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  • Machine mark removal and rust removal
  • Metals and plastic parts fine polishing
  • Finishing entire parts surface without lodging
  • Media easy to separate from parts
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Finishing Media Manufacturer in China

Finishing media is the key to determining the quality of the surface finishing, whether in vibratory finishing machine or rotary barrel tumbler. Inovatec has a comprehensive range of finishing media available, including sintered ceramic media, polyester plastic media as well as stainless steel tumbling media.

Finishing media angle cut triangle

Angle cut Triangle shape is effective in reaching deep recesses, corners, and slotted area.

Finishing media straight cut triangle

The straight cut triangle performs well in edge breaking, radii forming. It works well for plain contact.

Finishing media angle cut cylinder

Angle cut cylinder is an excellent performance in deburring holes and recesses.

Finishing media straight cut cylinder

The straight cut cylinder better finishes the straight edge than the angle cut cylinder.

Finishing media angle cut tri-star

Angle cut Tri-Star finishing media is ideal for entering more in-depth slots compared with angle cut triangle.

Finishing media Big size angle cut tri star

Big size tumbling media significantly reduces finishing time. The big size media also support the parts and prevent part-on-parts impinging.

Finishing media wedge

Wedge shape media has better deburring action than cylinder media. Meanwhile, wedge media not lodging parts.

Finishing media ellipse

Ellipse shape ceramic media performs well for deburring parts with a narrow or small edge or recesses.

Finishing media ball

Ball shape ceramic media has an excellent flow rate. It is suitable for regions with complex geometry.

Finishing media cone

Cone-shaped plastic media partly enters the holes and slots and improve parts surface smoothness.

Finishing Media Tetrahedron

Pyramid-shaped media has sharp points, so it deburrs slots and holes edge effectively.

Plastic media finishing tristar

Plastic tristar shape media enter hole and slots better than pyramid and tetrahedron shape media.

Optional Design & Setting

VFC very fast cutting ceramic media is the most aggressive tumbling media for fast metal removal, used in 3D printed parts, magnets, titanium parts.

FC fast cutting ceramic media is the popular media for deburring, it has an excellent cutting/wear ratio.

GC general cutting ceramic media is the general purpose media for deburring, rust removal, paint removal, and deflashing.

MC medium cutting ceramic media is designed for marble/granite stone aging tumbling and antiquating finishing.

Light cutting ceramic media is for light deburring and smoothing. This media widely used for brass, copper, and aluminum light deburring.

Ceramic polishing media products a high luster finish and suitable for all types of finishing equipment.

Plastic fast-cutting media produces the matte finish surface. It prepares the surface that ready for anodizing, painting, and coating.

The plastic medium cutting media is general-purpose media. It perfect for secondary finishing after ceramic media.

The plastic light cutting media is for a light polish and matte finish. It also used for edge breaking of soft metals like brass and aluminum.

Plastic ultra-light cutting media prepare the surface that ready for electroplating and fine polishing.

Plastic Z1 tumbling media is the heavy cutting abrasive plastic media for fast metal removal.

RPM chromium corundum ceramic deburring media has more rapid cutting capacity than general ceramic media.

3P granule with micro-crystalline structure finishes small recesses and holes. It polishes and light cutting in one step.

High density tumbling media is ideal for the isotropic finishing process.

Zirconia ball replaces stainless steel media in many applications. It is non-rusting, non-wearable, and environmental friendly media.

Steel pins are ideal for small parts small area finishing, for example, jewelry and precision mechanical parts.

The stainless steel ball has excellent flow capacity. It burnishes die-casting parts effectively at low cost.

Steel diagonals enter holes and recesses of the components without lodging issues.

Mass Finishing Machine

Inovatec mass finishing machine includes round bowl vibratory machine, batch processing tub vibratory machine, and continuous thru-feed machine. High energy mass finishing machine is for upper demanding parts finishing.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Finishing Media Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Parts deburring, polishing, radiusing, cleaning
  • Different size and shape to meet your finishing requirement
  • We suggest the right media for your application
  • Consistent cutting rate and attrition rate

Frequently Asked Question
Is your company a distributor or a manufacturer?

We are the manufacturer of surface finishing equipment with over 20 years’ experience.

What is the minimum order quantity of finishing media?

Our MOQ is 500kg. This amount is comfortable for your shipment and also easy for us to organize the production. You have enough amount of finishing media to check the performance.

How do you make the finishing media packaging?

Our finishing media packaged in 25kg or 50 lbs plastic bags. Each bag with standard neutral label, or we can print your logo on the bags. We wrap 40 bags into one pallet. So you move the media quickly with a forklift.

What is your payment term?

We start production when we receive 30% of the payment. Once the manufacturer is ready, you can come to our factory to check the product or book a third-party inspector to check the products. We will make the goods delivery when we get a 70% balance payment.

How do you have the shipment?

We ship a small sample by FedEx, DHL, or TNT. For mass production, we make shipment by sea shipment. For your urgent order, we can also organize air shipments. We can ship to port on FOB and CIF terms. We can also ship to your door on request.

What are the shipping terms that you accept?

We accept FOB, EXW, also CIF, CFR, and DDU.

Finishing Media

Inovatec finishing media performs well in surface preparation.

By choosing the right media, you prepare your parts ready for electroplating, coating, painting as well as anodizing.

From aggressive cutting media to excellent polishing media, from the small millimeter size media to the big size deburring media, Inovatec has endless media supply.

If the media choose too large, you cannot finish the surface of the entire parts.

But if your media is too small, it may present a “lodging” problem in your pieces.

ceramic polishing media for metal parts finishing media

What we mostly care about is that you get your desired finish at an affordable cost. Pre-formed media is made in a specific shape designed for a particular finishing application.

The shape of the media is crucial in a successful finishing project.

We have numerous available shapes of finishing media, including cone, sphere, ballcone, cylinder, triangle, wedge, pyramid, and tetrahedron, etc.

ceramic deburring media

The combination of different sizes and shapes yields complete different finishing results.

There are a great many choices to consider when choosing the right finishing media.

So let us assist you in finding the right mass finishing media as well as supply it.

You can achieve the most excellent surface enhancement by running the test on the parts.

You will get the desirable finishing result with a small fraction cost of hand polishing.

steel components vibratory deburring with plastic media

Inovatecis the leading finishing media supplier and manufacturer for more than 20 years’ experience.

Each year, we export over 30,000 tons of finishing media of all types.

We continually improve media quality with the ISO9001 management system.

Contact us today and optimize your mass finishing process now!

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