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Inovatec MachineryThe manufacturer that you need for your small aluminum parts mass finishing.

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used metals across all industries. Automobile, aerospace, clothing, and everything in between can benefit from polishing small aluminum parts.

With that said, Inovatec Machinery is a pro in manufacturing state-of-the-art mass finishing equipment. With over two decades of experience under the belt, Inovatec is ready to roll out the polishing equipment you need.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

Vibratory Finishing Machine is ideal for big quantities of aluminum parts deburring. Whether you have machined parts or casting parts, we have the right vibratory bowl size for your application. Besides, Vibratory Finishing Machine can polish aluminum die casting parts with the stainless steel ball.

Whether you need equipment for deburring, cleaning, burnishing, or polishing small aluminum parts, a vibratory finishing machine won’t disappoint you. These machines have the perfect balance between efficiency and cost.

There are different types of vibratory solutions like the straight wall variant, the curved wall variant, the tub vibratory finisher, etc. Get one that fits your specific needs.

4. Centrifugal disc finishing machine 1

Centrifugal Disc Finisher is ideal to remove the machining marks with plastic media. Also, it polishes aluminum parts with the porcelain ball.

Centrifugal finishers are probably the best mass finishing machines when it comes to polishing small aluminum parts. The disc variant of the machine is particularly designed for small parts.

These machines can remove any machining marks, visible burrs, and any other imperfections from the surface of your small aluminum parts.

1. centrifugal barrel machine with automatic unloading

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is a high-energy deburring and polishing machine. A centrifugal barrel finishing machine can achieve a mirror-like surface within a short time.

Centrifugal barrel finishers are very similar to the disc finishers. They both use centrifugal rotation to polish parts’ surfaces. The difference is that in the barrel variant, there’s a barrel that rotates centrifugally.

The rotation on the barrel causes the parts to rub against the media and it ultimately results in polishing small aluminum parts.

Single barrel polishing finisher machine

Rotary Barrel Finishing Machine also works as an aluminum part polishing and burnishing machine. It is ideal for sand casting parts or parts with a rough surface.

Rotary barrel finishing machines, or commonly known as rotary tumblers, are one of the greatest mass finishing equipment to ever exist. They’re cheap, they do the job, and they last forever. There’s no sudden motion in a rotary tumbler which makes it one of the safest as well.

Different Small Aluminum Parts Polishing

Aluminum die casting parts are the most common type of aluminum parts found. The aluminum is molten and put into a mold to form the shape. The melting process leaves a lot of imperfections and burrs the surface. Hence, it is required to polish these parts.

For polishing small aluminum parts made from casting, a vibratory finishing machine will do the job very well. You can go with any other options as well. But the vibratory solutions are the optimum choice.

Polishing aluminum turned components is another very common task in the mass finishing industry. These parts require a good amount of polishing before they can hit the market.

To polish aluminum turned components, you can invest in a centrifugal disc finisher or a barrel finisher. Both of them will generate quick results for polishing your small aluminum parts.

One of the main reasons aluminum is so popular among all industries is that it’s very easy to machine. And for the same reason, precision machined parts are often made of aluminum.

But to reach the highest level of precision, these parts must go through proper polishing. There’s no other better option than a centrifugal disc finisher for polishing small aluminum parts like these.

Thanks to the machinability of aluminum, CNC machines can accurately shape the parts. CNC aluminum parts are widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries for their precision.

But no precision comes without polishing. So, it’s a centrifugal disc finisher or a centrifugal barrel finisher that you need.

Fan blades are machined parts and they have to be polished before they can be deployed. If the fan blades are made of aluminum, it’s even more necessary to polish them because aluminum is prone to have imperfections.

Use a vibratory finishing machine to polish the aluminum fan blades.

As unlikely as it may sound, aluminum can be used for 3D printing as well. A lot of manufacturers are migrating to 3D printing from conventional methods like casting or forging. These parts are usually very shiny and smooth when they come out of the printer.

But there are micro-scratches and burrs that might ruin the purpose of the parts. So, it’s always a good idea to polish 3D printed aluminum parts with a vibratory or centrifugal solution. You can even go with rotary tumblers if you’re tight on the budget.

Media for Polishing Small Aluminum Parts

Polishing aluminum can be an intimidating task if you don’t know what you are doing. Fear not because Inovatec is here to help you select the right media for polishing small aluminum parts. For general polishing, plastic and porcelain balls are used.

Inovatec Machinery – The Industry Leader in Manufacturing Mass Finishing Machines for Polishing Small Aluminum Parts
  • Proper guidance assured for selecting the media and the machine
  • Save a lot of money on labor and other operating costs
  • A large inventory of mass finishing machinery and media for you to select from
  • Top of the line construction across all equipment
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I know that your equipment is good?

