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Tumbler machine stones are also referred to as the finishing media. Inovatec offers different types of tumbler machine stones. It does the job of cleaning, deburring, degreasing, descaling, surface smoothening, and polishing.

1. Ceramic tumbling media

Ceramic tumbler media is a hard media suited for deburring, degreasing, descaling, and surface smoothening of strong metals like steel.

2. Plastic tumbling media

Plastic tumbling media is ideally suited for deburring, descaling, cleaning, and polishing of soft metals like aluminum.

3. Porcelain media

Porcelain media is the best media for polishing parts, and it doesn’t contain any abrasives.

4. Steel tumbling media

Steel tumbling media is the best-burnishing media for parts made out of casting.

5. High density tumbling media

High density tumbling media helps to achieve an isotropic finish on the metal surface and is suitable for polishing and small burr removal.

6. 3P granule tumbling media

3P granule tumbling media comes in irregular shapes like stones and is useful for removing machine marks and for internal radiusing.

Mass Finishing Compound

LC -13 grinding compound is a vibratory deburring chemicals that is suited for both ferrous as well as non-ferrous parts. Best results when combined with plastic or ceramic media.

Rust inhibitor MC-8 is mixed along with iron parts for wet polishing as it protects the iron parts from getting rusted.

The cleaning compound HM-3 is a polishing compound that can be used on precious metals and other metal parts.

HX-0 compound helps to remove the oil, grease, and dirt from the parts. It is usually used during the vibratory finishing process.

HM-7C-A is a polishing compound that is capable of giving a mirror-like shine to steel parts.

The polishing paste HM-P is used along with the dry polishing. It is mostly used along with the walnut shell granules media.

Mass Finishing Machine

Inovatec offers a wide variety of mass finishing machines starting with the popular vibratory finishing machines to high-end fully automated mass finishing machines. These machines are designed to suit all your cleaning and part finishing needs.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Tumbling Media Manufacturer & Supplier
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Frequently Asked Questions
How is the quality of your barrel tumbler media?

All our products meet the international standard ISO 9001 and CE certification. In addition, we have a strict internal quality management system and workflow chart. Therefore, if there’s any quality issue, we can track the batch number and the operator.



How about the price?

We are the manufacturer so we can offer you the best possible price. Usually, big size media is cheaper than smaller size media.

What packaging do you use?

The tumbler machine stones are packed in wooden pallets. 25kg or 50 lbs per bag. The plastic woven bag can be printed with your logo and your own design if you have a full container.

What is payment term?

We do 30% payment in advance and balance payment before shipment. We also accept LC payment for bulk order. Other types of payment we can discuss case by case.

When is your delivery date?

The tumbler machine stone production time is about 10-20 days according to the size and quality of your order. Small size takes a longer time to cut.

Tumbler Machine Stones – FAQs

Do your business deal with the manufacturing and finishing of parts?

If yes, then you will be looking for the best quality tumbler machine stones for finishing.

This guide will help you to understand the use of tumbler machine stones in finishing and polishing parts.

It will also help you to invest in the right type of tumbler machine stones that match your parts.

tumbling media manufacturing (1)

1. What Are Tumbler Machine Stones?

The tumbler machine stones are the media mixed with the manufactured parts inside a tumbling machine for tumbling.

They are a fused mixture of abrasives with different types of materials.

The amount of abrasive content in a tumbler machine stone will also vary for different stones.

Figure 2. Choice of Media


2. What Is the Purpose of Using Tumbler Machine Stones?

Tumbler stones are used for the following purposes.


2.1 Support parts

They provide excellent support to the parts inside the finishing machine.

They restrict the unwanted movement of the parts inside the machine.


2.2 Prevent parts from hitting

The tumbler machine stones will be present in between two parts during tumbling.

They ensure that the parts don’t collide with one another.

Otherwise, the parts may get damaged due to the collision.

They also protect the part from hitting against the walls of the tumbler machine.

Thus, they protect the parts from damage.


2.3 Apply the abrasive effect to the parts

They are in constant contact with the parts inside the mass finishing machine.

So, they are responsible for applying the abrasive on the surface of the parts for cleaning and polishing.


3. Why Use Tumbler Stones?

Now, we will look at the role of tumbler stones in mass finishing.


3.1 Deburring

The tumbler stones help in the removal of burrs from the part.

Burrs are unwanted material deposits that are seen on the part surface after manufacturing.

vibratory finishing metal sheet deburring from machining


3.2 Degreasing

Some manufactured parts will have grease and dirt on the surface as a result of the manufacturing process.

