Vibratory Tumbler
Vibratory tumbler is ideal for small parts deburring, polishing, cleaning, and burnishing.
Machine modelVT17VT12VT10
Bowl Diameter430mm355mm250mm
Machine Capacity17 Liter12 Liter10 Liter

Desktop vibratory tumbler design with rigid steel basement

PU lid for noise reducing and prevent sputtering

Available 220V 50HZ and 110V 60HZ single-phase design

VT10, VT12 and VT17 model available for shopping

Economic plan and durable for long time processing

Bullets shell polishing, rock tumbling, bolts & nuts re-rusting

Vibratory Tumbler

Vibratory tumbler is ideal for small parts deburring, polishing, cleaning, and burnishing.

The most popular application for tumble deburring machines is rock tumbling, jewelry polishing as well as bullet case refurbishing.

Inovatec has desktop design small vibratory abrasive tumbler 10 liters, 12 liters, and 17-liter model.

Inovatec vibratory deburring tumblers are ideal for processing small batches parts or small parts.

Industrial vibratory tumbler

It is a starter’s model when you don’t have much experience in vibratory finishing.

With the PU cover, vibratory noise can reduce to a minimal level. The cover also prevents liquid and foam from sputtering.

Even though vibratory tumble deburring equipment is smaller in size, its low cost and high durability make it accessible in the small workshop and rock tumbling enthusiasts.

You can easily remove rust from bolts and nuts using light deburring media.

tumbler rusted parts

Also, you can remove unwanted paint from parts using a general cutting plastic media.

If you want to achieve a bright finish, you may use dry polishing media. As the machine is running, you can free your hand to do other tasks.

Besides, you can also make your small scale laboratory test with a vibratory tumbler bowl before industrial-scale production.

It is easy to set up the test and easy to clean.

coin refurbishing with vibratory tumbler

The small deburring vibratory tumblers are available both wet and dry processing.

The wet model also called burnishing compound tumbler.

They create aggressive deburring, mild smoothing to fine polishing with different types of media used.

The standard electrical power supply for the machine is 220V single phase 50HZ for most Asia and European countries.

We are also available for 110V single phase 60HZ for the North American market.

stone tumbling with vibratory tumbler

Inovatec is the professional vibratory tumbler manufacturers in China.

We have over 20 years’ experience in vibration tumbling machine production.

We consistently develop new processes and tumbler polishing machine to improve your parts and reduce the cost.

Our ISO9001 certified machinery promised to have the top quality in China.

From the moment you contact us, you will receive excellent service with professional personnel, extensive industry knowledge as well as fast response.

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