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  • Supports different Fixtures & Support Blocks
  • Restore Wheel to Original State within 1 hour
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Inovatec Machinery High Quality Wheel Straightening Machine & Surface Finishing Machine

The productivity and efficiency of the wheel straightening process can be increased with the help of the alloy wheel straightening machines from Inovatec machinery. Wheel straightening machine also called rim straightening machine. The wheels can be restored to their original state without any change in mechanical properties. The whole process of wheel repair can be finished within 60 minutes.

Wheel straightening machine

If you are looking for a dedicated wheel straightening machine for car wheels, consider investing in the ARS26 Wheel Straightening Machine. You can use it for alloy wheels up to 26 inches in size. This alloy wheel rim straightening machine comes with a piston cylinder. This piston is controlled by a hydraulic station. There will not be any change in the mechanical properties of the wheel after the straightening process.

ARS26H Wheel straightening machine with Superior Position 2

The ARS26H Alloy Wheel Rim Straightening Machine comes with a lifting function. The step-less variable speed converter helps you to check the deformations at a faster rate. The maximum speed of rotation of the spindle is 3000 rpm. It can straighten wheels of 10 inches to 26 inches in size. If you deal with repairing a large number of wheels, this machine is for you.

Optional Design & Setting

For efficient fixing of defects, it is essential to locate the deformation accurately. It can be easily done with the help of the magnetic table seat and probe setup. The offset distance can be accurately measured with the help of this design.

The variable speed control will help to make the wheel straightening process more accurate and efficient. The repairing process can be made easy with the help of this setup in the wheel straightener machine.

Consider investing in the automatic hydraulic cylinder for fast repairing of the wheels. If you have too many wheels for straightening, the automatic hydraulic cylinder is a must-have feature.

You will need different types of top blocks to fix both the exterior and interior of the wheels. There is a provision in the piston head for the installation of the top block. You can use the top block to fix various wheel deformations.

The edges of the damaged wheel can be easily cut with the help of the lathe function. It helps to restore the roundness of the wheel after the repairing process.

Different wheels demand different fixtures and spare parts. If you plan to straighten different types of wheels using the alloy wheel straightening machine, consider investing in different fixtures and spare parts.

High Quality CNC Lathe Wheel Surface Finishing Equipment

Inovatec machinery manufactures high quality CNC Lathe Wheel Surface Finishing machines. It is possible with the help of the strict quality process and high quality raw materials. This machine will allow you to refurbish wheels at a faster rate. The lower cost of processing makes it a preferred choice of wheel finishing machine for many customers.

Inovatec Machinery – Best Wheel Repair Machine Manufacturer & Supplier from China
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum order quantity for the machine?

You can order 1 unit machine.

What type of packaging do you use?

We make the wooden box package that is ready for export. The box is rigid enough for sea shipment.

What about the terms of payment?

We do 30% payment before production and balance payment before shipment. Also, we can discuss your payment method if you have the order.


When is the delivery date?

We may have stock for some products. You can ask if we have stock before order. For customize production, we ready in 10-20 days.

Which port do you usually ship?

We can ship to Shanghai/Ningbo port. We also ship to Qingdao/Tianjin Port. If you combine shipment with other goods, we ship to the factory location to make a full container loading.

The Definitive Guide for Wheel Straightening Machine

If you want to get a wheel straightening machine, here is important information or questions you might have before getting them.

1.  What are the most important parts of a wheel straightening machine?

The important parts of a  wheel straightening machine and their functions are:

Automatic Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system or unit is responsible for providing pressure to the piston and positioning the damaged part of a rim to take it back to its original position. The hydraulic system has a pressure regulation system that allows you to adjust the amount of force applied to the damaged wheel. Not all wheel straightening system has an automatic hydraulic unit. It is best to get a machine with one for fast repair, especially when you have many wheels to straighten.

brake drum lathe 1
brake drum lathe 1


Lathe Unit

The lathe unit in the wheel straightening machine works on the wheels after the damaged or bent wheels have been straightened. It removes dents from the edges of the wheels and smoothens them. The lathe unit also helps restore the roundness of the wheel.

Magnetic Table Seat and Probe Set Up

To ensure you efficiently fix the defects, the magnetic table seat and probe setup helps to locate the deformation accurately. It also helps you accurately measure the offset distance.

