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Inovatec offers different varieties of tumbling machines. The rotary tumbling machine and the vibratory tumbling machine are the two popular variants. Inovatec also provides automation options of various levels and optional design features with these machines. The strict manufacturing process followed by Inovatec guarantees tumbling machines of very high quality.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

The vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec is the most popular tumbling machine, capable of doing most of the finishing processes.

2. Rotary metal parts tumbler

The industrial rotary tumbler machine guarantees quality finish through its slow process. It is an economical option to tumble parts with the help of rotary tumbler media.

5. Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

Desktop vibratory tumbler is a small and compact tumbling machine. It is best suited for tumbling small part quantities and occupies very little space.

6. Economic small vibratory tumbler

Inovatec offers Economic vibratory tumbler for small scale industries. It is an economical solution for tumbling and finishing parts.

Optional Design & Setting

The Prominent Dosing pump helps to feed the compound to the vibratory bowl. It is a closed loop compound dosing system.

Bosch Rexroth Variable speed converter helps to vary the vibration amplitude during the tumbling process.

The vibratory machine will generate lots of noise due to the bowl vibrations. The sound proof cover will help to reduce this noise to an extent.

The manual separation handle is very useful for parts separation from the tumbling media. The vibratory tumbler media size should be smaller than the part size for this handle to work properly.

The pneumatic separation gate helps in the automatic separation of parts from the media after the completion of the finishing process.

The reverse separation option helps to separate the small size parts from the big size media.

Tumbling Media

Inovatec offers a wide variety of high-quality media for tumbling. You need to ensure that you select the right type of tumbling media that matches the part material for finishing. The different tumbling media includes ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, silicon carbide, porcelain, and organic media.

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Frequently Asked Question
What is the MOQ for your tumbling machine?

Our rumbler tumbling machine MOQ is 1 pcs.

How do you make the packaging?

We use a wooden box to protect the machine during the shipment. The wooden box is fermented and follows all international standard for export.

How is your payment term?

We can do Paypal, West Union, Alibaba payment as well as TT, LC. We can also discuss the payment term according to your project.

How long do you need to prepare the goods?

The lead time to prepare the machine depends on machine size and design. Usually, we need 20-25 days to prepare the machines. For an urgent order, we can also do in 7-14 days.

What is the nearest port?

The closest port from our factory are Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu Port. We also ship to other locations per your requirement.

Tumbling Machine- Definitive Guide

Are you looking for solutions to improve the finishing and polishing process in your manufacturing industry?

If yes, then this guide is for you.

You will understand the benefits of using a deburring tumbler machine for finishing over the tedious manual polishing methods.

This guide will also help you to pick the right media and tumbling machine for your finishing needs.

You will also learn about the different tumbling machines and tumbling media options offered by Inovatec and their use.

vibratory deburring machine with separator

1. What Is Tumbling?

Tumbling is the method of finishing parts by making it rub with the abrasive media.

It is the most common technique employed by most of the mass finishing process for finishing parts.

Figure 3 - Deburring metal parts with magnetic polishing machine


2. What Is A Tumbling Machine?

A parts tumbler machine is the equipment inside which the parts to be finished are made to tumble with the mass finishing media.

Inovatec uses two types of tumbling techniques in their tumbling machines.

Rotary tumbling Barrel Polishing Machine


2.1 Vibratory Tumbling Machine

A typical vibratory tumbling machine will have a hemispherical bowl open at the top side.

This bowl is balanced by a network of springs at the bottom.

The bowl is connected to an unbalanced motor.

There will be a control box where you can vary the different parameters.

R620 German Rosler Design vibratory industrial vibratory tumbling machine


2.2 Barrel Tumbling Machine

The industrial barrel tumbler deburring machine will have a barrel that is designed to rotate along the central axis.

This barrel is connected to a motor for the rotation.

The machines will either have a single barrel or multiple barrels.

Double barrel tumbling machine


3. How Does a Tumbling Machine Work?

We will explain the working of both the variants of tumbling machines.

It will help you to decide which process is suited for tumbling your parts.


3.1 Vibratory Tumbling Machine Working

The industrial vibratory tumbler machine works on the principle of vibration.

Here, the motor makes the bowl vibrate.

This vibration of the bowl, in turn, vibrates the tumbling media and the parts inside the bowl.

