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When it comes to mass finishing, it’s very hard to find a better equipment manufacturer than Inovatec. We have over two decades of manufacturing experience in the mass finishing industry.

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1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

These straight-wall vibratory finishers are the most practical solution for brass case polishing. They have enough space inside to process larger batches at once. All of the parts will be finished seamlessly. The coil springs installed at the bottom help reduce the vibration.

6. Vibratory dryer

Drying the brass cases is equally important to polishing them. In most cases, metal parts are polished in the wet process. So, there’s water involved and it’s necessary that you remove the water to keep the parts from tarnishing. These dryers from Inovatec take 10-15 minutes to dry a batch.

5. Desktop Vibratory Tumbler

Think of these vibratory tumblers as the younger brother to the vibratory finishing machines. The tumblers are great for small scale processing. They have a curved wall so you can put more geometrically complex parts in it for polishing.

KT360 Magnetic Polishing Machine Tumbler

These machines use magnetic pins to clean the cases. It’s even possible to clean the inside of the brass cases. Invest in such a machine if you’re goal is an absolute polish of the parts. It can remove the oxidation layer of the parts.

Brass Case Polishing Applications

Annealing is the process of softening the tip of the brass cases for more accuracy. These cases have two different hardness properties. So, it’s very delicate to polish them.

To polish the annealing brass cases, it’s best that you go with a vibratory tumbler. The curved wall is great at compensating for the difference in hardness.

Pistol bullets have a brass casing that holds the gunpowder. It’s crucial to polish the brass cases for maximum accuracy. The pistol ammo cases are very small in size so you need to keep it in mind.

For small parts like pistol ammo casing, you can either use a vibratory tumbler or the magnetic tumbler machine. If you use stainless steel pins, you can clean the inside of the cases as well.

Rifle ammo is slightly bigger than pistol ammo. They’re less complex to polish with a bass case polishing machine. They might or might not go through the annealing process.

A regular vibratory finishing machine will do the polishing just fine. If you want to take the finishing process one step further, you can invest in a magnetic tumbler machine.

This ammo is the regular brass casings but with a nickel plating on top. The plating process makes the surface uneven. So, you need to polish these cases twice. Once before the nickel plating and once after.

As the nickel plating is very thin, precision is required. It’s best to go with the magnetic tumbling machine. These machines use precision media like stainless steel pins.

Brass case polishing for Smith Carbine cartridges is very similar to rifle ammo case polishing. The Smith Carbine ones are a little bigger than the rifle ones.

Use a regular vibratory finishing machine or a vibratory tumbler from Inovatec to get the best results. Just make sure that you are using the right media.

The head of the bullets is made of various materials like lead, alloy, or brass. It’s very important to polish the bullets thoroughly to get the maximum precision out of them.

To polish the bullet head, use a regular vibratory solution as your brass case polishing machine.

Brass Case Polishing Media

Stainless steel is the best media to polish brass. Brass is a soft metal so you need to use stainless steel pins for best results. You can also use corb cob media or walnut shell grit for brass case polishing as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which brass case polishing machine should I buy?

You should by the one that fits your needs. If you operate on a small scale, you can go for the vibratory tumblers. If you have a bigger need, a vibratory finishing machine might be a more appropriate choice.

How is the packaging done?

You don’t have to worry about the packaging. We pack our machines very professionally and you’ll receive a wooden box.

How much power do I need to run a brass case polishing machine?

Here at Inovatec, we recommend using a 380-480 volts 3-phase connect. If your workshop doesn’t have one, you can use 230 volts 3-phase line. Never use a single-phase line for these heavy-duty machines.

What is the payment policy?

We humbly request you to pay 30% of the price to confirm your order. Then, you have to pay the rest before we ship it to you.

My brass cases are tarnishing. What do I do?

It means you didn’t dry the parts correctly. Use a vibratory dryer from Inovatec to remove all the water.

Brass Case Polishing – The Definitive Guide (2020 Update)

In today’s era, brass casings are widely used in ammunition because of their high durability, easy reloading, and resistance to corrosion.

However, after firing bullets, these brass casings have to be cleaned and polished for more accuracy and better quality of the ammunition.

In this article today, you are going to understand in-depth:

Keep reading to find out more.

1. How can I clean my brass cases using a vibratory tumbler?

Now, cleaning your brass cases using a vibratory tumbler is not tricky, and it can be economically feasible.


Check this out:

Vibratory tumblers are one of the most outstanding machines that you can use to polish your brass casings.

All you need to have is the machine itself and walnut shell grit or corn cob grit tumbling media.

You’ll also have to acquire a polishing compound.


