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Inovatec MachineryInovatec is the only carburetor polishing machine manufacturer you’ll ever need.

There’s a myth that carburetors are obsolete in the age of electronic fuel injection. But it’s not true because carburetors are still popular and effective when it comes to raw performance. And in order to get the most performance out of a carburetor, it needs polishing.

Inovatec Machinery is a mass finishing equipment and media manufacturer in China. We have enough experience and manpower to provide you with all your needs.

3. VBB vibratory debruring machine 2

Vibratory finishing machines are one of the best investments you can ever make for your mass finishing business. These machines are all-purpose machines which mean you can perform a multitude of operations with the same machine.

There are a few types of vibratory finishing machines. A straight-wall bowl vibratory machine is great for simple and moderately large parts with no complex geometry involved. The curved-wall variant of the vibratory finishing machine is suitable for more complex operations.

All vibratory finishing machines come with coil spring suspensions to dampen the vibration to a great extent. Without the suspensions, you’re more likely to damage the parts and the machine itself.

2. TVBA tub ball burnishing machine

There is another type of vibratory finishing machine which is the tub vibratory finisher. It’s also known as a trough vibratory finisher. These mass finishing machines come with a rectangular tub instead of a bowl.

The tub can have a straight wall or a curved wall just like the bowl vibratory solutions. The tub finishers are specifically designed to polish larger and more complex parts, like carburetor polishing. The long nature of the machine allows for a more dynamic approach toward polishing.

The tub vibratory finishers are available in two variants. One is with an open tub and the other one is segmented. The segmented one is designed to polish parts that are prone to damaging each other in the polishing process.

Material of Different Propellers

Venturi carburetors are the most common ones in the performance game. A multiple venturi carburetor is effectively a carburetor where there is a cluster of multiple single venturi carburetors to produce more power. In most cases, all of the single units share some functionalities.

As you can already imagine, the multiple venturi carburetors are quite complex parts. So, in order to do carburetor polishing, you should opt for a curved-wall vibratory finisher.

Mechanical carburetors are the cheapest of the bunch. They are cost-effective and provide a very good price-to-performance ratio. The reason these are called mechanical carburetors is that the valves are controlled mechanically, as opposed to an electronic fuel injection system.

For mechanical carburetor polishing, you can go with a vibratory finishing machine. The types don’t matter because these carburetors have a fairly simple construction. You can opt for a tub vibratory finisher as well if you see fit.

Carburetors are of two types depending on their position. The updraft and the downdraft. If the carburetor is located above the intake manifold, it’s a downdraft carburetor. It’s more of a performance-oriented option for the people who seek to get the bang for their buck.

For polishing downdraft carburetors, you can use a tub vibratory finisher. If you want to be absolutely safe with your carburetor polishing, you should go for the segmented tub vibrator. This way, you don’t run the risk of the carburetors hitting each other.

Constant vacuum carburetors are also known as variable choke carburetor. In this case, the throttle cable is directly connected with the cable plate. The more you open the throttle, the more gasoline enters the carburetor to produce power.

Polishing constant vacuum carburetors are no different from polishing any other type of carburetor. You can use a regular vibratory finisher or a tub finisher. Go for the one that you see fit.

Constant choke carburetors are the opposite of constant vacuum carburetors. In a constant choke carburetor, the area where the air and fuel get mixed is kept constant. The ratio is changed due to pressure or depression rather than throttle position. These carburetors are common in low-end vehicles.

Carburetor polishing is a straightforward process, no matter what carburetor it is. A constant choke carburetor is no different. Use any of the vibratory solutions you see fit from Inovatec.

Fixed jet carburetors are known as the most common and cheapest of all. These carburetors control the air and fuel with multiple jets instead of valves. They are not really performance models but do a great job of keeping the performance constant.

To polish aluminum carburetors, invest in a vibratory finishing machine. The curved-wall variant will work like a charm for carburetor polishing.

Carburetor Polishing Media

Polishing is a very important task in the mass finishing industry. You need to choose the right media. For carburetor polishing, porcelain balls would be a prime choice because those tiny balls can enter tight areas and polish from within.

Inovatec Machinery – The Most Competitive Mass Finishing Equipment Manufacturer
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why should I trust Inovatec?

