High Powerful Pressure Dry Blasting Cabinet for Aluminum Wheel

It utilizes a pressurized container to blast the wheel resulting in much higher productivity, brilliant for high-volume blasting. Pressure Cabinets push the abrasive out of a pressurized vessel, through a metering valve, and out of the nozzle. It cleans the wheel surface and removes rust and dirt. So the surface is ready for polishing or powder coating.
ModelCabinet Size(mm)Overall Size(mm)Dust CollectorAir Consumption

YS9080/YS1010/YS1212 Wheel Dry Sand Blasting Machine

Details Explain of the dry sand blasting machine YS9080 YS1010 YS1212 model
details explain of the dry sand blasting machine ys9080 ys1010 ys1212 model
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