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Rings are a massive part of the jewelry industry. It can be a part of our day to day attire and mean a lot at the same time. The beauty of a ring lies in its shine and what it represents. The shiny little jewelry must go through the ring polishing procedure to be in its best shape.

With over two decades of mass finishing experience, Inovatec Machinery is at your service.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

Vibratory finishing machines are commonly used in the ring polishing process for their low cost. Vibratory finishing machines use the simple principle of vibration at a given frequency to create friction between the media and the rings.

The offset vibratory motor is set below the bowl. There are coil spring suspensions as well to keep the vibration under control.

2. Centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine 1

Centrifugal barrel finishers are very modern and robust mass finishing machines in the Inovatec inventory. The barrel is spun at a very high speed to create maximum friction between the media and the rings to generate fast results. The Zero Gap CF series is also amazing for ring polishing.

1. VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine

Centrifugal disc finishers are equally important in the mass finishing industry as the barrel finisher. Disc finishers are more suitable for smaller parts like rings. So, for your ring polishing needs, you can rely on the centrifugal disc finishers from Inovatec.

KT360 Magnetic Polishing Machine Tumbler

Magnetic polishing machines are specifically designed for small parts polishing and deburring. They’re precision-driven machines and utilize the power of magnetic pins. You can’t process a lot of parts at once, but the processing cycle is very short.

Different Ring Materials Polishing

It might seem unlikely but steel is used to make rings all over the world. Steel rings provide a unique look to the person wearing them. Steel rings are cheap and they don’t rust or degrade for a very long time.

To polish steel rings, you should invest in a centrifugal solution from Inovatec. It can be either a barrel finisher or a disc finisher. If you absolutely have to, you can go with a vibratory finishing machine as well.

Silver is one of the most common metals used for jewelry, especially rings. Silver rings look gorgeous with the right outfit. If you’re in the business of polishing silver rings, you’re in the right place because Inovatec has the proper ring polishing equipment for you.

For polishing silver rings, a centrifugal disc finisher is the most optimum choice. You can get the same results with a centrifugal barrel finisher as well.

Iron rings are also very common and popular among people. Iron rings are cheap and they add persona to the person wearing them. Iron rings are often not as shiny as steel rings or silver rings due to iron’s nature.

For all your ring polishing needs, Inovatec is right beside you. As for iron ring polishing, invest in a vibratory finishing machine or a centrifugal barrel finishing machine for the best results.

Gold is undoubtedly the hotshot among all metals when it comes to jewelry. The same goes for rings as well. Gold rings are widely valued and loved all over the world. Gold is a soft metal so it is advised that you take maximum precautions while polishing gold rings.

The best equipment for gold ring polishing would be the magnetic polishing machine. Gold rings are really high in value and they should be polished the right way.

Aluminum is also a viable metal used for rings. Aluminum rings are moderately cheap. It’s a very lightweight metal that won’t fatigue the fingers as well. Aluminum rings are usually subject to heavy polishing before they can be sold in the market.

To polish aluminum rings, you can invest in a centrifugal disc finisher or a magnetic polishing machine. These two machines will provide the best possible results for your aluminum rings.

Brass is a shiny and unique metal that looks different from all the other metals. It’s a great material for rings because the appearance is totally different. Brass rings are prone to tarnishing after a while so they need frequent polishing.

For your ring polishing needs, trust in Inovatec. Inovatec has vibratory, centrifugal, and magnetic solutions for your brass ring polishing needs.

Ring Polishing Media

Polishing media is a must if you want to get the best result out of any polishing session. There is a wide variety of media that can be used for polishing. But here at Inovatec, we recommend sticking to the plastic media and porcelain media for polishing. You can occasionally use stainless steel balls for brass ring polishing.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many ring polishing equipments can I buy?

Answer: You can buy as many as you want. We request you to give us enough time to manufacturer the equipment according to your needs.

2. Are the machines packed well?

Answer: All of our equipment is packed with all the necessary protection, including ring polishing equipment.  The boxes can be carried with forklifts.

