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Walnut Shell Tumbling Media

Walnut shell tumbling media is a natural tumbling media. It is eco-friendly crushed shell grit. The main application of walnut shell media is dry polishing.


Ideal for dry polishing jewelry and 3D printed parts

Well suited for soft metals and plastic parts

Minimal scratches on plastic parts’ surface

Low cost and dust-free biodegradable materials

Available in big size grit and super fine grit

Walnut Shell Tumbling Media

Walnut tumbling media is used together with polishing paste to get the final luster finishing on jewelry parts.

Some manufacturers also pre-mix polishing paste with crushed walnut media grit and sell the ready products.

In mass finishing, walnut shell tumbling media can be used either in a vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal barrel finishing machine, barrel tumbling machine as well as centrifugal disc finishing machine.

metal dry polishing with walnut shell tumbling media

Walnut shell polishing media is not only used for jewelry parts dry polishing but also used for metal/plastic polishing, and brass cases polishing.

Besides, walnut polishing media is also used as a blasting media and walnut shell abrasive media for sandblasting and cleaning, for example, steel, building, bridges, and boats.

Walnut media is a bio-degradable, healthy, and environmentally friendly product.

It is an excellent replacement for silica to avoid inhalation concerns.

When used as a blasting cleaning media, tumbler media walnut grit removes paint, flashes, a burr in plastics, rubber, aluminum, and Zamak die-casting parts without hurting the base materials.

At Inovatec, we have walnut shell media from very coarse grit 6# (3.15-4mm) to extremely fine grit 30# (0.50-0.71mm).

Crushed walnut shells as tumbling media are famous for many industrial applications because:

  • Light deburring and polishing in one process
  • Dust-free deburring and polishing
  • No scratches on aluminum and brass parts’ surface
  • Easy to use, no specialized training required for the material

walnut shell tumbling media dry polishing

Inovatec machinery has over 20 years’ experience in mass finishing media and equipment.

We always deliver the highest standard fine walnut shell media with a complete technical solution.

You can send us your un-finished parts and a reference part with the expected finish.

We will send you back with the finished parts with our technical solutions.

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