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Inovatec MachineryBest in class gear deburring machine manufacturer in China.

Gears are a fundamental part of any machine. Moving parts require gears to work efficiently and effectively. Gears are made using aluminum, stainless steel, or any other suitable metal. Gears need heavy deburring before they are suitable to be used in any machine.

Inovatec Machinery is a veteran in the mass finishing industry and we have been making the best quality equipment for over 20 years. Contact us to get your hands on your required machine.

3. VBB vibratory debruring machine 2

Vibratory finishing machines have the perfect combination with isotropic surface finishing solutions. With high density tumbling media and REM machines, we will achieve the perfect surface improvement for gears. Your gears reduce the friction rate and improve service life.

Vibratory finishers are the most common types of deburring machines. These machines are strong, have a strong PU lining on the inside, and provide an extraordinary combination of performance and cost-effectiveness.

REM vibratory finishers are also great as gear deburring machines because they can provide the ultimate isotropic finish which is mandatory for maximum performance. There are multiple types of vibratory finishers from Inovatec like the TVB(A), TVB(B), and tub vibratory solutions.

1. centrifugal barrel machine with automatic unloading

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is suitable for big components deburring and polishing, for example, racing gears and automotive gears. With the appropriate tumbling media, you can remove the grease and oxidation layer as well.

Centrifugal barrel finishers are an awesome investment for gear polishing. If you operate in a high-volume environment, a centrifugal mass finishing solution will do you wonders. Centrifugal barrel finishers work very fast and efficiently.

If you’re in search of a good gear deburring machine and have the budget as well, we highly recommend getting the centrifugal barrel finishing machine. It’s suitable for all kinds of gears.

4. Centrifugal disc finishing machine 1

Centrifugal disc finisher is suitable for deburring small-sized gears, for example, watch gears. These gear parts have very small burrs that need to be removed carefully without damaging parts.

Centrifugal disc finishers use the same principle as the centrifugal barrel finishers. While the barrel finisher can accommodate large gear parts, the disc finisher can’t. The centrifugal disc finisher from Inovatec is mainly designed for smaller parts like watch gears, bicycle gears, etc.

The disc inside holds the parts and media. Once it’s loaded, the disc is spun at very high speeds to create friction between the parts and media. As a result, all kinds of oxidation and grease are removed from the surface.


1. drag finishing machine

Drag Finishing Machine is the ideal choice to finish high value-added components. There is no part-on-part hitting in the drag finishing system.

Drag finishing machines are one of the most advanced mass finishing machines currently available. It’s designed to polish and deburr high-value parts that have complex geometric shapes.

Drag finishers work 40 times faster than conventional vibratory finishers. These machines are expensive but the results are worth it. Drag finishing machines are great for performance automotive gears deburring.

Different Types of Gear Deburring

Automotive parts are filled will all kinds of gears. The engine, the axels, the differential, etc. work by using gears to move the vehicle forward. But the gears must go through a gear deburring machine in order to be in their best shape.

To deburr automotive gears, you can use a regular vibratory tumbler. If you want fast results, a centrifugal barrel finishing machine might be a better choice.

Bicycles move forward with gears. The more advanced the unit, the more gears it has. Each gear must have a specific thickness to provide maximum performance. So, it’s very important to deburr the gears using a gear deburring machine.

Bicycle gears are usually smaller parts, so you can easily get amazing results with a centrifugal disc finishing machine. If the gears are really high-end, a drag finishing machine would be great.

Gears inside the engine are probably the most crucial ones in an entire vehicle. If the engine doesn’t function, the vehicle doesn’t run. So, engine gears have to be on top of their shape and smoothness to operate properly.

Different engines will utilize different sizes of gears. So, there’s no specific equipment that we can recommend. Use one that fits your needs. You can’t go wrong with a centrifugal barrel finisher or a vibratory finisher.

Gears work in pairs. It’s the nature of gears. In any mechanical environment, there is a driving shaft and a driven shaft. The driven shaft usually rotates slower than the driving shaft. That’s where a reduction gear comes into play. Reduction gears are responsible for slowing the driven shaft down.

Reduction gears require deburring in order to work properly. So, you have to invest in a good gear deburring machine.

