Corn Cob Tumbling Media

Corn cob tumbling media also called maize tumbling media. It is an all-natural abrasive soft media that is crushed into a specified particle size.


Ideal for mass finishing parts drying and cleaning

Eliminates watermarks and stains on parts’ surface

Well suited for plastics and brass light polishing

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly tumbling media

The multi-functional item which is also used as oil & grease absorbent

Corn Cob Tumbling Media

Corn cob is a natural tumbling media.

It is an environmentally friendly, bio-degradable material and can be reused many times.

The main application of corn polishing cob media is a drying agent in a vibratory dryer machine during the mass finishing process.

In vibratory drier, corn cob not only absorbs water and moisture on parts’ surface but also removes oil and dirt on parts.

corn cob tumbling media brass parts vibratory dryer machine

Also, corn cob polishing media works as a blasting media in surface treatment, for example, like log cabins, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, building, and boats.

It is a safe media, especially for delicate and soft parts.

Corn cob cleaning media will get dirt overtime.

When it becomes black, it cannot dry metal parts thoroughly.

At that time, you need to change for a new batch of the corn cob.

The dirty corn cob can still very useful as an absorbent for oil spills.

corn cob media vibratory drying

Corn cob tumbling media can work both in rotary tumbling machines and vibratory finishing machines.

It makes slight polishing on the brass cartridge and also polishing plastic parts.

Inovatec ground corn cob polishing media has a variety of grit sizes available for selection, from very coarse grit 6# (3.15-4mm) to very fine grit 30# (0.50-0.71mm).

Proper selection of corn cob media size is essential to get the desired surface finishing.

At the same time, we need to avoid small corn cob grit lodge in the holes and recesses of the parts.

Inovatec has rich experience in dry polishing and tumbling.

Our technical know-how, combined with high-quality products, guarantees a perfect finish for your parts.

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