Industrial Pioneer Vibratory Deburring Machine Manufacturer from China
  • Heavy-duty vibratory bowl & basement welding
  • Fine-tuned coil spring suspension
  • Removable Polyurethane screen for media/parts separation
  • Optional Touch Screen PLC controls system available
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Inovatec MachineryYour Best Vibratory Deburring Machine Manufacturer in China

Inovatec vibratory deburring machines are the most popular sales mass finishing equipment. This equipment is durable and never breaks down. It continually delivers uniform results time after time.

Besides, the vibratory bowl finishing machines saves time and labor from manual deburring. You can finish a significant amount of parts in a short amount of time.

1. VBSB series vibratory deburring machine 1 1

Straight wall and wide opening, perfect for treating large and bulky as well as delicate parts.

2. VBSA series vibratory deburring machine 2

Curved wall design vibratory finishing machine with separation clearing gate for media/parts separation.

3. VBB vibratory debruring machine 2

Straight wall design with a broad opening, suitable for more significant parts deburring, polishing, cleaning and re-rusting.

4. VBA vibratory deburring machine 2

The curved wall process channel optimized the rotational movement. It is ideal for ball burnishing process.

5. TVBA tub vibratory finishing machine 2

The curved wall linear vibratory finishing machine generates perfect rolling action. It is preferred by ball burnishing process.

6. TVBB tub vibratory finishing machine 2

Vibratory Tub finishing Machine is Ideal for delicate parts and heavy parts. The dividers effectively prevent parts from hitting.

Optional Design & Setting

Prominent Electrical Diaphragm Metering Pump Precise Control of Compound Supply

Variable speed control by speed converter provides flexibility in vibration speed and separation

Noise enclosing lid (splash guard) helps to create an environmentally friendly working environment

Manual separation flap is easy to handle with gentle separation

Pneumatically activated separation flap for media and parts automatic separation

For some application media bigger than parts, it required reverse separation screens

Vibratory Finishing Media

Inovatec offers an exhaustive inventory of ceramic tumbling media, plastic media, and stainless steel media of all sizes, shapes, and compositions.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Vibratory Deburring Machinery Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Guaranteed Consistent product quality
  • Right time cycle for the correct finishing process
  • Cost-effective product finishing solutions
  • Develop solutions for your increased production
Frequently Asked Question
What is the minimum order quantity for your machine?

The minimum order quantity is one pcs.

How is your equipment packaged?

We use a wooden box to protect the tumbler deburring machine. There is a tray under the wooden box, which is convenient for forklift transportation.

What is your payment method?

Usually, it is 30% in advance to confirm the order and start production. When the product is ready, you can come personally to check the product or appoint a third-party inspector to check the machine quality. When you are satisfied with the machine, you can make a 70% balance payment. After that, we will make the shipment.

How long is your production cycle for the vibratory deburring machine?

Usually, we need 20-25 days. For a particular automatic finishing machine, it needs a longer time. If you have an urgent order, we will discuss it to meet your schedule.

Where is your nearest port?

Shanghai, Yiwu, and Ningbo are our nearest port. We can ship to your warehouse in these ports. We prefer Shanghai port because we have daily shipments to Shanghai.

Vibratory Deburring Tumbler Machine Information & Introduction

Are you searching for a cost-effective deburring solution for your metal work pieces?

Once combined with the right vibratory finishing media and chemicals, vibratory deburring machines can produce results range from light deburring, edge breaking, radiusing, burnishing, super-finishing, descaling, and degreasing.

The most common application of vibratory deburring equipment is laser cut parts, waterjet cut parts, CNC milling parts and stamping parts deburring and smoothing.

You can batch process small and medium-size parts effectively and economically.

Compared with the centrifugal barrel tumbler deburring machine, vibratory deburring equipment suitable for big lots of parts finishing.

If you want continuous burr removal, we have also the right solution for you.

vibratory deburring machine ready for export

At the same time, vibro deburring machines remove the dirt and oil from parts surface.

Inovatec vibratory polishing machine has the optional settings includes PLC touch screen, automatic dosing pump for compound feeding, the pneumatic level shutter for separator, and soundproof cover for dampening and dust control.

Throughout the years, Inovatec machinery well received by clients in parts manufacturing workshops.

vibratory deburring machine with separator

Below are the reasons:

  • All our deburring vibratory tumbler bowls are made out of steel with shot blasting after welding
  • Gussets and heat treatment support the mechanical frame
  • D90 hot poured PU (polyurethane) thickness 20mm+
  • Robust heavy duty motor with NSK bearing
  • Durable coil spring suspension
  • Customized design separation deck
  • PLC control box for pneumatic separation clearing gate, noise cover and metering pump
  • Digital timer to record process time and alarm you when parts finished
  • Variable speed converter adjusts vibration amplitude for optimal deburring

vibratory finishing machine with loading hopper

Inovatecis the leading deburring machine manufacturer for over 20 years’ experience. Mass finishing job shops well receive our quality vibratory bowl deburring machine for sale.

