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  • Even and detailed surface finish
  • Suitable for finishing turbines, gears, orthopedics, and performance equipment
  • High-quality tumbling media for maximum results
  • Proper chemicals to ensure an even finish with surface reactivity
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Inovatec Machinery China’s Best Isotropic REM Polishing Machine Manufacturer

The REM polishing or ISF process utilizes an isotropic superfinishing machine. It’s nothing but a vibratory process but infused with chemicals and ceramic media. The media has to be highly dense to do the job properly.

As a result, the superfinishing process creates a low Ra surface on the workpiece. The process is also known as chemically accelerated vibratory finishing. The only difference between a regular vibratory process and the accelerated process is the active chemicals.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

The VBS (B) vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec is perfect for REM superfinishing medium-sized parts along with the media separation.

4. VBA vibratory deburring machine 2

VB (A) is a series of vibratory finishers and they have amazing burnishing capabilities. It’s perfect for big-sized workpieces.

5. TVBA tub vibratory finishing machine 2

TVB (A) is a tub vibratory machine. Tub vibrators are used for long parts like crankshaft or connecting rods superfinishing.

2. Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine 1

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines are crucial to achieving maximum efficiency. These REM polishing machines are the best in class.

Optional Design & Setting

The dosing pump is present to pump the necessary chemicals inside the superfinishing machine to accelerate the process. You can get one with an LED display that shows frequency, delivery, and suction values.

The Frequency Converter is from Bosch and is used for variable frequency, vibration intensity and adjusting the amplitude. It’s a great addition to the REM polishing machine.

The lid is optional. You can stop the chemicals from splashing out and lower the noise level made by the machine by at least 10-15 dB.

Go for the manual separation handle to quickly separate the media from parts.

The separation gate can be used to quickly collect the parts. The gate is controlled with compressed air.

It works as the name suggests. If you use large media with small size parts in a REM polishing machine, the reverse separation option will come in handy.

Isotropic Superfinishing Media

Isotropic superfinishing requires precise media to work flawlessly. In fact, REM polishing machines cannot work without it. Particularly, high-density ceramic media. Inovatec has all sizes and shapes of high-density ceramic media like triangular media, cylindrical media, etc.

Inovatec Machinery – When You Think Superfinishing Machinery, Think Inovatec!
  • Less friction, less vibration, and less noise between the parts
  • Deburring, polishing, and smoothing in one continuous process
  • Prolong the life of the components
  • Reduced energy footprint and environment-friendly
Frequently Asked Questions
How many REM polishing machine can I buy?

The minimum order quantity is one. You can buy as many as you want as long as you have the time and patience.

Why should I buy from you?

Inovatec Machinery is an industry leader in terms of equipment manufacturing in China. We have over 25 years of experience. We manufacture the best quality machines and media in our own 20000 square meters factory.

What are the payment terms?

Usually, we take 30% of the payment as advance to confirm your order. Then you pay the rest once the manufacturing is done and we’re ready to ship.

How fast can I get my REM polishing machine?

We can send it to you in just a matter of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

What are the general locations you can ship?

We send the products anywhere either via sea or air. It can take up to 30 days depending on the conditions.

REM Polishing Machine

The role of the chemicals during the REM polishing is to corrode the material so the surface becomes a low roughness one – approximately 0.002 Ra. As a result, the surface of the part becomes smooth with enhanced parts’ performance.

The REM finishing also reduces the probability of wear and tear which prolongs the parts’ life and improves resistance against corrosion.

One of the perks of REM polishing is that it can be done with vibratory tumblers or centrifugal finishers. Whether it’s a bowl or a tub, it doesn’t matter.

high density media polishing brass parts

REM polishing or isotropic finishing, whatever you like to call it, is one of the best ways to polish metal parts. It can be gears, automobile parts, turbines, crankshafts, or anything you can imagine.

Inovatec is the leading manufacturer of REM polishing machines in China. We make the highest quality machines to fit your polishing needs. You can process the parts as wish. You can order custom equipment as well.

gear parts before and after polishing

The advantages you get from our machines:

  • Decreased wear, friction, and noise
  • Prolonged life of the parts
  • Operates at a lower temperature
  • Greater parts performance
  • Works longer before fatiguing
  • Low maintenance parts
  • Improved loading weight

high density tumbling media

Inovatec has been in the manufacturing business for 20 years. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the right equipment for their surface finishing and all other mass finishing needs.

We offer to process your parts for free as a sample beforehand. You can order only if you like the results. Get in touch with us and get a quick estimate now!


REM Polishing Machine FAQ Guide

1. What is a REM polishing machine?

An isotropic REM polishing machine is a mass finishing machine that uses a unique super finish process to finish workpieces.

