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Inovatec MachineryYour trusted partner in polishing tasks

Inovatec has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing mass finishing machines. Our machines are made from the highest quality material. These machines can last a lifetime if you maintain them properly.

2. TVBA tub ball burnishing machine

Vibratory tubs are the perfect solution for all kinds of turbo polishing. The tubs are designed for particularly large and long parts. Automotive turbos fit the description perfectly. You can polish aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and parts in the tub vibratory finishing machine.

1. VBSB Tub vibratory finishing machine

The name might be the same, but these two tub vibrators are not the same. This one has dividers across the tub. You can put individual parts inside the sections to protect them from impact. It’s designed to polish fragile parts like turbo headers and other intricate parts.

Different Materials and Applications of Turbo Parts

Aluminum is a great choice for turbos. It’s lightweight, strong, and adds performance to the table. But before an aluminum turbo can be installed, it has to be polished.

If you don’t know already, turbos are very complex parts that require precision throughout the manufacturing period. So, there is no better option than a tub vibratory finishing machine for turbo polishing.

Cast iron is a very cost-effective material for any kind of manufacturing. People who look for performance upgrades for their engines on a budget usually go for cast iron turbo.

To polish cast iron, you could go for conventional vibratory solutions. But it’s turbo we’re talking about. No matter what material it’s made of, a necessary precaution is required. So, we highly recommend using a tub vibratory finisher for automotive cast turbo polishing.

Turbo compressors are one of the most delicate parts inside a turbo assembly. It’s the place where the air pressure builds up to boost engine performance. One mistake during manufacturing can be fatal.

So, it’s mandatory that the compressors are polished properly. There is no better alternative to tub vibratory finishers.

Diesel engines produce a lot of torque. These are heavy vehicles and are used for heavy applications. A turbo is more commonly found in diesel engines than petrol engines.

It’s obvious that diesel turbos are larger than regular turbos. It’s best to use a tub vibratory finisher with dividers.

Motorbike turbos are a little different than car turbos. They have small turbos and still manage to produce similar power. There is a lot more engineering that goes into the motorbike turbos.

To polish the motorcycle turbo parts, you can use any of the tub vibratory machines. Just make sure that you use the right polishing media.

Stainless steel turbos provide good value for money in terms of performance. They are strong and last a long time. They are heavier than aluminum parts but do a great job of boosting.

Go for the tub vibratory finishers, it doesn’t matter which one. The stainless steel turbos will shine like a mirror after the turbo polishing.

Turbo Polishing Media

Polishing turbo headers and compressors is a precision job. It requires experience and proper equipment to pull it off properly. As for the media, you need to use the right polishing media depending on the material of the turbo.

It can be porcelain, plastic, or anything else as long as it doesn’t damage your parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the power requirement for turbo finishing machines?

We recommend using a 380-480 volt connection. You can use 230 volts one as well. But make sure that the line is a 3-phase one.

What is the minimum order that you take?

For turbo polishing machines, our minimum order quantity is 1.

How much do I pay?

We request you to pay 30% of the price as an advance. We need around 20 days to prepare the order and then you can pay the rest.

What media do I use?

For turbo polishing, the media choice depends on your turbo construction. If it’s stainless steel, you can use porcelain media. If it’s aluminum, you can use plastic polishing media. If you’re confused, contact our support team.

Where can you ship?

We can ship turbo polishing machines all over the world. We will discuss delivery terms and details once you place an order.

Turbo Polishing – Definitive Guide

Do your business deal with turbo parts of an engine?

If yes, then your business will also be involved in the polishing of turbo parts.

If yes, then this guide is for you.

We will cover the whole process of turbo polishing in detail in this guide.

It will cover the traditional method of polishing turbo parts as well as polishing using Inovatec machines.

Inovatec offers some of the best solutions for polishing turbo parts in the market.

1. What Is a Turbo?

Turbo is the short form of a Turbocharger.

It is a device that increases the efficiency and power of the internal combustion engine.

A turbocharger will have three main parts. They are the turbine, compressor, and center housing (hub rotating assembly).


2. What Are the Benefits of Polishing a Turbo?

Let us have a look at the various benefits of polishing a turbo.

It will give you a better idea of why you should be polishing turbo parts.


2.1 For Best Appearance

The appearance of the product is important in any business.

So, if you are manufacturing or assembling turbo parts, then the parts should have the best possible appearance.

You can get a good appearance through polishing.


2.2 For Consistent Finish

The final finish of the part is very important.

Sometimes, you will need a mirror-like shine on the turbo part.

Some parts demand less shine.

So, you should ensure that the quality of the finish is consistent across all the turbo parts.


2.3 To Remove the Oxide Layer

Sometimes, you will have to paint or coat the turbo part.

In such cases, you will have to ensure that there is no oxide layer on the turbo surface.

Otherwise, the paint may not stick properly to the surface.

Thus, the effectiveness of the coating will be reduced.

So, polishing turbo is essential to remove the oxide layer.


