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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Vibratory Tumbler Media Manufacturer in China

Vibratory tumbling media is also called the vibratory stone, barreling stone or chips. Manufactured with different materials, size, and shape, they polish, deburr, clean, and many other mass finishing applications.

Porcelain tumbling media

Porcelain tumbling media develop great finishes on metals and plastics while products very little wear.

3P granule tumbling media

3P granule is random shape microcrystalline abrasive media with no abrasives that provides rapid cut-down function and burnishing.

High density tumbling media

High density tumbling media is perfect for light burr removal, radius formation. It is the best product for developing lustrous finishing.

Zirconia ball

With zirconia ball, no material removed during the process. It is ideal for the mirror finishing of precious metal and jewelry.

Steel tumbling media

Steel tumbling media achieves maximum luster on Zamak and aluminum die castings in a short amount of time.

Plastic tumbling media

Plastic tumbling media is resin-bonded media. It is soft media used for aluminum and plastics pre-plating finish.

Natural tumbling media

Natural tumbling media includes corn cob, walnut shell, and wood material. It is the best media for dry polishing and cleaning.

Optional Design & Setting

V.F.C. the most aggressive cutting media available. It cuts down time cycles with excellent wear performance.

F.C. fast cutting ceramic media to remove medium size burr and rust removal.

G.C. general cutting ceramic media that create a matte finish on the metal surface.

M.C. medium cutting ceramic media is an extended-lasting media give the right color and beautiful finish.

Light cutting ceramic media gives light material removal in vibratory finishing machine.

Ceramic polishing media improve parts surface conditions on zinc, brass, copper, and aluminum.

Plastic fast-cutting media cut metal burrs in a shorter time without hardening metal surface.

The plastic medium cutting media is for general purpose smoothing. It produces the surface that ready for coating and painting.

The plastic light cutting media is suggested for low R.M.S. finish. Applications include titanium, stainless steel parts smoothing.

The plastic ultra-light cutting media is design for small Ra finishing, especially for medical components and aerospace parts.

Plastic Z1 tumbling media reduces the cycle time while creating a smooth preplating finish.

Steel tumbling media removes the die lines, pre-plate finish and clean metal parts surface economically.

Mass Finishing Machine

Complete surface finishing solution provider for small and medium parts finishing at an affordable cost. It Includes deburring, polishing, cleaning and rust removal.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Vibratory Tumbler Media Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Process in vibratory finishing machine or high energy machine
  • Over 1000 types of media for you to select
  • OEM engineering tumbler media for your parts
  • Heavy metal removal, smoothing, mirror polishing

Frequently Asked Question
Are you a distributor or a manufacturer of vibratory tumbler media?

We are the manufacturer. We have been producing vibratory tumbling media for over 20 years.

What is your MOQ for vibratory tumbler media?

Our MOQ is 500kg or 1000lbs. This amount is enough for you to take a test and also comfortable for us to organize the production.

What packaging do you make?

Our vibratory tumbler media packed in a 25kg or 50lbs bag. The bag uses rigid PP woven bags double layer so that the media will not leaking during the shipment. We make 40 bags in one tray for easy transportation.

How do we make the payment?

You can make payment in TT, LC at sight, PayPal, or West Union. For general order, we start production after receiving a 30% advance payment. We will organize the shipment when we get the 70% amount. You can come and check the product when the product is ready.

How do you organize the shipment?

Tumbler media sample we send you by FedEx, TNT, or DHL. For Ordered products, we will ship by sea shipment to save the shipping cost. Our nearest port is Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu.

Vibratory Tumbler Media

According to materials, vibratory media includes porcelain tumbling media, ceramic tumbling media, plastic tumbling media, steel tumbling media, and natural tumbling media.

To make perfect parts finishing, you need to select the right vibratory tumbling media.

  • Porcelain media is ideal for polishing brass and other soft metal parts without metal removal.
  • Ceramic media is well suited for heavy deburring, radiusing, edge breaking, and rust removal.
  • Plastic media performs well for brass, aluminum light cutting, smoothing, and deburring. It also used zamak3 pre plating finishing.
  • Steel tumbling media is ideal for ball burnishing process, especially for die casting parts.
  • Natural tumbling media includes corn cob abrasive media, walnut shell tumbling media, wood finishing media as well as bamboo-based media.

pink RKM media deburring vibratory tumbler media

The vibratory finishing media type in the finishing process determined by the level of finish expected and the material of the parts.

Large media creates a rougher surface, while smaller media gives a beautiful finish on the surface.

Also, Inovatec has almost all shapes of vibratory bowl media, such as balls, cylinders, pyramids, cones, triangle, etc.

The variety of shapes or their combinations provides access to all parts surface without lodging problems.


To make the best quality control, Inovatec inspects every batch of raw material before it ships to the warehouse.

Vibratory tumbler media is carefully inspected, and size tolerance controlled within limitations.

Usually, the deviation of ceramic media and plastic media is allowed ±1mm. The undersize media and the oversized media are sieves out before packaging.

No matter steel media, ceramic media, or plastic media, we make self-tumbling before packaging.

So that vibratory tumbler media has a good looking and ready to use when you receive it.

ceramic media deburring

Inovatec has over 20 years’ experience in vibratory tumbler media manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on top quality vibro media.

Whether you are a finishing service provider, an end-user, or a distributor, our excellent tumbling media build your name in your industry.

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