The final surface becomes a non-directional low roughness one.

Along with the regular vibratory or centrifugal process, it uses active chemicals to accelerate the process.

It helps to give an isotropic super finish to the parts with the help of the tribo finishing process.

It’s crucial to use non-abrasive and high-density media in order to get the best results from a REM polishing process. The REM finishing equipment is capable to work on parts below 0.25 µm or nominally 10 µin.

REM-polished bearings and other machined parts will have a great finish.

This machine is widely used for superfinishing crankshafts of engines.


2. What are the parts found in an isotropic superfinishing machine?

Isotropic superfinishing machines are quite similar in form and constituents to vibratory finishing machines.

If you think that isotropic finishing equipment is something from the future, you’d be wrong. It looks very similar to your regular vibratory finishing machines. In addition, there would be a dosing pump that provides the active chemical to corrode the parts.

The components of an isotropic finishing machine are:

The Machine:

It’s the tub or bowl where the parts are going to be polished. There is a motor that causes the vibration and some other interconnected intricate parts to let the machine do its job.

The Compound:

In most cases, there is a compound added to the mix to help reduce the corrosion of the parts, the machine surface, and the media. The chemical is also a compound that accelerates the process and balances the scale.

The Media:

The media is probably the most important component of an isotropic superfinishing machine. The media is a substance of non-abrasive property that rubs against the workpieces to smoothen the surface.

The types of media will be determined depending on your goals. There are a number of isotropic superfinishing media that works with different materials.

ceramic high density tumbling media


3. How does the REM polishing machine work?

The REM polishing is a vibratory finishing process but infused with active chemicals. So, you can call it a vibratory finishing process. It uses high-density and non-abrasive media along with isotropic finishing chemicals to create a super even surface on the workpieces.

The isotropic superfinishing process can finish a wide variety of parts. It can be crankshafts, camshafts, medical equipment, valve springs, bearings, aerospace parts, dental parts, and basically everything else.

The parts are put on the bowl or the tub of the vibratory finishing machine. It can be a centrifugal disc finishing machine as well. After the parts, the rem polishing media and the compound are added. It’s a two-step process that is done in the same machine.

First, the parts are chemically coated for a soft conversion coating. Once the parts start rotating or vibrating inside the machine, the coating is ground and bare metal is exposed. Once all of the parts go through the same process, the next phase starts.

In the next phase, an alkaline burnishing compound is released inside the machine. This soap-like chemical helps remove the residue or any other particles from the surface of the parts. After the phases are completely done, you’ll be left with a batch of shiny and polished parts.

isotropic surface finishing diagram explanation


4. What can I do with an isotropic superfinishing machine?

The characteristic that differentiates isotropic superfinishing machines is the ability to create a superfine surface finish. Vibratory and centrifugal isotropic finishing processes do a decent job but when precision becomes key, there is no alternative to a REM polishing machine.

These machines can do a variety of things to the surface of the parts including polishing, deburring, burnishing, etc. Let’s take a look at them:


One of the primary goals of the REM polishing process is to create an everlasting luster on the surface of the parts. If you manage to use the right media in the right context, you’ll be amazed by the results.


Deburring is a much-required process no matter what the parts are. And isotropic superfinishing machines are widely used to achieve the necessary deburring results. The machine removes sharp edges, smoothens the corners, and make the parts smoother before the polishing.

rem process discription


5. Why is an isotropic superfinishing machine different from other mass finishing machines?

One important characteristic of the metal is that when two metal pieces come in contact with each other, they create friction, stress, and heat. These characteristics are directly related to the performance of the parts.

Over time, the stress and friction weaken the internal bonding of the metal molecules. It’s a massive issue when it comes to delicate parts like aerospace parts, automotive parts, or industrial equipment. These parts require high resistance against fatigue to work efficiently.

All these stated issues can be solved with the help of REM polishing. The stress is reduced from the parts and the wear resistance goes higher. It’s also essential to choose machined or ground workpieces for the applications.

With the mass finishing processes conventionally in place, it’s possible to finish surfaces down to 16 microinches. But with the isotropic superfinishing process, it’s possible to go down to 2 RA. It’s a direct impact on the lifespan of the parts.

As a result of the REM polishing, the life of the parts can increase up to a whopping 300%. It’s all thanks to the reduction in friction and enhanced rolling contact.


6. What type of workpieces is perfect for the isotropic superfinishing process?

Isotropic superfinishing machines or REM polishing machines are held very high up in the mass finishing industry for their ability to work on a wide variety of products. The machine is packed with modern features that make them the best choice for any mass finishing job.

You can polish motor parts like shafts, crankshafts, gears, and transmission parts. You can also process delicate parts like aerospace blades, propellers of boats, and compressors. It doesn’t matter what is the size or shape of your parts, you can do REM polishing on them.


