Vibratory Trough that stands the test of time Manufactured from China
  • Suitable for heavy, delicate, long parts and parts with complex geometries
  • Optional dividers, compound dosing, speed control, and noise cover
  • Sturdy welding with shot blasting treatment & heat treatment to relieve stress
  • Cast-in HD90 Polyurethane lining with perfect wear-resistant
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Vibratory Trough Manufacturer in China

Inovatec Vibratory Trough finishing machine is ideal for processing larger, longer, and irregular-shaped components. Whether you have big engine housing parts to deflashing, automotive exhaust pipe header to polish, or granite stone for antique treatment, Inovatec vibratory trough finishing machines are always your first choice.

6. TVBB tub vibratory finishing machine 2

Straight wall design with chamber dividers perfect for significant casting parts and stone tiles aging finishing.

5. TVBA tub vibratory finishing machine 2

Curvature in the work bowl wall improves the movement of media and components, ideal for ball burnishing process

Optional Design & Setting

Andose dosing pump precisely sets the compound feeding rate and water flow rate.

Bosch Rexroth Variable Speed Converter adjusts vibration process intensity

Noise protection cover creates a comfortable working environment for operators

Vibratory Finishing Media

Inovatec supplied media in small and big quantities. Whether you want tumbling stones, ceramic chips, deburring media or polishing media, we have the right product for your industrial application.

Inovatec Machinery –Vibratory Trough Machine with highest regards for quality, reliability and process versatility
  • Independent processing chamber
  • Castings, forgings, machined parts and stone tiles finishing
  • Heavy-duty motor mounted on both side or underneath of the bowl
  • Cost-effective solution with fast turnaround
Frequently Asked Question
How many we buy at least for this machine?

You can order one.

What is the packaging of the machine?

The machine packaging is a wooden fumigation box. We make bolts fixture to prevent machine falling in the shipment

If the order is different, is the payment method the same?

For general orders, a deposit of 30% paid first, and 70% paid before delivery.

For large orders, 100% spot letter of credit.

If it is the first cooperation, we can trade through the Paypal platform.

You can come to our company for inspection before shipment.

How many days is the delivery date?

The average production period is 15-25 days. If your motor is not 380V 50HZ, it may be a few days later. If it is an urgent order, we can arrange it to be ready within two weeks.

Which port can you ship the goods?

We can ship the goods from Shanghai port, Ningbo port, and Yiwu port.

Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine

The linear vibratory trough can be divided into separated chambers to avoid damaging sensitive parts.

The bigger motor installed for ball burnishing heavy metallic parts with stainless steel media.

You have the choice of a straight wall processing chamber or curved wall processing chamber.

rectangular linear tub vibratory tumbling finishing machine

Besides, the vibratory trough finishing machine has lots of options available.

For example, we have acoustic noise cover to protect your operators, compound dosing system for consistent feeding, PLC touch screen for automatic process control, and also internal dividers to prevent part-on-part hitting.

Inovatec vibratory tub finishing machine is cost-effective and high efficiency.

You can significantly reduce labour costs by eliminating expensive hand-finishing jobs.

wheel polishing before and after

Besides, the big rectangular chamber facilitates in-process inspection.

Inovatec vibratory trough finishing machine is available in small size 15 liter up to 2800 liter.

It can process small batches of jewellery parts to the large tiles.

No matter the size of your parts, we can always find the right equipment to fulfill your job and meet your budget.

stone antique finishing machine

Over the past 20 years, Inovatec vibratory trough the finishing machine becomes more and more popular among mass finishing job shops throughout the world. Here are the reasons:

  • Heavy-duty vibration motor with NSK bearing guarantee a long service life
  • Continuously adjustable vibration amplitude with Bosch Rexroth Variable Speed Converter
  • Optional soundproof cover for engine and equipment
  •  We use a rust-proof painting from Nippon paint to avoid corrosion during the operation

plastic parts deburring in vibratory tub vibratory trough finishing machine

Inovatec machinery fully supports your business with our abundant technical knowhow.

We promise to deliver you the highest quality China tub vibratory finishing machine as well as surface finishing solutions.

You are welcome to send us the parts for free trial and assessment.

Send us an inquiry and get the best solution today!

Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine FAQ Guide

1. What is a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

The Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine is one that leverages on existing vibratory finishing technologies.

It is ideal for finishing large and sensitive components efficiently and effectively.