Variable Speed Control

The variable speed control makes it easy to be more efficient and accurate while straightening a wheel, no matter the extent of the damage. The damage or dent on different wheels differs, meaning they require different amounts of force to ensure accurate repair. The variable speed control allows you to set the speed accurately for the degree of damage.

brake drum lathe 3
brake drum lathe 3


Variable Top Block Types

The top blocks are used to fix the interior and exterior of the wheels. You will attach the top blocks to the piston head and use them to fix the wheel deformation.

Spare Parts and Fixture Devices

Different wheels require different spare parts and fixtures which will fit into the hydraulic cylinder head. So, depending on the type and size of wheels you wish to straighten, choose the appropriate spare parts and fixtures for it.


The ARS26 Wheel straightening machine sold at Innovatec has all these essential parts. The hydraulic cylinder is automatic, which makes the straightening accurate and more efficient.

2.  How do you use a wheel straightening machine?

If you get the ARS26H wheel straightening machine from Innovatec, here is the step-by-step process to use the machine

  • Place the damaged wheel on the balancer. Ensure the wheel is firm and allows little movement for accurate measurement of damage and repair.
  • Check for the defects with the magnetic table seat and probe setup, then measure the offset distance.
  • Connect the hydraulic cylinder to the rims. You do not need much setting if it is an automatic hydraulic cylinder, as it determines the required force and worlds with it.
  • Flex the rim’s backside with the suitable top block.
  • Set the function to straighten the wheel
  • Set the right speed for the hydraulic cylinder with the variable speed control.
  • Cut and smoothen the edges with the lathe unit.
  • Ensure you set the speed according to the damage done to the wheel and the type of wheel it is.
brake drum lathe 5
brake drum lathe 5

3.  How do you straighten mag wheels?

The mag wheel is still the same as the ally wheel, so this is how to straighten your mag or alloy wheel. The process stated here is the DIY process which might be as efficient as using a wheel straightening machine.

  • Locate where the bend or dent is on the wheel. If it is not visible, place it in a balancer and roll it a few times.
  • Get the tools ready. A wood, blow torch/ digital thermometer, and sledgehammer.
  • Heat the blowtorch or digital thermometer up to about 150 degrees.
  • After the wheel heats up, place the wood over the damaged area.
  • Hammer the wood with the sledgehammer until the damaged area bends backward. Start with a high amount of force, and when it budges, reduce the force so it does not bend excessively.
brake drum lathe 4
brake drum lathe 4

The DIY process is not as efficient as a wheel straightening machine. If you are straightening it with a wheel straightening machine, it is a straightforward process, and you can operate the machine without previous expertise. So, you can save time and resources by getting the wheel straightening machine. Request an instant quote from us now.

4.  What is alloy wheel straightening, and how does it work?

Alloy wheel straightening is the repair of bent, dented, or damaged alloy wheels using precise machinery or required wheels to straighten back to their original shape. Straightening your alloy wheel eliminates the possibility of the alloy wheel cracking under pressure, saving you the cost of replacing the alloy wheel in case of bends and damage.


It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to straighten an alloy and restore it to its original state. Alloy wheel straightening can be done with the DIY method or with a wheel straightening machine.

brake drum lathe 6
brake drum lathe 6


5. How the alloy wheel straightening works

  • Locate the damage on the alloy wheel by checking for buckles, cracks, or uneven areas.
  • Heat the alloy wheel to a high temperature.
  • When the wheel seems beatable ( malleable), the hydraulic press fixes the uneven points and restores it to its original position.
  • Polish it to ensure accurate roundness and smooth surface
  • Fix the tire back on the wheels.

Before straightening the wheel, ensure there are no scratches or cracks. Many times, cracks or scratches might affect the wheel straightening process by causing the wheel’s strength and integrity to be compromised.

6.  How do you straighten the front wheel of a bicycle with a wheel straightening machine?

Since the form of a bicycle wheel is different from that of a vehicle wheel, straightening the bicycle wheels might be slightly different. Here are the steps involved in straightening the front wheel of a bicycle using the wheel straightening machine.

  • The bicycle wheel is more fragile, so you will need to ensure there is no other damage on the wheels before you straighten the wheels. Check the number of loose spokes on the wheel as it can affect the strength of the wheel.
  • Place the bicycle wheel on the balancer and move around to check to see if the spokes are not too loose.
  • Check for the affected part with the magnetic table seat and probe setup of the machine
  • Change the head of the hydraulic cylinder to suit the bicycle wheel size.
  • Connect the new head to the rims.
  • Choose a suitable top block size to straighten the other side of the wheel
  • Set the speed and function setting appropriate for the wheel size
  • Straighten the wheels and smoothen them with the lathe unit.
brake drum lathe 2
brake drum lathe 2

7.  How much does it cost to buy a wheel straightening machine?

An alloy wheel straightening machine can cost between $1500 to $2500. To get a more specific price, you will need to indicate the model, brand, and quality of the wheel straightening machine you want.