Thus, the media will be rubbing the part continuously for material removal and does the job.


3.2 Barrel Tumbling Machine Working

Here, the media and the parts are loaded into the barrel tumbler.

This barrel will start rotating in the central axis.

The parts will slide along with the abrasive media as a result of this rotation.

Thus, the finishing process is done.


4. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Tumbling Machine?

Let us look at the various advantages of using a tumbling machine over the traditional manual finishing methods.

It will tell you why you must invest in a tumbling machine for tumbling metal parts.


4.1 Cost Effective Solution

The cost of the finishing solution decides everything in the manufacturing industry.

The manual method of finishing needs lots of laborers, equipment, and labor training.

So, you will have to invest in all these.

But, you will need only a one-time investment on any of the Inovatec tumbling machines and suitable tumbling media.

You can efficiently run the machine with the help of a single operator.

Thus, investing in a metal polishing tumbler machine is a cost effective option in the long run.

jewelry polishing machine manually


4.2 Time Saver

It will take lots of time to clean and polish parts using the manual method since only one part can be polished at a time.

Inovatec metal tumbler machines allow you to polish multiple parts at a time.

Thus, it will help you to save your valuable time.

vibratory finishing machine ready for shipment


4.3 Batch Processing Feature

If you have multiple sets of different parts, you will have to process it separately in the case of other metal polishing tumbler machines.

But, Inovatec machines come with the batch processing feature.

It allows you to process different sets of parts separately at the same time in one machine.

high density isotropic finishing media polishing brass parts isotropic superfinishing machine


4.4 Guarantee High-Quality Part Finish

Manual finishing methods can’t guarantee high-quality finish across all the parts.

There will be some inconsistency in the finish in some of the parts.

Inovatec tumbler machines guarantee high-quality finish across all the parts.

You need to make sure to use the correct finishing media with the parts.

precision parts surface finishing


4.5 Low Maintenance

When you invest in a machine, then you will be worried about the maintenance part.

The maintenance work of all Inovatec tumbling machines can be quickly done using the standard maintenance kit.

You don’t have to invest in any particular tool or training for the maintenance works.

centrifugal barrel finishing machine internal design


4.6 No Skilled Labor Dependency

You need to train your laborers if you are using the manual method for finishing parts.

You can get a good quality finished parts only with the help of skilled laborers.

You can completely remove the skilled labor dependency on polishing parts by using an Inovatec tumbler machine.

Here, the product quality is independent of operator skills.

wheel vibratory finishing


4.7 Reusable Media Options

All the different media options from Inovatec are reusable ones.

So, you can use the tumbling media multiple times.

Certain types of media come with more life, especially inorganic ones.

So, if you invest in such type of media, then you can use the media for many years.

Polishing gears reduces wear and increases power trough tub vibratory finishing


4.8 To Get Desired Finish

The finish requirements vary across parts.

Some parts will need a matte type of finish, whereas others may require glossy.

The level of finish also varies for these two types of finish.

Some parts need a mirror-like glossy finish.

The metal polishing tumbler machines from Inovatec help you to get the required finish with the help of tumbling media and polishing compounds.

3d printed plastic parts tumble finishing before and after


4.9 To Avoid Part Rejection

Part rejection will be more in the case of a manual finishing process.

If the part rejection rate is more, then it will bring down the profit of your manufacturing business.

The damage free finishing with the help of Inovatec tumbling machines helps to avoid part rejection due to the tumbling machine process.

prevent parts lodging vibratory finishing


4.10 To Increase Part Life

Improper deburring or polishing can damage the parts.

It will, in turn, affect the durability and the life of the part.

All the metal polishing tumbler machines from Inovatec ensures high-quality finishing that helps to increase the part life.


4.11 Avoids Collision between parts.

If the tumbling process is not proper, then the parts inside the machine can collide against each other.

It will damage the parts and may make it unusable if the parts are delicate.

Inovatec machines help to avoid the part to part collision using various techniques.

plastic parts deburring in vibratory tub vibratory trough finishing machine


5. What Are The Different Processes That Happens Inside A Tumbling Machine?

You can do different types of finishing processes using a tumbling machine.

The typical processes that happen inside a tumbling machine are given below.


