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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Choice Deburring Media Manufacturer in China

Deburring media also called tumble deburring media. Inovatec machinery carries the full range vibratory deburring media available in the mass finishing industry. Whether you want to remove heavy burr or clean the rusty surface, we have the solution ready for you.

Finishing media angle cut triangle

Angle cut Triangle shape provides rapid removal of burrs and also useful for radiusing sharp edges.

Finishing media straight cut triangle

The straight cut triangle is the best media for stone antique finishing, especially marble stone, granite stone, sandstone.

Finishing media angle cut cylinder

Angle cut cylinder quickly enters holes and slots, for example, brass retainers and rubber seals.

Finishing media straight cut cylinder

The straight cut cylinder better finishes the straight edge than the angle cut cylinder.

Finishing media angle cut tri-star

Angle cut Tri-Star finishing media is ideal for finish small and medium parts little details.

Finishing media Big size angle cut tri star

Big size tumbling media shorten the deburring time with more aggressive grinding.

Finishing media wedge

Wedge shape media improve parts surface finish without media jamming in parts.

Finishing media ellipse

Ellipse shape ceramic media is suitable for narrow edge and slots.

Finishing media ball

Ball shape ceramic media has an excellent flow rate. It finishes the side and curved surface well.

Finishing media cone

Cone-shaped plastic media produces a very smooth finish with very little shine.

Finishing Media Tetrahedron

Pyramid-shaped media are suitable for corners and flats while not peen over burrs.

Plastic media finishing tristar

Plastic tristar shape media produces excellent finish while avoid rolling over the burr into a hole.

Optional Design & Setting

Ceramic deburring media is perfect for general hard metal deburring and rust removal.

Plastic deburring media is suitable for soft metal deburring and surface smoothing.

Silicon carbide tumbling media is best for fast metal removal, for example, surgical instrument deburring, magnets deburring.

Mass Finishing Machine

From aerospace to automotive, from jewelry to 3D printed parts, Inovatec offers state of the art mass finishing machines worldwide. We consistently create value for the end-users.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Deburring Media Manufacturer & Supplier
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  • High-quality media with stable performance
  • Multiple size and shape suit to your parts
  • Short lead time and fast turn around

Frequently Asked Question
What is the MOQ when ordering deburring media?

Our MOQ is 500kg per type. It is easy for us to organize production. Also, you have enough amount of media for your production and testing.

How is your media packaged?

Our deburring media packaged with two plastic woven bags to prevent leaking. Each bag we put 25kg or 50 lbs according to customer requirement. After that, we put 40 packs in a wooden tray. When you receive it, you can easily transport with a forklift.

What is your payment method?

We usually make a 30% advance payment to confirm the order. Once production finished, we inform you and send you a photo and video for confirmation. You can send your agent to come to check the quality. We will organize shipment when we receive the full payment.

What is the lead time for deburring media production?

For general order, production time is 15-20 days. If your media size is small, then we need extra days to manufacture.

What is your nearest port?

The nearest ports from our factory are Shanghai, Ningbo, and Yiwu. We have daily shipments to Shanghai. We can also ship to other locations where your warehouse located.

Deburring Media

Deburring media is available in all sizes and shapes, such as triangles, cylinders, pyramid, tetrahedron, cone, diagonal, ellipse, arrowhead, wedge, and ball, etc.

Choosing the right vibratory deburring media plays a vital role in a successful finishing project.

The proper deburring media should:

  • Remove burrs in a specific time range (within few hours)
  • Access to the surface of the entire parts
  • Do not lodge in parts holes or recesses
  • Easy to separate from parts

ceramic media deburring parts and separation

Ceramic deburring media and plastic deburring media are the two major categories of tumble deburr media.

All these tumble deburring media can finish in vibratory finishing machines, centrifugal disc finishing machines, rotary barrel tumbler machines, and also centrifugal barrel machines.

Aluminum machining parts before and after deburring

Below are the main applications of these media:

  • Ceramic deburring media is best suited for deburring hard metals like steel, iron, and titanium. Besides, it also performs well in edge breaking, de-rusting, and burr removal. If you have machined parts, laser cutting parts, pressed parts, water jet cutting parts, plasma cutting parts, then ceramic deburring media is your first choice to remove the oxidation layer, slag, dirt, and burr. Also, the round deburring stones works the best for edge rounding and deburring.
  • Plastic deburring media is ideal for plastic parts, brass parts, and aluminum alloy light deburring and deflashing.
  • Silicon carbide deburring media is more aggressive than ceramic deburring media. It is perfect for magnet deburring and radiusing. Some manufacturers classify silicon carbide media into the ceramic media category.

aluminum parts deburring with plastic media

Inovatec is the CE certificated deburring media supplier.

Over 20 years’ experience, Inovatec is your best choice for tumbling media and vibratory finishers.

Let our well-trained technicians finish your parts.

We get your desired finish in a short time with the best budget.

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