Small Wheel Powder Coating Curing Oven for 4 unit wheel rims

The small size oven KX-202 includes temperature control and a monitoring panel. The max temperature can get 250 degrees. The timing setting before curing on the machine. The time replay is 99 hours and 99 minutes max. You can set it according to your need. The oven is design with 4 levels. You can dry max 4 wheels at the same time.
Dimension Size1380×1250×1930
Dimension Size in side1000×1000×1680
Temperature modulated0-300℃
Rated voltage3ph 380V
Power12 KW
Timing time


KX202 Small Wheel Powder Coating Oven Feature

  1. Wheels can be dried quickly in the KX-202 series oven after powder coating. It saves time and increases efficiency. It is equipped with a fan that circulates hot air inside the oven. With the smart temperature control system, you can heat up quickly and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven. At the same time, the temperature dissipation is very small.
  2. If the oven temperature drops due to opening the box or shaking, the intelligent temperature control system will quickly start to heat up until the target set temperature is reached.
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