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Inovatec MachineryWe Offer the Best Surface Finishing for Your Coin

Inovatec Machinery is the professional process solution provider for all types of coins. Depending on your coin material and surface requirement, we use a vibratory finishing machine and a centrifugal disc finishing machine to improve the surface condition. Besides, we also offer a complete and ready solution for medals, badges, lapel pins, and tokens.

4. Centrifugal disc finishing machine 1

A centrifugal disc finisher is suitable for small scale coin polishing. It is ideal for gold and silver coins with high value. It also works for old coin cleaning and repair.

5. Fully automatic centrifugal disc machine

An automatic centrifugal disc finisher is ideal for big quantity coin production. It is designed for the coin minting workshop process in a big batch each day.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

A vibratory finishing machine is the most commonly used coin polishing machine. A vibratory finishing machine can process coins in a huge quantity in mass production.

6. Vibratory dryer

A vibratory dryer is used to clean and dry the coins after polishing. You can use it either with or without corn cob media.

Material of Different Coins

A silver coin is a highly valued coin product. We use a centrifugal disc finishing machine to polish them in a small batch.

A bronze coin is easy to rust. We can use a small vibratory finishing machine to clean them in mass.

A nickel coin is the most common coin in daily life. We use a vibratory finishing machine to polish them in batches.

An aluminum coin is soft in nature. We use a vibratory finishing machine with the stainless steel ball to burnish them in a short time.

We use a vibratory finishing machine to burnish brass coins in big batches.

Gold coins are a very high valued coin. We usually use a centrifugal disc finisher with the stainless steel balls to process them. Our process will reveal the natural beauty of the gold itself.

Vibratory Tumbling Media

Inovatec has a wide selection of tumbling media for selection. For coin polishing and burnishing, the most popular media is stainless steel burnishing media for polishing and corn cob media for drying and cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the MOQ for your surface finishing machine?

Our coin polishing machine MOQ is 1 pcs.

How do you make the packaging?

We make a fermentation wooden box to cover the machine. The machine is easy to move with a forklift.

How is your payment term?

Our payment term is 30% payment in advance and 70% balance payment before shipment. You can come to our workshop to check the machine performance before shipment.

How long do you need to prepare the goods?

Our production time is 20-25 days. For your urgent order, we can do our best to meet your shipping schedule.

What is the nearest port?

The nearest ports from our factory are Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu. We also ship to other locations that you preferred.

Coin Polishing Machine – Definitive Guide

Are you involved in a business that deals with coins? If yes, then this guide is for you. You will learn the whole process of automatic coin cleaning and polishing in detail in this guide. Inovatec offers professional polishing solutions for different types of coins.

1. What Is the Traditional Method of Coin Cleaning & Polishing?

The traditional method of coin cleaning involves submerging the coins in a reagent solution for some time. After this, the coins are taken out and polished using a cloth or particular towel. They use specific cloth materials with abrasive properties.

This process is repeated until the coins are thoroughly cleaned. So, polishing a coin using the traditional method is a tedious task if the volume is huge.


2. What Is a Coin Polishing Machine?

A Coin Polishing Machine is a tool used to deburr, clean, and polish coins. Here, the entire process is done automatically. It helps to give a mirror-like shine to coins. You have to feed the coins and the tumbling media into this machine for polishing.


3. Why Use a Coin Polishing Machine?

Let us have a look at the different advantages of using a Coin Polishing Machine over the traditional coin polishing method.

1. Time Saver

You can save a good amount of time if you use the right tumbling media with the coins inside a coin polishing machine. It is faster when compared to the traditional polishing process.

2. Finish Quality

When you clean and polish coins using reagents alone, then you may not be able to get that new shiny look on your coins. The finish quality is also dependent on labor skills.

You can get a shiny look by using an automatic coin polishing machine with minimum effort.

3. Cost Saving

If you use a Coin Polishing Machine, then you have to make a one-time investment in the equipment. But, if you go with manual polishing with reagents, then you need to invest in multiple laborers which is a recurring cost. He/she will be occupied all the time with the polishing process.

If a machine is used in the same place, then you need to employ only a single person to operate the machine.