3. Should I buy it from you?

Answer: Inovatec is the leading mass finishing equipment manufacturer in China. We provide the best quality mass finishing equipment all over the world.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We take PayPal, Western Union, L/C, etc. payment methods.

5. What do I pay in the beginning?

Answer: We request you to pay 30% in advance to confirm your order.

Ring Polishing – Definitive Guide

Rings are an essential part of our daily cosmetic make-up, and they are an indispensable element in the jewelry industry.

Rings appear more beautiful when they are shiny and in shape, hence, the need for the ring polishing process.

With several years of industrial manufacturing experience, Inovatec offers the best ring polishing equipment and polishing media you’ll find out there.

1. What Type of Ring Polishing Machines Are Offered at Inovatec Machinery?

To achieve top-notch surface finishing for your ring parts, there are four mass finishing machines from Inovatec that you can use.

You can use any of these machines as a jewelry cleaner machine.

Unlike ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines, you can use these machines with any type of jewelry parts.

Ultrasonic cleaner machines do not support the cleaning of certain gemstones and jewelry parts.

These ring polishing machines are:


1.1 Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

Centrifugal barrel finishing machines are one of the most robust and ultra-modern mass finishing equipment offered by Inovatec.

This machine operates at high-energy, high-intensity, and high-speed, and it produces a perfect finishing in no time at all.

During operation, the barrel of the centrifugal finisher spins rapidly and generates maximum sliding action between the rings and the tumbling media.

centrifugal barrel finishing machine

Figure 1. Centrifugal Barrel Finisher


The sliding action generated in the barrels of the machine facilitates an effective and efficient ring polishing operation.

Another variant of the centrifugal barrel finisher that produces amazing results while polishing rings is the Zero Gap CF series.

Inovatec centrifugal barrel finishers are suitable for polishing steel rings, silver rings, iron rings, and brass rings.


1.2 Centrifugal Disc Finisher

Another go-to equipment in the mass finishing industry is the centrifugal disc finisher offered by Inovatec.

This equipment is most suited for polishing small work-pieces which include rings etc., and it is an important element of the jewelry industry.

centrifugal disc finishing machine VA38

Figure 2. Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

The design of centrifugal disc finishers is such that it ensures that no damage is inflicted on your rings while polishing them.

Centrifugal disc finishers are easy to operate, the cost of operation is minimal, and maintenance can be carried out easily and quickly.

Inovatec centrifugal disc finishers are suitable for polishing steel rings, aluminum rings, silver rings, and brass rings.

If you are looking for a jewelry cleaner for gold parts, then we highly recommend the centrifugal disc finishing machine.

1.3 Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory finishers are a popular and ideal ring polishing equipment and are relatively less pricey than other mass finishing machines.

The mode of operation of this machine is dependent on the fundamental principles of vibration.

At a particular frequency, the vibration generated creates a frictional interaction between the rings and the polishing media.

vibratory tumbler

Figure 3. Vibratory Finishing Machine

To ensure that the vibration generated by this machine is kept under control, coil spring suspensions are utilized to that effect.

With this machine, the mass ring polishing operation is achievable.

Inovatec vibratory finishers are suitable for polishing steel rings, iron rings, and brass rings.


1.4 Magnetic Polishing Machine

Magnetic polishers are most suited to handling intricate work-pieces, and they produce excellent results for the most complicated applications.

The magnetic polishing machines are good ring cleaner machines as they can handle the finishing of small parts.

They utilize tiny magnetic pins as polishing media, and they are precision-driven equipment.


Large batch processing is most likely not achievable with magnetic polishers, but they can complete small batches in short cycles.

Magnetic polisher ensures that your desired finishing is consistent and uniform across the surface of the ring material.

So, it is a professional ring cleaning machine.

Inovatec magnetic polishing solutions are suitable for polishing gold rings, aluminum rings, and brass rings.


