Best Quality Alloy CNC Wheel Machine from China
  • All machines manufactured using High-quality raw materials
  • High Stability was achieved with help of Cast Iron Base
  • Custom Diamond Cutter with 3mm Ruby Probe Top
  • Vertical & Horizontal Models
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Inovatec Machinery“Complete solution for all your Wheel Cleaning & Polishing Requirements”

The CNC Wheel machine from Inovatec machinery is known for its high quality finish on the wheels after the cleaning process. It can fix any types of bends and repair the wheel in a few minutes. This cost-effective solution will help to clean more wheels in less time. Inovatec make use of high-quality raw materials for the manufacturing of all the machines.

WRC28 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine 9

The WRC28 Wheel CNC machine is one of the popular wheel cleaning machines from Inovatec machinery. This low-cost solution is one of the popular choices among many customers. This machine allows you to refurbish wheels at a very low cost.

WRC28VM Vertical Diamond Cut Wheel Repair CNC Lathe 2

The WRC28VM CNC lathe machine is known for its accuracy and stability. It is possible with the help of the high-frequency hardening procedure used in the slide guideways and the columns. It comes with a 7.5 KW powerful motor.

Economic YN 26 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine 1

The YN-26 wheel repair CNC machine is a highly economical solution for repairing wheels. The computerized system provided in this machine ensures that it is easy to operate the machine. This model is specifically designed for 26 inch wheels.

WRC30 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine 6

The WRC30 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine is one of the powerful wheel cleaning machines from Inovatec machinery. It comes with an 11 KW motor. The strong cast iron base help to provide high stability to the machine during the cleaning process. The spindle speed of the machine can go up to 1600 rpm.

Optional Design & Setting

If you are interested to control the sensor point, consider investing in the manual tailstock.

There is a chance that the alloy wheel can slip during the milling process. The Manual 3 jaws chuck ensures that there is no slippage happening during the milling process. Thus, it helps to protect the wheel safely during the burnishing process. The wheel can be safely clamped using the manual 3 jaws chuck. Use it to improve the quality of your polishing process.

The entire operation of the alloy wheel CNC machine can be made easy with the help of the GSK System. It is easy to navigate and program different operations of the CNC wheel machine with the help of the Windows 7 loaded GSK system.

The cooling system helps to improve the efficiency of the Alloy CNC wheel machine. It helps to bring down the temperature on the wheel. Higher temperatures on the wheel during the burnishing process can damage the wheel.

Lubricating the ball bearings is essential to ensure the smooth and efficient working of the CNC wheel cutting machine. Otherwise, the friction will cause wear and tear in the bearings. The lubrication mixture needs to be filled in the system once a month. The module will automatically apply the lubricant to the bearings.

You can consider investing in the 6 station turret to improve the performance of the alloy CNC wheel machine.

Wheel straightening machine

Inovatec machinery offers different models of wheel straightening machines The high-quality raw materials used in the manufacturing of the wheel straightening machines ensure the machine operates for a long time without any issues. The fast processing speed of the wheel straightener machine helps to fix the deformations in the wheel quickly. Thus, it is possible to fix more wheels at the same time with this machine.

Inovatec Machinery – High Quality Wheel Repair Solution Provider from China
  • Low maintenance CNC Wheel machines
  • Good Technical Support
  • Wheel restoration within 2 hours
  • Also Manufactures wheel vibratory finishing machines and wheel powder coating machines
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum order quantity for the machine?

You can order a minimum 1 unit of wheel lathe machine.

How do you package the machine?

We package the wheel lathe machine in a wooden box. It can use for export.

What about the terms of payment?

We accept 30% of T/T payments. Balance payment shall be done before shipment

We are also open to another way of payment method according to your order.


When is the delivery date?

If we have the goods in stock we can ship immediately after packaging. Please ask when you make the order.

Which port do you usually ship?

We can ship to Ningbo/Shanghai port. We also ship to Tianjin/Qingdao Port. If you combine shipment with other goods you order in China, we can ship to your supplier factory per your requirement.

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