You can use the vibratory tumbler machines as rock tumblers also.

We work hard to deliver the high standard of material and the best solution for you. Contact us today and get the immediate answer now!

Vibratory Deburring Machine FAQ Guide:

1. What is a Vibratory Deburring Machine?

A Vibratory Deburring Machine is one of the different techniques used in mass finishing workpieces.

It does one or all of cleaning, tumble polishing, or brightening a workpiece’s surface. Typically, they enhance parts by putting finishing touches on recently machined workpieces.

The machine thus uses controlled gyratory vibration, in an attempt to enhance workpieces’ surfaces.

The vibration prompts the workpieces and the vibratory tumbler media to rub off on each other. This allows it to produce the desired lustrous look on the workpiece.

vibratory deburring machine with sound cover

2. What are the components of a Vibratory Deburring Machine?

There are the main components that make the industrial vibratory tumbler machine a workable mass finishing process. It includes:

The Machine – This comprises the work tub/chamber, motor, springs, electric control, and various others.

These interconnected machine parts combine to make the vibratory deburring processes possible.

vibratory finishing machine with sound cover

Water – Surprised?

Yeah, water helps the machine in fully actualizing the tumble finishing process without hitches.

It helps to wash away the scraped materials from the workpieces.

The Media – The parts tumbler media refers to a solid material that is used to put the final touches to machined workpieces.

For industrial vibratory polisher machines, they are usually abrasive materials.

Their controlled ‘rub-off’ on workpieces helps fine-tune the surfaces of the workpieces.

ceramic deburring media

The Compound – These are dry or wet substances that mix with the solid media, to deburr and finish workpieces.

Their function is to clean, enhance the deburring process.

Moreso, they protect the machine itself from corrosion and rust.

3. How does a Vibratory Deburring Machine work?

A vibratory deburring machine typically comprises a work tub – usually circular and lined with rubber guard or polyurethane.

This tub is installed on a base with springs, underneath which the motor is mounted.

To achieve its finishing purpose, the machine employs abrasive media which eliminate sharp edges and burrs from parts.

The parts are placed into a vibratory machine that tumbles/vibrates and rotates the product in abrasive media.

The rotational speed of the motor is usually set at 1500 RPM, at which point the tub vibrates.

The vibration causes the media in the work tub to move in a toroidal corkscrew-like manner.

This movement allows the media to enhance the surface and form of the workpieces.

4. How is a Vibratory Deburring Machine distinct from other mass finishing machine types?

Vibratory tumbler machines are pretty popular because of their distinctiveness.

Their rotary movement undoubtedly makes them more compatible with automation, saving time and reducing labour costs.

They are also typically distinctive, for they are appropriate for finishing large and delicate workpieces.

vibratory finishing machine ready for shipment

Not to talk of their appropriateness for tight-tolerance projects.

Additionally, vibratory deburring machines tend to produce smoother finishes without causing excess surface wear.

This helps increase workpiece durability and longevity.

They are faster than the industrial rotary tumbler machines.

You will need large vibratory tumblers if your part quantity is big.

plastic media vibratory finishing and deburring

5. What are the benefits up for grabs, with the usage of a Vibratory Deburring Machine?

Vibratory deburring machines help remove the rough edges from workpieces, enabling them to fit together more efficiently.

This leads to fewer part rejections as well as improved safety.

vibratory deburring machine with sound cover

In addition, tumble deburring machines help prepare workpieces for an important step -painting.

They do this by cleaning the surfaces for paintings to stick

From an aesthetic standpoint, vibratory finishing equipment also improve the appearance of the workpiece.

It removes workpiece imperfections that can detract from the cosmetic appeal.

Not to forget that vibratory deburring machines also improve the overall performance and reliability of workpieces.

This often results in lower lifecycle costs for you -the product manufacturer.

And while deburring is most commonly used on metal materials, nothing says it should stop there.

You sure can have all these benefits by using the industrial tumbler machine to finish plastic and wooden workpieces available.

vibratory finishing metal sheet deburring from machining

6. What is the industrial application of a Vibratory Deburring Machine?

An enormous range of mass-produced parts including metal, plastic, and even wooden, require a type of deburring.

Vibratory Deburring Machines are therefore very suitable for workpieces that require safe handling.

Such include camshafts, telescoping magnesium steering columns, stainless steel IV stands for the medical industry, and several other applications.

Provided the appropriate media, compound, water levels, and time, the parts tumbler machine would yield awesome results.

This ranges from edge breaking to burnishing, descaling, degreasing, radiusing, super-finishing, cleaning, and corrosion inhibition.

It is thus clear why the medical, motorsport and aerospace industries have depended on vibratory finishing equipment for decades.