Tractors are huge machinery with a lot of power. So, the gears inside have to be strong as well. It’s very important to deburr the gears properly to get the most out of them.

To deburr tractor gears, a vibratory finishing machine or a centrifugal barrel finisher works fine.

Watches have a lot of precision gears inside to calculate the time accurately. The more precise you want the time to be, the more expensive the gears get.

A drag finishing machine is the perfect gear deburring machine for watch gears.

Gear Deburring Machine Media

When it comes to deburring, you need abrasive media to remove material from the top layer. Ceramic is the go-to deburring media. There are ceramic media with different abrasive properties to fit your specific need.

Inovatec Machinery – Your Best Gear Deburring Machine Manufacturer and Provider
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the minimum order quantity for gear deburring machines?

Answer: The minimum order is set at only 1 piece.

2. What is the proper media for gear deburring?

Answer: To use in your gear deburring machine, the ceramic media is the proper choice in almost all cases.

3. How should I pay?

Answer: You have to pay a 30% advance payment to confirm your order. Then pay the remaining balance before shipment. You are welcome to come to our factory to check the equipment for quality assurance.

4. Is the packaging secure for shipping?

Answer: The gear deburring machines from Inovatec are shipped with the utmost care. All equipment is packed securely to withstand any damage.

5. How long does it take to make a gear deburring machine?

Answer: We’ll ship your order immediately if we have it in stock. If not, it usually takes 15-25 days to make one.

Gear Deburring Machine – The Definitive Guide

Gears are imperative parts when it comes to the transmission of power efficiently and effectively.

As such, ensuring your gears are in the best working conditions is necessary.

When gears are made, there is a great chance that they will have burrs and other blemishes such as scales.

Their surfaces, too, will have machine marks, which make them quite unappealing.

Now, deburring gears can become intimidating, especially if you are new to the field.

However, in this article, you are going to learn:

  • How to deburr gears effectively and efficiently
  • The benefits of deburring your gears
  • The advantages of using mass finishing machines to deburr your gears

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1. How can I best deburr my gears?

Now, deburring gears require the use of mass finishing machines for an effective and efficient finish.

There are four primary mass finishing machines that you can use to deburr your gears.

The first machine is the circular vibratory finishing machine. This machine is exceptionally robust.

vibratory deburring machine with separator

Figure 1 – Circular Vibratory Tumbler

It has a strong motor which it uses to shake its deburring tub vigorously to deburr your gears.

When deburring, the media and your gears rub each other, and then friction is generated.

This friction is also imperative for the deburring process. It enhances the deburring process.

The second mass finishing machine is the centrifugal barrel finishing machine.


Figure 2 - Centrifugal Barrel Finisher

Figure 2 – Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

This machine is a centrifugal machine as it uses centrifugal forces to its advantage.

It has four barrels affixed onto one flywheel—both the barrels and the flywheel spin.

They spin in opposite directions, respectively, to enhance the deburring process by causing stress to the deburring media.

Once the deburring media has stress, it starts abrading your gears’ surfaces.

This machine deburrs more rapidly than the vibratory tumbler.

However, using the centrifugal barrel finishing machine is more costly than using the vibratory finishing machine.

The third mass finishing machine is the centrifugal disc finisher. This machine is yet another centrifugal finishing machine.


centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38

Figure 3 – Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

However, it works differently from a centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

The centrifugal disc finisher works like a fruit blender. It has a disc at the bottom of its deburring container that spins at incredibly high speeds.

The disc is what generates centrifugal forces.

Then, the walls of the deburring container are stationary. They act as brakes to the centrifugal forces generated.

By acting as brakes, these walls encourage uniform deburring of your gears.

It deburrs rapidly, just like the centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

The fourth machine is the drag finishing machine – an incredibly wonderful mass finishing machine.


TDG-4 Drag Finishing Machine polishing machine

Figure 4 – Drag Finish Machine

This machine is more advanced than the previous three. It deburrs 40 times faster than the vibratory finishing machine.

Further, there are no part-to-part contacts with this machine. It is ideal for deburring watch gears.

It works by dragging your gears through abrasive media, hence the drag finishing machine.