5.1 Deburring

Deburring is the process of removing the unwanted material deposit from the edges and corners of the manufactured part.

vibratory finishing metal sheet deburring from machining


5.2 Degreasing

Sometimes, the manufactured part may contain grease or another oily layer on the top.

It happens because of the part manufacturing process.

Degreasing is the process of removing the oil and grease from the surface of the parts.


5.3 Descaling

The process of removing the unwanted scales from the part surface is called descaling.


5.4 Edge Breaking

Edge breaking is the process of breaking the sharp unwanted edges of a manufactured part.


5.5 Radiusing

Radiusing is the process of smoothening the corners of a part to make it safe for handling.


5.6 Polishing

The final part needs to meet the specific finish requirement.

Polishing is the process of finishing the surface of the part according to the finish requirements.

vibratory burnishing stainless steel machining parts


5.7 Parts Drying

If wet polishing is employed in the final stage of the finishing process, you need to dry the parts.

You can dry the parts by tumbling it with appropriate drying media.

corn cob tumbling media brass parts vibratory dryer machine


6.What Are The Different Tumbling Machines Offered By Inovatec?

Inovatec offers a wide variety of tumbling machines that cater to the need of most of the industries.

So, let us look at the different tumbling machines offered by Inovatec.


6.1 Vibratory Finishing Machine

The vibratory finishing machine is the most preferred choice of tumbling machine for metal parts.

It comes with lots of additional fittings and setting options.

You can use it for deburring, rust removal, surface smoothening, and polishing.

Inovatec provides vibratory finishing machines of different capacities.

Figure 1 - Industrial Vibratory Tumbler


6.2 Rotary Barrel Tumbler Machine

Rotary barrel tumbler machines are easy to use machines that produce very little noise when compared to the vibratory finishing machines.

They are cost effective and can handle delicate parts.

The finishing time will be more for a barrel tumbling machine.

Inovatec offers different variants of barrel tumbler machines.

Rotary barrel tumbler machine olive shape


6.3 Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

Desktop vibratory tumbler is suitable for descaling, deburring, cleaning, and polishing of small parts.

It is also a cost effective solution which is useful if you are dealing with small part quantity.

You can achieve all levels of finish in a desktop vibratory tumbler with the help of right abrasive media.

They come in different capacities.

vibratory tumbler machine packaging


6.4 Economic Vibratory Tumbler

If you are looking for an economical solution for your tumbling needs, then the economic vibratory tumbler is for you.

This machine is a starter’s kit for customers who run small workshops.

It is capable of doing all types of processing, like deburring, descaling, degreasing, polishing, etc.

You can also use it as a professional rock tumbler or rock polisher.


7.What Types Of Parts Are Supported By Tumbling Machine?

Industrial tumbler machines from Inovatec are capable of tumbling parts made of plastic, metal, metal alloys, and ceramics.

The list of supported parts based on their manufacturing process is given below.


7.1 3d Printed Parts Finishing

3d printed parts are gaining more popularity now because of the ease of manufacturing.


7.2 Machined Parts

Machined parts are mostly made of aluminum and are used in many sectors.


7.3 Laser Cut Parts Deburring

Any Inovatec tumbling machine for metal parts can be used to finish Steel laser cut parts.


7.4 Die Casting Parts

Parts made using the Zamak die casting technique is getting popular these days because of its ability to manufacture large volume for a lower cost.


7.5 Plastic Injection Molding Parts Descaling

Plastic injection molding parts are widely used in the medical, automotive, mechanical, and electronics fields.


8. What Is Tumbling Media?

The tumbling media is an essential part of a tumbling process.

It is responsible for tumble finishing the part with the help of the tumbling machine.

They are a fused mixture of different materials with abrasives.

They are also responsible for keeping the parts separate from one another and protecting the part from hitting the walls of the container.

tumbling media manufacturing (1)


9. What Are The Different Tumbling Media Offered By Inovatec?

Inovatec offers a wide variety of tumbling media for the customers.

They are available in different shapes, sizes, and abrasiveness.

So, let us look at the various tumbling media options from Inovatec.


9.1 Ceramic Tumbling Media

Aluminum oxide is the main ingredient of a ceramic media along with abrasives.

So. it is some times referred to as aluminum oxide tumbling media.

It is an all-purpose media that can deburr and finish most of the parts.

The higher density of ceramic media makes it an excellent choice for finishing heavy metal parts.