Answer: We offer free trials before you make any decisions. Just send us a batch of small aluminum parts and we’ll do the polishing for you. And we’ll send you back your polished parts. Then, you can decide.

2. What is the likelihood of my machine getting damaged in shipping?

Answer: Here at Inovatec, we take good care of the packaging. All the machines for polishing small aluminum parts are packed in a wooden box with all necessary protections.

3. Can I use ceramic media for polishing small aluminum parts?

Answer: You can if it’s necessary. But in most cases, plastic and porcelain media should be enough.

4. What is the payment procedure?

Answer: 30% of the payment is required at the time of the order. The rest is paid before the machine is shipped.

5. What are the nearest destinations?

Answer: Shanghai, Yiwu, and Ningbo are the nearest ports to our factory. But we can ship it to you anywhere in the world.

Polishing Small Aluminum Parts – The Definitive Guide

Aluminum is one of the popularly used metals.

It is used in numerous fields such as the aerospace and automobile industries – just to mention a few.

These parts face corrosion and other factors that weaken them. It is, therefore, imperative to polish them exceptionally well.

Polishing metal aluminum parts is not the most straightforward activity to complete.

aluminum parts deburring with plastic media


That is why in this article, you’ll get the complete aluminum parts polishing guide. You will learn:

  • Which mass finishing machines are ideal for mass polishing of aluminum
  • Which professionals have recommended polishing media for small aluminum parts polishing
  • What practices to employ when polishing small aluminum parts for the best results

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. What is the best way to polish small aluminum parts?

Now, when polishing small aluminum parts, you need to use mass finishing machines.

These machines make the polishing process less challenging.

Now, there are four primary mass finishing machines that you can use for the polishing process.

The first machine that you can use is the industrial vibratory tumbler.

40 liter small vibratory deburring polishing tumbler equipment

An industrial vibratory tumbler is a robust machine. It has a powerful motor – that is what makes it strong.

It vigorously shakes its tub to generate friction.

Friction is necessary for the polishing process. Polishing media and the target parts have to rub against each other.

The second aluminum polishing machine that you can use is the centrifugal disc finishing machine.



This metal polishing machine is robust, and it uses centrifugal forces to its advantage.

It has a unique working principle, as you will see later in this article.

The third aluminum polishing equipment that you can use is the centrifugal barrel finisher.

centrifugal barrel finishing machine


It is a robust metal polishing machine that also uses centrifugal forces to polish your aluminum parts.

It has four barrels attached to a flywheel which spins in the opposite direction of the four barrels.

That design is remarkable as it enhances the polishing process.

The fourth mass finishing machine is the rotary tumbler. It is also commonly known as the barrel tumbler.

economic hexagonal rotary barrel polishing machine


It polishes by spinning its barrel at a predetermined speed that ensures that there is a maximum polishing activity.

It also has a unique design. Its barrel is either hexagonal or octagonal.

This unique shape ensures a maximum polishing activity in the barrel.

With this design, parts do not drag themselves at the bottom of the horizontal barrel.

Aluminum polishing compounds are also widely used nowadays. They enhance the polishing process and help your parts become sturdy.


Bottom line:

Mass finishing machines employ different polishing techniques, but you’ll get desirable results at the end of the day.


2. Which is the ideal polishing media for aluminum parts?

Now, when polishing small aluminum parts, you’ll need to use the recommended polishing media.

The polishing media act as the aluminum polishing tools inside the mass finishing machine.

Check this out:

There are two primary recommended polishing media. You’ll need to choose your media based on your needs.

Do your parts need massive polishing action? If yes, you can go for porcelain polishing balls.

Figure 5 - Porcelain Polishing Balls


Porcelain polishing media is quite rigid because it has elements of ceramic material in it.

It will, however, not abrade your small aluminum parts too harshly. That is what makes it an exceptional polishing media.

Now, the second polishing media that you can use is plastic polishing media.

plastic media vibratory finishing


This polishing media is weaker than porcelain polishing media.

Plastic polishing media is a wonderful choice for parts that do not require massive polishing action.

Synthetic polishing media neither chip nor crack under pressure. It is a wonderful choice to use.

It is also lighter than porcelain polishing media – meaning that the polishing process is completed rapidly.

However, plastic polishing media does not polish to a mirror finish. It does not give the shiny finish that you desire.

Both polishing media types come in different sizes to cater to the dynamics found in the polishing field.

You can use these polishing media regardless of your choice of mass finishing machine.

Unlike the process of polishing stainless steel parts or polishing mild steel parts, you must not use any hard media for tumbling aluminum parts since it can damage the parts.