2.4 For Safety

The turbo parts after manufacturing will have rough and sharp edges.

So, there is a chance that it can hurt you while assembling or while handling the parts.

Polishing helps to remove such unnecessary rough areas in the parts.

Thus, you can work safely using these polished parts.


3. What Is the Traditional Way of Turbo Polishing?

The traditional turbo polishing process is a manual method.

It uses the wheel grinder to polish a turbo part.

There are two ways of polishing turbo parts using a wheel grinder.

In the first method, the wheel grinder is fixed to a working bench.

The surface of the turbo part is moved along with the rotating wheel head for polishing.

In the second method, a movable wheel grinder is used.

Here, the turbo part is either fixed or kept on top of the workbench.

The wheel grinder is moved on the surface of the part for polishing.

Multiple wheel heads are used based on the material type of the turbo part and the finish requirements.

These wheels will have varying abrasiveness.

Polishing compounds are also used in the final stage of polishing to achieve a shiny, smooth surface.


4. What Is a Turbo Polishing Machine?

A machine that can polish turbo parts automatically is called a urbo polishing machine.

Here, you will have to load the machine with the turbo parts and appropriate polishing media for polishing.

You will get polished turbo part as the output.

The time duration for polishing varies with each machine and part.

It is also dependent on the type of finish.

A mirror-like finish will demand for more processing time.

trough tub vibratory finishing machine for steel pipe deburring polishing


5. Why Use a Machine for Polishing Turbo?

Let us have a look at the various benefits of using a Turbo Polishing Machine over the traditional polishing method.


5.1 For Superior Finish Quality

You can get superior finish quality if you use a machine for polishing turbo parts.

There will be consistency in finish across all the parts.

If the parts are complicated with lots of bends, then you may not be able to cover the whole surface area through the manual polishing method.

It is tough to get the same finish consistency across all the parts by using the traditional polishing process.


5.2 Damage-Free Polishing

The manual process of polishing turbo parts is more prone to human error.

So, there is a chance that you may damage a few parts.

Thus, it will have an impact on the polishing yield.

Machine polishing will ensure damage-free polishing.

You need to ensure that you use the right type of tumbling media with the right kind of turbo part material.

Thus, zero damage is guaranteed through machine polishing.


5.3 Time Saver

A machine can polish more turbo parts in less amount of time.

It is possible with the help of the batch processing feature from Inovatec.

But, it will take lots of time if the polishing process is done manually, especially if the turbo parts are complex.


5.4 Cost Saver

In any business, you will be looking to reduce the overall cost. Only then, the company will be profitable.

In the manual process, you need to invest in labor, labor training, and polishing equipment.

But, in the case of a turbo polishing machine, you will only need a one-time investment in one of the Inovatec machines.

So, machine-based polishing is more cost-effective in the long run.


5.5 Batch Processing Capability

Turbo polishing machines from Inovatec offer batch processing capability.

So, you can polish more parts at the same time.


5.6 Not Labor Intensive

Manual polishing of turbo parts is a labor-intensive process.

You will need lots of laborers to polish multiple parts simultaneously to achieve a good yield.

A single person can efficiently operate the turbo polishing machine from Inovatec.

So, it is not a labor-intensive process.


5.7 No Skilled Labor Requirement

Skilled labor demands more investment.

You will need skilled laborers for the manual polishing process.

Otherwise, the efficiency of polishing will get compromised.

You don’t need any special skills to operate the turbo polishing machine.

The machine comes with an easy to operate instruction guide.


5.8 Lower Maintenance Cost

In the case of some machines, the initial investment may be less, but the maintenance cost will be more.

You can easily do the maintenance work on a turbo polishing machine from Inovatec using simple hand tools.

So, no additional investment is needed in special maintenance tools or training.


6. What Are the Different Types of Machines for Turbo Polishing?

Inovatec machinery offers two types of machines for polishing turbo parts.

They are all linear tub vibratory finishing machines.

You can invest in any of these based on your polishing requirements.


6.1 Tub Vibratory Finisher with Dividers

If the turbo parts are intricate or complicated, then you can’t put them together inside a single chamber for polishing.

It can damage the parts by part-to-part collision.

The turbo vibratory finisher machine with dividers from Inovatec will allow you to place one part each in each of the chambers.

You can fill each chamber with the appropriate tumbling media for polishing.

Thus, you can polish multiple parts simultaneously without hitting against each other.

TVB(B) tub vibratory finishing machine


6.2 Round Wall Tub Vibratory Machine

The round wall tub vibratory finishing machine is another type of turbo polishing machine from Inovatec.

You can use it for large and long parts.

So, it is best suited for automotive turbos.

You can use it to polish various types of turbo like cast iron, metal alloy, stainless steel, etc.

You need to ensure that you use the right tumbling media with the right type of material.

TVB(A) tub vibratory finishing machine


7. What Are the Different Types of Vibratory Tumbling Media for Polishing Turbo Parts?

The tumbling media are substances that are added along with the turbo parts into the turbo polishing machine for polishing.