These tumbling media are organic, and they absorb impurities exceptionally well.

The vibratory tumbler has enough space to cater to the mass finishing of these brass casings together with polishing media and polishing compounds.

The vibratory tumbler works by vigorously shaking its tub (bowl) to create the tumbling effect.

It has an immensely robust motor.

Using polishing compounds is so popular nowadays, compared to dry polishing.

The polishing compound enhances the polishing quality and process.

When using such compounds, the process shouldn’t take long to complete.

After the process is complete, you’ll have to thoroughly rinse your brass casings with water to get rid of the compounds used.

After that, you’ll need to dry the brass casings – get rid of the excess water.

Industrial vibratory tumbler


You can decide to use a more straightforward way – using a towel and the sun to dry your cases.

However, this method leaves your cases exposed to air, and the end product may not be as shiny as you anticipate.

The other way is by using a vibratory dryer. The dryer can use up to a maximum of 15 minutes to dry your brass casings in mass.

Drying helps to curb tarnishing. Tarnishing is brought about by water.


2. What is the best media for polishing my brass cases using a vibratory tumbler?

When using a vibratory tumbler, the best polishing media is organic media.

Two kinds of organic media can be used to polish brass casings.

The first one is called the corn cob grit tumbling media. It is used to polish as well as absorb impurities on the surfaces of brass cases.

The second one is called the walnut shell grit, which is also used for the same purpose as corn cob grit.

metal dry polishing with walnut shell tumbling media

However, walnut shell grit is more rigid compared to corn cob grit, which makes it an ideal polishing media for brass casings.

Brass is a softer metal, and that is why robust media like ceramic media is not commonly used.

When cleaning brass casings, you do not want them dented, because dents will make reloading difficult.

You can use a vibratory tumbler to anneal (soften the tip of your brass for more accuracy), where these cases have two distinct rigid properties.

Also, a vibratory tumbler will help you clean both brass ammo pistol cases and brass rifle case polishing.


3. Can brass cases be polished using a rotary tumbler?

When polishing brass cases, it would be ideal for carrying out the process using a vibratory tumbler.

Using a rotary tumbler can be tricky, and it can damage your casings because they tumble on each other

When there is a lot of part-to-part contacts, dents may be formed in your brass casings.

Dents will make reloading harder, and it will provide less accuracy.

dry polishing wood barrel rotary polisher


Therefore, using a rotary tumbler is not the most recommended way of cleaning brass parts.

On the other hand, the vibratory tumbler is used because it maintains the shapes of your parts.

It also cleans the inner parts of your bullet shells, which makes reloading less complicated and faster.

You can clean your brass casings using a vibratory tumbler that comes in different sizes.

You can have a desktop vibratory tumbler, which helps you to clean your cartridge cases in small batches.

However, for bigger institutions like the military and the police force, they may be forced to use an industrial vibratory tumbler.

The industrial vibratory tumbler is used to finish big batches of brass cases, and it does an exceptional job.


4. Can I dry polish brass cases using a vibratory tumbler?

It is possible to dry polish your brass cases using a vibratory tumbler.

However, polishing bullet shells nowadays is done using polishing compounds to enhance the process.

Dry polishing is not so popular nowadays.

Using compounds to polish your brass casings would be most appropriate, and it will take a lesser amount of time.


5. How long should I polish my brass cases using a vibratory tumbler?

Well, cleaning your cartridge cases using a vibratory tumbler should not take a lot of time.

The process needs to take minutes and a maximum of a few hours.

When using a vibratory tumbler, the machine shakes its tub in a way that ensures your brass casing is polished even on the most intricate corners.

The good thing with using a vibratory tumbler to polish is that it maintains the shape of your brass case.

Extending the polishing process for some minutes will not damage your cartridge cases. However, it will be uneconomical for you.

When polishing, you have to aim for efficiency, effectiveness, and economic feasibility.


6. Can I polish brass cases using a magnetic tumbler?

Yes, your bullet shell can be cleaned using a magnetic tumbler. The magnetic tumbler finishes polishing in a short time.

The magnetic tumbler uses electromagnetic principles to complete the polishing process.

The machine can be found in different sizes, that is, the desktop magnetic tumbler size and the big industrial size.

The primary factor that you’ll need to consider when using your magnetic tumbler is its optimum capacity for polishing.

The industrial magnetic tumbler has a capacity of up to 10kgs.

These are a lot of bullet shells.

However, for the desktop version, things are a bit different.

The desktop magnetic tumbler is a bit lighter than the industrial one and can polish up to 1.3 kilograms of cartridge cases.

