Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine for Car Tire & Wheel Cleaning

Incredible result in 2 minutes with this incredible machine. Ultrasonic Wheel washer with a special roller. We can customize if you need 2 wheel or multiple wheels models.

Single tub wheel Ultrasonic cleaning machine (with lifting function)

Standard power for US/Canada/South America 220V 60HZ 3phase, 30A

Standard power for EU/Asia/RU 380V 50HZ 3phase 380V 50HZ 3phase, 18A

Internal Size900*500*900mm
External size1180*750*1300mm
FrequencyOptional 40khz/28khz
Ultrasonic Power3600W
Number of vibrating heads72 (both sides vibrating)
Heating Power5000w
Time control1-99 minutes or normally open
Temperature controlroom temperature to 95 degrees
Max wheel sizeup to 32-inch wheel/wheel+tire

Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine

Invoatec Ultrasonic Washers make bubbles. Then bubbles go to the wheel and pop up. Bubble remove all sort of dirt away from the wheel surface.

Inovatec integrates German Technology with China production to reduce overall costs. We are the best in easy operation and great output. We get your wheel cleaning in 2 Minutes.


The Best Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine from Inovatec Machinery

If you own a car, you know how hard it is, to wash it when it gets dirty. Either you wash the car yourself on your day off or take it to the car wash. And while taking your time to wash the car yields a better job, in both cases, the wheels get the worst of it. It is one of the most popular wheel repair machines to put in the wheel repair shop. Especially when you already own your wheel CNC lathe machine and wheel powder coating machine.

As the car rides more and more, the wheels take on dirt, mud, and rust. To make sure that the rim is clean you need to go hard on it. But the problem that comes with that is that you might end up damaging the rims. So, what’s a safe route to clean those dirty rims?

The answer to that question is an Ultrasonic wheel cleaner. And there is no better option for affordability and the best performance other than Inovatech’s ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine.

Why Choose Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec  Machinery is one of the leading machine manufacturers in China. With over 20 years of experience in producing machinery, this company has served over a thousand industrial machines.

The best thing about Inovatech is the customizability of its services. You can get the machines right down to the last specifications. This not only helps you avoid unnecessary costs, but it also improves productivity as you have direct involvement in it.

To make sure that your car’s rims are polished and shine brightly, Invoatech offers its Ultrasonic wheel cleaning machine. Making use of ultrasonic vibrations, this machine is sure to remove all the grime and grease from your wheels and make them look brand new. And all of this takes place in 2 minutes.

Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine – Beginner’s Guide

If you want to learn more about how this machine works, then consider checking out this short and simple guide. It will cover the process of ultrasonic cleaning and why it’s so efficient to clean your wheels. We also take a look at the advantages of using this machine over traditional cleaning methods. Let’s begin.

1.    What is the Traditional Wheel Cleaning Method?

As we briefly explained in the introduction, you can either manually clean your car by hand or take it to a car wash. And there are differences in how the wheel is cleaned in both cases.

2.     How is the Wheel Cleaned by Hand?

You’ll have to take each wheel off and clean it with soap or any other cleaning solution. Each crevice needs to be cleaned carefully with a lot of time. Once you are done with all the rubbing and scrubbing, wash the wheel, and you are done.

3.     How is the Wheel Cleaned at a Car Wash?

You drive through the car wash and your car gets sprayed with soap. A mechanical scrubber goes all over the outside of your car and cleans the car until it’s finally washed with water. In this process, the wheels don’t get the care that they need. If the grease and rust are too much, you won’t even see any progress.

4.    Why Use an Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine?

The ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine produces bubbles in the cleaning solution with the help of ultrasonic sound. These bubbles cause implosions on the surface of the wheel and the rim. The small implosions chip away at any dirt and grease, making the cleaning process much more efficient.

You also don’t need to scrub the wheels like you’d have to do when doing it by hand. Just take the wheel and drop it in the machine. 2 minutes pass, and voila! You have a clean and sparkling tire that can be confused for a new one.

5.    Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine Vs Traditional Cleaning Method

The reason for using the ultrasonic allow wheel cleaning machine is actually twofold. Not only is it easy as just placing the cleaning solution, dropping the wheel in, and waiting but it’s also a better-finished product.

The small implosions are gentle to the material of the rim, as a result, you don’t see any damage to the wheel. When you bring traditional cleaning methods into play, there’s always the risk of over-scrubbing and damaging the surface with scratches.

You can also get into tight spaces that you couldn’t otherwise with normal cleaning equipment. But using an ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine, that’s no issue at all.

6.     How to Use the Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine?

Using the machine is not very complicated and anyone can do it by learning just once. Check out the steps below to learn the process from start to finish.

6.1    Pre-Rinsing

In this phase, an initial outside cleaning of the wheel needs to be done. Any loose dirt or mud needs to be removed. You can use a brush or even water to rinse off this excess dirt from the wheel. This process is important as having dirt like that will muddy the cleaning solution and the wheel will come out dirty.

6.2    Preparing the Solution

There are different kinds of solutions available on the market that can be used with ultrasonic cleaners. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind though.

The solution cannot contain something that will harm the surface of the wheel. You also need to choose a solution that does not create too much foam as it hampers the effectiveness of the bubble implosions. You should also get the appropriate solution for the appropriate dirt. Otherwise, you won’t see great results.

6.3    Setting the Temperature and Time

Temperature plays a great role in the Ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine. By controlling the temperature, you can effectively increase the potency of your cleaning solution. And controlling the time also ties into the efficiency of cleaning as well.

To give you complete control, the Inovatech Ultrasonic cleaner has a heater of 5000W. This lets you set the temperature of the machine starting from room temperature to 95 degrees. You can also set a timer for how long you want the cleaning process to be from 1 to 99 minutes. There’s also the option to control the time manually.

6.4    Start the Ultrasonic Cleaning

Now that you’ve set up the wheel cleaner, all that’s left is to gently drop the wheel in the tank. You don’t need to strain yourself by picking up the wheel as the Inovatech Ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine comes with a wheel lift.

The machine can hold 32-inch wheels plus the tire. So it’s a fairly large tank and you can wash most car wheels using the machine.

Simply set the wheel on the lift and press the start button. The lift will automatically lower the wheel into the cleaning solution. At this point, the transducer will start the ultrasonic vibration and the cleaning process will go underway. Within 2 minutes, the washing process should be complete.

6.5    Rinsing the Wheel

After the cleaning process is complete, you can use the lift to get the wheel out of the solution. Use deionized water to rinse off any excess cleaning solution. Using deionized water is important as it helps prevent rusting later on.

Finishing Words

Combining German technology with Chinese production techniques, Inovatech delivers the best alloy wheel cleaner on the market for reduced costs. With 72 rotating heads on both sides for the best ultrasonic cleaning, you get a cleaned wheel that looks brand new in just two minutes. Now that’s efficiency.

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