2. Why Should You Choose Mass Finishing Machines Over Traditional Ring Polishing Methods?

Without doubts, rings can be polished traditionally; but how efficient can the results be when compared with those obtained from automated processes?

Here is why you should use mass finishing machines over traditional ring polishing methods:


2.1 Quality of Finish

Polishing jewelry rings with regular hand polishing kits and reagents may not provide the shiny and pristine look that you desire.

Of course, whatever results you obtain from traditional polishing methods will be dependent on the meticulousness of the labor.

With mass finishing machines, ring polishing cycles can be completed with the least human effort, and the quality of finishing is homogenous.

Figure 10 - Polishing gold with magnetic tumbler machine


2.2 Saving on Time and Cost

With the appropriate ring polishing media and machine, you can save a lot in cost and time of operation.

Traditional polishing methods will require a lot of recurring investment in labor, and too much time will be expended per batch.

Also, manual ring polishing methods are labor-intensive, and the quality of finish will be dependent on the strength and expertise of labor. `

If a mass finishing machine is used instead, a single operator can efficiently and rapidly process several batches, while saving time and cost.

jewelry polishing machine manually


2.3 Batch Polishing

Definitely, one laborer can only handle one ring part per time; hence, it will require multiple laborers to complete large ring polishing batches.

Inovatec provides mass finishing machines that are customizable and can complete small to large batches within a short period of time.

Brass Ring Polishing


2.4 Damage-Free Polishing Operations

With traditional/manual polishing methods, there is a high chance of damage to rings, and this can result in a reduced yield factor.

This damage can be more costly for ring parts obtained from precious metals such as gold or silver.

Using a mass finishing machine by Inovatec with the appropriate polishing media eliminates the chances of possible impingements.


3. Which Polishing Media Is Ideal for Ring Polishing?

To obtain the best result for any mass finishing operation, the use of media is key.

There are a number of polishing media offered by Inovatec.


Figure 2. Choice of Media

Figure 4. Types of Polishing Media

For ring polishing sessions, it is recommended that you stick with porcelain media and plastic polishing media.

An exception to this recommendation would be the use of tiny steel pins when using magnetic polishing machines.

Also, you can engage in using stainless steel balls when polishing brass rings.

4. What Are the Types of Ring Polishing Media Offered By Inovatec?

Inovatec offers quite a portfolio of polishing media for several mass finishing operations.

For ring polishing applications, the media offered by Inovatec includes:


4.1 Porcelain Media

Porcelain media is a mildly aggressive polishing media, and it is available in several sizes and shapes.

This media offers excellent results when used for ring polishing operations.

In selecting the porcelain media for ring polishing operations, it important to choose the right geometry to prevent media lodgement.


plastic tumbling media

Figure 5. Plastic Media


4.2 Plastic Media

This is one of the most used polishing media, and it provides the best outcome when engaging in light polishing operations.

Plastic media do not deteriorate easily, and it has a high shape retention factor.

Like several other polishing media, it is available in several sizes and shapes.



Figure 6. Porcelain Media


4.3 Stainless Steel Media

Stainless steel media is best used when polishing brass rings or when using a magnetic polishing machine.

They ensure the quick completion of ring polishing cycles.

Stainless steel media is available in a variety of shapes such as pins, balls, diagonals, etc.

When polishing brass rings, you can employ stainless steel balls, and in the case of magnetic polishers, stainless steel pins are recommended.

brass parts vibratory ball burnishing with steel tumbling media

Figure 7. Stainless Steel Media


5. How Does a Vibratory Finisher Polish Rings?

Generally, the functionality of vibratory machines is dependent on the principles of vibration.

Vibratory finishing machines are made up of interconnected components such as shafts, mechanical motor, suspension springs, bowl-shaped chamber, etc.

The chamber/tub of this machine houses the rings and the polishing media during operation.

Upon starting the machine, a vibratory action is induced through its spring-suspended chambers.

The vibration facilitates a continuous gliding action between the rings and the polishing media until each cycle is completed.

While the rings and the media make contact, the rings get cleaned and polished.

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