It helps to reduce the processing time with aggressive material removal from the parts.

crusioning of ceramic tumbling media


9.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

Plastic media contains abrasives along with polyester resins.

You can use plastic tumbling media for aluminum parts.

They are useful for deburring, cleaning, and finishing of soft metals like brass or aluminum.

It is useful for surface preparation if you are planning to coat/ paint the part.

You will not get a shiny finish using plastic media.

plastic media deburring and polishing


9.3 Porcelain Tumbling Media

Porcelain media does not contain any abrasive materials.

It is usually used in the last stage of the finishing process.

It is more effective when used with wet polishing with water or any other recommended polishing compounds.



9.4 Organic Tumbling Media

The two popularly used organic media are corn cob granules and walnut media.

You can go for coarse or fine walnut media.

They are generally used as the drying media.

You can use it multiple times.

But, their life is less when compared to other media.



9.5 Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

Inovatec offers different grades of stainless steel media in various shapes.

The short processing time of stainless steel media and its longer lifespan makes it attractive to many customers.

You can use stainless steel tumbling media fo brass parts and for tumbling jewelry parts.

brass parts vibratory ball burnishing with steel tumbling media


9.6 Silicon Carbide Tumbling Media

Silicon carbide is a powerful media and has a very high cutting rate.

So, you should not use it with soft metals.

You can use it for aggressive material removal on hard metals in a short time.

You can use it for many years as there is no significant wear and tear.


10.How To Select The Right Tumbling Media?

The right type of tumbling media can bring you the best quality finish in less time.

So, let us see how to select the right tumbling media.


10.1 Media Shape

The shape of the media is one of the vital parameters.

Inovatec offers media shapes like a pyramid, tetrahedron, ball, cylinder, lens, etc.

You can also get straight cut and angle cut versions of specific shapes.

The angle cut versions are useful to reach the holes and hard to reach areas in part.

The regular cylinder and ball shapes are suitable for outer surface finishing.

Ceramic Polishing Media


10.2 Media Size

The size of the media can be either bigger or smaller than the part size.

If you have a complicated part with many holes, then you can go for a smaller media with a size of less than one-third of the smallest hole in the part.

You must ensure that the media shouldn’t get stuck in the holes while processing.

ceramic tumbling media of all types


10.3 Media Cutting Rate

Inovatec machinery provides media with different cutting rates.

You can use a higher cutting rate media for aggressive material removal and reduce the overall processing time.

Lower cutting media are suitable for surface smoothening and polishing.

Sometimes, you will have a part with a complex structure that demands custom media shape and size.

You can always get it done by placing a request with us.


11.What Are The Things To Check Before Buying A Tumbling Machine?

You need to check certain things before buying a tumbling machine for metal parts.

We will list down the buying factors that will help you to choose the right metal polishing tumbler machine that matches your requirement.


11.1 Operating Voltage Specs

You need to ensure that the voltage specifications of the tumbling machine match your country’s grid specifications.

Some countries will have a 110V,60Hz grid, and others will have a 220V, 50Hz grid.

Some machines may need 3 phase supply for its operation.


11.2 Load Capacity

You should have a clear understanding of the part quantity you are planning to clean and polish.

It will help you to derive the required tumbler capacity of the machine.


11.3 Cost of the Machine

The cost of the machine must be within your budget.

You may also need to invest in the additional fittings and options for the machine.


11.4 Cost of the Tumbling Media

You need to take the cost of the finishing media also into account.

The machine alone will not help to tumble the parts.

The total tumbling cost includes the price of media also.


11.5 Lifespan of the Tumbling Media

You should select a media with a higher life.

It will help you to use the same media multiple times for many years.

Thus, you can reduce media wastage also.


11.6 Finishing Time

Some media will take more finishing time than others.

So, try to select media with the lowest possible finishing time.

But, you need to ensure that the quality of tumbling is not compromised.

The finishing time also varies for different variants of these machines.


11.7 Media and Part Separation Ease

Inovatec provides various options for separating the parts from the media.

You can consider investing in any of these options to simplify the separation process.


11.8 Life of the Tumbling Machine

All tumbler machines come with a specific lifespan.

So, you need to ensure that you select one with a higher life.

Thus, you can use it for many years.


11.9 Maintenance Cost of the Machine

You must try to keep the maintenance cost as minimum as possible.