Answer: Inovatec Machinery is the leading carburetor polishing machine manufacturer. We ship products all over the world and we have been doing it for over 20 years. All our customers are content and satisfied with our services.

2. Which one is the carburetor polishing media?

Answer: To polish carburetors, we recommend using porcelain balls, These balls are small enough to polish the parts correctly.

3. How should I connect my machine?

Answer: You are required to connect the carburetor polishing machine into a 3-phase electrical outlet. The voltage can be altered but you should never use a single-phase outlet.

4. How secure are the payment methods?

Answer: We received payments through different services. All the services are certified and known for their safety. Western Union, PayPal, Sight Letter of Credit, etc. are some examples.

5. Where do you sell?

Answer: You can get a quote instantly to know the details. We ship all over the world.

Carburetor Polishing – Definitive Guide

1. What Are the Benefits of Polishing My Carburetor?

Carburetors are high-end engine components, and numerous benefits come with effectively polishing them.

1.1 Improved Carburetor Strength

Metallic materials are liable to weak spots and cracks; carburetors are not left out.

If left unpolished, carburetors can lose material strength.

Polishing your carburetor part ensures that the strength of the material is significantly improved.


1.2 Improved Performance

Polishing your carburetors not just only makes them shiny and physically appealing but also improves their performance while in service.

Engines operate more efficiently when their carburetors have been effectively polished.


1.3 Improved Appearance

A shiny and finely polished metal part is always appealing to the eye, hence polishing your carburetor improves its physical appearance and surface uniformity.

1.4 Removal of Blemishes and Dents

During the manufacturing phase of carburetors, tiny burrs and scratch marks are inflicted on the part.

These blemishes can reduce the efficiency of carburetors, hence they must be removed.

Carburetor polishing solutions from Inovatec are your gateway to achieving the most efficient dent and blemish removal process.


1.5 Corrosion Inhibition

Accumulation of dirt and moisture particles is harmful to metallic parts.

If not adequately polished, corrosion could quickly become a concern.

Polishing your carburetor eliminates corroded layers and improves the quality of the material.

2. What Type of Machines Can I Engage When Polishing My Carburetors?

To achieve the best possible performance from your carburetor, part polishing is an essential procedure.

For an optimum carburetor polishing process, Inovatec offers two highly efficient mass finishing machine you’ll find anywhere.

2.1 Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

When it comes to polishing carburetors, tub vibratory finishers are one of the most sophisticated mass finishing equipment offered by Inovatec.

This equipment completes the carburetor polishing process autonomously with little or no human intervention.

trough rectangular linear tub vibratory finishing machine

Figure 1. Tub Vibratory Finisher

With the right choice of media and compound, this machine provides a more dynamic and cost-effective carburetor polishing solution.

A tub vibratory machine is suitable for polishing the following types of carburetor:

  • Mechanical Carburetor
  • Downdraft Carburetor
  • Constant Vacuum Carburetor
  • Constant Choke Carburetor


2.2 Vibratory Finishing Machine

This machine is all-purpose equipment, and it provides amazing results when utilized for carburetor polishing.

A vibratory finishing machine is equipped with an anti-damage coil spring suspension system that inhibits the probability of damage to carburetor parts.

You could choose either the straight-wall bowl variant or its curved-wall counterpart (for more intricate operations).

metal deburring equipment vibratory finishing for sales

Figure 2. Vibratory Finishing Machine

This machine is suitable for polishing the following types of carburetor:

  • Aluminium Fixed-Jet Carburetor
  • Constant Choke Carburetor
  • Constant Vacuum Carburetor
  • Mechanical Carburetor
  • Multiple Venturi Carburetor

3. Which Polishing Media Is Most Ideal for Carburetor Polishing?

Polishing media is an essential ingredient of the carburetor polishing process.

Inovatec recommends the use of porcelain (balls) media when polishing your carburetors.

Figure 5 - Porcelain Polishing Balls

Figure 3. Porcelain Ball Media

Porcelain balls are advantageous in this case because they are tiny and can effectively polish tight and intricate areas.

Porcelain media is made of aluminum oxide and it doesn’t apply too much pressure on part surfaces.