Polishing gears reduces wear and increases power trough tub vibratory finishing

7. Are there home applications and usage of a Vibratory Deburring Machine?

Vibratory Deburring Machines are mainly for industrial usages. This is in light of their sizes, cost, and functionalities. These, make their acquisition for home usage uneconomical.

8. What type and shape of workpieces are a Vibratory Deburring Machine perfect for?

Vibratory Deburring Machines are perfect and appropriate for all types and shapes of workpieces.

However, they are perfect and more appropriate for tight-tolerance workpieces.

9. How many workpieces can a Vibratory Deburring Machine process simultaneously?

Depending on the size of the workpiece, an average vibratory deburring machine should process workpieces in tens and hundreds.

vibratory drying of metal parts

10. What is the power supply specification of a vibratory deburring machine?

A Vibratory Deburring Machine runs effectively on the 380V, 460V, and 480V electricity phases.

These phases have been proven to be very safe for the machine. If you aren’t sure which phase you are on, you should get the help of an electrician.

11. What are the most popular media type and their usages, in a Vibratory Deburring Machine?

Media for the vibratory deburring machine, tend to wear down slowly – depending on the media’s aggressiveness.

Moreso, the smaller the deburring tumbler media, the better the finishing -though the tumble deburring process may take longer.

Having the correct media for the industrial parts tumbler is key to successful mass finishing.

Here are some common tumble deburring media and their usages:

Steel media Used for heavy deburring, shining and burnishing of metal, plastic or ceramic workpieces.

Stainless steel tumbling media

Ceramic or graded stone media– They are used for light and heavy deburring, especially when fast deburring is needed.

It’s perfect for tumbling stainless steel parts, and a rust cutting tumbler media.

Use for general purpose polishing. Ceramic media are also often used as tumbling media for aluminum , plastic, and stainless steel workpiece finishing.

ceramic media deburring

Plastic media– Plastic media are used for general metal & precision deburring, polishing, and burnishing.

The plastic tumbling media is used as the part tumbler media for brass, aluminum, etc, and on threaded parts.

Because plastic workpieces have a high abrasion resistance resulting in a matte finish after deburring, a second, polishing step is often required.

They are also called as synthetic tumbling media.

plastic parts vibratory deburring

Organic media (walnut shells, coconut shells, corn cobs)-

Organic media such as coconut shells, walnut shells, are perfect for medium to light deburring.

For light polishing and finishing, use walnut shells, corn cob tumbling media, and coconut shells media.

These organic media is also appropriate for cleaning and drying wet or dirty workpieces.

Corn cob particularly is a great fit for finishing some metal workpieces.

This is in light of its ability to absorb surface oils on the workpiece.

Utilizing organic media is so very advantageous -they are safer, natural, environmental-friendly, biodegradable, durable and reusable

corn cob tumbling media brass parts vibratory dryer machine

12. What is the care to be taken in using a Vibratory Deburring Machine?

Machines – big or small, industrial or domestic – have usage instructions, that guarantee efficient operations.

To get the most out of a vibratory tumbling machine therefore, certain rules need to be adhered to.

They include:

Ensure the machine is in good condition before usage:

It’s important to habitually view for exterior damages, before putting the machine on.

Doing this helps safeguard the workplace from preventable accidents, including spillings, outbursts, and so on.

Monitoring the media, compound, water level:

For no reason whatsoever should you allow these levels to become too lowered.

This comes handy where an operator can’t gauge the exact levels needed.

Some deliberately reduce media level to save money or to mass finish more workpieces.

The consequence ranges from a slow process time to component damage, to non-qualitative finishing.

vibratory polishing machine with sound cover

Periodic Maintenance:

Machines generally need proper and periodic maintenance, including servicing.

This enhances their performance, day-to-day and helps resolve internal operation issues.

vibratory finishing machine water outlets

13. What are the steps to be taken in choosing a Vibratory Deburring Machine media?

Vibratory deburring machine, or metal vibratory tumbler machine, utilizes abrasive media to deburr, polish or clean or polish unfinished/dirty workpieces.

The abrasive media and the workpieces are inserted into the work tub or bowl.

When the drum vibrates, it drives down its contents in a circular motion, shaking everything together.

This causes the workpiece to become deburred, cleaned or polished by friction with the abrasive material.

prevent parts lodging vibratory finishing

The type of finish desired, and the workpiece’s form, determines the media’s type, size, and shape.

Some common types of vibratory media are abrasive steel, ceramic, plastic, and other organic materials.

These materials also come in varieties of shapes including, pyramids, stars, wedges, cones, cylinders, and spheres.

It also includes ovals, tetrahedrons, and other forms, depending on the finishing needed. Slots or holes in the workpieces, also determines the shape and shape of the vibratory finishing media used.

To prevent media lodging, they should be a minimum of 70% the size of the workpiece hole.

If you have any more question, please feel free to call us or send us an email. We offer you free sample processing service.


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