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  • Best in class equipment for burnishing all kinds of silverware
  • Clean, polish, burnish, deburr, and dry the silverware
  • Vibratory and centrifugal solutions for best results possible
  • Automated machines with no manual labor required
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Inovatec MachineryThe pioneer in manufacturing silverware burnishing machines in China.

Inovatec Machinery is the name you can trust when it comes to mass finishing equipment manufacturing. We have been providing numerous businesses with exceptional surface finishing, deburring, cleaning, polishing, and burnishing solutions for over 20 years.

Silverware burnishing is one of the mainstream tasks of the mass finishing industry. We have the proper knowledge and experience to manufacture the best silverware burnishing machines.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

Vibratory finishing machines have become the most common choice for mass finishing tasks across the world. These machines are affordable and they last a very long time thanks to the hard PU lining on the inside.

Vibratory finishers make a great silverware burnishing machine because of their efficient nature. Although vibratory finishers take longer to finish than centrifugal disc finishers, the operating cost is significantly low. Also, a centrifugal disc finisher or barrel finisher is not really recommended for silverware burnishing.

6. Vibratory dryer

A lot of mass finishing workshops forget about the importance of a proper dryer machine. Metal parts are prone to rust, tarnishing, or water spots if not dried properly. If you’re investing in a mass finishing machine, it’s only logical for you to invest in a dryer as well.

The vibratory dryer from Inovatec uses corn cob media to dry parts. You can dry your silverware in batches once they come out of the silverware burnishing machine.

2. Rotary metal parts tumbler

Rotary tumblers are the oldest kind of mass finishing machines. There’s no complex technology in these machines. The media and the parts are tumbled together in a giant barrel. It can take days for a rotary tumbler to finish a batch. But the results come out great, always.

If shine and smoothness are your ultimate goal, you can trust in a rotary tumbler with your eyes closed. Keep in mind that you can’t expect it to generate quick results, but it can save you a lot of money over time as your silverware burnishing machine.

casting components deburring and polishing linear continuous vibratory finishing machine ltg6500 1 768x768 1

As we already know that vibratory finishing machines are great for cost-effecting burnishing of silverware. How about an industrial version of the machine where the parts are fed in and out automatically?

That’s exactly what continuous vibratory finishing machines are. These machines utilize German technology to finish as many silverwares as possible in the shortest time frame. You can customize the machine according to your needs as well.

Different Materials and Applications of Cutlery

Silverware like forks and spoons are used heavily in hotels. Silver is a great metal for use in hotels. But the silverware requires some heavy burnishing on a regular basis to keep them shiny.

To burnish hotel silverware, we recommend that you invest in a continuous vibratory finishing machine for the fastest results. If not, you can go for a vibratory finisher to polish large batches of silverware.

When it comes to silverware, there are a few types. Some are regular silver with no unique characteristics. As you go up in the price range, the silverware starts to become more and more luxurious. The more luxurious it is, the more precise burnishing it requires.

So, to burnish luxury silverware, you should invest in a rotary barrel tumbler from Inovatec. It’s going to take longer to finish, but the batch processing of silverware will shine like it means business.

Silver has been used for spoons, forks, and knives for a very long time now. We can even find century-old silverware that only needs burnishing before it can be used again. But remember, age has weakened the structure of the antique silverware, so you have to be careful.

To burnish antique silverware, it’s best that you invest in a rotary barrel tumbler. Rotary tumblers take things slow and steady so there’s a very little chance of you damaging the parts.

Silver jewelry takes up quite a lot of space in the silverware realm. People love silver jewelry and put intricate designs on them. But you need to know how to burnish them before you can market and sell them.

In order to burnish silverware, you should use a centrifugal solution if possible. If not, a continuous vibratory finishing machine will do the job just fine. Silver earrings, silver rings, silver chains, and all other jewelry parts can be burnished with a silverware burnishing machine.

Silver Burnishing Machine Media

While you can find a lot of media in our inventory for different purposes, you have to be careful when selecting silverware burnishing media. Burnishing is different from deburring and cleaning. For silverware burnishing, we highly recommend stainless steel balls. They are great for creating resting all sorts of silverware effortlessly.