So, you need to remove it from the part.

The tumbler machine stones help to remove the grease and oil through the degreasing process.


3.3 Descaling

The unwanted scales need to be removed from the part surface.

The abrasive tumbler machine stones help to remove them during the descaling process.


3.4 Surface Smoothening

The surface of the manufactured part will not be smooth.

It will have lots of rough patches.

So, you need to tumble it with the right tumbler stones to smoothen the part surface.


3.5 Edge Breaking

The edges of the manufactured part will have unwanted sharp edges.

You can remove these with the help of the edge breaking process.


3.6 Radiusing

The parts may have sharp corners as a result of the manufacturing process.

These unnecessary sharp corners can harm the user.

So, the tumbler machine stones help to remove these corners by rounding the corners.

This process is called radiusing.


3.7 Polishing

The final part needs to meet the finish requirement as per the design.

So, it needs to be polished.

This process happens in the last stage of the mass finishing process.

The polishing requirements vary for different parts.

So, you need to use the appropriate tumbler machine stones that match the polishing requirements.

vibratory burnishing stainless steel machining parts


3.8 Surface Preparation for Coating

There are some finish requirements for parts that have to undergo the painting or coating process.

The tumbler machine stones help to get the parts prepared for coating.


3.9 Pre-plating finishing

Some parts need to be electroplated after manufacturing.

So, you need to give a pre-plating finish to these parts.

Only then, the parts can be electroplated properly.

plastic media deburring and polishing


4. How to Select the Right Tumbler Machine Stones?

Let us look at the various factors that you need to consider in selecting the right deburring stone for tumbler machines.

You can use the list below as your tumbler machine stone buying checklist.


4.1 Part Shape

Tumbler stones are available in various shapes.

So, you must ensure that the shape you select must do the finishing process efficiently.

Ceramic Polishing Media


4.2 Part Size

The size of the part is another critical factor.

Bigger parts may demand smaller size media.

You should select the media size in such a way that the final separation process is easy, and the media shouldn’t get stuck in part.

Various types of tumbling media


4.3 Part Complexity

The complicated part will demand unique media shapes.

Otherwise, the media will not be able to reach all the surface areas in part.

It will result in an improper finish on the surface.

You can always get in touch with the Inovatec engineer who can help you to choose the right media in such cases.

tumbler media stone Mass Finishing Vibratory Media


4.4 Material of the Part

The material of the part is the most critical factor.

You will end up damaging the part if you use a hard abrasive tumbler machine stone for soft metal.

So, the strength of the media should match the hardness of the part.

steel laser cutting parts deburring


4.5 Part Manufacturing Process

Different manufacturing processes produce parts with different types of surfaces.

For example, if you are using a 3d printed part, then the surface of the part will be very rough.

So, you will need to remove more material from the surface to get the finished part.

So, try to match the tumbler stones with the manufacturing process to get the best finishing results.

laser cutting machine parts deburring


4.6 Mass Finishing Machine Type

All mass finishing machines may not support all types of media.

So, you need to ensure that the media you select is compatible with the type of your finishing machine.


4.7 Life and Durability of Tumbler Machine Stones

Always invest in tumbler machine stones with a long lifespan.

It allows you to use the same media many times for many years.

Thus, you can bring down the overall operational cost.

These stones must be durable and reliable.


4.8 Cost

You should ensure that the cost of the media is always within your budget.

The cost of the deburring stone for the tumbler machine depends on various factors like size, shape, and abrasiveness.

If you are looking for a custom shape or size, then it will cost you more.


4.9 Finishing Time

You should always try to bring down the finishing time.

It will help you to polish more parts at the same time.

But, this shouldn’t be done at the cost of finish quality.

Try to choose tumbler machine stones that will help you achieve a high-quality finish in the lowest possible time.


4.10 Cutting Rate

The cutting rate of deburring stone for tumbler is directly proportional to the abrasive content of the media.

A media with a higher cutting rate will cause more material removal.

It will help to lessen the finishing time.

So, if you are looking for more material removal in a short time, go for a higher abrasive grade media.


4.11 Ease of Separating Media From Parts

Sometimes, you will have to use large size media with small parts or small size media with large parts.

Whatever be the case, you must ensure that you can easily separate the parts from the media at the end of processing.

Otherwise, you will end up losing time in the separation process.

media and parts separation


4.12 Capability to Finish the Entire Part Surface

The deburring stone for tumbler machines should be capable of finishing the entire part surface.

It should reach all the surface areas of a part.

Only then, your mass finishing process will be effective.