It simultaneously finishes workpieces without the risk of part-on-part contact between workpieces.

The machine is ideally suited for larger components, with divider plates to separate fragile components, be it metal or non-metal.

Tub vibratory finishing machine Soundproof cover

2. How does a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine work?

Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine work in a similar way as other types of vibratory mass finishing machines.

To achieve the desired finish, the machine is opened at the top, to insert the unfinished workpieces.

Once switched on, the motor generates power which vibrates the machine, causing tumbling media to flow systematically around the wheel.

This machine is often referred to as a wheel polishing machine.

The business that offers the service of such vibratory service is referred to as a vibratory wheel polishing service provider.

This produces a uniform surface pattern, both externally and internally.

3. What are the components of a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

There are several important components involved in the vibratory trough finishing process. This includes:

The Machine – These are the essential, interconnected hardware or machine parts that make the Trough finishing process feasible. Some of the most prominent parts are:

The work tub

This is the enclosed space within which the parts are enhanced and mass-finished. It incorporates the media, compound, and water that combine to grind, polish, deburr and descale workpieces. They are usually made of highly wear-resistant polyurethane.

longitudinal vibratory finishing machine for long parts


This is the machine part which supplies the vibratory power needed to kickstart and complete the process.

motor tub vibratory finishing machine

Water/compound system

Ideally, vibratory trough finishing machines have control systems that regulate the flow of water and compound for cooling and cleaning effects.

Electrical controls

Like other industrial machinery, vibratory trough finishing machines have electrical control systems. The control board includes push-button controls and display units for all machine functionalities.

trough tub vibratory finishing machine for steel pipe deburring polishing control box

Water-Water helps normalize the machine’s cooling system, during the finishing process. It also helps wash away scraped materials from the workpieces.

The Media – These are the solid material which put the required touches on workpieces. These controlled materials ‘rub-off’ on workpieces, efficiently fine-tuning workpiece surfaces.

ceramic deburring media

The Compound – These are dry or wet substances that protect the machine itself from corrosion and rust. They mix with the media, to enhance the polishing process.

4. What other names does Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine, bear?

Vibratory trough finishing machines are also called rectangular vibratory finishing machine, linear vibratory finishing machine, tub vibrator machine, Vibratory Tubs, Tub vibratory finishing machines, amongst other names.

5. What are the functionalities offered by a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

Deburring: Deburring is the process of removing sharp edges or burrs on metals, left after machining. A common deburring example is smoothening a sharp corner into a rounded corner in a piece of metal.

vibratory finishing metal sheet deburring from machining

Blending: This is similar to deburring. It also smoothens the finish on a metal workpiece. Blending removes the leftover machine lines in the process of milling and shape-cutting metals.

Smoothing/Polishing: Polishing – also called burnishing – take the workpiece to the next level of smoothness. It makes the workpiece shiny and to attain a mirrored look.

gear parts before and after polishing

Cleaning/Degreasing: One of the usages of a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine, is surface cleaning. They help to cleanse a part from specks of dirt. Such dirt or stain may include grease, dust or other residues stuck on the workpiece, from previous processing.



6. In what way does a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine differ from other mass finishing machine types?

Vibratory Trough Finishing Machines are differentiated in form, from other mass finishing machine types.

The distinctively come in rectangular shapes, removing the need for part-on-part friction.

Essentially, its processing is smoother, faster and cleaner.

In fact, an operator can quickly check the finishing stage, while the process is still ongoing.

All of these makes a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine a must-have machinery for manufacturers that care.

trough tub vibratory finishing machine for steel pipe deburring polishing

7. Is the application of a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine industry-specific?

No, it isn’t. Manufacturers employ the unique technique of this machine to reduce manufacturing costs.

This is achieved with the elimination of expensive hand finishing operations.

Industries where manufacturers make use of this machine include:


The automotive industry benefits from vibratory trough finishing machines in finishing parts.

In particular, they are used to mass finish tooth flanks, gear wheels, engine heads, fasteners and many more.

Polishing gears reduces wear and increases power trough tub vibratory finishing


Manufacturers here use vibratory trough finishing machines to reduce cost, and hand parts a glossy outlook.

Some of the parts that benefit from this process include turbine blades, jet engine and more.

high density isotropic surface finishing machine


Customers expect consistent, high-quality finishes on medical device parts.

Vibratory Trough Finishing Machines are used to finish these geometrically-irregular products. Such application includes enhancement of dental implants, dental tool polishing and many more.