It is an exceptional mass finishing machine.


2. Which deburring media is ideal for deburring gears?

Now, when deburring gears, the ideal deburring media is ceramic media. Ceramic media is a robust deburring abrasive. It is highly aggressive.

Ceramic Polishing Media

Figure 5 – Ceramic Deburring Media

You are now probably wondering:

Will I also deburr my fragile watch gears with the same type of ceramic media I use to deburr engine gears?


Check this out:

You can acquire ceramic media with different abrasive properties to fit your distinct needs.

Ceramic deburring media comes in different shapes and sizes. These dynamics should help you deburr your gears effectively and uniformly.

3. How long does it take to deburr gears when using mass finishing machines?

Now, the length of the deburring process using mass finishing machines depends on three primary factors.

The first factor is the degree of deburring your gears require.

If your gears require massive deburring action, then the process will take longer to complete.

The second factor is the mass finishing machine you choose to use. The drag finish will complete the process fastest.

However, since you would like to finish the deburring process quickly, you also have to consider the deburring cost.

The cheapest machine to run is the vibratory tumbler.

The last factor that you have to consider is the deburring recommendations set by experts.

If you deburr your gears without using the optimum deburring speed, you’ll not have the finish that you desire.

4. How can I best deburr bike gears?

Bikes are fun to ride until their gears start developing mechanical issues.

Figure 5. Bicycle Gear

Figure 6 – Deburred Bike Gears

To avoid the early and rapid development of problems in your bike gears, you need to start taking care of them from the first day.

The first way you can care for your bike’s gears is to deburr them. Burrs bring about the rapid wear of gears.

They also cause miscalculations in dimensions, which ultimately reduces the lifespan of these gears.


Check this out:

To deburr your bike’s gears, you can use a centrifugal disc finishing machine.

This machine is most suitable because bike gears are not huge parts.

Also, the centrifugal disc finishing machine will deburr your gears rapidly and uniformly.

There might also be a chance that your bike’s gears are high-end. You can use a drag finishing machine for deburring your high-end bike gears.

A drag finishing machine is slightly expensive to run compared to a centrifugal disc finishing machine.

However, the extra cost caters to the fact that your gears will not have any part-to-part contacts with other gears.

5. What is the process of deburring watch gears?

Watch gears too need deburring. Slight burrs on the surfaces of these gears will make them fail to work correctly.

Figure 6. Watch Gear

Figure 7 – Deburred Watch Gears

They will also wear out quickly, therefore, rendering your watch useless.


Check this out:

To effectively deburr your watch gears, you need to use a drag finishing machine.

Since these gears are precision gears, the more they are precisely deburred, the more their cost increases.

Also, you need to take care that they do not become dented or altered with their dimensions.

This alteration will render your gears unusable.

The drag finishing machine reduces the risk of damaging your watch gears.

6. What are the advantages of deburring gears?

There are numerous reasons why deburring your gears is imperative. Check them out:

The first reason is that when you deburr your gears, power transmission becomes efficient and effective.

The second reason is that deburring prevents premature wearing out of your gears.

Burrs cause premature wearing out of parts.

These burrs can further lead to miscalculation of dimensions, which eventually leads to inefficiency in machines.

Deburring also prevents self-injury when handling gears. Burrs are usually sharp edges that can cut you.

Thirdly, by deburring your gears, you get to improve their quality and their costs.

You also get to improve the looks on the surfaces of your gears.

7. What are the benefits of deburring gears using mass finishing machines?

There are numerous benefits of deburring gears using mass finishing machines.

The first benefit is that you get to deburr several parts at the same time. The mass finishing of gears is effective and efficient.

It saves a lot of time.


Secondly, these mass finishing machines deburr exceptionally well, and they finish the process quickly.

They deburr even the most intricate corners of your gears.

The third benefit is that these machines do not alter the shape or the dimensions of your gears.

The fourth benefit is that you do not have to separate your gears and deburring media manually.


For example, the vibratory finishing machine has a separating sieve, which is adjustable to fit different sizes of your deburring media.

The advantages of deburring gears using mass finishing machines are many.

In this article, you’ve just learned the primary reasons why it is imperative to deburr your gears using mass finishing machines.

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