Brake drum disc repair lathe for brake disk and brake drum

Brake drum disc repair lathe is widely used to repair brake disk and brake drums be of cars, buses, and trucks, its maximum processing diameter can up to 650 mm. The machine is easy to use and time-saving.
Processing Diameter Brake Drum
Processing Diameter Brake Disc
Rotating Speed of Work-piece  r/min
Max. Travel of Tool  mm
Feeding Rate  mm/r
Packing Dimensions (L/W/H) mm
N.W/G.W  kg
Motor Power  kw

Brake Drum Lathe Machine Description

1. The Brake drum/disc lathe machine is for repairing the brake drum or brake disc from the automotive car and big truck wheel
2. Continuous variable speed control 

3. Includes twin-spindle each other perpendicular structure.
5. The brake drum/shoe can be cut on the first spindle and the brake disc can be cut on
the second spindle.
6. Solid mechanical structure and easy to operate for user

brake drum lathe 1
brake drum lathe 1


Inovatec’s New Brake Drum Lathe Machine for All Your Repairing Needs

What is the most important component of a vehicle? Is it the engine that is responsible for the vehicle’s movement? Is it the wheels that carry you over distances? The answer is none of these. The most important part in our opinion is the brake.

The brake is responsible for controlling the speed of your vehicle and also making it come to a stop. Without a brake, it’s impossible to make a car stop. That is why your brakes must be in the best condition always. This is where the Inovatec Brake Drum Lathe Machine comes in.

This machine changes the way we used to repair brake drums and discs. With Inovatec’s cutting-edge wheel repair machinery, repairs take a fraction of the time and you never have to worry about the quality. Let’s see what it’s all about in more detail.

1. What is the Importance of the Brake Drum for the Car?

As we said, brakes are an essential part of the car’s system. And the brake drum is part of the braking system. Combined with the brake shoe, the braking system is responsible for slowing down the rotation of the wheel. This effectively brings the car to a stop.

Although the job of slowing rests mainly on the brake shoe, the brake drum also has a very important job. During the slowing process, a lot of heat is generated because of the friction between the wheel and the brake shoe. It’s the job of the brake drum to absorb this extra heat, otherwise, it can result in an accident.

brake drum lathe 2
brake drum lathe 2


2. Why Get the Inovatec Brake Drum Lathe Machine?

The Inovatec Brake Drum Machine makes repairs a breeze. You can restore a brake drum or disc to working condition without having to throw it away. The machine offers a number of options that let you control speed.

And it’s incredibly versatile too. You can use it to repair the brake drum of any car currently in circulation and even big trucks too. So, you can get the job of two done using a single Inovatec Brake Drum Lathe Machine.

brake drum lathe 3
brake drum lathe 3

3. What Are the Features of the Brake Drum Lathe Machine?

With twin spindle accompaniment, you can cut a brake drum on the first spindle and a brake disc on the second one. This means you don’t need to be switching machines to cut the two braking components.

You also get a variable speed adjustment for the lathe, slowing and speeding it depending on your needs. There are 3 modes for the RPM adjustment which you can switch between. This lets you speed up the machine for parts that are harder to cut through.

brake drum lathe 4
brake drum lathe 4

4. How Many Models Are Available?

Currently, there are three models of the Inovatec Brake Drum Lathe Machine. The three models come in three different sizes and can be used for wheels of different diameters. The three models that are available now are:

  1. T8445
  2. T8465
  3. T8470

5. Which Model of the Machine Is Better?

The three models are of three different sizes and can be used for brake drums of specific diameters. All three models can function at full capacity delivering you the same performance. But depending on your needs, you need to choose the model that will work for you.

If you want to work on brake drums of smaller diameters from 180 to 450, then the T8445 is the perfect choice for you. If you want to go a bit bigger, the T8465 supports diameters up to 650. But if your use case is for the biggest wheels and brake drums, then there can be no better pairing than the T8470.

All three machines have a variable speed control for the RPM and also twin spindles. So, you will find no differences in terms of features and performance, only the size of the brake drum which you can operate on is a thing that will vary.

brake drum lathe 5
brake drum lathe 5

6. What Are the Dimensions of the Brake Drum Lathe Machine?

As we mentioned above, the three models can operate on three sizes of wheels. Obviously, there would be a difference in the physical dimensions of the machine. Let’s take a look at them.

  • T8445: Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 980x770x1080. Net Weight 320 Kg.
  • T8465: Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 1050x930x1100. Net Weight 550 Kg.
  • T8570: Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 1530x1130x1270. Net Weight 600 Kg.

7. How Does the Brake Drum Lathe Machine Work?

The machine is easy to operate and anyone with minimal training can do it. There are two spindles present on the machine. Setting the Brake Drum on the first spindle allows you to cut into it for repairs. There is a rotating lever that you can use to move the brake drum on the machine.

For the brake disc, you need to set it on the second spindle. Start off on the lowest speed setting first and increase it accordingly as needed.

brake drum lathe 6
brake drum lathe 6

8. What’s the Function of the RPM on the Brake Drum Lathe Machine?

The RPM is responsible for spinning the wheel in order to cut into it. The speed should only be increased to cut into the brake drum. Depending on the hardness, the speed is adjusted accordingly.

The deeper you want to cut into the material, the higher the speed should be. That is the reason why RPM exists on the machine.

brake drum lathe 7
brake drum lathe 7

9. Is the RPM Adjustable?

You can adjust the RPM on all three models of the machine. On the T8445 and T8465, you can adjust the RPM in three different settings. You can set the speed to be 30, 52 or 85 RPM. These three settings are enough for any and all kinds of brake drum repairs.

Since you operate at a higher diameter for the heavy-duty machine, you don’t need as much RPM. This is why for the T8470, you can adjust the RPM to 30, 54 and 80.

brake drum lathe 8
brake drum lathe 8

10. Do I Need Extensive Training to Operate the Machine?

The machine has been designed to be very intuitive. If you know even a little about machines, you should be able to operate them easily. The build quality is sturdy and solid. So, there’s no risk of you breaking anything.

There aren’t any sensitive parts to the machine that you need to handle with care. No special training is needed either. If you want you can operate the machine at full capacity just by reading the instruction manual.

brake drum lathe 9
brake drum lathe 9

11. How Much Does the Brake Drum Lathe Machine Cost?

In order to get your hands on one of these machines, get in touch with the sales department of Inovatec. There you will get information about the pricing and the exact procedure on how to get one for yourself. One thing is for certain, once you buy any one of these you won’t ever regret it.

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