Medical hip endoprostheses implant polishing and grinding



Architectural Hardware

Fancy Goods



8. What are the ideal media type that’s suitable for a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

A vibratory trough finishing machine is ideal to use with a range of media.

Ceramic media are available in a variety of grades, shapes, and sizes. This type is ideal for enhancing surfaces of steel and harder metals. They leave a more mottled finish that is constant and smooth.

stamped parts deburring with ceramic media

Plastic media is perfect for working on aluminum, plastics, brass, copper and other materials. It is good for light/ moderate deburring and edge breaking. Plastic media leave a much nicer surface finish and are ideal for pre-polishing or pre-anodising processes.

plastic media deburring and polishing

Organic media: Organic media such as coconut shells, walnut shells, are perfect for medium to light deburring. They are also appropriate for cleaning and drying wet or dirty workpieces. Utilizing organic media is so very advantageous -they are safer, natural, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, durable and reusable.

corn cob tumbling media brass parts vibratory dryer machine

9. What sizes of workpieces are ideal for a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

Vibratory Trough Finishing Machines are ideal for finishing long, huge and/or irregular-shaped workpieces.

Sometimes, the workpiece could be over 4000mm in length.

Its detachable sections called compartments can thus be varied longitudinally to suit varying component sizes and length.

This is however not to say that they don’t work well on small-sized workpieces.

Be it light deburring or heavy scale removal, grinding, deflashing, polishing or smoothing, Vibratory Trough Finishing Machines are an ideal fit.

rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine

10. What is the standard power specification of a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

Standard Vibratory Trough Machines run on the 380V, 460V, and 480V electricity phases.

These phases have been proven to be very safe for industrial machines.

If you aren’t sure which phase you are on, however, secure the services of an electrician.

11. What are the parameters necessary for ensuring long-time usage of a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

Machines – big or small – have usage guidelines, adherence to which, guarantees efficient & effective operations.

To get the most out of a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine, certain things need to be frequently carried out. They include:

trough vibrator rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine

Monitoring the media, compound, water level:

For no reason whatsoever should you allow these levels to become too lowered.

This comes handy where an operator can’t gauge the exact levels needed. Some deliberately reduce media level to save money or to mass finish more workpieces.

The consequence ranges from a slow process time to component damage, to non-qualitative finishing.

Ensuring the machine is in good condition before usage:

It’s important to habitually check for exterior damages, before putting the machine on.

Doing this helps safeguard the workplace from preventable accidents, including spillings, outbursts, and so on.

Periodic Maintenance:

Machines generally need proper and periodic maintenance, including servicing.

This enhances their performance, day-to-day and helps resolve internal operation issues.

12. Are Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine in any different from other Vibratory Finishing Processes?

Yes, they are. Most vibratory machines around are usually round-shaped, making them unsuitable in some circumstances.

Their unsuitability surfaces in the finishing of large or medium-sized workpieces, and irregular-shaped parts.

Here’s where vibratory trough finishing machines are distinctive.

A vibratory trough finishing machine is usually rectangular-shaped.

This makes it suitable for large, irregular and sensitive workpieces.

trough rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine

13. Are there differences in finish quality between Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine and Hand Finishing?

Yes, there are phenomenal differences in finish quality.

Vibratory-finished workpieces always have uniform, all-round, comprehensive finishes – which isn’t guaranteed with hand polishing.

Moreso, an absent-minded manual finisher could ruin a workpiece, instead of improving it.

These amongst other things, make the guaranteed, quality finishes that come with Vibratory Wheel Polishing Machines, very suitable.

manual polishing aluminum wheels

14. What are the available sizes of Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

Vibratory Trough Finishing Machines are available in a wide variety of sizes for different sizes of workpieces. They are available for size 15 L to 2800 L.

15. How are Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine sizes classified?

Vibratory Trough Finishing Machines’ sizes are classified based on volume (liter).

The appropriate tub volume is tweaked according to the geometric structure of the parts.

16. What are the benefits of using a Vibratory Trough Finishing Machine?

The top advantage of vibratory trough finishing machines is its ability to finish large, long workpieces in high productivity which vibratory bowl cannot achieve.

The machine comes with detachable compartmentalization, which can be tweaked to meet the varying demands of the workpiece, by virtue of their geometry.

Possesses a highly wear-resistant work tub, lined with polyurethane, to increase its service life of more.

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