3. How long does the aluminum polishing process take?

Now, the polishing process should not take too long to complete when you use these mass finishing machines.

Some factors will affect the polishing process duration significantly.


The first factor is your choice of the polishing machine. There are some machines that polish way quicker than others.

For example, a centrifugal disc finishing machine polishes way quicker than a rotary tumbler.


The second factor is the choice of polishing media that you decide to use.

Always remember that porcelain polishing media is more aggressive than plastic polishing media.

Porcelain media is, however, heavier than plastic polishing media.

When you use porcelain polishing media, you’ll be required to use more polishing energy than when using plastic media.


The third factor is whether you want a dry polish or a wet polish.

Nowadays, wet polishing is widespread, and it is recommended. It reduces the risks of denting or damaging your parts.


Special tip:

How you’ll handle your polishing machine during the process will also have an immense influence on the finish.

You need to use the recommended polishing speeds and duration – depending on the degree of polish you require.


Bottom line:

The polishing process does not take long to complete. It, however, depends on how you handle the machine during the polishing process.


4. How can I make my aluminum parts have a shiny mirror finish?

Now, to have that sleek and beautiful mirror finish on your aluminum parts, you’ll use porcelain polishing media.


aluminum parts before and after deburring


Also, using aluminum polishing compounds enhances the final look on the surface of your aluminum parts.

Check this out:

You can choose to use either of the mass finishing machines. However, for a faster finish, a barrel finisher solution is recommended.

You can also use the centrifugal disc finishing machine.

All that you’ll need to do is to ensure that you use the recommended polishing parameters.

Plastic polishing media will not give your parts the shiny, sleek look on the surface of your aluminum parts.

You can, however, use it to enhance the final look after polishing with porcelain media.

The primary demerit with this polishing style is that it forces you to polish twice – it is quite uneconomical.

Bottom line:

The ideal polishing media to use is porcelain media.

It will give your parts that sleek and shiny mirror finish that you want.


5. What is the process of polishing small aluminum parts using a centrifugal disc finisher?

Now, when polishing your aluminum parts using a centrifugal disc finisher, you’ll need to be cautious.

The centrifugal disc finisher is an immensely robust polishing machine that can easily damage your parts if you are not careful.

It has a working principle similar to that of your kitchen fruit blenders.

The polishing machine has a disc that spins incredibly fast at the bottom of the polishing container.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38


Then, the container’s walls are stationary. This design improves the polishing process of small aluminum parts.

When the disc at the bottom starts spinning, it generates centrifugal force.

This centrifugal force can hurl parts and media out of the polishing container.

The stationary walls help to reduce the centrifugal force – the wall acts as brakes.

aluminum parts deburring and smoothing


This design ensures continuity in the polishing process.

This machine also has an inlet compound jet that allows you to control the amount of aluminum polishing compounds during the process.

The jet is an added advantage as it helps you control the amount to be used per cycle.

Excessive use of liquid metal polishing compounds is uneconomical. Further, it does not add any value to the final finish.


6. What are the benefits of polishing small aluminum parts?

When polishing small aluminum parts, there are undoubtedly numerous benefits that you get.

Check out these top three reasons why you need to polish your small aluminum parts.

Aluminum Engine Parts Polishing


The first benefit is that polishing helps your parts become more durable.

The polishing process makes your parts durable by getting rid of any corrosive agent on your parts’ surfaces.

The second most straightforward benefit is that it enhances looks on your parts’ surfaces.

The third benefit of polishing your small aluminum parts is that the process gets rid of burrs.

This mini-deburring process is helpful, especially for parts that have undergone die casting, for example, die casting heatsink.


7. What are the advantages of using mass finishing machines to polish aluminum?

The first advantage of polishing small aluminum parts is that you get to clean parts in mass.

These machines allow you to polish many parts in a single cycle.

It is highly beneficial to use mass finishing machines as the polishing process would otherwise be too tedious and boring.

The second benefit is that these machines polish your parts rapidly.

They do not consume a lot of time to complete the process.

The third benefit is that these machines do not alter the specifications or shapes of your parts.

They polish while maintaining the original shape.

The fourth advantage is that mass finishing machines polish even the most intricate corners of your parts.

There are some tough corners to clean, especially if you choose to polish manually.

Such corners would be deemed unreachable.

The fifth benefit is that you get a uniform polish on the surfaces of your aluminum parts.

The sixth benefit is that you don’t have to invest in multiple sets of metal polishing tools for your laborers, one machine is enough to do the job.

Bottom line:

Mass finishing machines are highly beneficial to you. Their downsides surpass their advantages.

These machines are highly economical, efficient, and effective.

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