High-Quality Ceramic Tumbling Media for Brass Manufacturer from China
  • Brass machining parts burnishing and polishing
  • Brass Jewelry parts finishing and tumbling
  • Right size and shape for your finishing need
  • Perfect cutting & stable attrition rate
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Ceramic Tumbling Media for Brass Manufacturer in China

Ceramic tumbling media for brass is used for brass components deburring, smoothing, and polishing. With different finishing requirements, we select the right ceramic tumbling media for your brass parts. Whether your parts are brass machined parts, brass pressed parts, or brass dies casting parts, we have the solutions that ready for you.

Brass tumbling ceramic cylinder

Cylinder shape porcelain media is ideal for brass jewelry and brass casting parts burnishing after deburring.

brass tumbling ceramic balls

Ceramic balls polishing media is a porcelain media without abrasive, suitable for cleaning and polishing.

Vibratory Finishing Compound

LC-13 the mild general compound is mainly used for lubricity controls which reduce excessive media-to-media wear.

HM-A actively reacts with parts surface and creates a mirror finish on brass parts.

HX-0 works as detergents that maintain the cleanness of the  components during the finishing cycle.

Mass finishing equipment for brass

Inovatec has over a dozen types of large-scale finishing equipment for your brass parts deburring, polishing and drying. We also make customized CAD designs to fit your workshop arrangement.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Ceramic Tumbling Media for brass Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Propose the right finishing media for brass parts
  • Fast processing brass workpieces
  • Right mass finishing equipment for your jobs
  • Low labor-intensive and high degree automation

Frequently Asked Question
Do you offer a free sample processing service?

Yes. When your parts arrived in our lab, we will decide the right types of media and compounds to get the best finish. Please also include a part of your expected finish for our reference. After finishing, we will send all sample back relevant information.

What is the minimum MOQ of tumbling media?

Our MOQ is 500kg for each type of tumbling media.

How do you pack the tumbling media?

We make small packaging in a 25kg bag or 50lbs bag. Then we wrap 40 bags into one pallet. Therefore, you can transport the media quickly.

What is your payment term?

For standard order, our payment term is 30% in advance and balance payment before shipment. We also accept LC, PayPal, as well as West Union.

Where is your nearest port?

The nearest ports from our factory are Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu. We also ship to other addresses that you provided.

Ceramic Tumbling Media for Brass

Different types of media with varying amounts of abrasive are available.

The light cutting ceramic deburring s serves as an alternative for plastic deburring media.

It is ideal for light deburring and surface conditioning for soft metal like brass.

brass parts vibratory deburring

The light deburring stone used to remove the dirt and oxidation layer on the brass surface.

Porcelain polishing media imparts reflective shine on brass parts.

Porcelain polishing media is widely used for brass bullet shells, fittings, door parts, faucets, bolts/nuts, connectors polishing.

Brass parts are finished either in rotary barrel tumblers or vibratory finishing machines.

high density isotropic finishing media polishing brass parts isotropic superfinishing machine

Cylinder shape, triangle shape, and sphere shape polishing media are the most popular media.

Besides, brass parts, copper, and bronze can also finish with the same media and process.

Ceramic tumbling media combined with mass finishing equipment is a cost-effective way to finish your brass parts.

The ceramic abrasive stone is available in all sizes, shapes, and compositions.

The long-lasting ceramic tumbling media reduces your operational cost in the long run.

ceramic media for polishing

Inovatec manufactures various sizes and compositions of tumbling media.

The extensive selections ensure the flexibility to select the appropriate grindstone for your application.

Inovatec has over 20 years’ experience in ceramic tumbling media for brass cases.

We select the right tumbling media to improve your brass parts’ surface conditions at an affordable cost.

You can send us your pieces, and we will run the test free of charge.

After finishing, we send it back to you for inspection. Contact today and get an instant quote now!

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