The magnetic tumbler is a very robust machine, and it cleans your brass cases spotlessly and efficiently.

When using the magnetic polishing machine, the media cleans the most intricate corners to ensure accuracy and easy reloading are achievable.

The magnetic polishing machine cleans your pieces faster than the vibratory tumbler.

The process can run for some minutes or a few hours, depending on your degree of polishing that you desire.

The time taken to complete the process is also determined by the speed set when the process is in play.


7. What media is used for magnetic polishing of brass cases?

When polishing bullet shells using a magnetic polishing machine, the popularly used polishing media is the stainless steel pins.

These pins polish your brass casings exceptionally well, bypassing through holes and reaching even the most intricate corners.

Stainless steel is an alloy that consists of chromium and iron, commonly known as the Ferritic class of stainless steel.

This kind of stainless steel (Ferritic) is the magnetic kind and polishes exceptionally well when used in a magnetic tumbler.

Other types of stainless steel media are still used to polish parts.

However, for magnetic tumblers, you need to ensure that you’ve bought the magnetic ones and not the non-magnetic ones.

These magnetic stainless steel media pass through the cavities of the bullet shell, ensuring that it cleans impeccably.


8. What is the process of polishing brass cases using a magnetic tumbler?

The process is relatively simple to carry out. All you need to have is a magnetic tumbler machine and the correct polishing media.

You’ll then be required to load the brass casings and the polishing media onto the tumbling container.

You can then add a polishing compound. Remember that you should not overload the machine with the hope of finishing more pieces.

The machine has a safety switch, so remember to switch it on too.

The process is completed by stainless steel media passing through the bullet shells rapidly.

Magnetic media polishes in an exciting way. When the process begins, hundreds of stainless steel media hit the cartridge cases.

KT360 Magnetic Polishing Machine Tumbler

It is almost the same as 100 tiny hammers hitting the parts at the same time, which ends up polishing and cleaning the cavities.

You can pause the process when using the magnetic tumbler to check whether everything is in order, or even to add perhaps more media.

Once the process is over, you’ll have to unload the parts and dry them.

Drying these brass cases ensures that tarnishing does not happen.

You can use a straight forward way of drying using a towel. However, there is a streamlined way of drying that ensures the parts are indeed dry.

You’ll only use a drying vibratory tumbler for a maximum of 15 minutes, and every inch of these brass cases will be dry.


9. What are the benefits of polishing brass cases using a vibratory tumbler?

The benefits of using a vibratory tumbler to polish brass are numerous, and they surpass the downsides of using it.

The first benefit is that the vibratory tumbler finishes polishing uniquely; it does not change the shape of the target parts.

The reason why it maintains the original shape is that there is no part-to-part contact, and these parts do not tumble on each other.


The second benefit of using a vibratory tumbler is that the machine ensures that every inch of the brass casings has been cleaned.

It cleans even the most intricate parts of your bullet shells.


The third benefit of using a vibratory tumbler is that they come in different sizes.

When you want to acquire a vibratory tumbler, you’ll have to consider the number of cartridge cases you want to tumble.

Afterward, you can acquire one that will be efficient for you.


The size difference gives you the option to have your desired vibratory tumbler.

The machine is hardy. It requires minimal maintenance, and it is straightforward to operate.

It finishes parts in mass, meaning that you can save a lot of time and still get to finish many pieces in a single cycle without supervision.

Some industrial vibratory tumblers have separating funnels that aid in the separation of parts and polishing media.

Vibratory tumblers are incredible mass finishing machines.


10. What are the advantages of polishing brass cases using a magnetic polishing machine?

When using a magnetic polishing machine, there are several benefits that this machine offers.

The first benefit is that the machine is really robust, and it uses electromagnetic principles to polish your brass cases.

Also, the machine comes in different sizes to cater to your different mass polishing needs.

There are the industrial size magnetic tumbler and the desktop version too.

The industrial size can finish polishing up to 10 kilograms of cartridge cases in a single cycle.

The other advantage of using a magnetic polishing machine is that it cleans exceptionally well, and at a faster pace compared to the vibratory tumbler.

It ensures that the whole surface has been cleaned and polished – including the most intricate parts.

The machine also comes with safety features, such as a “pause process button,” which is aimed at pausing the process safely.

It also comes with a safety switch, which is used to prevent accidents that can be fatal.

Stainless steel polishing media is also not expensive, and it is robust, meaning that you can reuse it several times to clean your bullet shells.

The machine also requires minimal maintenance, and it is easy to operate.

Using a magnetic polishing machine will prove to be very valuable and useful to you.

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