The efficiency and productivity of the machine’s function depend on the quality of the wheel straightening machine. To get a suitable and well-functioning wheel straightening machine, get alloy wheels from Innovatec machinery. Contact us to request an instant quote.

8.  How much does it cost to fix a bent wheel?

Fixing a bent wheel can cost between $65 to $400, depending on the shop and its repair process and policies. There are some factors to consider for the shop to determine the repair cost. To establish the repair cost, the shop will need to assess how severe the bend or damage on the wheel is. Then, they would also consider if the extra repair will be done on the wheel before the straightening process starts. For instance, if there are cracks or scratches on the wheels, the shop needs to repair them before straightening them.

brake drum lathe 8
brake drum lathe 8

Even though the repair cost might not be as much as buying a wheel straightening machine, buying the wheel straightening machine can be more cost-effective in the long run. Request a quote from us.

9.  What are the disadvantages of having a bent wheel?

Having a bent wheel can be pretty dangerous, especially if you do not repair it soon. Some of the disadvantages of driving on a bent or damaged wheel are.

  • Frequent tire deflation: A wheel will usually fit flush against your tires. When a part f the wheel is bent or deformed, it can cause the air in the tires to leak out or make the tires stick to the rubber, making it deflate. If you do not repair it, the deflation becomes more frequent, and it could cause a severe blowout in the long run.
  • Vibration while steering: A damaged wheel can affect the vehicle’s steering system. When the rim is bent, the tire will make uneven contact with the road while you are driving. Depending on the extent of the damage, you will experience slight or severe vibration while steering the wheels. The steering will also be towards the damaged rims, so if it is the front wheels, you will feel the steering near the front, and vice versa.
  • Car handling issues:  Even if the tires do not get deflated, the pressure will not be as before. Then you will notice that you cannot handle the car as before. If you notice a difference in the performance f your vehicle regarding the steering and movement, it might be due to having a bent wheel.
  • Road Noise: When you move at moderate or high speed, you might hear some thumping sounds due to the uneven movement of the bent or damaged rims.
  • Poor fuel economy:  Bent rims will reduce the efficiency of the car’s movement, causing your car to spend more fuel trying to move faster.
  • Car trouble: The bent wheels do not stop at that; they can affect other aspects of the car, like the braking system, control system, etc. It gets worse if you leave it untreated.
  • Accidents: This is the worst-case scenario. If you are having trouble steering the car, controlling the wheels, and braking, it might inevitably lead to accidents.
brake drum lathe 9
brake drum lathe 9

The disadvantages of bent wheels can also indicate when your wheels are bent. So, if you notice any of these signs on your vehicle, you might have damaged or bent rims. Take it to a repair shop to check. Or check with the detection tools on your wheel straightening machine.

10.  How do you fix an out of rounds wheel?

An out of round wheel is more difficult to reform and restore than a slightly bent or damaged wheel. But that does not mean it can not still be repaired. Except specifically recommended, or there is an irreparable crack on the wheels, you can still repair the wheels. Replacement only comes in when there are cracks at the joints between the rim and the center of the wheel r the car wheel’s stud holes.

  • Heat up the wheel to a high temperature.
  • Cut out excess parts from the edge of the wheel to loosen up the wheel.
  • Hammer out the center of the wheel to even out the center
  • Use the hydraulic cylinder to straighten the wheels.
  • Smoothen and polish the straightened wheel.
brake drum lathe 7
brake drum lathe 7

11.    How long does it take to fix a bent wheel?

Using a wheel straightening machine will take about 15 minutes to straighten a  slightly damaged or bent wheel, and it will take about half an hour to treat more severe bends. This time includes the processing and polishing time, which can be done using the rim straightening machine.


Severe bends do not take so much extra time because you can increase the machine speed to suit the wheel deformation and system. However, it will take more time to straighten the wheels if it is via a DIY process. The DIY process can take about two to three days, including the cosmetic repair time.


To save time, you should get a wheel straightening machine; you can request a quote for the machine from us.


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