7. What are the industrial applications of an isotropic superfinishing machine?

Isotropic superfinishing machines are very versatile. They can reduce the roughness of any metal surface to a significant level. Let’s look at some of the industrial uses of the machine.

Defense and Aerospace:

Defense equipment is a very crucial investment for any country. So, it’s mandatory that the quality of the equipment is top of the line. So, isotropic superfinishing is widely used in the defense equipment industry to ensure maximum precision.

The same goes for the aerospace industry. One mistake in the finishing can prove to be fatal. So, the isotropic superfinishing machines are widely used in the aerospace industry as well. These parts include jet engine parts, engine propeller, turbines, etc.

turbine blade drag finishing superfinishing


Automotive Industry:

Another huge industry where REM polishing machines are used is the automotive industry. Automotive parts go under tremendous pressure during each cycle. So, it’s crucial to increase the fatigue resistance of those parts.

Parts like pistons, connecting rods, cylinder heads, gears, transmissions, engine heads, etc. are most prone to damage if the polishing isn’t done properly.

Motorsports is a big part of the automotive industry. Parts used in motorsports are very likely to breakdown under heavy load. So, those parts are finished using the REM polishing machines. Parts like hydraulics and pneumatics go in this category.

gear parts before and after polishing


Medical Industry:

It’s obvious that medical equipment has to be accurate. It’s not like they go through stress or fatigue. But medical parts are used to perform intricate operations. So, accuracy is very important. Isotropic superfinishing machines can provide the accuracy required.

Whether it’s used in procedures or dental applications, isotropic superfinishing machines are a perfect choice.

automotive parts surface finishing


8. Can I get some tips to maintain the isotropic superfinishing machine?

Whatever equipment you use, it’s essential to take good care of it. Proper maintenance ensures longer life and higher efficiency. Let’s look at some maintenance ideas for your isotropic superfinishing machine.

Accurate media level:

Don’t ever let your machine run low on media. You might think that you’ll save some money but you’ll be ruining the machine in the long run. You’ll slow the processing time, the workpieces will get damaged and the inside of the machine will also get damaged.


The health of the vibratory tub or bowl:

All the actions take place in the bowl or the tub of your machine. So, it’s important to take good care of the bowl. Make sure that you take a look at the bowl frequently. Look for uneven wear, holes, or anything that doesn’t look good.


Don’t rush:

Putting more workpieces than your machine can take is a fatal mistake. You run the risk of damaging the workpieces themselves, damaging the machine, and prematurely wearing the media down.

Go through the manual properly and know the limitations of the machine.


9. Can vintage engine parts be isotropically super-finished?

Yes, it’s possible to restore vintage or old engine parts. In most cases, old parts are made from high-quality metal. So, when you isotropically finish them, they become somewhat new parts.


10. What is REM in isotropic superfinishing?

REM and isotropic finishing are basically the same thing. Isotropic finishing refers to a wide array of applications while REM narrows the list. When you use the machine properly, you won’t notice a difference in results.


11. How much material removal is done while using the REM finishing machine?

The material you lose from your parts surfaces is very minimal. It’s not possible to say exactly how much but it’s measured in microns which is one-millionth of an inch. It’s insane how precisely an isotropic superfinishing machine works.


12. What are the effects on the parts finished in a REM polishing machine?

If the process is done correctly and with the correct media, there will be no negative effect on the parts.


13. What media should I use with these machines?

As long as the media is non-abrasive, you can use any media you want. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Each operation requires different media. Inovatec has all kinds of media available for you to buy. You can ask for our assistance as well if you’re not sure which media to use.

Some of the most popular media for REM polishing are porcelain and plastic. You can get it in high-density, cones, pyramids, spheres, cylinders, etc. shapes.

High density tumbling media


14. What are the most important benefits of a REM polishing machine over other mass finishing machines?

We’ve already explained the high resistance to fatigue and less friction. It improves the lifespan of the parts significantly. The parts generate less heat and work more effectively irrespective of the applications.

surface roughness of metal parts


However, one of the most important benefits of isotropic superfinishing is the reduced rate of corrosion. Isotropic superfinishing can remove even the micro-scratches and notches from the surface. As a result, you get a surface more resistant to rust, cracking, and scaling. Also, it looks amazing once the parts are isotropically finished.

vibratory finishing cleaning and polishing


15. What is honing and lapping in REM polishing?

The process of honing means processing the surface by following a controlled path. It improves the geometry of the surface drastically. The texture is improved and it results in a longer-lasting part.

Lapping, on the other hand, means rubbing two surfaces against an abrasive media. It’s done to refine the surface even more and it reduces process time as well.

abrasive wheel roller grinding machine

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