Hence, using porcelain balls to polish carburetors ensures shape retention and a damage-free polishing process.

4. What Is the Traditional Way of Polishing Carburetors?

Traditional ways of polishing a carburetor will require manual skilled labor.

It involves polishing by hand with the aid of polishing tools and cleaning liquids.

These polishing tools will include sandpapers, wiping materials, etc.

A seemingly popular DIY approach for polishing carburetors is the soda blasting method.

The polishing media, in this case, is baking soda, and the results come out good too.

However, traditional polishing methods are known to be less efficient when compared to mass finishing methods.

5. Why Should I Choose Carburetor Polishing Machines from Inovatec Over Traditional Methods?

Mass finishing machines from Inovatec offer numerous benefits as compared to traditional polishing methods.

Here are the reasons why you must choose automation over traditional methods:

5.1 Cost-Effective Polishing Operation

In general, traditional polishing methods will require exorbitant investment in manual operations and tools.

With mass finishing machines, you only get to make a one-time investment.

Likewise, mass finishing machines from Inovatec do not require incessant maintenance procedures and associated costs.

In the long run, the carburetor polishing processes become cost-effective.

5.2 Batch Processing

Traditional polishing methods will get one thing done at a time and can be time-consuming.

With mass finishing machines, batch processing is achievable when polishing your carburetor; this, in turn, saves a great deal of time.

5.3 Superior Finish

Uniformity and consistency have always been an issue with traditional polishing methods.

These shortcomings have been rectified using mass finishing machines.

To achieve a superior finish, carburetor polishing machines are your best option.

5.4 Elimination of Manual Labour

Traditional carburetor polishing methods are labor-intensive and could result in errors and damage to parts.

With mass finishing machines, the entirety of the carburetor polishing process is automated.

In other words, one single operator can efficiently handle polishing operations under little or no supervision.


5.5 Easy to Operate

In most cases, only skilled labor can carry out traditional polishing procedures but with machines, no skill is needed.

Carburetor polishing machines from Inovatec are easy to operate, and the instructional manuals are simple and understandable.

5.6 No Damage to Parts

Damaging your carburetor parts when polishing them can greatly impact your yield.

To ensure that parts do not experience any damage whatsoever, always opt for the carburetor polishing solutions offered by Inovatec.

6. How Long Will It Take to Finely Polish My Carburetors?

The amount of time it will take to complete a carburetor polishing cycle will be dependent on certain factors.

6.1 Choice of Media

The type of polishing media utilized during a carburetor polishing process will to a large extent determine the duration of the cycle.

For instance, ceramic media are generally known to cut faster, followed by porcelain media, and then plastic media.

In this case, porcelain balls are recommended; hence, you can expect your carburetor polishing process to be fast.


6.2 Operating Preferences

This is a function of how an operator chooses to handle the mass finishing equipment.

Polishing at optimum conditions is important to achieving a quicker and efficient polishing process.

You can control the machine’s polishing speed; the higher the speed, the quicker the cycle.

However, polishing at a high speed could compromise thoroughness and the quality of finish.

Polishing at a lower speed guarantees a superior finish but might take a lot of time.

In the end, it’s all a trade-off; it’s either pace or quality.

Either of these two will determine the time it will take you to polish your carburetor parts.


6.3 Extent of Blemish

If your carburetor is heavily dented, the polishing process will no doubt take a lot of time.

7. How Are Carburetors Polished Using Inovatec Vibratory Solutions?

For carburetor polishing applications, Inovatec offers two premium mass finishing solutions which have already been mentioned.

The first which is the tub vibratory finishing machine is a piece of robust equipment that works on the principles of vibration.

Its motor facilitates the vibratory motion which causes the polishing tub to shake vigorously.

The action of the tub induces a rubbing action between the carburetor parts and the polishing media.

The resulting product is a finely and efficiently polished carburetor.


The second equipment is the vibratory finishing machine.

This is another mass finishing equipment that offers exceptional outcome when used to polish carburetors.

For complex geometries like the multiple venturi carburetor, you could use the curved-wall variant of this machine.

For other non-complex carburetor types, the straight-wall bowl variant will do just fine.

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