrelling tumbler for deburring metal and plastic parts will help you to run the tumble deburring process efficiently.


economic rotary barrel polishing machine


6. How does a barrelling machine work?

A metal barrelling machine moves in a rotating manner to ensure that the media and compounds thoroughly finish parts.

You can use any of the industrial tumbler machines from Inovatec to get your parts to tumble polished.


7. What causes my parts to darken in a barrelling?

Three main reasons can explain why your parts get dark in the barrelling machine.

  • Choosing the incorrect compound causes corrosion of parts
  • Insufficient amounts of compound used in the barrelling machine
  • Check your batch, there might be dirt and grease in the barrelling machine


8. Why do my parts stick together in the barrelling machine?

Flattened, thin parts usually stick together during the wet barrelling process.

Due to the water in the barrel, it causes the parts to stick together.


9. What do I use to lubricate my parts in a barrelling machine?

In wet barrelling, water is used as lubrication.

In dry barrelling, beech grain and bamboo granules are used to avoid friction between parts.


10. What’s the life-span of the PU lining?

The PU lining can last between 3 and 5 years, depending on how often it’s used and how it’s maintained.

If your tumble finishing process duration is more, then your media will wear out quickly.


11. How many types of barrelling machines do you manufacture?

11.1 Single-Barrel Rotary Barrelling Machine

Polishing and cleaning are the two main functions of this type of barrelling machine.

These industrial rotary tumblers are economical.

Batches are finished in large quantities, making the tumbling machine processing time longer.

The single barrelling machine is designed with unique features.

This rotary barrel tumbler machine is ideal for various parts and materials.

It produces small batches at a time, with a high-quality finish, and removes rust.

Single barrel rotary tumbling machine


11.2 Double Barrelling Machine

Media and parts are tumbled in this double barrelling machine which causes friction to occur.

The friction aids in the parts being successfully finished in the tumbling process.

The double barrelling machine is an efficient tumbling machine process, as it tumbles two batches simultaneously.

This barrel polishing machine has various models that operate at their own capacities.

It also features a digital timer, a variety of speed settings, protection for workers, high-quality finished products, and is economical.

It’s also ideal for the production of two batches, heavy-duty finish, and the removal of rust.

double barrel rotary barrel finishing machine


11.3 Economic Rotary Barreling Machine

A rotary tumbler deburring machine is suitable for polishing parts.

This is a simple type of polishing machine suitable for mass production.

It requires minimal maintenance and repairs.

The economic barrelling machine can hold up to 100 liters but can be customized up to 1000 liters.

This barrelling machine features a rubber lining for barrels that operate on high temperatures and a PU lining for protection.

The PU lining protects parts against corrosion and damage.

economic hexagonal rotary barrel polishing machine


Parts can withstand more wear-and-tear.

No-lining steel barrels are used for media made of stainless steel balls or parts.

It’s an easy-to-use mass polishing machine with forward and backward movements.

It’s easy for the unloading of parts and polishing media.

Also, it requires minimal maintenance and is economical.

The economic barrelling machine is suitable for laser cutting parts, die casting parts, and forging parts.

It’s also designed for removing damages on parts, polishing, grinding, and the removal of rust.


11.4 Wood Barrelling Machine

This barrelling machine is suitable for the environment and adds no threat to the environment.

Each barrelling machine model is designed for its different functions.

This barrelling machine has two layers and four barrels, making it ideal for dry tumbling.

The two barrels have large capacities that rotate at a speed of 28 RPMs

Wood rotary barrel polisher machine


The wood barrels operate in a flowing rotation from highest to lowest.

The rotating motion of the barrels forms a sliding layer that creates a strong grinding effect.

Dry compounds used in wood barrelling machines are beech grains and bamboo granules.

These beech grains are a good tumbling media for brass, silver, copper, gold, stainless steel, and other materials.

In comparison, the bamboo granules consist of wood grain, bamboo grain, walnut grain, and corn cob. These grains are used in the process of grinding and polishing dry components.

Bamboo grains remove lines in plastic parts.

Furthermore, wooden pallets are used to make the surface of products smooth, resulting in brightened products.

The wood barrelling machine has a variety of features that aid its functioning.

These features include a discharge door and clockwise and reverse rotation, which ensures smooth operations.

Another feature is a sorting screen that increases the efficiency of work.

The wood barrelling machine also comes with a built-in grinder barrel.

The machine can run up to 24 hours and is ideal for a variety of products, such as accessory parts, wood, and plastic.


11.5 Big Rotary Barrelling Machine

This barrel machine is a dry polishing machine.

The big barrelling machine consists of wood and bamboo barrels, making it friendly for the environment.

The barrelling machine grinds and polishes products, ensuring the high-quality results are achieved.

This barrelling machine consists of eight hangers and can hold up to 480 products.

big rotary wood polishing machine


Each hanger in the barrelling machine can hold a variety of products.

The products attached to each hanger are secure to ensure that products on each hanger are protected from damages.

This barrelling machine is used for coarse grinding and fine grinding.

Coarse grinding is used to smoothen out products, and fine grinding is used for polishing products.

You can invest in this large rotary tumbler if you deal with a large part quantity.


11.6 Tilt Rotary Barrelling Machine

This is a polishing machine that can hold up to 300 liters in capacity.

The tilt barrelling machine is designed with a PU lining, which protects parts from damage.

This barrelling machine polishes both small and medium-sized product batches.

Rotary Tilt Barrel tumbling Machine


It reduces noise levels.

It’s easy to operate.

It comes with a speed regulator, frequency converter, time control, and rotation.

This barrelling machine is electrical but also comes with a manual control option.

The tilt barrelling machine is suitable for small and medium parts and is used to remove burrs and polish these parts.


11.7 Olive-Shape Rotary Barrelling Machine

This barrelling machine is also known as the Triple Barrelling Machine.

The media in the barrelling machine is folded in a straight and axial manner.

The folding and sliding action that takes place in this barrelling machine ensures that media and parts are tumbled to produce faster results.

Rotary barrel tumbler machine olive shape


12. What are barrelling machines used for?

Barrelling machines are used for deburring, burnishing, removal of rust, removal of scaling, and polishing of damaged parts.


13. What’s the heaviest load a barrelling machine can take?

A barrelling machine can take loads up to 1000 liters.


14. What is wet barrelling used for?

This is the process that involves liquid lubrication during the tumbling process.

These are steel barrels with wood or rubber lining for better protection. The protection prolongs the life-span of wet barrels by minimizing friction between parts and the surface of the barrel.


15. What is dry barrelling used for?

Dry barrelling is used for the finishing of delicate and sensitive parts.


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