It includes the maintenance cost of the machine as well as the media.

The maintenance cost is low for all Inovatec tumbler machines.


11.10 Type of Machine

Inovatec offers machines that work on two principles.

One is the vibratory tumbler machine and the other barrel tumbler machine.

You can choose any of the machines based on your preference.


11.11 Size Occupied by the Tumbling machine

You need to look at the size of the tumbling machine.

It is to ensure that you have sufficient space to accommodate the machine in your place.


11.12 Ease of Use

Try to avoid machines with a complicated operating procedure.

Always go for machines that are easy to use and maintain.


12. What is the Difference Between Wet Tumbling and Dry Tumbling?


12.1 Dry Tumbling

Dry tumbling is the process of tumbling manufactured parts with the tumbling media alone.


12.2 Wet Tumbling

If you add any liquid compound to the media and parts for tumbling, it is called wet tumbling.

In the case of wet tumbling, the finishing media acts as the carrier of the liquid compound.


13. How To Increase The Life Of A Tumbling Machine?

We will share some useful tips which you can use to increase the life of a tumbling machine.


13.1 Operate the Machine within the Max Load Capacity

If you try to load the machine with parts and media exceeding its capacity, you are putting the machine under more stress.

It can bring down the life of the machine drastically.

So, avoid overloading the machines.


13.2 Maintenance

You should do regular maintenance for all the tumbling machines.

It helps you to ensure that the machine is in excellent condition all the time.

Never delay/skip maintenance activities.


13.3 Operate within limits.

A vibratory machine will come with maximum values for speed, frequency, and amplitude.

So, operate the machine within these values.

A barrel tumbling machine will have a maximum speed limit, and you should not cross this value.


14. What Is The Price Of A Tumbling Machine?

The price of a metal polishing tumbling machine depends on the capacity and features of the machine.

So, machines with more features and higher capacities will cost more.

The price of a high-end tumbler machine can go all the way up to $20,0000.


15. How To Do The Maintenance Of A Tumbling Machine?

You need to ensure that the PU lining inside the container is in good shape by visual inspection.

Otherwise, the part may get damaged by a hit against the metal container.

You should apply grease to the machines at regular intervals for smooth operation.

Make sure that the axis of rotation is aligned correctly for a barrel tumbler.

In the case of the vibratory machine, ensure that the springs that hold the bowl are in good shape.

You can follow the detailed set of model-specific instructions shared in the maintenance manual.


16. How To Increase The Efficiency Of A Tumbling Machine?

We will share some useful tips to increase the efficiency of a tumbling machine.


16.1 Media to Part Ratio

The best media to the part ratio that you can follow is a 3:1 ratio.

If you change this ratio, you will see an increase in processing time or risking the parts to collide against the tumbler walls.


16.2 Operating Load

It is one of the critical factors that affect the efficiency of the whole process.

You should ensure to operate the machine in 80-90 percent of the specified load limit for a vibratory machine.

The load limit for a barrel tumbler will be 50 percent or less of the total barrel capacity.


16.3 Speed of Operation

Always operate the machine at speed slightly lower (80-90 percent) than the maximum specified speed limit.


16.4 Right Type of Tumbling Media

The right media will ensure that the processing time is kept to the minimum.

Thus, you can get more finished parts at the same time.


16.5 Amplitude of Operation

For the vibratory machines, you have the option to vary the amplitude.

You can go for a higher amplitude of vibrations if you are looking for more material removal.


16.6 Quantity of Liquid in Wet Polishing

The amount of the liquid compound depends on the material type of the media.

You must ensure to maintain the correct ratio between the media and the polishing compound to ensure that the polishing is done efficiently.

If you are looking for a fine finish, then you can add more liquid.

Use less quantity of liquid compounds to achieve a fast cutting rate.


17. How To Install An Inovatec Tumbling Machine?

The installation procedure varies for different types of tumbling machines.

For vibratory machines, you will receive a control box and a vibratory bowl.

You need to connect the control box to the grid as per the wiring instructions in the manual.

The control box also needs to be connected to the bowl.

You can follow the instruction manual received along with the barrel tumbler machine for its installation.



Now, you know the benefits of using Inovatec tumbling machines for metal parts polishing.

If you invest in the right machine with the right media, then you can increase the overall productivity in your finishing process.

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