Inovatec offers a wide range of tumbling media.

They are available in various sizes.

You can also get a custom size and shape on request.

The strict quality process adopted by Inovatec in the manufacturing ensures that the tumbling media is of very high quality.

Inovatec recommends using two types of tumbling media for polishing turbo parts.

Various types of tumbling media


7.1 Porcelain Tumbling Media

Porcelain tumbling media is made up of white clay and components like alumina and kaolin.

Porcelain tumbling media is best suited for soft metals like aluminum.

It helps to provide good shine to turbo parts without much material removal.

It is usually used in the last stage of the polishing process.

ceramic media polishing porcelain tumbling media

Inovatec recommends to use it along with water or any other polishing compound for wet polishing.

Inovatec offers porcelain tumbling media in various shapes.

It includes a triangle, tristar, ball, and cylinder.

The two grades offered by Inovatec are standard and fine.

The alumina content for the fine grade is 70 percent and 30-40 percent for the standard grade.


7.2 Plastic Tumbling Media

Plastic tumbling media is made of abrasives and polyester resins.

They are wear resistant. So, they will have more life.

It is one of the most popular media when it comes to polishing.

Inovatec offers different shapes like a pyramid, cone, paraboloid, lens, etc.

plastic deburring media


Plastic tumbling media ensures even finish on turbo parts.

Inovatec also offers different grades of plastic tumbling media.

It includes light cutting, dense cutting, and medium cutting. The different grades are made by varying the concentration of the abrasives.

They are best suited for complex and lengthy parts and guarantee minimum material removal.


8. What Are the Different Types of Turbos Supported for Polishing?

The turbo polishing machines from Inovatec are capable of polishing different types of turbo parts.

The list of various types of turbos, based on the material type, and the application are given below.


8.1 Aluminum Turbo

Aluminum being a lightweight metal is an excellent choice for turbo parts.

Polishing aluminum turbo parts


8.2 Automotive Cast Iron Turbo

Cost-effectiveness of the cast iron makes it a popular material choice for turbos in the automotive segment.

Polishing cast iron turbo parts


8.3 Compressor Turbo Housing

The compressor is one of the most important and delicate parts of a turbo system.

Any of the tub vibratory machines from Inovatec are suitable for polishing turbo compressor housing.

Polishing compressor housing


8.4 Diesel Engine Turbo

Diesel engines are used for heavy applications and will produce lots of torque.

So, turbos are more popular in diesel engines.

Polishing diesel engine turbo part


8.5 Petrol Engine Car Turbo

Turbos are also used in petrol engine powered cars.

Polishing petrolengine car turbo part


8.6 Titanium Alloy Turbo

Titanium alloy turbos are used where the compressor demands for extreme loads.

They are expensive.

Polishing titanium turbo parts


8.7 Motorbike Turbo System

The motorbike turbo system is smaller in size when compared to car turbos.

But, they are capable of producing similar power output.

Polishing motor bike turbo parts


8.8 Aircraft Turbo

Aircraft also uses turbo to maintain manifold pressure when there is an increase in altitude.

Polishing aircraft turbo part


8.9 Stainless Steel Motor Sport Turbo Charge

Engines used in motorsports are mainly made up of stainless steel.

Higher strength, long life, and value for money make stainless steel a good choice for turbo parts.

Polishing stainless steel turbo part


8.10 Single Turbo

Single turbo is the most common and simplest of all the turbos.

It is also the cheapest option.

Polishing single turbo


8.11 Sequential Turbos

Sequential turbos are expensive, sophisticated, and bulky.

They are usually a combination of big and small turbo sets.

Polishing sequential turbo parts


8.12 Twin Turbos

Twin turbo will have two different turbos.

These turbos will either operate parallel or sequentially.

Polishing twin turbos


8.13 Twin-scroll Turbo

Twin-scroll turbos are also called divided turbos.

They have two nozzles and two exhaust gas inlets.

Polishing twin scroll turbo


8.14 Variable Geometry Turbo

Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) uses vanes that are movable to control the airflow to the turbine.

It is an expensive and complex turbo solution.

Polishing variable twin scroll turbo


8.15 Variable Twin-scroll Turbo

Variable twin-scroll turbo combines the advantages of variable geometry turbo and twin-scroll turbo.

Polishing variable twin scroll turbo


8.16 Electric Turbo

Electric turbo helps to eliminate the turbo lag issue. They are very efficient.

Polishing electric turbos


8.17 Nickel Alloy Turbos

Nickel alloy turbo parts are used in high-end engines that demand extreme operating conditions.

Polishing nickel alloy turbo


8.18 Multi Turbo

Some engines will have triple and quad turbos. They belong to the multi-turbo category.

Polishing multi turbos



So, now you know the whole process of polishing turbo parts and different types of turbos.

The advantages of using Inovatec machines for polishing turbo parts are many.

So, consider investing in any/both of the Inovatec machines to improve your business productivity.

The different tumbling media solutions offered by Inovatec are one of the best in the market in terms of quality and price.

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