Inovatec Machinery – The Only Silverware Burnishing Machine Manufacture and Media Provider You Ever Need
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  • Affordable and effective solution for all mass finishing needs
  • Custom specifications are allowed for maximum customer convenience
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Frequently Asked Question
1. What is the power recommendation for a silverware burnishing machine?

Answer: We highly recommend using a 3-phase connection for all our mass finishing equipment. The best possible scenario is where you have a 230V-460V 3-phase connection. Never use a single-phase line.

2. What media should I use for silverware burnishing?

Answer: Although there are a lot of burnishing media available, you should stick to stainless steel balls for silverware burnishing machines.

3. How much does a silverware burnishing machine cost?

Answer: The final price will vary depending on which machine you choose and the specifications.

4. How is the payment distributed?

Answer: You are requested to pay 30% of the price in advance. The rest is subject to payment before shipping.

5. How can I receive my order?

Answer: We can ship anywhere in the world. Once the shipment reaches your country, you are required to contact the associated authority for the update.

Silverware Burnishing Machine – The Definitive Guide

Silverware is one of the widely used flatware in hotels and even airlines. Silver is also fashionable jewelry.

Over time, silver is bound to have scratches. Its surface will not be as appealing as it was.

When this happens, you’ll be required to burnish your silverware and silver jewelry.

How do you clean heavily tarnished silver?

This is the question that comes to the mind of most of the people who deal with silver parts.

silverware burnishing machine Industrial Vibratory Tumbler


The burnishing process can become tedious and cumbersome, especially if you are new to the field.

In this article, you are going to cover:

  • How to burnish silverware and silver jewelry efficiently and effectively
  • Benefits of burnishing silverware and silver jewelry
  • Benefits of using mass finishing machines for the burnishing process


Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. How is silverware burnished?

Silverware is best burnished by using mass finishing machines and burnishing media.

Now, with mass finishing machines, you can restore the sleek and shiny look on the surface of your silverware.


Check this out:

The first mass finishing machine that you can use is the industrial vibratory tumbler.


It is an ideal burnishing machine for your silverware and also for silver jewelry.

Wet burnishing is highly recommended because it makes the burnishing process less complicated.

It also enhances the final look of your silverware.

After burnishing, you’ll need to dry these parts. You can dry them using a vibratory dryer for 15 to 30 minutes.

You can dry using other means as well. However, the vibratory dryer is recommended.

The vibratory dryer uses the same working principles as the vibratory tumbler, only that it dries instead of burnishing.

The vibratory dryer uses organic media to dry your silverware. It can use either corn cob grit or walnut shell grit.



These organic media are exceptional drying agents because they absorb liquids on the surfaces of your silverware.

The second machine that you can use is a rotary barrel tumbler. It is one of the oldest burnishing technologies.

economic hexagonal rotary barrel polishing machine


It burnishes exceptionally well by spinning its horizontal barrel at an optimum predetermined speed.

The third and last recommended machine that you can use is the continuous vibratory finishing machine.

Figure 4 - Continuous Vibratory Tumbler


This machine is automated, and it can burnish high volumes of silverware at the same time.

It is also highly efficient and effective.


2. Which is the ideal burnishing media to use on silverware?

The ideal burnishing media to use on silverware and silver jewelry is stainless steel balls.

These media are sometimes referred to as cutlery polishing granules, stainless steel cleaner balls, etc.

vibratory burnishing stainless steel machining parts


This burnishing media is robust. It burnishes your silverware effectively and effortlessly.

Mass finishing machines combined with this burnishing media revive the original new look on your silverware’s surface.


Check this out:

Stainless steel burnishing media also works exceptionally well when used with jewelry polishing compounds.

It cleans even the most intricate corners – corners that would be otherwise unreachable.

These burnishing stainless steel balls come in different sizes to ensure that burnishing is done effectively.

Your burnishing media is not a one-off material. You can reuse it until it loses its abrasive quality.


3. How can I make my antique silverware shine?

Now, to make your antique silver shine, you’ll need to burnish your pieces using a rotary tumbler.

The reason the rotary tumbler is used is that it rotates slowly – a speed necessary for burnishing without denting.