Figure 4. Gear-Media Suitability


4.13 Should Not Get Stuck in Slots

If you have slots or holes in your part, ensure that the media doesn’t get stuck on these slots.

So, select the size and shape accordingly.

prevent parts lodging vibratory finishing


5. How to Use Tumbler Machine Stones?

Different mass finishing machines use various techniques for finishing parts.

But, the role of the tumbler machine stones remains the same.

You need to load the tumbling machine with the tumbler machine stones and the media in the appropriate ratio.

The machine will do the processing part.

You need to set the operating time based on your part finish requirements.

Once the process is over, you need to separate the media from the parts and store the media for future use.

Sometimes, you may have to dry the media properly if it is used in the wet polishing process.

You need to do the visual inspection of the media at regular intervals to ensure that it is fit for the next tumbling process.

You will have to discard tumbler machine stones that show signs of wear and tear or blackening in the case of organic media.


6. Do Tumbler Stones Support Wet Polishing?

Yes. Tumbler machine stones support the wet polishing of parts.

You can either use water or other recommended polishing liquid compounds for wet polishing.

When you are using water with media and parts mixture, make sure that the water’s pH is within the recommended value.

When you use the tumbler stones for wet polishing, then the abrasive action will be reduced.

The abrasive effect is directly proportional to the amount of liquid used.


7. What Type of Parts Can Be Finished With Tumbler Stones?

The deburring stone for tumbler machines is capable of finishing most parts made of plastic, metal, metal alloy, and ceramics.

Let us see the different types of parts based on their manufacturing processes that can be finished with the help of tumbler machine stones.


7.1 3d Printed Parts Surface Finishing

3d printed parts with a very rough surface after manufacturing can be tumbled using the right type of stones to get the desired finish.

Plastic PLA 3d printed parts surface finishing with plastic media


7.2 Aluminum Machined Parts Deburring

Most of the machined parts that are widely used in all sectors are made up of aluminum.

machined plastic acetate parts deburring and polishing


7.3 Zamak Die Casting Parts

The cost saving benefits of the Zamak die casting process have made more manufactures shift to this method for part manufacturing.

zamak belt buckle polishing


7.4 Laser Cut Parts Deburring

Laser cut metal parts are used in different sectors like mechanical, medical, automotive, household items, etc.

Steel laser cut parts deburring


7.5 Eyeglass Frame Injection Molding Parts Finishing

Plastic injection molding parts are used in our everyday life and many other sectors.

plastic eyeglass frame polishing with mass finishing equipment


8. What Are the Different Types of Tumbler Machine Stones Used for Finishing?

Inovatec machinery offers many varieties of tumbler machine stones.

Let us have a look at the different types of tumbler stones offered by Inovatec to their customers.


8.1 Ceramic Tumbling Media

The main ingredient of ceramic media is aluminum oxide, along with abrasives.

You can use it for deburring, descaling, surface smoothening, and polishing of hard metals.

It is beneficial to bring down the finishing time through its aggressive material removal feature.

vibratory polishing with ceramic polishing media


8.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

If you are planning to polish a soft metal or metal alloy part, then you can use plastic tumbling media.

It is useful for the deburring, degreasing, descaling, and polishing of soft metals.

It is best suited for intricate and fragile parts.

plastic media vibratory finishing and deburring


8.3 Steel Tumbling Media

Steel media have a higher life when compared to other media since there is no wear and tear.

They are perfect for burnishing, degreasing, deburring, and polishing of parts.

They are used with stronger metals, and they consume very less processing time.

brass parts vibratory ball burnishing with steel tumbling media


8.4 Porcelain Tumbling Media

Porcelain media is zero abrasive media and is used mainly for polishing.

It works best when you use it along with water for polishing.

It can help you get a mirror-like shine on metal parts if you use it along with wet polishing.



8.5 Zirconia Balls

Zirconia balls are strong and robust media that are used for precision polishing of metal and metal alloys.

They have very high life since they are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and temperature-resistant.

So, it is a cost-effective media option.

They are very effective to create a shiny finish on the part surface.

ZTA Zirconia toughen alumina grinding media


9. How Much Time Will It Take for Processing Using Tumbler Machine Stones?

The time taken by tumbler machine stones for finishing parts varies.

It depends on many factors like the material type of the part, tumbler stone type, finish requirements, tumbling machine type, and manufacturing process of the part.


10. Are Tumbler Stones Expensive?

Different types of tumbler machine stones will have different prices.

The price will vary with the material type, size, shape, and the cutting grade of the stone.

