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Inovatec MachineryThe industry leader is with you for all your bike frame polishing needs.

We are Inovatec and we have been dominating the mass finishing equipment manufacturing industry for over 20 years. Get all your mass finishing equipment and media from us.

Bike frame polishing is a complex task and you require specific machinery to do the job perfectly. We can provide you with the right solutions.

2. TVBA tub ball burnishing machine

Tub vibrators are pretty much the only way to tackle larger and longer parts. Mass finishing means polishing, cleaning, deburring, and burnishing of parts. For your bike frame polishing needs, trust in the TVB(A) vibratory finisher.

6. TVBB tub vibratory finishing machine 2

The TVB(B) series from Inovatec has a similar structure to the TVB(A) series. But this one comes with a straight wall and a divided tub. Each section in the tub can hold different parts for the most effective bike frame polishing.

Material of Different Propellers

Titanium frames are most commonly seen in high-end bikes. These frames are lightweight, strong, and very durable. It’s a prime choice for competitive biking.

To polish titanium bike frames, you should always go with the TVB(B) series of tub vibratory finishers. This way, you don’t run the risk of damaging the parts.

Racing bike frames can be made of a variety of materials like titanium, carbon fiber, or aluminum. Whatever the case is, these frames are expensive and require top of the line polishing.

To polish racing bike frames, we recommend using TVB(B) tub vibratory finishing machines. The risk is very minimal and the parts come out great.

Stainless steel is an economic choice for bike frames. These frames are strong and slightly on the heavier side. It’s very strong and durable.

For polishing stainless steel bike frame, you can use either of the TVB(A) or TVB(B) vibratory finishers.

Dirt bike frames have to be very strong. They go through a lot of stress and shocks throughout their lives. So, it’s mandatory that these frames are polished properly.

Dirt bike frames are often large in size so you have to use a vibratory finisher. It’s best to stick with TVB(B) finishers for the best result.

Most bike frames require coating before they’re painted. If not, the coating works as the outer layer of the frame. For the coating to sit properly, rigorous polishing is required.

To prepare the frames for coating, you can use the TVB(A) machines for bike frame polishing. You can also use the TVB(B) machines if you are polishing high-value parts.

Bike frames have to be painted to protect them from outside weather. For the paint to stick better, the surface requires a higher level of polishing.

To polish bike frames before painting, you should use the TVB(A) or TVB(B) series vibratory finishing machines from Inovatec.

Bike Frame Polishing Media

Porcelain and plastic are the most suitable media for metal polishing. For your bike frame polishing needs, either of these two media will work like a charm. But if your parts require any specialized media, we can provide that as well.

Inovatec Machinery –The Leading Bike Frame Polishing Machine Manufacturer in China
  • All kinds of bike frame polishing
  • Batch processing with vibratory finishing machines from Inovatec
  • Bike frames should always be polished wet
  • High-value bike frames should be polished with tub vibratory finishers
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What frames can I polish with a bike frame polishing machine?

Answer: You are free to polish all kinds of frames including titanium, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and so on.

2. How long does it take for bike frame polishing?

Answer: It highly depends on the material of your bike frames. Different materials will take a different length of time to polish.

3. What is the minimum order quantity?

Answer: For bike frame polishing machines, the minimum order is 1.

4. How do I order the machine?

Answer: If you’re in need of a tub vibratory finisher for your bike frame polishing needs, contact us and we’ll talk details.

5. What is the minimum power recommendation?

Answer: We strongly suggest not to go below 230 volts 3-phase power connection. The more you have, the safer it is.

Bike Frame Polishing – The Definitive Guide

Today, bikes have become so popular.

Many people tend to ride bikes as a form of relaxation, while others do it for daily exercise.

Dirt bikes are used for racing or even for stunts. There are so many reasons why people ride bikes.

Have you ever considered how these bikes are made? How are their frames made so appealing to the eye?

inox stainless steel bike frame polishing


Well, the preparation process for bike frames is not easy. It requires attention and skill.

In this article, you are going to learn:

  • How your bike frame can be polished effectively
  • You’ll learn more about the industrial vibratory tumbler which polishes bike frames.
  • And finally, you’ll learn the benefits of polishing your bike frame.

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. How can I best polish my bike frame?

Now, bike frames have to be polished to remove any blemishes which may exist on their surfaces.

The best way to polish your bike frame is by using a tub vibratory tumbler.

All you need to do is to place your bike frames onto the tumbler’s tub. You can then add polishing media.

When you start the machine, set the optimum working parameters, the tub will begin vibrating.

After the process is complete, you can then check on your bike frames.

They should be sparkling, without any form of corrosion.


Bottom line:

Using a tub vibratory tumbler is the best way of polishing your bike frames.


2. What machine can be used to polish bike frames thoroughly?

Tub vibratory tumblers are the most effective machines that can be used to polish your bike frames effectively.

Check this out:

A tub vibratory tumbler is a robust machine that has a massive tub where big parts can be polished.

trough rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine


The tumbling machine has a strong motor, which is the primary reason for its strength.

It vigorously shakes its tub to create a tumbling effect. Friction is then generated.

The generated friction causes the polishing media and bike frames to rub each other.