4. Damage-Free Polishing

There is a chance that coins may get damaged in the manual polishing process. It can put your business at risk with the yield factor.

It can be more devastating if the coins are made of valuable metals like gold or silver. A Coin Polishing Machine removes this risk factor if used with the right tumbling media. So, use a professional polishing machine to avoid any polishing damages.

5. Batch Polishing 

Inovatec offers the ability to process coins in mass. You can also customize the capacity of the machine in the case of the automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine. So, more coins can be cleaned and polished in less amount of time.


4. What Are the Different Types of Coin Polishing Machines You Manufactured?

You need to use two types of machines from Inovatec machinery for polishing coins. One is the finishing machine, and the other is the dryer. Inovatec offers three models of finishing machine and one dryer model.


1. Vibratory Finishing Machine

A vibratory finishing machine is an ideal machine for cleaning and polishing coins. It is useful when the volume of coins is significant. So, you can use it in the coin mass production site as the final stage machine for polishing.



2. Centrifugal Disc Finisher

A Centrifugal Disc Finisher is best suited for a small batch of coins. So, it is suitable for coins with precious metals like gold and silver. It is designed in such a way that there will not be any damage to the workpieces inside. This machine is also useful for people in the antique coins business.

Any maintenance person can quickly service this machine with essential hand tools. So, the maintenance cost is minimal.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38


3. Automatic Centrifugal Disc Finisher

If you deal with a large number of coins, then the Automatic Centrifugal Disc finishing machines from Inovatec machinery are the best choice. They are more efficient than standard vibratory machines.

Inovatec offers a wide range of machine sizes in this category. So, you can easily get the size required for your volume of coins. A double batch system and reliable precision gap control are two features that make this machine stand out from the rest of the coin polishers.

The modular feature of this machine allows you to place any automation request with Inovatec. Thus, you can customize the machine according to your requirement. The short processing cycle helps you to save costs in the long run.


4. Vibratory Dryer

You need to use this Vibratory Dryer along with any of the above machines to complete the coin polishing process. Use this machine with heated Corn Cob media as the drying agent. This machine is used in the last stage of the coin polishing process.

It uses a rapid method for drying coins economically. It will remove all water spots and left-over residue from the coins.

Vibratory dryer


5. What Types of Vibratory Tumbling Media Is Used for Coin Polishing?

Tumbling media are the materials added with the coins inside the automatic coin polishing machine. It is a rigid material with abrasive properties. It does the job of light deburring, polishing, and cleaning the coins.

Inovatec machinery offers two types of tumbling media for coin polishing – Stainless Steel Tumbling Media and Corn Cob tumbling Media. Strict quality control measures adopted by Inovatec ensure that the abrasive tumbling media is of top quality.

tumbling media selection


6. Different Types of Vibratory Tumbling Media for Coin Polishing?

1. Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

Stainless Steel Tumbling media is the best media for polishing coins. They are commonly called stainless-steel shots. They clean and polish the coins in a short time.

It is available in different shapes like ball, ball-cone, pins, diagonal, oval ball, etc. Inovatec machinery offers various grades of Stainless Steel balls. It includes AISI 304, AISI 201, AIS 316, AISI 420, AISI 440C, and carbon steel ball. You can select any of these according to the shape, size, and material of your coins.

brass parts vibratory ball burnishing with steel tumbling media


2. Corn Cob Tumbling Media

Corn Cob Tumbling media is used as the drying agent in the vibratory dryer machine. It is a natural tumbling media. It absorbs water and moisture from the surface of coins. Corn Cob also removes oil and dirt from the coin surface.

If you are drying antique coins, then Corn Cob media is the best option. Corn Cob is safe because of its soft and delicate nature. You need to discard the Corn Cob media once it turns black.

Inovatec offers Corn Cob tumbling media of different sizes. So, the right size selection will help you to get the best possible coin finish.

Corn Cob tumbling media


7. What Are the Different Coin Materials Supported For Polishing?

Inovatec machinery supports coins made of different types of materials for cleaning and polishing. You can use coins of different shapes and sizes also.