You can get it at a discounted rate if you place an order for a large quantity.


11. What Are the Different Types of Mass Finishing Machines Supported by Tumbler Stones?

Let us look at the different mass finishing machines offered by Inovatec, which support tumbler machine stones.


11.1 Vibratory finishing machines

Vibratory finishing is the most popular mass finishing machine that can do almost all typical finishing processes.

It uses the vibratory force of the tumbler machine stones on the parts for finishing.

vibratory deburring machine with separator


11.2 Barrel Tumbling Machines

The tumbler stones are rotated along with the parts inside the barrel of a barrel tumbling machine for deburring, cleaning, and finishing.

economic rotary barrel finishing machine_meitu_11


11.3 Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines

Centrifugal disc finishing machine is used for the burr removal and surface smoothening of small and medium-size parts.



11.4 Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machines

You can use the tumbler machine stones with a centrifugal barrel finishing machine if you want to accelerate the process and thereby bringing down the finishing time.

centrifugal barrel finishing machine


11.5 Vibratory Dryer Machines

Vibratory dryers use drying media like corn cob or walnut shell grit for drying the parts.

Vibratory dryer


12. How to Increase the Life of Tumbler Stones?

Lists the factors that can help to improve the life of tumbling stones


12.1 Invest in High-Quality Tumbling Machine Stones

The life of the deburring stone for the tumbler machine is always dependent on its quality.

So, always invest in high-quality media.

The strict measures taken by Inovatec during the manufacturing process of media ensure that the media from Inovatec is of very high quality.


12.2 Proper Selection of Shape

Complex shapes and media that have pointed corners will have less life when compared to the others.

It is mainly due to the wear and tear happening due to frequent use.

A ball-shaped plastic media will have more life than a lens-shaped one in the same size range.


12.3 Use with the Right Type of Parts

If your business deal with multiple types of parts, then don’t try to use the same media across all the pieces.

It will affect your finishing as well as bring down the tumbler stone life.

So, see to it that you use the right tumbler stones with the right part.


12.4 Bigger the Size Better the Life

Always try to go for big size tumbler machine stones if it allows you.

The advantage of big size ones is that you can use them many more times when compared to the smaller ones.

But, make sure that it does a high-quality finishing.

Thus, you can get tumbler stones with more life.


13. How the Shape and Size of Tumbler Machines Stones Impact the Mass Finishing Process?

Inovatec offers media in various shapes and sizes.

Some of the common shapes include ball, pyramid, cylinders, cone, lens, tristar, angle cut cylinders, etc.

If the part doesn’t have any slots, then the ball shape can do a perfect finishing job.

For parts with crevices or slots, you will have to depend on different shapes like a tristar, lens, and other shapes.

You will be able to reach the whole surface area of the parts by only using specific shapes.

You can either go for a small size media or large size ones.

Small size can easily reach the slots in parts for deburring and finishing.

If you are going for a small size media, then the size of the media should be less than 1/3rd of the smallest slot size in part.

Otherwise, the media may get stuck, and the efficiency of finishing will be compromised.


14. How the Abrasiveness of the Stones Affects the Tumbling Process?

Inovatec machinery offers tumbler stones of different cutting grades.

Stones with higher abrasiveness will remove more material from the surface.

So, use it only for parts that demand heavy material removal.

But, such media will help to reduce the overall processing time of the machine.

Lower cutting grades are suitable for surface smoothening and polishing purposes.


15. Is It Good to Invest in Cheap Tumbler Stones?

Never waste your money on cheap tumbler machine stones.

You may feel that you have made good savings by purchasing cheap ones.

But, these stones may have other impacts like an increase in finishing time and damaging the parts while polishing.

So, you will end up spending more once you start processing.

The life of such media will be very less.

So, always invest in high-quality media that comes at a reasonable price.


16. What Quantity of Tumbler Machine Stones Is Needed for Your Parts?

The exact quantity of tumbler machine stones for finishing varies for different parts and machines.

Generally, you will need three times the quantity of parts for an effective tumbling process.

If you are finishing one part alone in a chamber, then you can use more quantity to fill the chamber.


17. Which Tumbler Machine Stones to Use for Anodized Aluminum?

You can use walnut grit for tumbling with anodized aluminum.

It will help to remove the minor burrs without damaging the part.

Other media may damage the anodized aluminum part.



Now, you know the importance of using tumbler machine stones for mass finishing.

So, make sure that you select the right type of stones for finishing your parts.

It will really help to take your manufacturing and polishing parts business to new heights.

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