Figure 6 - Burnished Antique Silverware


All you’ll need to do is to put your silverware in the barrel.

You’ll also put stainless steel balls and the recommended amount of burnishing compound to avoid spillage.

Then, you can set the optimum speed that the barrel should spin. You can also set the duration of the process.

Ensure that the speed you set is not too fast.


Check this out:

The reason why speed matters is because burnishing media, silverware, and the compound will cling onto the barrel’s walls when it spins too fast.

Therefore no burnishing action will take place.

Then, when the barrel spins too slowly, the process will take too long to complete.

Also, burnishing activity will be at its lowest.

Now, you know how to clean tarnished silver and make it shine.


4. How can I best burnish my silver jewelry?

The ideal way to burnish silver jewelry is to use a continuous vibratory finishing machine.

This professional jewelry polishing machine is automated – meaning it improves the surface of your silver jewelry without damaging it.

It is a robust silver burnishing machine that completes the burnishing process in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

Another solution that you can use is a centrifugal machine. However, the recommended one is the continuous vibratory finishing machine.

You should use stainless steel balls as your burnishing media, regardless of the jewelry polishing machine you choose to use.


5. How do hotels keep silverware looking new and shiny?

Hotels and airlines keep their silverware with a shiny and sleek look, which makes them look new.

hotel silverware burnishing

You can manage to keep the silverware to look new by burnishing them using a continuous vibratory finishing machine.

You can also use a typical industrial vibratory tumbler to burnish your silverware.

Using these jewelry polisher machines ensures high efficiency in the burnishing process.

Silverware requires a substantial amount of energy to make them look new and sleek.


6. How does a continuous vibratory finishing machine burnish silver?

Now, a continuous vibratory finishing machine uniquely burnishes silver.

This silver polishing machine is under the automatic (automated) mass finishing machines.


It works exceptionally well with other casting machines, which is an excellent choice for high volume burnishing.

It has an uploading conveyor belt for loading silverware to the vibratory chamber.

Then, the burnishing process begins at the vibratory chamber, where the machine vigorously shakes its tub.

The shaking is necessary for the generation of friction. Friction makes the burnishing process a success.

After the parts are burnished, you can separate your burnishing media from your silverware using the machine’s separation sieve.

Once separated, burnishing a media conveyor belt then carries media to the media return hopper.

The process becomes an infinite cycle.

As stated earlier, this silverware polishing machine is automated, meaning it can work without any human supervision.

It knows when to stop and when to start, therefore making it highly economical.

You can control it by interacting with it using its control console, which is remarkably easy to comprehend and use.

You can use this silverware cutlery burnishing machine to bring the shine back on the tarnished cutlery.

7. What are the benefits of burnishing silverware and silver jewelry?

There are undoubtedly several benefits of burnishing silverware and silver jewelry.

Here are three primary advantages:

The first benefit is that you make them look new again by improving their surfaces.

New looks are always shiny and have a sleek look, which makes you look exceptionally impressive and professional.

The second benefit is that when polishing silverware, perhaps for a hotel or airline, clients become more confident in you.

Clean and sleek looks on your silverware are associated with cleanness and professionalism.

Your clients will have a positive impression of your hospitality services. You are likely to retain them.

The third advantage is that the process is not expensive.

When you use the recommended burnishing procedures, the process becomes less complicated and less costly.


8. What are the advantages of burnishing using machines?

Now, when using burnishing machines, there are benefits associated with them.

The first primary benefit is that you get to burnish many pieces at the same time.

Polishing them in mass saves a lot of time and energy.

The second primary advantage is that your parts do not lose their original shape.

These cutlery polishing machines burnish without altering the shapes or dimensions of your silverware or silver jewelry.

The third benefit is that the process is less complicated.

These machines come equipped with additional features to make the process easy.

They come with a separation sieve, which aids in the separation of parts and burnishing media.

They also have an exceptional control console, which is easy to use.

These machines also burnish well; they even reach the most intricate corners.

If you are dealing with small silver parts, then you can go for a benchtop jewelry polisher machine (desktop polisher machine).

Now you know, how to clean silver cutlery and silver jewelry parts using Inovatec polishing machines.

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