1. Silver Coins

Silver coins are valuable ones. So, you need to ensure that they are in good condition. One of the main problems faced by silver coins is tarnishing when exposed to air or moisture.

It is risky to remove this oxidization coating manually from the silver surface. It can damage the coins. The use of chemicals may damage the silver coin.

So, the best option is to use a professional machine for cleaning silver coins. Centrifugal Disc Finisher is the right solution from Inovatec Machinery for polishing silver coins.

Silver Coins polishing


2. Bronze Coins

A bronze coin is an alloy of copper and tin. They are hard and have excellent wear resistance.

You need to remove the patina to get the shine back on the bronze coin. It should be done professionally. The best way is to use a coin polisher machine with stainless-steel tumbling media.

Bronze coins polishing


3. Aluminium Coins

Aluminum is a soft and cheap metal. So, it is used as lower denomination coins in many countries.

It is very prone to wear and tear. So, polishing with chemicals will not be a good option. So, do it with a coin polisher machine to avoid such damages.

Aluminium coins polishing

4. Brass Coins

Brass coins were very popular in the early days. It is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass gets oxidized when exposed to moisture and forms a layer of patina on the coin surface.

You can remove the patina and polish brass coins using stainless steel tumbling media with any of the finishing machines.

Brass Coins polishing


5. Gold Coins

Gold coins are the most valuable coins in the market. Jewelry makers mainly use these coins.

When you are polishing gold coins, you need to ensure that you are not scrapping off too much of the gold from the coin. So, it is risky to use any chemical reagents.

Gold being a soft metal can get scratched easily. So, if you don’t use the right equipment, then you may get in trouble. A centrifugal disc finisher from Inovatec is capable of cleaning and polishing gold coins without any damage.

Gold Coins polishing


6. Copper Coins

One of the main issues with copper coins is that they get tarnished very quickly when exposed to air. Cuprous oxide gets deposited on its surface. It will appear as a black coating. Immersing bronze coins in cleaning reagents like ammonia solution for a long time can be risky.

You can use a vibratory finishing machine with stainless steel tumbling media to clean and polish copper coins.

Copper Coins polishing


7. Bi-metallic Coins

Bi-metallic coins consist of two metals or alloys. Here, there will be an outer ring made with one of these metals and the center part with the other. So, using some chemical reagents can be tricky. It may react with one of these metals.

Many countries use bi-metallic coins in their currency. One or both of these metals may get tarnished due to oxidation. So, polishing is essential.

Bi metallic Coins polishing


8. Tri-metallic Coins

Tri-metallic coins use three metals or alloys. The coin will have three sections – the center, the inner ring and the outer ring. So, they have varying hardness. Medals also come as tri-metallic coins.

A vibratory finishing machine with stainless steel tumbling media can clean and polish tri-metallic coins easily.

Tri metallic Coins polishing


9. Cupronickel Coins

Cupronickel coin is an alloy of copper and nickel. It will come in silver color. It is resistant to tarnishing and rust.

Here, the dirt may get accumulated on the coin imprints. So, you need to clean it properly. It is the most commonly used type of coins.

Cupronickel Coins polishing


10. Ferritic Stainless-Steel Coins

Ferritic Stainless Coins are another commonly used coin type. It has excellent abrasion resistance. It is also corrosion-resistant to an extent. High hardness and economic viability make it one of the best materials for coinage.

Inovatec finisher machines are capable of cleaning and polishing Ferritic Stainless-Steel coins.

Ferritic Stainless Steel Coins polishing


11. Manganese Brass Coins

Manganese brass coins can be easily recognized with their shining gold looks. The brass material gives a golden color to these coins. Most of the medals are also made from this material.

To retain the shiny gold-like surface, you definitely need to do a professional polishing on these coins. With the aid of Inovatec’s coin polisher machines, you can achieve what you want.

Manganese Brass Coins polishing



Now, you know how coin polishing is done easily with the help of an automatic coin polishing machine and its advantages. Coin polisher machines from Inovatec Machinery are some of the best in the market. So, you can consider investing in one to optimize your coin cleaning and polishing process.

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