Your polishing media has abrasive qualities that improve the surface of your bike frames.

You can set the duration of the process and the vibrating speed to make the process efficient and economical.

You can also use aluminum polishing compounds to enhance the process and the final look of the aluminum bike frames.

You can invest in the best aluminum polish for bike frames to get the best shine on the parts.

3. How can I polish fragile bike frame parts?

When polishing fragile bike frames, you should use the tub vibratory tumbler whose tub has been divided by straight walls.


These straight walls prevent part-to-part contacts. This prevents denting and damages of your fragile bike parts.

This vibratory tumbler polishes just as well as the typical tub tumbler whose tub has not been divided into several parts.

You can use the same polishing media and even the same liquid metal polishing compounds to enhance the polishing process.

The primary reason for using the divided tub tumbler to fragile polish parts is to prevent part-to-part contacts.

Different bike parts are made of different materials.

So, you must have a clear cut idea of the material type of bike parts.

You will have to use different media and compound combinations for polishing steel parts when compared to polishing mild steel parts.

So, metal polishing techniques are different for different parts.

4. What polishing media is used for cleaning bike frames?

Two primary polishing media are widely used for polishing bike frames.

Now, the first ideal polishing media for polishing bike frames is porcelain media.

ceramic media polishing porcelain tumbling media


Porcelain media has elements of ceramic material in it, which makes it robust.

It is, however, not as aggressive as ceramic media. This makes it the ideal polishing media to use on your bike frames.

The second polishing media is plastic (synthetic) media. It is less aggressive than porcelain media.

It polishes just as well. However, it does not provide the shiny and sleek look that you may want.


Check this out:

The best fact about using porcelain and synthetic polishing media is that they come in different sizes and shapes.

It is essential for these dynamics to exist because they help clean different pockets and cavities exceptionally well.

Synthetic media is advantageous as it is lighter and does not crack nor chip under pressure.

You are not restricted to using either synthetic or porcelain polishing media.

However, the recommended ones are the ones that you have read about.


5. How long should I polish my bike frame?

When polishing your bike frame, the duration matters a lot, as too much of it is uneconomical.

The tub vibratory polishing machine is a robust machine that polishes your frames rapidly.

It can polish in a matter of minutes to a few hours.

However, the duration of the process is determined by numerous factors.

trough tub vibratory finishing machine for steel pipe deburring polishing


Check this out:

The polishing media that you choose to use will determine the duration of the process.

Some polishing media are more aggressive than others. The more aggressive the media you use, the faster the process.

However, make sure that you do not use an extremely aggressive polishing media that may end up damaging your frames.

The second factor is the degree of polish that you want. It has a significant influence on how long the process will take.

The sleeker the look, the longer the process.

The third factor is the vibrating speed that you set for the polishing process.

The slower the speed, the longer the process.

However, do not make the mistake of trying to speed up the process by setting an abnormally high vibrating speed.

The final output will not be as sleek as you’d expect it to be. That means that the process will be uneconomical.

It is recommended to use polishing compounds to enhance the polishing process.


Bottom line:

The polishing duration solely lies on you. It depends on how you’ll handle your machine.

Your selection of polishing media will also have a significant influence on how long the process will take.


6. What are the benefits of polishing a bike frame?

There are undoubtedly many benefits to polishing your bike frames.

The first benefit is that it enhances the final look of your frame when it is painted.

Polishing is a primary process before painting your frame.

Polishing removes a lot of impurities, which may alter the final look. Such contaminants include corrosion, sweat, oils, etc.


The second benefit is that polishing reduces the rate of corrosion on the surface of your bike frame.

When you polish using a polishing compound, they get rid of all the corrosion, including discoloration and rust.

The third benefit of polishing your bike frame is that it makes the structure more robust and more durable.

Take for example a dirt bike frame.

It undergoes excessive stress when the rider is on it, and he or she is performing stunts.

The frame also comes into contact with dirty water and other corrosive-enhancing elements.

Once polishing is done, the frame becomes more rigid and better looking.


7. What are the benefits of using a vibratory polishing machine?

Now, the vibratory tumbler has several advantages.

The first benefit is that the machine is robust, and it has a huge tub that can polish big parts.

The second benefit is that the machine has an immensely strong motor that helps it shakes the tub vigorously.

The strong motor helps the machine become more effective and efficient.

It finishes the polishing process rapidly.

The third benefit is that the vibratory tumbler has a wonderful control console that you can use to issue commands.

With this control console, you can set the duration needed to complete a single polishing cycle.

You can also set the optimum vibrating speed.

The machine can come with additional features such as an acoustic lid.


The lid reduces noise when the polishing process is in play. It also prevents the spillage of your polishing compounds.

The machine can also come with a separating funnel, which is necessary for separating target parts and polishing media.

It does away with manual separation, and it is highly effective.

The fourth benefit is that the vibratory tumbler can also polish fragile parts.

It can do so because it has a tub divided by straight walls to avoid part-to-part contacts.

The vibratory tumbler also maintains the shape of a part when polishing.

There are undoubtedly many advantages to why a vibratory tumbler is an exceptional machine.

These are just the primary reasons.

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